# # British Foreign Secretary batch division title imitate Hitler Putin Russian Foreign Ministry: in the "hatred Hendu"

  News According to "Washington Post", "New York Times" reported: Russia's World Cup finals two months after opening。 British Foreign Secretary Johnson, 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin denounced the use of this quadrennial sporting event, for their own propaganda, like the case of the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games hosted by Hitler to be used for political propaganda, like。 Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman responded, referring to Johnson in the hatred Hendu, nerve agent on his own is the diplomatic。   After the Russian agents 斯克利帕尔 suffered poisoning incident occurred in front, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman on the British Zaha Petrova battled several rounds。

It is reported that the Russian Satellite Communications Agency of March 21, when the issue of counter-attack, British Foreign Secretary Johnson's recent article, sharp Zaha Petrova said, Britain wants to use 斯克利帕尔 poisoning, reprisals against Russia , with dirty money to fix vulnerabilities because the British budget due to take off in Europe。

  Johnson, 21, attended the session of Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee, said the opposition Labor MP Austin describe Putin would like to take the World Cup, to hide his brutal corrupt regime, he felt that this statement is correct。 He expressed the hope that urgent consultations with Russia to discuss how to ensure the fans during the World Cup security。

Number Ten Downing Street spokesman said that so far, there are about 2,400 British fans sign up to Russia to watch the game, more than 94,000 people at the 2014 World Cup hosted by Brazil, significantly reduce the number of。 Johnson said: Although greatly reduced the number of fans, it does not mean we do not pay attention to what they would be treated。

  Political commentator pointed out, Johnson publicly put Putin Hitler's power, very hot, likely to anger the Kremlin, there is no benefit to improve bilateral relations。 There are signs that the government wants to drop drug trafficking Theresa May to become an international event, support for the entire Western camp against Russia。

Eat vegetables to be heavy "color" dark vegetables have more nutritional advantage

Location: body weight to eat vegetables, "color" dark vegetables have more nutritional advantage 2018-3-2611: 32: 21 Source: Introduction: Some people think that is the real leafy green vegetables, green leafy vegetables do not eat every day feel I did not eat vegetables, a little uncomfortable; Some people believe that ten million kinds of vegetables in the world, only the most nutritious green, leafy green vegetables other vegetables are not as good。
These views are wrong……Some people think that is the real leafy green vegetables, leafy green vegetables every day not eat vegetables did not have to feel, feel uncomfortable; Some people believe that ten million kinds of vegetables in the world, only the most nutritious green, the other green leafy vegetables can not match dish。
These views are wrong。
In fact, the vegetable family is "colorful" in。
Due to the different pigment contained in vegetable form different colors, green is chlorophyll, yellow is carotene, lycopene is red, purple anthocyanins, White is without pigment。Vegetables can be divided in accordance with a variety of different colors。
Green such as spinach, celery; yellow such as carrots, pumpkin; red as tomatoes, red peppers; purple with purple onions, red cabbage; there are white wild rice, lotus root; also black, as black fungus。Vegetables can be divided into root vegetables, stem vegetables, leaf vegetables, fruit vegetables and cauliflower classes according edible parts。
In short, the vegetable is a big family, not just only the green。
Different colors of vegetables, a common nutritional value, generally contain vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and phytochemicals, and low energy, can increase appetite, help digestion, to meet the needs of the human body micronutrients, maintaining normal human intestinal function and reduced risk of chronic diseases have an important role。
At the same time, they each have different nutritional characteristics。
Nutritional value green vegetables: rich in folic acid, folic acid is extremely important for the role of the fetus, while green vegetables are also good sources of calcium element, these vegetables also contain more vitamin C, carotenoids, iron and selenium and other trace elements。Yellow, red nutritional value of vegetables: rich in carotene and vitamin C, which also yellow vegetables rich in vitamin A and vitamin d, can increase appetite, stimulate the nervous system stimulant, improve night blindness, relieve rough skin, strong bones。

Agreement!German cabinet negotiations reached an agreement with the families of refugee policy or wife

  German Chancellor Angela Merkel-led CDU / CSU (Alliance Party) and the Social Democratic coalition government negotiations on the 30th to agree on refugee policy or wife families, and resolve their differences hinder a major position on the two sides reached agreement coalition government。   DPA 31 persons as working group to negotiate sources reported that the Alliance Party and the Social Democratic Party to negotiate the same: to suspend the approval application for refugee families to reunite Germany until July 31, after the approval of the families of the upper limit of the number of refugees or wife will be in control 1,000 people per month, some cases can be extremely difficult to make an exception special approval。   Alliance Party and the Social Democratic Party on June 12 ended exploratory cabinet negotiations, the center-left Social Democrats had hoped to push Germany all the refugees are eligible to apply for family members or wife's policy, while the right-wing Alliance Party tendency to eliminate or limit family members or wife, SPD make a concession, the parties at the time set the number of refugee families Suiqian monthly cap reached a preliminary agreement, but after 26 to enter formal negotiations, the issue once again become the focus of deliberations。
  Compromise the outcome of origin CDU German Interior Minister Thomas De Mai Qi Egypt to the families of the agreement or wife is called intelligent, balanced, internal SPD has a different view。
  SPD parliamentary leader 安德烈娅纳 DeGeneres said, family members or wife exceptions thousand per month is the one concession made by the Alliance Party。 Senior SPD member and former Transport Minister Alexander Duobulinte that, according to new deal, has not been fully refugee status only alternative to enjoy the protection of the rights of asylum seekers is completely canceled qualifying family members or wife。 In mid-2017, instead of refugee status under the protection of the bereaved or wife who is only approved dozens of people。 In accordance with current regulations, before the refugees arrived in Germany to obtain official refugee status can apply for alternatives to protect the rights, which means they will not be repatriated, but can not apply to family members within two years of German reunification。
  In September last year the federal parliamentary elections since the end of four months, the Alliance Party and the Social Democratic Party, although to keep the first and second largest party status, reducing the actual number of seats occupied。
After the Alliance Party and the Liberal Democratic Party and the Greens cabinet negotiations fail, the Alliance Party and the Social Democratic Party coalition once again become the only option to avoid re-election or minority government。   Refugees and refugee families or wife cabinet negotiations policy is one of the larger differences between the parties focus topics。
Promote social justice advocates also want to reform Germany's Social Democratic Party health care system, the introduction of universal health insurance, but does not reflect the aspirations of the outcome of the exploratory talks in the hope of persuading the Coalition to some extent in the formal negotiations to make concessions。 (Shen Min) [micro Xinhua News Agency feature articles]。

shame!Super belly halftime only 31 percentage points higher than we have opponents

  Beijing on March 17, the Celtics on the road to beat the Magic 92-83。   The Celtics (47-22) after a two-game losing streak。 Carey – Owen, who continued absence, Terry – Rosier had 17 points, seven rebounds and five assists, Al – Horford 15 points and nine rebounds, Marcus – Morris 9 points and 11 rebounds, Jason Sen – Tatum 8 points, 8 rebounds。 Off the bench Greg – Monroe scored 17 points and five rebounds。   Magic (21-49) shot only 39 percent, but slightly higher than the Celtics (%), the two teams continue to "strike while the iron"。
DJ- Augustine and Jonathan – Simmons each had 13 points, Nicola – Wuqieweiqi 12 minutes, Mario – He Zujia 11 minutes, bench Chervin – Mark 16 points and 7 rebounds。   Injuries to become the biggest trouble Celtics, Horford missed due to illness after consecutive comeback today, but Owen and Brown also failed to play, Smart just underwent surgery, sidelined for a month or more。
  Green Army to the east for the first fight, this has been the face of the Magic missed the playoffs opponent, even if many wounded, their strength is also prevail。   The only audience is behind the Celtics 0-2, Morris and Rosier have also to third, they exceed 6-2, then gradually expand the。
The first section hit a half, the Magic had 4 points, the Celtics hit rate is not too high, but still double-digit advantage。 Magic by Mark hit a record pointer by the Cavaliers, it will recover as the score 16-25。
  Magic attack too bad。
Section II played 2 minutes behind them to 16-31。
Magic was chasing the score 27-38, but this section last 4 minutes and 20 seconds, only to hit two goals, the Celtics shot a wave of 10-4 to 48-31 halftime。   Half had 31 points, the magic of fire surprisingly weak。
But they also missed several generals, plus has been eliminated, it is normal uninterested。
Zub?evi? fight back dunks the third parties gap reached 20 points or more。
More than half of this section, Rosier again in the third, the Celtics lead to 60-36 lead with 24 points。
The gap between the two sides in this section are 20 points up and down, the Celtics firmly in control of the situation, to 75-52 end of this section。
  The last one the Celtics in trouble, after this section played seven minutes, they had 5 points, the Magic scored 14 points, chasing the score 68-80, hope to see the big comeback。 Celtics still missed a row, but rely on free throws with 4 points, finally hold its ground。
  Magic last minute to narrow the gap to single digits, but it was too late。

After the beginning of autumn have to be careful, "Yin Shu"

Although Autumn has come, but we still have to pay attention to sunstroke, prevent "hot autumn"。After the beginning of autumn, the rain will become scarce, then it will be a water shortage。At this time many diseases will come out, then you know how to stay cool it?I would like to know, then it night and look at the following web article it。  Autumn weather is mainly dry, though summer is over, but as rainfall decreases, the body will become dry, so it's easy to say that water scarcity。  Symptoms are dry skin, dry eyes, red Shaojin, dry hair, urine-yellow, dry stool, throat and nose, chest pain, cough with little sputum, blood stained sputum, fever, and even a high thermal。  Autumn dry cough caused by a long time, difficult to cure, daunting, if physical weakness, poor resistance to disease, to hot temperatures are not well adapted to, the thermoregulatory center disorder, thermal performance barriers, is still very easy to make the occurrence of "heat stroke"。
  In Chinese medicine yin and yang of heat stroke is also distinguished, heat stroke at high temperatures as a result of being called "summer sun", "Yin Shu" is no longer sweating caused。  As the summer heat dampness, people pores open, Cou loose, people sleep, the lunch break and enjoy the cool air, if too much to avoid the heat becoming cold, such as night sleeping outdoors or sports, after toiling immediately with cold water toppings red body, or immediately quick drink intake a lot of cold water or a cold drink, or sleep is a fan of strong wind blowing, can lead to wind, cold, wet evil invasion of the body and cause "Yin Shu"。  When the current autumn tiger's escape, the temperature is high during the day, but often increased temperature difference between day and night, one hot one cold a greater possibility of heat damage to Yin。
  Shangyin summer there will be fever, headache, no sweat chills, joint pain, abdominal pain, diarrhea embolism。Especially the elderly, children, pregnant women, the sick and those suffering from chronic disease, especially protection should be strengthened, not too hot Tanliang avoid, avoid the invasion of cold dampness caused "Yin Shu"。
More related knowledge, please pay attention to the public health network Grandview Micro Signal: Grandview -COM (Long press to add a copy), health, health experts online to answer your questions, you can also press the right attention fast two-dimensional code!。

May the fourth set of RMB market to stop the flow of this money could not be used | Central Bank

    Approved by the State Council, People's Bank of China since May 1, 2018 to stop the fourth set of 100 yuan, 50 yuan, 10 yuan, 5 yuan, 2 yuan, 1 yuan, 20 cents and 10 cents coins banknotes (hereinafter referred to as the first four sets of the yuan coupons do part) in circulation in the market。 Notice is as follows: First, on the fourth set of RMB circumstances other coupon part (a) of the fourth set 100 yuan banknotes。 Its main color is blue-black, front side is relief as the back pattern Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi and Zhu De, the four leaders of the main peak Jinggangshan。
  (Ii) the fourth set of 50 yuan banknotes。
Its main color is black tea, a positive pattern for the workers, peasants, intellectuals head, back of the pattern for the Hukou。   (Iii) the fourth set of 10 yuan banknotes。
Its main color is black and blue, a positive pattern for the Han, Mongolian portraits, back of the pattern is Mount Everest。
  (Iv) fourth set 5 yuan banknotes。 Its main color is brown, a positive pattern for the Tibetan, Hui portraits, reverse design for the Yangtze River Gorge。   (V) the fourth set of two yuan banknotes。
Its main color is green, front side Uygur, Yi portraits, the back pattern is a pillar Haenam。
  (Vi) the fourth set of one yuan banknotes。 Its main color is dark red, positive patterns for the Yao, Dong portraits, back to the Great Wall pattern。   (Vii) The fourth set of RMB 20 cents banknotes。
Its main color is blue-green, front side is Buyi, Korean characters head, back of the pattern as the national emblem。
  (Viii) The fourth set of RMB 10 cents coins。 The material for aluminum-magnesium alloy, a positive pattern as the national emblem, country names, country names Pinyin, reign back chrysanthemum pattern, denomination。   Second, the fourth set of RMB focused on other portions coupon redemption period of May 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019。 In the meantime, its holder can be to the banking financial institutions outlets handle Exchange。
  Third, after the end of the centralized exchange, part of the fourth set of RMB ticket holders can do to the People's Bank of China branches of selected banking financial institutions to handle Exchange。   People's Bank of China March 20, 2018 fourth set of RMB attachment portion coupons do not pattern。

Ticket prices will be quietly when you search?| Aircraft | tickets | Price

  Text / Sina Finance opinion leaders columns (micro-channel public number kopleader) Zhao Yichen columnist for the upcoming Spring Festival, go home and train tickets become earners of hard work for a year, the last one was mind。 Fixed fare ticket, only to worry about different rush tickets, discount domestic ticket prices to implement the system: both have full-price ticket discount tickets, the fare has become another piece of mind。
The closer the departure time, the more expensive tickets so common sense, really Well?Recently, rumors on the Internet at the website Ctrip where to buy tickets, the more times you search, the more expensive ticket prices, and even be able to locate the site of large data requirements, deliberately high-priced tickets to sell you this is true Well?  Domestic ticket price is to figure out how to develop these problems, first know: China's domestic ticket prices imposed is published tariff, Mingzhemingkou sales。
This means that, in fact, ticket prices are fixed, the third-party website (OTA) to the airline's workers will not sell more expensive tickets and multi-won gains。   Airlines under the approval of the Civil Aviation Authority to develop a full price ticket fare for each route; divided into different classes on the basis of the full price of the ticket, accommodation and then decide based on market demand, capacity, and the airline has positioned itself, historical data and other factors open case。 Here that class, not first class, economy class when flying different services such physical space, but rather refers to the difference between the sales class fare sale tickets, he is a direct tool to control fares。
But these sounds too obscure, there is an analogy might be able to help you understand。   Right now is forty-nine winter, imagine that you are standing tall buildings of the CBD, very eager to drink a hot water。
But look around, and there is no convenience stores, no hands mug, hot water not to mention no。
Suddenly you see there is a Starbucks, the coffee is hot, warm body must be possible。 Although you do not need to drink coffee, but you bite the bullet and go。
You need only a small mouth water, but Starbucks does not sell hot water, the cheapest on the menu is spending 20 yuan a cup of coffee, as well as more expensive oversized mug and most expensive cup of coffee。
Because do not want to spend more, but also just drink a warm up, so you spend more than 20 dollars to buy a cup of fact, you do not need a cup of coffee。
  In the above story, eager to drink of water demand, what you want in one day, from a travel demand access to a place, while airlines like Starbucks, like, do not sell your product needs exact match。
Aviation meals does not taste good, I do not want to eat meals on board, can you give me cheap 20?Airlines are not allowed; in fact, many travelers do not need to checked baggage allowance, the amount of free baggage removed, can additionally be cheaper 30?Airlines are not allowed; Spring Festival tickets, often do not need Meal, voluntarily give back Meal interests, can not be cheap extra 100?Airlines are not allowed。 High ticket prices, in fact, because this contains some passengers do not need the service, and cheap airline fares cheap these services is also sold separately。   Airlines so-called accommodation, is selling Starbucks cup of coffee when, and these cup capacity and price fixing in fact already written on the menu。 Ticket "Ultra Super Cup", that is, the full economy fare price, set by the Civil Aviation Authority under the guidance of the airline, the travel peak season fare does not exist in the off-season is the same。 Ticket "Big Cup", that is, moderate discount price, probably we are talking about when to buy air tickets, "20% off ticket", in fact, the price is fixed, but also ordinary travelers subsidiary CNAC letter issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of mobile applications. " Air Travel vertical and horizontal "in the real-time queries tickets。
Tickets "cup" is the depth of discount tickets, in fact, the price is fixed, can also be queried。   Starbucks, the coffee is perhaps the most popular, because the cheapest price。
So, there may be a cup of coffee in paper cups stock, although Starbucks will not do, but the airline but will be based on market demand, historical data and other factors, we decided to supply the coffee cups of control。
This is China's airlines, control, or put discount tickets methods。
When a few days before the flight routes in the season, such as the Spring Festival, the airline is not willing to provide the cup paper cups, on the contrary during the low season, the airline will be more willing to provide the cup paper cups, even。
  Ticket price relationships and market demand, decided to supply paper cups if the coffee is 22, a large cup of coffee is 26, a large cup of coffee is $ 30, the decision is the size of cups of coffee prices, the impact of ticket prices, it is only aviation the company put the cup, or about but put in space law class, and only airline to grasp the market demand is related to the number of searches and no causal relationship。
During the spring, home peak hours, from the first-tier cities flights to labor exporter, such as Shenzhen to Chongqing, the only full-price ticket, Shenzhen and Chongqing fares the same period, only one-tenth of the reverse。 This demands a return to the peak, but also reversed, Chongqing, Shenzhen fares again return full price。 In fact, airlines in order to sell more full-price tickets, but also with a larger passenger planes to fly this busy route, next door to Starbucks to talk to it's like winter ice shop by the same chair。   So the real factors affecting the price of the ticket, not the take-off distance of time how long, but the overall market demand for this route。
Then, in the spring of this season, where to Ctrip such a site, really based on when you search for tickets, using a large number of searches statistics, raise ticket prices Well?  "They do not produce coffee, they just coffee porter" Under the Civil Aviation Authority, Aviation Association of serious renovation in recent years, "drop tanks ticket" – that is, the money received large cup, you quietly into the cup of coffee, bullied you do not drink coffee regularly have fewer and fewer such a thing, where to Ctrip such agents Flying Pig website (OTA), are returning to the role of simple takeaway rider, take-away riders and certainly not about supply coffee shop。   But why consumers will feel the later buy air tickets, tickets more expensive?Will agree, the more clicks, the more expensive the ticket it?  This is simply because there is coffee mug "real time", cafe bar cup-shaped supply only a limited number of real-time, although the number of coffee cups warehouse there may be, but when passengers book flights direct impact on ticket prices would indeed exist the stock may be short-lived, bar temporarily sold out of the cup, the only large cup optional, and therefore there will be short-lived "the more clicks, the more expensive the ticket prices", as airlines have run off cup again, the decision depends on the airline, not the rider or take-out platform to fan the flames。
  Spring Festival travel peak so, attendance trends popular route also tend to completely full, so prices are bound to be close to your departure。 Popular routes cheap price, but no one to buy, but would not be so dramatic fluctuations, naturally, no one complained, which is quite similar to Matthew。   In addition, OTA websites, including airline direct sales Web site, in order to cope with a huge amount of search needs, often using the "caching" caching mechanism can provide faster search experience for visitors, but often in short supply during the peak season in Cup mugs, will lag。   When a user repeatedly search the same trip flight prices in a short time, part of the OTA will be recorded, the background to grab votes in the next search but could not vote。 If you can grab the last ticket is a paper cup, in order to ensure price can show the final transaction, the background can only grab more expensive cups cup, resulting in a de facto "repeatedly search prices"; other strange when users search for, and do not force a refresh, but follows a few minutes before the inventory cache, so different in fact that may have contributed to the same ticket price, the root of the problem is to update the inventory of sync, search no causal relationship with the price, which is the railway sector 12306 exactly the same problems。
Of course, after a few minutes, when the cache is refreshed, the user can still anxious to search for the same low prices and unfamiliar users, provided that this last paper cup, and others have not been given away。   Decision conclusion ticket prices, in most cases, directly in the hands of airline ticket agent roles website (OTA) is more like a take-away riders, not about takeaway store menus, pricing and supply。
The more clicks, the more expensive the ticket prices this argument, on the OTA website level does not exist, as the take-away store will not be because too many orders or temporary price increase customer unit, according to the author observed that domestic airlines do not currently exist。 Right now, the airlines in order to attract direct marketing can be described as trying to make itself, part of the popular route of the spring discount even when full price ticket, a ticket can only have restrictions in their own official channels。
Popular routes Spring Festival tickets, money-saving tips or just afraid of "early morning to buy cheap," the words, but shop around and not cause fares。

These types of people should not eat or eat eggs!Do not make up the anti-harmful (1)

  A day to eat an is helpful to the body。Especially for underweight, or like to eat vegetarian middle-aged, middle-aged and pregnant women, the better to eat more eggs on the body。
However, the following types of middle-aged people do not recommend consumption of eggs。
  1.These people should eat less body。If you really want to eat eggs, you can eat chicken egg white, but can not eat chicken egg yolk。
Because the eggs are concentrated in the fat in egg yolk, egg white and almost no fat。  2.High cholesterol, high cholesterol, dyslipidemia is not fit to eat。If you want to eat eggs, eat only recommended egg white, egg white because there are no cholesterol, very suitable for high cholesterol people eat。
  3.Allergic to allergies should not eat eggs, and avoid eating some of the food associated with eggs, so as to avoid allergic reactions caused by a series of accidents。  And sugar should not cook a lot of places to eat poached sugar habit。
In fact, and cook sugar, egg protein causes the formation of fructosyl lysine amino acid conjugate。
This substance can not easily be absorbed by the body, it will have a negative effect on。
  Do not eat the same food taboos and there is a rabbit, and the rabbit is not eat。"Compendium of Materia Medica," said: "eggs with rabbit meat into Xie Li。"Rabbit shabby cold sweet, slightly cold eggs Gan, both biologically active substance contains a number of total food will react stimulate gastrointestinal tract, causing diarrhea。  Also note that in addition to eating: and saccharin – easily poisoned goose with – debilitating case of anti-inflammatory tablets, two fratricide fight: bogey and persimmon with food, with food can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, easy to form a "persimmon stone" ; not the same food with the rabbit, carp, soybean milk; the public has to eat 'hair eggs' of learning, in fact 'hair eggs' contains a lot of bacteria, easy to be poisoned。  Do not use milk, red and manioc not to eat potatoes and not to eat the sweet potatoes with g: the same food will be abdominal pain, rabbit meat and phase g: easy to produce substances to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and cause diarrhea turtle meat and phase grams of brown sugar and raw with g: with food MSG poisoning and phase g: the destruction of the natural flavor of tea and egg phase g: affect the body's absorption and utilization of protein。

Eat more of these four foods are carcinogenic, do not eat

  A Japanese study says potato chips, French fries, cakes, pies foods and instant coffee four kinds of food than cigarettes also because these types of foods contain carcinogens acrylamide。 What is acrylamide?How to reduce the intake of carcinogens?Xiao Bian look at today's share it。   Acrylamide potato chips because of possible substance and worth noting that "acrylamide"。 The material was reportedly found in some raw materials contain large amounts of carbohydrates and heated to 120 degrees or more in food。
Because potato chips fully meet the above conditions, therefore, both the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture survey or study abroad, have identified potato chips contains large amounts of acrylamide。
  In a calculated weight 50 kg adult, per day to eat about 60 grams of potato chips, i.e., the capacity of a bag of potato chips, ingests about micrograms of acrylamide, i.e., microgram intake, a high intake。
  French fries French fries also acrylamide-rich food。 Analysis showed that the maximum concentration of acrylamide in potato chips times the fries are。
Home-made French fries will not feel at ease, whether it is their own making or restaurant french fries are detected acrylamide, so take care。
  Cakes, pies foods using wheat as raw material under a high temperature environment produced cakes, pies food chips detected with the same concentration of acrylamide。
Compare substance mind you, choose to make the pastry at low temperatures should be no problem。   Instant coffee in coffee beans, frying tea, roasted barley tea in turned out to be also detected high concentrations of acrylamide。 Since acrylamide soluble in water, so barley tea and other beverages also contain acrylamide detection of the extracted coffee, tea, fried,。 Please pay more attention。   Acrylamide is a white crystalline chemical substances, in April 2002 by the Swedish National Food Administration and Stockholm University researchers reported the first to discover。
According to the Hong Kong Consumer Council, after a carbohydrate-containing foods by frying, will produce acrylamide。 Acrylamide may be known Study。   Acrylamide present in many different foods, is a naturally occurring by-product of the cooking process。 Food starch content of the potato chips, bread, breakfast cereals, biscuits, crackers, cakes and coffee high, at 120 ℃ high temperature when cooking, will produce the highest levels of acrylamide。   In home cooking, when the high starch content of the food, such as potato, potato chips, bread and parsnips (carrot Europe) or the like at a high temperature baking, heat and simmer, when grilled or fried, also acrylamide。   Acrylamide is not only able to eat lots of inhalation or contact with the skin, it is said to affect the nervous system。
The substance is found in tobacco, but no matter how to quit smoking, if eat lots of acrylamide-rich foods, it will be dangerous。
  How to reduce the intake of acrylamide?  Eat less fried foods, eat vegetables, try to avoid high-temperature frying。   Acrylamide does not exist in the fresh vegetables, but may be amino acids "Asparagine" saccharide forming reaction in a high temperature over 120 degrees, it appears in the food。 Zucchini, garlic, onion and other vegetable produce a very high temperature frying acrylamide。   Planning assessment techniques to promote the Food Safety Commission Office of the Mayor of Takasaki Yosuke said: "overly concerned about acrylamide lead to nutritional deficiencies nor desirable。 Cooking should be careful not to focus too burned, minimize intake。
"The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) advises people to follow cooking instructions carefully, to avoid food cooking brown。
Starchy foods at high temperature baking, frying or grilling can be changed to brown too long, will acrylamide。   How to reduce the intake of acrylamide?  1, in the processing of vegetable sliced not possible, because the thinner heat faster, easier release of acrylamide, preferably cut into larger chunks Cook。
  2, easy vegetables can be eaten raw as much as possible。   3, not the oil again when coming to the high cooking temperatures, minimize the generation of acrylamide。 The best low-temperature cooking, food temperature control pot, but also reduce the risk of。   4, the cooking method usually more steamed, less frying temperature, reducing acrylamide also hold more food nutrients。 Do not eat grilled vegetables, roasted after brown, darker, black vegetables, often the "Maillard reaction" occurs, and cracked。
  Baked bread and pastries can eat it?Cake baking oven for bread, does the surface temperature is relatively high, but not completely due to moisture evaporation, in fact, inside the cake does not exceed 100 ℃。 Therefore, the crust of high levels of acrylamide, but low levels of the white part inside。
Overall, the content is still in safe range。

"War for talent" must be tailored

As expressed in the report, about talent, "the preferential policies dazzling" Over the last two years, throughout the country, today, a city introduced a number of western institutional mechanisms for talent development, tomorrow, a city in the east and then a more favorable personnel policy, the day after tomorrow, a city in the eastern part of the introduction of so-called "unprecedented" talent development initiatives。
Wave after wave, a wave after wave, after wave after wave front turns out, one mountain to another mountain too high。
Qiao fight, then perhaps all kinds of talents are hesitant to tell where to settle down, hesitated undecided。 From the "war for talent" of the situation, but also intensified。
From a wide range of point of view, there is competition between the three regions in eastern, central, western, small range point of view, there is provincial, city and county competition between regions, in general, blossom, vying, nowhere not a good environment for the development of talent, talent development of nowhere without institutional guarantees。
I believe that this is a good thing, talent development is the first international competition, establish the concept of international talent competition is the concept of innovation and breakthrough thinking instead of focusing on the development of。 However, based on local realities, is not a non-stop excessive competition for talent are worth promoting it?I think, not at all。
Although talent is the primary productive forces, the development of talent but must also be based on objective reality of economic development environment is based, in short, what kind of people what kind of economic base determines the need to use slang terms, it is "how Bigfoot how to wear shoes. "。 In some places, personnel development of institutional mechanisms can be described as perfect, but also the treatment given is a "super-national treatment", but they do not lead into the talent, why not?The economic base determines Talent Development。
Imagine, even to the people on the tall, you want to make the best use possible on the point of "make bricks without straw," the。 Therefore, human resources development should be based on reality, seeking truth from facts, not blindly follow the trend of the pursuit of the tall, with the level of economic development and the actual needs of the local match is the key。
Looking around the "war for talent", the most eye-catching than talent recruitment Jobs from the field, gives a feeling of "home away from home is better than the moon circle" of。
Of course, well-known domestic brand-name university is everywhere "war front", the foreign market is the high ground, but for local research institutes and cooperation, and develop local potential for mining personnel, policy becomes less favorable。 It also exposes the development of individual local talent just like "pick up off the shelf", in fact, which is why some local talent often provoke stay, the reason lies with the near。 As the "war for talent" is the biggest surprise in dispute to the Treatment of talent "passerby", but I believe, as a talent in itself, the treatment is not the only factor that decided the fate of。 Zhuge Liang reason why dead set to follow Liu Bei, which, Liu Bei Zhuge Liang confided everything, everything respect Zhuge Liang is the key, in other words, the value of talent reflect, highlight the personality, social status to let people from "living in Cao Ying" to "Cao Ying heart will be also."。
Therefore, the competition for talent can not remain in policy and treatment, but also to reflect on the service and care, people always excessive, must also consider the services to keep pace with the amount of body。
All in all, "war for talent" is not no stopping excessive, regardless of the total amount control, treatment or support, it should be tailored to the degree of relaxation。
Can not be divorced from reality blindly to the pursuit of large, competition for talent can not be simply interpreted as competition policy, otherwise, people will lie to the development direction, change the taste。 Pseudonym: Li Dingqiao Editor: Li Pengyu, cattle Ning。