, I do not give my.”

  Black into white, Xu Luo anger turned pale and was tied hand and foot shackles crazy flutter with, but was beaten back into reality chilled hoop.
  Cheng double up, floating down the sentence: “So, you want to be clear that, in the end what you want, what you should do now is.”
  Cheng double from the interrogation room, the child star Mu went up to her, eyes a bit worried: “Are you okay?”
  Cheng double smile: “What can I do.”
  Mu child star still worried: “That we continue to listen in here or?”
  ”Go home and rest.”
  Cheng Mu double spontaneously went to the right hand side of the child star, left hand clutch her shoulders, the sound comfortably sigh: “Now is not the time we should worry.Xu Luo does not move, check also can check out.”
  It just takes time.And I do not want to wait any longer double Cheng.
  They eat dinner, watch a movie together lying on the carpet.
  Mu child star put a hand beside mouthwatering strawberry, two-hand drive inconvenient to the grounds, enjoying the peace of mind Mu child star feeding.
  Movie forward to the crucial moment, put aside the double process of shaking up the mobile phone.
  Mu child star to get kicked her foot, double drive very calm: “hand is not convenient, you take over, I pick.”

Eli reached out to pull him up, leaning against the bed to make it back, “a lot of friends I can not remember what, unified call me Lin born husband, this name, I kinda like the.”

  Lin-sheng startled by startled, smiled and pinched his face, “my stupid husband, how to go out so early today?”
  ”Companies today have an important meeting, I must be present.”Yao Ji ceremony put his foot on the head of a piece of clothing around him, he was easy to pick up,” while someone to put Cai Siming picked up these days with me in the hospital, depriving you did not rest well, you’re at home today rest well.”
  Then, Yao Ji ceremony turn away, Lin students grasp his hand, he looked back, “ah?”
  Lin students actually worried about his body, Ji Yao ceremony has just recovered, he did not want to be too tired, but he also understood that Yao Ji ceremony, certainly does not fit the other end of the work, he had told: “three meals a day have to shoot me.”
  Yao Ji ceremony hook lip, “Yes, sir.”
  He went out, and forest health depends on the bed for a moment, brush the brush microblogging, then get dressed up, out of the bedroom when Cai Siming positive Siyangbacha lying on the sofa, half of the quilt are off the ground.
  Just past, Cai Siming school yet, so no hurry to go to school.
  Lin-sheng went over with his knee

After over, I quickly went to a vote.

  Liu Liu came over and asked, “We can throw it to yourself?”Now to find out all the audience’s preferences, all my people go flying really close on the set.
  Lu seventy-one nodded, “Yes, of course, if I did I cast my own ah ~ ~ ~”
  Liu Liu untold looked at the little fairy, “Fortunately, you do not participate.I do not cast your vote for me myself.”
  Lu seventy-one concerned about the voting system, quickly back up here, and one to three minutes, the polls closed, the land seventy-one took a screenshot sent to their own home.
  ”Now we can all see, the vote is over, because it is the limit and assault, so it should not exist brush votes, then, when this is a fair vote, and let me tell you about the results announced ~~~~~ “Lu open seven little result, according to the lens over,” Dangdang when, first ~ ~ ~ ~ obviously, is leading the way, congratulations ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Liu Liu’s side will have a staff, Liu Liu is written to one point.”
  Liu Liu very pleasantly surprised, “which began a score?”
  Lu seventy-one nodded, “Yes, the game started at any time oh ~~~ ~~~~~~ we continue to work hard anyway, you are about to enter the entertainment business, entertainment is all the time in the competition’s big game, in which the company let you experience a side in advance, it is also very good?”
  ”You want to play it yourself?”Indus be sure that.
  ”Yes, I just want to play ~ ~ ~ ~” Lu pick up seventy-one

  ”Ah, do not, ah, people are still blowing hair!”Zhongchu Hong teasing boyfriend so weak, can not help but lean in slowly dishwashing stage.

  ”We have not done here, try looking in the mirror today will have a special feeling!”Li Xuan against Zhongchu Hong exquisite and earlobe gently blew, here is her sensitive points.He has lifted a hand nightgowns, paintings delicate skin along the thigh all the way up, and soon found a muddy, gently fiddled with two somewhat moist petals.
  ”Do not tease me!”Zhongchu Hong Qiao Lian reddish, turned round with a slightly trembling voice he said..
  ”Well-behaved, obedient!”Let Zhongchu Hong Li Xuan leaned half lying on the wash stage, the rich, high tilt of the hips, and gently enter her from behind.
  Li Xuan looked at the mirror goes Qiao Lian crimson blurred, body sprint frequency accelerating, blowing hot and cold night.

196 Chapter ATV restructuring

  The morning sun, the gap through the window frames, irradiation into the house, bed and hugged the two men *.
  Li Xuan first woke up, looked at his arms sleeping toot face, frowned a bit lovely girlfriend playful, are not playing big heart, hand pinch her nose Alice Ting.
  Zhongchu Hong arousal quickly, gently shook his head and swung her hand on the nose.She squints, between still half asleep, voices with a bit of hardship: “You’re dead, mischief early in the morning, do not let a good sleep.Last night you were tossing dead!”
  ”I do not know who cried and cried last night says that he has, but also the!Later, someone seems to be active!”Li Xuan a

What do these.Anyway, thank you, as well, everything is carefully.”

  Xu Hong said that, no other words to say.
  He heard Qin Bo said thanks, to hear his voice carefully closed, could not help but raised his head, looked at the front of the shelves.
  After the death of the small, remote, Body and Soul in fact, there have been some time, but because he always thought dead can become a ghost, to see their parents, but obsession is not heavy, and soon dissipated.
  At that time he told himself, a little sad, but do not want to because he did something wrong.However, if he knew his mother died because of this accident, he will not not look at myself laughing as it was?
  Probably will not.
  In this world, good people are always much more painful than being wicked.

  ☆, anonymous

  It was dark.
  Tengyun’s headquarters building, is so still as usual, there are deserted department, there are lights in the department.
  That floor is located Qin Bo, because he does not go, so floor was quiet.Occasionally there are twelve voices is not large, more of a voice keyboarding.
  It took another half an hour, Qin Bo finally came out from the office.He closed the office door, while the name of the phone, walked into the elevator while.
  ”A walk

He nodded, he had dried blood on the other end ming, service of teachers continue to pour blood on him, had no love Ming look, with Sheng Joe said: “ah over again.”

  Clapperboard Qiaoxia, Sheng Joe ran his hand a bottle of white screen.At this point she has no face, just the kind of young and ignorant, and his eyes reveals a self-righteous little savvy, a rise of a vertical pupil of the eye, have hurt small look clearly visible under the lens.
  Executive director whispered: “the eyes of the little details of the deal very well.”
  Director nods.
  Screen, who has handed Joe Sheng Ming took the elixir of life, a dose of cold channel: “Dan gift of love this temple down, and another day to thank.”
  Then down, eyes closed, pranayama, the body suddenly startled suddenly tilt down, curled into a ball on the ground, full of pain between facial features.
  Sheng hands behind Joe stood, gloating laugh.
  Zeng Ming suddenly looked up, his face full of bloodstained not cover anger: “You give me something to eat?”
  Sheng Joe “tut” or two, crouched down in front of him, patted him on the face and said: “This form of Dan named Dan, who will reveal the true body suits, and has been reduced, shrink shrink shrink shrink shrink.”Sheng Joe hands in the air of a,” I can take you to shrink trampled in their hands!You look at the thief who stole Dan also how to escape my palm!”
  Zeng Ming roar: “Who says I’m a thief stole Dan?”
  Sheng Joe grinned,

Of course, the cold can not really think my heart told Su Yuan, just gently told: “drink less wine, not drunk.”

  ”The best this time do not drink cold.”
  Fu think of what raw cold, he said: “I remember you cases.Come fake it.”
  Su Yuan: “.”He knows how even this.
  When got off the phone, the phone Su Yuan ends up jacket pocket, sat down on the back seat, they found not know when to quiet down, the two men had Pinjiu not drink within the box, two pairs of eyes staring at her Look Meng.
  Su Yuan move uneasily under the fart.Shares, “Look what I?”
  Gujiu An wait any longer, then asked: “Whose phone?”
  Huoting Chen Although he did not ask, but unblinking, looking at Su Yuan, the answer to this question is obviously very concerned about.
  ”Uh, yes Fu raw cold calling.”
  Both guess who is calling, or want to confirm, and so got the answer to be expected, and my heart not uncomfortable, did not get on the ground before take each other to drink momentum, like wilted cock collapse under the shoulder.
  Gujiu An acid does not pull a few authentic: “Oh, he is very concerned about you Well.”
  Huoting Chen Oh the sound, said: “They care about the genuine boyfriend girlfriend normal ah.”

At him and snapped: “You only go through soon pass a large lady, he said things have been the result of a large set off his wife own, do not go!”

East Stone was scared of a shiver, inexplicable feel familiar to just this Spring, this time some stranger, whatever the outcome, they are together into the House, and also together for two months, two months, he has the impression of being Chunxiao is unknown, is flowing color or how to bully others, that’s all life and bear down, except for that of a good-looking skins, this did not seem the slightest edge, but people often ignore or even despise the existence of.
Available today, FarStone see Chunxiao, is totally not the same, because she also has a temper, but also has its own momentum.
“I, I’ll go.”East Stone have refused to think, quickly turned and rushed informed, there is a fear that something important was that he delayed.
Jiang Chu has been in waiting, she knew from Bowen followed out after Yao Ji ever since, she knew, must be the Chunxiao has been some action, so she was waiting, waiting for Spring to give her a result, she hopes

  ”Dai Xiaozhang!”

  Everyone all looking great changes, no one thought Dai Xiaozhang actually fainted in which Traditional Chinese Medicine!
  Liang Huang B stands on the platform, still holding the needles, the people are ignorant.
  ”How could, how is this possible!I just tie the points, it is clearly blood circulation, how will people dizzy tie!”
  Chak Yan Song suspended and Dean quickly rushed to feel the pulse of a man with one hand, two of his face is becoming somewhat ugly.
  ”Gout, acute gout!”
  Acute gout, though not serious, but can cause a series of complications, body spasms may make the patient bite his tongue, or suffocate.
  So this time wearing Xin, is facing a life-threatening!
  ”Dai Bobo!”
  Ma Baiwei at this time can not attend many, and quickly rushed to pull the leaves white, looking extremely nervous.
  ”Ye white, there are ways to do?”
  Compared to these so-called geniuses, Ma Baiwei still believe the father’s eyes, this is certainly not simple white leaf.
  White leaf he came, eyes turned a bit worn Xin, Lengheng soon.
  ”Just do not know what your good results in the hands of these charlatans, good governance but also to give you bad, get out!”

What I was looking at him kill?!That three million I will not give you a penny!”

He Ma Wan, see also the only safe Zhen would not budge, and cried: “The security master, this thing really does not matter with me, I’m innocent, it’s all my father single-handedly do that, you save deliver me, I pray you, and you say to him, I do not look good!”

Wu really can not control myself not to be afraid, but his nonsense that paragraph there, it hides the real reason for his father lying on the ground, what a stroke is where ah, is clearly the day he opened the door, even I found this kid actually break free shackles, after his father lying on the back, the wearer to bite down several pieces of meat, life and life of his father bite of meat almost nothing directly fainted, sent to the hospital, almost to make check The doctor also gave scared sick.

Wu stealing his father’s possession of a good blood, sealed up again this kid, I grew more and more afraid, lest this kid practice much, once again break the shackles, they think of a feng shui master to cheat, Reprogramming after the reason, the substitution can put this kid said to be the ghost, you can put it completely fell bone dust.

But did not expect, he spent three million brought in this, do not even help him to help this kid