Common food Qingfei phlegm, sputum Hyperactivity no longer afraid of the (1)

  Chishimehao?Winter susceptible to colds cough, many people will appear symptoms of cough, phlegm。
Then clearing the lungs phlegm eat more food will help promote recovery from disease, then there is the effect of what good food?  Five foods 1, Chinese medicine, cold sweet and slightly astringent, lungs, spleen, stomach, large intestine, with the lungs phlegm, heat fluid, Shibuya intestinal Zhili, spleen and stomach, Sheng Jin Runchang, cool blood to stop bleeding and other effects。
For Qiuzao cough with sputum people who eat a persimmon can effectively lungs and phlegm。
  But it is worth mentioning that, for patients with constipation, astringent do not eat, if a more astringent persimmon skin, it's best to eat peeled。
Because most astringent foods rich in tannic acid, which is an astringent substance, has the functions of the stool, the stool is likely to cause dry, etc., aggravate the symptoms of constipation。Peeled, dietary fiber and pectin persimmon flesh can well soften the stool, relieve symptoms of constipation。  2, Peanut contains a lot of proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, righting tonic, Wyatt spleen and stomach, lungs and phlegm, nourish transfer gas, water swelling, bleeding raw milk, Qingyan stop malaria effects can be enhanced further memory, can help improve the baby's memory, there are great benefits to the baby。  So, where lung deficiency of the people, regardless of pulmonary or lung qi deficiency, are suitable for taking peanut boiled, not fried after eating。
  3, Chinese medicine, milk, soy milk favorable water, moistening effect, it is suitable for drinking fall。Milk contains female hormones similar to the human body, it helps smooth white skin, but also to maintain the posture。
High unsaturated fatty acid of soybean milk, more fiber, and lecithin can be brain, and regulation of blood lipids, calcium and increase bone density, menopausal symptoms of menopause。
  In addition to traditional soybean milk, soy milk there are many tricks, such as four kinds of food: dates, wolfberry, green bean, lily, milk is the perfect partner!Autumn and winter drink, nourishing beauty, fend off the cold warm-up。  4, was hailed as a "fairy fruit", with detoxification, lung, raising sound lungs, removing the effect of bad breath, and the sound of excessive alcohol and tobacco caused by a hoarse throat, thirst and other effects Jia。
And the blood glucose level can be lowered, improving diabetes。
Can protect voice, the sound of wind heat treatment may attack the lungs caused by hoarseness, coughing unhappy, sore throat embolism。
Lung fire may be used to dry cough, sore throat aphonia, constipation, dry bowel symptoms。  When later, may be selected from a large, rounded shape, preferably shake does not ring, the shell does not break。Because Mangosteen need to dry, so be sure to choose baked Mangosteen, otherwise easy to mold infestation and other problems。  5, Chinese medicine, white radish, turnip white color is gold, the corresponding internal organs of lungs, which gamping spicy, owned by the lung and spleen, having gas, digestion, efficacy disease lungs, detoxification fluid, in addition to diuretic laxative , attending Fei Wei, Hyperactivity, constipation, vomiting, bloating, indigestion, dyspepsia, sputum, urine is not smooth, etc.。  White radish natured, good for all of Insufficiency。
Can boil water, eat carrots, with sugar, ginger can cure cold cough; with chrysanthemum, honeysuckle can cure fever cough; with lily white fungus cure dry cough; with hawthorn, malt can cure food plot cough。
Personally I think that white radish is the safest diet。
In addition to using the tonic when physically weak cough can not be used, other times can be used。

Tiger way of keeping a car with the Ministry of Transportation upload car repair electronic health records

  Uses tiger keep a car in response to the Ministry of Communications "2018 people's livelihood List" with upload auto repair electronic health record March 19 power in May 2017, the Ministry of Transport issued the "Notice on car repair electronic health records system construction work," plans to use about two years to complete vehicle maintenance building electronic health records system in the country, after the pilot some provinces and cities in 2018 will be officially implemented in the country to achieve 80% of a class of provincial and municipal maintenance companies, 70% of second-class service covering the enterprises, and actively expand to cover three types of repair business。
Leading automotive maintenance services brand the way to keep a car tiger positive response from the Ministry of electronic health records information construction work, become one of the auto repair electronic health records of the first companies to upload。   It is understood, car repair electronic health records is a Vehicle Identification Number (VN code) to uniquely identify the car, from purchase to scrap the whole life cycle of the car repair electronic record sum。 To promote the use of the system can gradually improve motor vehicle repair data files, and better integrate industry production, service, supervision, transparency through maintenance, repair industry to enhance the overall level of service, while the system also provides a variety of owners, industry regulators information, check vehicle owner can end mobile phone customers through maintenance records, search business location, to seek rescue service, participation in service supervision, to provide data support for industry regulators, and promote the transformation and upgrading of automotive after-market industry。   Hu Xiaodong way tiger keep a car COO, he said: "With the rapid development of Internet technology, data of the automotive aftermarket industry information, transparency is the trend。
The Ministry of Transport to implement electronic health records systems, vehicle maintenance, vehicle maintenance information will no doubt get rid of opaque phenomenon, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers play a very important role。 It will also guide enterprises to provide transparent, high-quality service, improve service levels to promote the useful help bring。

"Big hand little hand" Taiwan charity invite young and old spring with the tour Yangmingshan

  86 years old this year, is affectionately called "Grandpa Chen," the Governor Chen Xiong, said he "super happy"。
Governor Chen Xiong told reporters that he is elderly people living alone, no children, only one Sun Yang, but not often accompany the side。
In this charity to help with so many old friends, children outing together, I feel very grateful and happy。   "The last time I had to Yangmingshan is something 40 years ago," said Governor Chen Xiong said: "In recent years, my leg is not good, is not convenient to local events far away, also thanks to the help of volunteer charity。 "75-year-old Lin Li Aizi, is a giving her short hair, hale and hearty grandmother。
She says, she has participated in many activities of charity organizations, each is very happy, but this is more special experience。
"Because my family had no children Well, you can come here and play with children, I feel very happy!"she says。
  According to Taiwan's relevant statistics show that in 2017, total% million, accounting for Taiwan's total population over 65 years of Taiwan elderly population, population aging index (that is 65 years old and older population with 0?The relative ratio of the number of 14-year-old child population) of the elderly population has more than the population of children。
  Organizers said the charity has been encouraging the elderly to go outside, gymnastics, while expanding social circle, and strengthen the body function。 Since March of this year, Huashan, creation, human security strategic alliances plans to invite Taiwan about 10,000 elderly and children, "big hand little hand" Companions, and called for active participation in society, care for the disadvantaged elders, so service agencies may be long continue。

Baby bowel bleeding how to do how to ease the baby stool bleeding

Bowel bleeding how to do baby, baby baby hearts of parents, whenever there is a little discomfort is very worried that if the stool bleeding is very anxious, then the baby bowel bleeding how to do small series together and to see the baby's bowel bleeding how to do We introduce!Baby bowel bleeding how to do 1.Correct diet attention to your baby's diet, including food intake, amount of water and meat and vegetables and so on, and adjust nutrition menu, trying to get the baby to drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables, these contain more fiber foods, such as apples, pears, cabbage, broccoli, etc.。 If the baby milk protein allergy or stomach upset at present, partially hydrolyzed protein formula can be used to feed milk powder。 2.The law of life the baby every day after the morning cup of warm water to go defecate, can prevent dry stool, let defecation smoother。
Let your baby regular bowel movements。 Parents can tell a story or sing in the side, so that the baby relax。 To remind you, try to make the baby defecate in his spare time。 Baby bowel bleeding how to do 3.Stimulate the anus in the baby suffering from constipation, you can use some lubricating substances to stimulate the anus, it is intended to produce, so the smooth discharge of poo。 Last resort is not recommended enema or enema, etc., because long-term use will weaken the sense of dependence baby bowel function。

How to better prostate cyst Sibu?The seven men tonic recommended foods

Patients with prostate cysts need to be very concerned about the situation of cysts, abscesses that can become evil prostate cancer, so patients suffering from prostate once dealt with a cyst on the need for timely treatment for this disease requires not only drugs, but also care needs through diet, then prostate cyst Sibu compare how good we recommend the following kinds of food, for patients with prostate cyst。
Prostate cyst seven tonic food cabbage: sweet, slightly cold。 Effectiveness of heat water, detoxification stomach。 Patients with chronic prostate cyst is very good to eat。
Onion: spicy and sweet natured。
The effectiveness of detoxification, diuresis phlegm。 Preventing prostatic hypertrophy paraurethral。 Kelp: for the seafood。 Taste salty, cold。
Effectiveness of heat and water, Endometriosis。 Melon: sweet and light, slightly cold, Qingre water, detoxification fluid。 The product diuresis without Shangyin, prostate cyst, share common chronic prostatitis, prostatic hypertrophy patients。 Pumpkin seeds: sweet, warm。 Efficacy Spleen water, toxic pesticides。
This product is cooked for prostate cyst, urination are particularly suitable。
Cucumber: Sweet, cold。
Effectiveness of heat and thirst quencher, diuresis detoxification。
Where urine hot astringent Chitong who can eat it。 Loofah: sweet, cool。 Effectiveness of heat and cooling blood, stasis。
That where heat damage context, Zheng Jian blood in the urine, or urine were edible goods。
Prostate cysts diet taboos 1, forbidden to eat spicy foods Eat spicy spicy food, can cause genital congestion, but also make hemorrhoids, constipation symptoms, oppression of the prostate, increased urination difficult。 2, prostate cysts need to avoid alcohol Jijiu alcohol of the prostate and bladder neck edema induced urinary retention。 Even during the holidays or entertaining occasion must not drink, or drink a small amount of low-alcohol wine。
Otherwise it will cause deterioration of the cyst, the consequences are more severe cases can lead to infertility。
Prostate cysts also amount of water, too little water will not only cause dehydration, but also adverse effects on micturition flush the urinary tract, but also easily lead to urine concentration formed without RONGSHI。
In addition it is appropriate to reduce the water at night, so as not to sleep overactive bladder filling, compression prostate cyst, day should be more water。
related suggestion。

Cambodia "dragon -2018" joint anti-terrorism training-cum-humanitarian aid the start of training

Participate in joint training of officers and men of Cambodia Wang Jiajun。 Reporter Huang Yaohui photo Zhang Jian said at the ceremony, this year's "Golden Dragon" joint training new debut, a further increase in troops participating in the training, object of close combat dispatched equipment more diverse, both countries stood to 60 years of glorious history gift, but also for improve military capabilities, deepen cooperation, friendship and heritage help play an important role in the development of bilateral military relations。   Salen Boer said Jinlong joint training purpose and content of the Cambodian parties are held within the framework of the PLA's support and assistance, he demonstrated the traditional friendship between the two countries, enhance military exchanges and friendly cooperation, foster new knowledge and skills offers to share, live together, work together and learn valuable opportunity。   It is reported that the joint training with the training to take mixed manner, prioritize "anti-terrorism tactics, joint anti-terrorism command, joint anti-terrorism military exercises and humanitarian relief" and other four topics, mainly launches anti-terrorism equipment operational use, small arms firing , unarmed combat, simulated landing, mobile penetration and hunt Soujiao such as training courses project, aimed at strengthening the capacity to carry out joint anti-terrorism joint military training and humanitarian missions。   Chinese military attache in Cambodia Lining Ya before the start of training first media interview that the joint anti-terrorism training for the first time as the themes, contents of the exercises in a group of international terrorists sneaked into certain areas of Cambodia, an attempt to create an imaginary terrorist attacks background, relevant organizations the contents of the exercises。   According to reports, joint training gap, the two sides participating in the training squad will also local villagers, students donate life, learning materials, repair their houses, to carry out rounds to send medicine and other activities。

Treatment of premature ejaculation sex tips so that men regain confidence

Treatment of early sexual techniques which now has the pressure of working life increases, premature ejaculation is already a lot of male friends a headache。
So how to treat premature ejaculation following small bring skill treatment of premature ejaculation sex for everyone, so that men regain confidence!Treatment of premature ejaculation sex tips 1, occasional premature ejaculation, the woman should comfort, understanding, caring man, gentle and considerate man to help overcome fear, tension, guilt psychological, should not complain, blame the man。
2, both husband and wife to correctly learn to master about sex knowledge and understanding of the physiological differences between men and women react to eliminate misunderstanding, properly grasp the necessity of life skills。
3, distracting the man for sexual intercourse, such as eyes away from the woman, the penis will feel moved to start thinking about other issues, or even several, will help delay ejaculation。
4, spare foreplay before intercourse, Shunwen, the first woman to enter an exciting period and the plateau is easier to meet the requirements of the woman。
5, it is generally the sex in the evening, but if you change it in waking, physical fatigue has been lifted, energetic, then chewing gum tablets flirting, I believe there will be to improve the quality of intercourse。 Treatment of premature ejaculation sex tips 6, wearing a double condom, can reduce the sensitivity of the penis and prolong ejaculation time。
Reduce the extent and speed of the penis twitch, reduce sexual stimulation of the penis, while the woman's initiative to meet the action, reaching orgasm as soon as possible, in order to mutually satisfactory。 7, aggressive treatment can cause a variety of organic diseases of premature ejaculation, avoid premature ejaculation fundamentally。
A sensitive point man grams, lower back, back of the man's back is strong support, but it is often ignored women。
Sexologist found between human ribs and waist is rich in nerve endings, these brain nerve stimulation, men are more likely to make sex "crackpot"。
Therefore, women may occasionally kiss his back and waist, giving him unusual stimulus。

Dumplings have to drink more wine, then met leek stuffing it?

  Men love wine, love has a "grass from the sun," said the egg fried leeks, plus a dish of peanuts, two to a few shochu, men like the mouth。
As everyone knows, this mix is not only not achieve the effect of "impotence help", and eat a lot will hurt the stomach。   In ancient times there is "Eat, eat Health leek increase disease" argument, and in the Mongolian Yuan dynasty physician Hu Sihui wrote "drink meal" is also "non-leek with food and wine" like the record , the truth is also generally associated with food herbs。 Camsing bitter liquor, heat resistance, especially high spirits ethanol containing about 60%。 Octyl alcohol of heat, irritation, can dilate blood vessels, accelerate blood flow, but also to promote gastric acid secretion, causing gastritis and gastrointestinal ulcer recurrence。
Oct-temperature resistance also belongs, aphrodisiac blood circulation, promotion of gastric acid secretion。
Fresh chives drink liquor, like adding fuel to fire, digestive diseases but also to pay more attention。 Chives eat at the fire, not digestible, so wang, eye diseases and gastrointestinal weak people should not eat。
  Drinking while eating healthy people must grasp the amount of food intake each leek 50?100 grams, the amount of not more than 25 grams of alcohol is appropriate not with the spinach with food, both with the food there Hua Chang effect, not easy to cause diarrhea and honey with food, with food is painful; not with the same food, with food make Hot milk fever and people can not eat spinach or milk containing oxalic acid and more with leeks mixed consumption, it will affect the absorption of calcium and should not be eaten together with food poisoning easy。

Pyeongchang Winter Paralympic Games ended Beijing cultural performances shock the audience

  This year's Winter Paralympic Games, Chinese sports delegation sent 26 athletes to participate in five major items of the game。
Among them, China wheelchair curling team worked hard, won the wheelchair curling gold medal While this precious, made history。   At the closing ceremony the mayor of Beijing Chen Jining took the Paralympic flag from the hands of Andrew Parsons, officially opened the 2022 Winter Paralympic Winter Paralympic Games, "Beijing"。   In the much-anticipated Winter Paralympic Games, "Beijing eight minutes" theatrical performances, a wheelchair-bound girl in the song "I want to fly" in the lead dancer played the remaining 16 hearing-impaired actress through dance the disabled self-improvement, to chase a dream face to show to the world。   Beijing cultural performances in the song "I want to fly" after rehearsal by the Zhang Haidi lyricist process, Zhang Haidi repeatedly and director team communication plan in terms of program creativity, costume design, choreography and music production, etc., and twice to the scene to guide the rehearsal。
  Beijing cultural performances still Chinese director Zhang Yimou, 17 actors are all hearing impaired people with disabilities, the biggest 25-year-old, the youngest only 16 years old。
Their performances shocking scene, won warm applause from the audience。   Athletes videos, the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Games emblem "leap" to show the use of Chinese calligraphy characters "fly" dynamic and intensity, and it turned into a clever slide forward, toward victory。   With Pyeongchang Winter Paralympic flame extinguished slowly, and then the 2022 Winter Paralympic Games in Beijing will once again ignite the flame in Beijing。 (Finish)。

Qinghai "Internet +" plateau characteristics of agriculture and animal husbandry wisdom of big data platform formally launched

December 8, Qinghai "Internet +" plateau characteristics of agriculture and animal husbandry wisdom big data platform, was officially launched on-line at the provincial Animal Husbandry Department, marking an important step in our province agriculture and animal husbandry from the traditional to the modern, agricultural plateau characteristics of wisdom animal husbandry has taken new steps。 It is understood that, in Qinghai Province "Internet +" plateau characteristics of agriculture and animal husbandry wisdom of big data platform is designed to accelerate the agricultural production of intelligent, network management, data management, service oriented online。
Emerging Internet platform, network cloud, and artificial intelligence technology, a platform section 14, N application modules。 Which contains 14 sections farming wisdom, wisdom, animal husbandry, fishery wisdom, the wisdom of grassland, agricultural and livestock safety quality, integrated business management, government collaborative management, information services, GIS intelligent control, emergency command system of provincial platform, Farming Goes data, agricultural commerce, industry and wisdom of rural poverty alleviation, has built up one of the world pastoral wisdom of "one-stop" service。 At present, the initial formation of the province of information technology policy system, and gradually establish a pattern of diversified information services, substantial progress in the construction of big data platform has made the wisdom of agriculture and animal husbandry, began to promote the use in the production, agricultural information emerging new forms mode , agricultural information work has taken new steps。 "Qinghai" Internet + "embodiment of the wisdom of agriculture and animal husbandry," has become to accelerate the implementation of the "Internet +" wisdom agricultural guidance document and an important guarantee for the effective integration of information technology and promote the modernization of agriculture and animal husbandry depth, continuously improve the information service "three rural" level。
According to the Director of the provincial Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Market Information Office of Hubei Wynn, and now Qinghai province has initially established as the leading agricultural information network, the provincial industry and professional website, giving the city three agricultural counties comprehensive information site group。 Timely and accurate release policies and regulations, industry trends, agriculture and animal husbandry science and technology, market conditions, agricultural monitoring, quality and safety information。
12316 hotline to farmers and as a platform for the province's agricultural information service network system was further improved。 Currently, the province has started a pilot implementation of information villages and households, the construction of county-level agricultural integrated information service hall 10, 358 village information service stations。 50% of the agricultural sector of the city state set up information technology services, agricultural and pastoral areas of more than 5,000 information workers。
This year has been taken way combination of online and offline, in the province to carry out phone skills training, training a total of 2.420,000 farmers and herdsmen。
At the same time it built a provincial counties videoconferencing network systems, and fully utilized。 Provincial Animal Husbandry Department intelligence agricultural big data platform carefully crafted agricultural e-commerce platform "cow coffee tribes' online operations, docked in the province leading enterprises and cooperatives 68, settled 16, has been pioneering the line 40 chain of super high-end agricultural products and 60 dealers。 Source: Qinghai Daily。