Section III crash!The Lakers still could not escape the tragic reversal of three 20+ 3-game losing streak

Beijing on March 20, Pacers home to defeat the Lakers 110-100。
Pacers (41-30) after a two-game losing streak。
Myers – Turner scored 21 points and seven rebounds, Victor – Oladipo 20 minutes, Thaddeus – Young 18 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists, Darren – Collison 15 points and 8 assists。 Lance off the bench – 16 points and five rebounds Stephenson。
The Lakers (31-39) three-game losing streak。 Three on 20 points, Kyle – Ku Zima 27 points and eight rebounds, Brooke – Lopez 23 points and eight rebounds, Julius – Randall 21 points and nine rebounds。
"Ball Brother" Langzuo – Bauer mediocre, 4 1 vote, had 4 points and 8 assists。
Pacers to the Eastern third fight。
Last game they also occupy this position, but fell to fifth after losing it, and the Wizards tied。
For walkers, not only to compete for a third, but also the position of the partial area of the first fight with the Knights。 [] [] Lakers caused no small trouble, but the Pacers out of the woods, tenacious reversal。 The first section is dominated by the Lakers。
More than half of this section, they only lead to 20-19, but the Pope and Ku Zima have hit the third, the Lakers play 8-0 after a gap opened。 The Lakers led by as 12 points, but the Pacers continuous hours of the end of this section, hit a buzzer after in Oladipo, the Pacers to 29-37 behind。 Section 8 minutes and 54 seconds there, the Ku Zima field goal, leading the Lakers to 45-35。 Turner up in a ball, and then succeeded in the cast, Thaddeus – Yang also dunk, Walker scored six points, quickly closing the gap。
Walker was the go-ahead, only the first half 57-59 behind。
Pacers back feel quickly than the score in the third quarter。
More than half of this section, Lopez hook shot, the Lakers will recover as the score 70-71。
Collison and Oladipo have hit the third, the Pacers shot a wave of 14-4 to 85-74 double-digit advantage。 Lakers hit rate, this section only 21 points, 35 points and Walker, to the end of the first three 92-80。 Midway through the fourth, after Joseph hit two free throws, the Pacers to a 103-87 lead with 16 points。
Ku Zima also to third, the Lakers chase several times, in the game there are 51 seconds to the proportion of the chase became 100-110, but it was too late, unable to pose a threat。 (Angkor)。

These four categories of food are more carcinogenic than cigarettes!

  A Japanese study says potato chips, French fries, cakes, pies foods and instant coffee four kinds of food than cigarettes also because these types of foods contain carcinogens acrylamide。 What is acrylamide?How to reduce the intake of carcinogens?Xiao Bian look at today's share it。
  Acrylamide potato chips because of possible substance and worth noting that "acrylamide"。
The material was reportedly found in some raw materials contain large amounts of carbohydrates and heated to 120 degrees or more in food。
Because potato chips fully meet the above conditions, therefore, both the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture survey or study abroad, have identified potato chips contains large amounts of acrylamide。   In a calculated weight 50 kg adult, per day to eat about 60 grams of potato chips, i.e., the capacity of a bag of potato chips, ingests about micrograms of acrylamide, i.e., microgram intake, a high intake。   French fries French fries also acrylamide-rich food。 Analysis showed that the maximum concentration of acrylamide in potato chips times the fries are。
Home-made French fries will not feel at ease, whether it is their own making or restaurant french fries are detected acrylamide, so take care。
  Cakes, pies foods using wheat as raw material under a high temperature environment produced cakes, pies food chips detected with the same concentration of acrylamide。 Compare substance mind you, choose to make the pastry at low temperatures should be no problem。   Instant coffee in coffee beans, frying tea, roasted barley tea in turned out to be also detected high concentrations of acrylamide。
Since acrylamide soluble in water, so barley tea and other beverages also contain acrylamide detection of the extracted coffee, tea, fried,。 Please pay more attention。   Acrylamide is a white crystalline chemical substances, in April 2002 by the Swedish National Food Administration and Stockholm University researchers reported the first to discover。 According to the Hong Kong Consumer Council, after a carbohydrate-containing foods by frying, will produce acrylamide。
Acrylamide may be known Study。
  Acrylamide present in many different foods, is a naturally occurring by-product of the cooking process。 Food starch content of the potato chips, bread, breakfast cereals, biscuits, crackers, cakes and coffee high, at 120 ℃ high temperature when cooking, will produce the highest levels of acrylamide。   In home cooking, when the high starch content of the food, such as potato, potato chips, bread and parsnips (carrot Europe) or the like at a high temperature baking, heat and simmer, when grilled or fried, also acrylamide。
  Acrylamide is not only able to eat lots of inhalation or contact with the skin, it is said to affect the nervous system。 The substance is found in tobacco, but no matter how to quit smoking, if eat lots of acrylamide-rich foods, it will be dangerous。
  How to reduce the intake of acrylamide?  Eat less fried foods, eat vegetables, try to avoid high-temperature frying。   Acrylamide does not exist in the fresh vegetables, but may be amino acids "Asparagine" saccharide forming reaction in a high temperature over 120 degrees, it appears in the food。
Zucchini, garlic, onion and other vegetable produce a very high temperature frying acrylamide。 Overly concerned about acrylamide lead to nutritional deficiencies nor desirable。
Cooking should be careful not to focus too burned, minimize intake。   UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) advises people to follow cooking instructions carefully, to avoid food cooking brown。 Starchy foods at high temperature baking, frying or grilling can be changed to brown too long, will acrylamide。
  How to reduce the intake of acrylamide?  1, in the processing of vegetable sliced not possible, because the thinner heat faster, easier release of acrylamide, preferably cut into larger chunks Cook。   2, easy vegetables can be eaten raw as much as possible。   3, not the oil again when coming to the high cooking temperatures, minimize the generation of acrylamide。
The best low-temperature cooking, food temperature control pot, but also reduce the risk of。   4, the cooking method usually more steamed, less frying temperature, reducing acrylamide also hold more food nutrients。
Do not eat grilled vegetables, roasted after brown, darker, black vegetables, often the "Maillard reaction" occurs, and cracked。

What are the underlying causes of the prevalence of illegal fund-raising is | Technology | financial | Inclusive Finance

  Text / Sina Finance opinion leaders columns (micro-channel public number kopleader) columnist Dong Ximiao, Tang Lihua development of inclusive finance, let the penetration of financial services to small and micro enterprises, farmers, urban low-income people, and promote the development of the real economy and people's living standards improve, in recent years become an important direction of financial institutions to explore。 Since January 2016 inclusive financial development of China issued five-year plan, the Pratt & Whitney launched financial support policies, financial institutions have established inclusive finance division, to obtain the rapid development of inclusive finance。   And it is a major breakthrough in consumer finance inclusive financial sectors to promote the landing point。
According to the National Finance & Development Laboratory "issued by China Consumer Financial Innovation Report" that, by the end of 2016, the consumer finance market size of China's nearly 6 trillion yuan, according to 20% if the forecast growth rate, the size of consumer credit by 2020 more than 12 trillion yuan, will become the world's largest consumer finance market。
  At the same time, China's consumer finance market structure from the original commercial bank consumer credit dominance, the development of commercial banking, consumer finance companies, Internet companies and other organizations flourishing landscape。 Specifically, the current participants in the consumer finance market is broadly divided into four categories: The first category is the commercial banks to the ordinary consumer large consumer credit loans, car loans, etc, while providing services by means of credit cards, etc.; the second category consumer finance companies, credit to small consumer products as the main form, the main customer base for the general public; third category is the electricity supplier of Internet-based company, has a more adequate data on specific groups, conducted by building their own credit risk control model ; the fourth category is other internet platforms, including consumer groups for all types of supermarket-type platform and platform-specific credit for a single market segment or scene of。
  However, with the continuous advance of China's financial Pratt & Whitney, Pratt & Whitney affected by the current financial environment is still not perfect, credit infrastructure urgent need to upgrade and expand the influence and other factors, the corresponding problems and deficiencies are gradually exposed, Pratt & Whitney finance terms of coverage, availability, security, etc. are still much room for improvement。
For in a stage of rapid development of the consumer finance market, credit infrastructure will determine the efficiency and effectiveness of future development is largely。 At the same time, credit infrastructure also will have a profound impact on the development of the entire financial industry。   August 5, at the "2017 China's first credit Technology and Inclusive Financial Forum", Zhang Yang Qing, general manager of China Merchants Union consumer finance company noted that the current construction of much-needed credit infrastructure upgrade and expansion。 He believes that the credit infrastructure has become an important part of the ecological consumer finance platform, not only to Pratt & Whitney target consumer finance, and transaction costs related to all aspects of social life, but also about a country to progress and civilization。   In his view, China's current credit report covers the scope and content of the lack of current domestic two-thirds of the population is not covered, to a large extent hindered the development of inclusive finance。 The latest central bank credit statistics show that as of the end of 2016, the central bank credit information system contains a total of one hundred million individuals, are those with less than half of the financial credit data, and there are still about 500 million people are not covered within the scope of。
More than half of the population because of the lack of credit data, can not enjoy formal financial services, which may be one reason for the high risk and high return products emerging。
In recent years, our situation from a variety of illegal fund-raising, once prevalent usury, but also triggered a "violent collection" and other issues affecting social stability。   At the same time, we also see that our present various types of information data is showing decentralized fragmented state, "digital divide", "information island" phenomenon exist。
Currently, in addition to the Bank of Credit Information Center, government agencies, financial institutions, Internet giants, telecommunications operators and some third-party independent institutions, all of them with a variety of data。
Zhang Yang Qing believes that these should integrate disparate data sources as soon as possible, the upgrade and expansion of the current credit infrastructure。
In this regard, he put forward four suggestions: First, the public information of government departments, the central bank credit continued into the center, intensive management; the second is the information platform for enterprises of all types accumulated in government support from industry organizations , the industry giants led the development of standards, establish a unified entrance, access to exit, guide fees, management practices, achieve diversified development; third is to encourage the diversification of market participation, rich data, the greater the company's ability to contribute and strong earnings will; Fourth, the integration of data, the block chain is recommended technology profile deploy the application, which will cause the data to be easily tampered。   China currently has nearly 20 licensed consumer finance company, as well as a large number of consumer finance business in the Internet platform。
For these consumer financial institutions, consumer finance platform ecology eco circle must have a credit infrastructure。 Of course, only those platforms have a long-term strategic vision and the ability to build the foundation, not in a hurry cash flow, but rather focus on customer needs, strengthening infrastructure construction credit, win-win cooperation with numerous partners, continue to have a greater combined effect, finally can be bigger and stronger。
Unfortunately, there are not many such large platform。   Fortunately, some of the big platforms are already beginning to take various measures to continuously consolidate credit infrastructure。 With the increasing popularity and development of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, the block chain information technology in the financial sector, the construction of credit infrastructure as a cornerstone of innovation and development finance, should the flow, depth and integration of science and technology, constantly improve and upgrade。 Financial technology can be seen as the driving force of an inclusive financial figures can provide sustainable innovation is inclusive finance institutions。 For example, through digital management and information sharing tools, dramatically reducing the cost of inclusive finance and improve their business sustainability; the use of big data and artificial intelligence technology to improve risk identification and risk prevention efficiency of inclusive finance, enabling customers to enjoy more convenience of inclusive finance。   It should be noted that the current development of science and technology is having a profound impact on consumer behavior change finance and financial services model。 Although there are still some deficiencies, but with the integration of science and technology and finance, infrastructure construction of credit will continue to improve and upgrade。 A more complete credit infrastructure, financial infrastructure will promote a higher level, thereby boosting inclusive finance, especially consumer finance market as more and achieve sustainable and steady development。

Asian man killed a neighbor found the bodies after a week: hear gunshots

July 10 electric Recently, an Asian man in the death of a Melbourne houses, one week after the corpse was found。 Neighbors said they had heard gunshots in the night。
The incident (source: "Daily Mail") "Daily Mail" reported that at 16:25 on June 26, it was found that an Asian man's body in one of the houses Melbourne ErinSquare。
Police said the victim was 49-year-old man named PhongVuong of。
Initial investigations showed that, VUONG was found dead after a week, and who have gunshot wounds。
PhongVuong (Source: "Daily Mail") Several witnesses said they had heard gunshots came off within this house。 Police suspect, VUONG should be shot and killed in the house。 It is reported that last VUONG appearance was on June 15 night。 Police investigators insiders hope to be able to provide more clues to help solve the case。
(Sydney today) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

11 new map surfaced TPP countries

23, in the absence of the United States to participate in the case, the original Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) 11 member states to reach a new agreement on the negotiation of new agreements, and is expected to be held in Chile March 8 signing ceremony is expected in early 2019 entered into force。 But analysts said the participating countries completed the domestic procedures still twists and turns, especially Canada signed an agreement could face variables。
Last-minute concessions TPP was originally in February 4, 2016 signed by 12 countries including Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam in New Zealand。
January 23, 2017, US President Trump announced that the US permanently quit TPP, Japan has been saved after the agreement in lobbying。
According to the US "Wall Street Journal" reported that in November last year, 11 countries in a summit on Vietnam is close to an agreement to sign a new free trade agreement, known as "comprehensive and advanced TPP (also known as CPTPP)", but Canadian opposition due to the breakdown of the talks at the last minute。
2017 reached a basic agreement on the new TPP, countries basically all the provisions of the copyright protection period to 70 years to reach an agreement to freeze such as 20, but the remaining four projects will continue consultations。 "Japanese Economic News" and other media reported January 24 that does not include the United States TPP11 countries from January 22 was held in Tokyo to negotiate a two-day meeting of chief officer, trying to resolve differences, including Canada, to protect its film cultural industry, television and music insistence。
11 countries confirmed the temporary freezing of the 12 countries in the TPP original 22 projects, including the US, and finalize the content of the new agreement。 Japan's trade minister Toshimitsu Motegi press conference after the meeting announced the news。
Japan's Kyodo News said, to convince Canada to sign the agreement, the Japanese side is considered to be the most difficult in the negotiations。
To protect the domestic French Canadian culture, film and other industry requirements and restrictions for special support measures。 States ultimately meet the requirements of Canada to protect their cultural supplement to binding weaker but determined not written in the text of the Agreement。 Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau 23 at the Davos World Economic Forum, said the agreement is "to maintain growth and prosperity," the "correct protocol"。
He said, TPP modified for the automotive industry and practitioners in the field of intellectual property and culture, it would be "more advanced and more powerful", in line with expectations on Canadian middle-class prosperity, growth。
After the excitement reached a new agreement and the coexistence concerns 11 countries, will be held on March 8 signing ceremony of the agreement, after which the country has completed the program in more than six countries to take effect after 60 days, is expected to take effect in early 2019。 The new CPTPP retained the TPP over 95% of the content, but also greatly reduced by difficulty。 Entry into force of the 12-nation TPP previously included the United States is the gross national domestic product ratification of the agreement (GDP) should account for more than 85% and the country's GDP as a whole as signed, while the sum of the original 12 signatories GDP in US GDP accounted for 60 %, equivalent to US exit TPP actual void。
The new agreement can be approved only six countries any difficulty greatly reduced。
The Japanese government will this Congress to draft agreements and related bills, and strive to take effect in 2019。
After the entry into force urged the United States to return to the TPP and more countries participate。 The current government of Chile also expressed the hope that the agreement signing ceremony held, as performance。 Singapore Trade and Industry believes, "The results, once again demonstrated CPTPP member states to promote higher levels of trade liberalization and regional integration of the collective commitment。 CPTPP will continue to be an important and high-quality agreements and multilateral agreements allow participating countries to benefit from the example of。
"Although the United States withdrew significantly weakened the influence of the agreement, leading to the signatories account for the global economy rose from about 37% to about 13%, but the scale is still considerable。
However, the participating countries will also keep careful argument, and the future has completed domestic procedures still twists and turns。 The Japanese government plans to submit the text approved agreements and related bills to parliament routine。 From the stand stakeholders, it seems to see the trace of worry。 Toshimitsu Motegi told the media made it clear that "all 11 countries will participate (signing ceremony), the date of the signing will not change."。
The relevant Japanese government official said, "Even if Canada withdraw, it will not change the schedule, signed by 10 countries."。
This in turn shows Canada signed an agreement could still have a little uncertainty。
Whether the United States return 11 countries reached a new agreement from the United States to withdraw from the agreement just announced a permanent one year。
Trump said earlier, compared to a multilateral agreement, the United States would prefer to negotiate with the TPP member countries Japan and other bilateral agreements。 But both Japan and other countries, has so far refused to negotiate around these bilateral agreements。 11 countries have on the United States after the US withdrawal from the freezing requirements of the relevant provisions of the United States until the return agreement。 According to reports, a total of 22 provisions of the original agreement is frozen。
But Toshimitsu Motegi also said the United States continues to open the door, "we will explain the importance of this agreement to the United States again, I want them to come back."。
Japan has always advocated to promote the TPP and TPP wants the United States to return to the main。
Toshimitsu Motegi told a news conference after the meeting, said after the Agreement enters into force "will expand the TPP into account."。
Member States are also welcome to join other like-minded economies, which indicates that this is an open agreement。
Trade and Industry Minister (Trade) Singapore Lim Hng Kiang said, CPTPP will strengthen trade between countries in the Asia-Pacific region, promoting intraregional trade, services and investment flows more seamlessly。
He stressed that Singapore companies benefit from the agreement, including all kinds of goods to reduce tariffs and non-tariff barriers significantly improve a wide range of areas of service provider marketing channels, as well as to improve the ease of investment, etc.。 In addition, the channel will improve government procurement contracts。
Trudeau said: "If we go backwards, to resist the trend of globalization of trade, then we will get worse。
We must put concern for ordinary citizens and their well-being at the center of negotiations。 "However, the US could return is a big question mark。
Currently, the government and the Trump Canada, Mexico renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) does not progress smoothly。 Trump has repeatedly threatened unless major changes in the agreement, or we need to abandon the agreement。
Earlier even Canadian government sources said that Trump may be about to announce the withdrawal of the United States North American Free Trade Agreement。 Canada and Mexico are all TPP members。
Just a few hours before the announcement TPP, Trump also announced the imposition of high tariffs on imports of photovoltaic products and a washing machine。 It is reported that Trump will be considered this week at the annual meeting in Davos advocate of globalization, and made a speech on the global trade outlook, might once again promoting its "America First" theory, will raise concerns about participating country。

L-carnitine is really that magical No adequate evidence

Really that magical?In recent years the network, appeared on television a lot of news about L-carnitine, is said to be able to effectively lose weight, it is not really that magical L-carnitine?Following small to tell you really that magical L-carnitine。
L-carnitine L-carnitine really that magical English called L- carnitine, also known as L- carnitine, BT or transliteration of carnitine left, the chemical name β- hydroxy acid trimethyl ammonium γ-。 In mid-1905, the Russians took the lead Gulewitsch and Krimberg found L- carnitine from meat extract, since then, scientists from various countries begin its in-depth research。
Earlier studies found that, L- carnitine is a vitamin nutrients and named it vitamin BT。
Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, vice president, nutritionist Professor Shen Yanying told the "Beijing Science and Technology News", L-carnitine was discovered in the last century, the 1950s, Western scientists discovered through animal experiments, L-carnitine is a fat burning process carrier。
The human body needs energy obtained by burning fat, and fat burning in cells' energy factories "- mitochondria completed, however, the fat itself is not automatically reach the mitochondria, and L-carnitine as a transfer vehicle, you can to carry fat into the mitochondria。 L-carnitine really so magical it is clear that if there is no L-carnitine, the body can not burn fat, L-carnitine deficiency may cause fatigue, obesity, etc.。
Shen Yanying said, however, that people do not have to worry about。
Our human body needs 80% of L-carnitine can be synthesized by the body itself, the remaining 20% can be eaten by acquiring other red meat and dairy products, and therefore, normal is not lack of this substance。 Only such as vegetarians, athletes such unbalanced diet, calories burned and a lot of people suffering from chronic kidney failure or lack of L-carnitine innate talents need extra。

Beware the beginning of spring and health contraindication of these things

Beginning of spring beginning of spring regimen taboo What is a solar term in the spring of twenty-four solar terms, which in this spring season health what are the things it should be noted that the following Xiaobian to tell us something about the beginning of spring regimen taboo, Oh, these things must be careful!The beginning of spring and health contraindication to hide the spring, the beginning of spring is the escape of the day。
The beginning of spring is the first solar terms round solar terms inside。 "Li" is the "beginning" means, Chinese people have been accustomed to the beginning of spring as the beginning of spring, rebirth new beginning。 Therefore, the importance of the beginning of spring can be seen。 Traditional customs to the left, to the beginning of spring every day can not have a war of words, and must live in harmony, calmly greet this day。
And some local customs inside, hiding in spring this day should not be relocated to visit seriously ill patients to participate in the funeral and so on, so as not to provoke adverse impact of luck throughout the year。 Three main dish for spring tonic solar terms beginning of spring arrival, indicating to enter the spring, early spring health care should be based on Liver Yang and then spring to eat what do spring sun care health recipe, what does the following to recommend several recipes, there is enhance yang effect, it may be timely to add that, take a look below。 A health taboo beginning of spring, eat more green and yellow vegetables anti-Chun Kun Chun Kun is the case a lot of people in the spring are often in Chunkun when people often feel physical fatigue, lack of energy。 So in the spring should eat more red and yellow and dark green vegetables, such as carrots, pumpkin, tomato, green pepper, celery, good for energy recovery, vegetables in season, such as Malan head, Chinese wolfberry can improve the body's resistance to top。
Second, Xin Gan of the goods to help Chunyang spring we start germinal body yang, while Chinese medicine also believes that the liver in season in spring is one of the body's internal organs, should be appropriate to eat Xin temperature rise of casual food and cold hybrid sticky thing it should be needy, so as not to damage the spleen and stomach。

Women deficiency physique and health principles must be borne in mind

Health principle of female physical deficiency must keep in mind what?Chinese medicine believes that long as the injured blood, it is proposed to develop good work habits and learning to read, not excessive labor center。
TV fans should pay attention to the eyes of the rest and maintenance, to prevent the excessive use of eyes because the body's blood and Haoshang。 Deficiency of people, often lack of energy, insomnia, forgetfulness, inattention of the state, so to do any work, builds character, spirit。 In a bad mood when you can listen to music, watch comedy, comic, etc., so self-cultivation。 Physical characteristics: pale minimalist or chlorosis, lip color pale, dizziness, palpitations, insomnia, numbness in limbs, pale tongue, thin weak pulse。 Health deficiency physique is important to remember the principle of women living photo transfer: Beware long as the injured blood, not excessive labor center。
Diet to restore: You can eat mulberry, litchi, pine nuts, black fungus, spinach, carrots, pork, lamb, beef, goat, turtle, sea cucumber, butterfish and other foods because these foods have the role of nourishing blood。
Drug regimen: uniforms can DBD Siwutang, or spleen soup。 If the blood deficiency shall supplement qi and blood, the election Ba Zhen Tang。 Shiquandabutang or ginseng Yang Rong Tang, Tang also changed for the pills take a long time。 Spiritual cultivation: blood deficiency of people, often lack of energy, insomnia, forgetfulness, inability to concentrate, it should be inspired。
When bored anxiety, bad mood, you can listen to music and enjoy the theater, watching a humorous comic or mime, make spirits。

Hong Kong's participation and help "all the way along the" building support will be given many

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 14 – (Reporter An Bei, Hu Lu) He Lifeng, director of the National Development and Reform Commission signed with Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam, 14, together "the National Development and Reform Commission and the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on support for the full participation of and arrange help "all the way along the" construction ", and other aspects of diversified financing support from Hong Kong to participate and help" all the way along the "building。   According to the arrangement, will focus on finance and investment, infrastructure and shipping, trade and economic exchanges and cooperation, the people communicate, promote Guangdong, Hong Kong Bay Area, and strengthening joint cooperation and dispute resolution services, and support for the parties concerned to make good use of Hong Kong platform for the "area all the way to "building to provide diversified financing channels。
At the same time we will play Hong Kong's position as a global hub for offshore renminbi business, and promote the internationalization of the renminbi, and promote the development of green bond market in Hong Kong-based platform。   Arrangements clear, to support Hong Kong's development of high value-added maritime services; further promote the Mainland and Hong Kong strengthen cooperation in the field of basic information, roads, railways, ports, airports and other facilities; support Hong Kong's participation on regional economic cooperation mechanisms; support Hong Kong for organizing high-level "area all the way to "build theme of the Forum and international exhibitions; support Hong Kong to actively participate in and promote Hong Kong and Macao Grand Bay area; support the construction of Hong Kong Asia-Pacific international law and dispute resolution services center。   Arrangements designed joint system, as a safeguard mechanism to promote the implementation of。   National Development and Reform Commission official said, a move that will help Hong Kong's unique advantages, help "along the way" construction, but also conducive to Hong Kong through participation "along the way" building, to enhance their competitiveness and foster the development of new advantages, pioneering the development of new space for better development。

Selling models and attractiveness of the capital money how suddenly gone?| Cast teach | trap | China Securities Investment Fund Association

  Text / Sina Finance opinion leaders (micro-channel public number kopleader) columnist Li Delin March 15, China Securities Investment Fund Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Association") jointly produced a new social media platform Federline cast teach feature film "Guardian Wealth action away from the investment trap – how shall sell and the attractiveness of the capital money suddenly gone?"Line in the whole Internet broadcast, designed to enhance investors' risk awareness, increase efforts to protect the interests of investors。   3.15 The on-line vote to teach feature film adaptation based on real cases, victims are cases of lack of investment knowledge and risk awareness of middle-aged investors, being promoted low-risk high-yield products lawless elements of fraud, leading to investment funds down the drain。 Which lasted several months of production, through in-depth analysis of the case and repeated visits to the injured investors, true to this from the illegal fund-raising case of private equity funds, and through the interpretation of external experts and associations relevant person in charge, so that investors clear and intuitive understanding and knowledge of key points to prevent discrimination in private equity investment trap。