World Water Day is approaching Hong Kong multi-pronged approach to deal with water shortages

  Witness about the drought of the last century 60's scene in Hong Kong。 Photos from the micro-video "guardian, a drop of water drifting into the territory mind" about mid-1963, Hong Kong has experienced a rare drought。
Because water scarcity, Hong Kong's factories cut production, closed shops, even the people's daily life can not be guaranteed。
In response to growing water scarcity, then Hong Kong government has reduced the supply of water, take "water system" approach, water four hours every four days。 For a time, the whole family crowded streets of Hong Kong people queuing for water, and there was chaos, a ballad spread throughout the streets of Hong Kong: "Moonlight, according to Hong Kong, ponds and dry land without food, Liza went to fetch water, the temple grandmother, Do not know when no water shortage。 "Water from where?  "The clear Dongjiang / night flows south / flowing into the Shenzhen / Hong Kong and Kowloon flow into the……"A" sentimental Dongjiang "to sing the Guangdong Dongjiang water to Hong Kong, nourish story compatriots。   Guangdong East River is an important source of water supply in Hong Kong, Hong Kong's survival and development is inseparable from the Dongjiang water supply。 In the 1960s, after a rare drought, Hong Kong began to enter Guangdong Dongjiang, until today。 To ensure the quality of water supply, the Hong Kong SAR Government to work closely with Guangdong Province, signed a supply agreement to ensure continued supply of Dongjiang in Guangdong Province to Hong Kong, and is committed to maintaining compliance with water quality standards。
  Dongjiang source in Jiangxi Province, to ensure the quality of Dongjiang water, Guangdong and Jiangxi in 2016 signed the "East River basin upstream and downstream transverse ecological compensation agreement" to water quality assessment across provincial borders basin section as the basis to build on the downstream Dongjiang River Basin When the horizontal compensation mechanism。 Ecological compensation provisional period of three years, the water quality can only be better, not worse。
  Hong Kong SAR Government Supplies Department data show that in 2016, Hong Kong's annual water consumption of potable water billion cubic meters, the reservoir catchment billion cubic meters, Guangdong Dongjiang water supply billion cubic meters, the latter two can be covered by adding the basic amount of fresh water in Hong Kong demand。
  Implement a comprehensive water management strategy to solve the water problem, in addition to actively cooperate with the mainland, the Hong Kong government has taken many measures to deal with water problems。 The general idea is to implement a comprehensive water management strategy, which focuses on "first increase after the holiday."。 "Day" means "save", the Hong Kong SAR government by strengthening public education, promoting water conservation; promoting the use of water saving appliances; increased control leakage; Extended seawater flushing system to control water demand。   "Increase" refers to increasing the water supply, the Hong Kong SAR Government's approach include strengthening protection of water resources; actively considering the use of reclaimed water, including recycled gray water and rain water; development of seawater desalination program to strengthen water management。
  Normal operation without water bloom watering Bauhinia, a city can not do without water to nourish。 By partnering with Hong Kong and the Mainland to implement a comprehensive water management strategy, and actively solve water shortage problems, reduce urban development worries。
(Editor: Zhang Qing consolidate according to Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po", the Hong Kong SAR Government Supplies Department's official website, etc.)。

Daimler CEO Zetsche talk Geely shares: further cooperation depends on whether BAIC | Daimler

    Every time there was correspondent Liang Wei Yang edited each wing Reuters, "Automotive News" and other media reports, March 6, at the Geneva Motor Show, Daimler CEO Zetsche Geely Group shares for a number of things explained。
  Zetsche said Daimler first Geely Group as a new shareholder be welcomed。
Geely and whether there will be further cooperation in the future with Daimler, Zetsche pointed out that the two sides can reach any alliance of industry, dependent on Daimler existing partners – Beijing Automotive Group agree。   "We hope that with our Chinese partners (BAIC) is consistent。
"Zetsche said that if BAIC agree, then what can talk with Geely。
  In fact, when the auspicious Daimler shares at February 24 for the first time to determine the ownership information, Daimler will mention BAIC in a brief statement in less than a hundred words, and also after Two days later, on February 26 Japan quickly announced a joint venture Beijing Benz's expansion plans。
  It is noteworthy that, during the note indicates that Dieter Zetsche, "Mr. Li's action (Geely Daimler shares) may make Beiqi renewed interest in Daimler shares。 "But then it Zetsche stressed that this is only his 'guess'。   "Daily News" reporter has learned that as early as 2013, Beijing Automotive Group, Daimler shares had sought to achieve cross-shareholdings between the two sides, but has been unable to do so。   Although Daimler once again clearly stressed the importance of Beijing Automotive Group, but for Geely shares Daimler, BAIC official said the "Daily Economic News" reporter, Beijing Automotive Group is currently no official response to this。   In addition, Geely whether new action after shares in Daimler, Zetsche at the Geneva Motor Show, said Mr. Li is currently not yet sought Daimler's Supervisory Board seats。
  Zetsche further revealed that he had a problem with Mr. Li on three main areas of discussion, including the relationship with Volvo, as well as the possibility of equity issues of cooperation in China。
But Zetsche did not disclose further details of the discussion.。   But perhaps it can be seen from both sides to discuss the progress of the story between Geely and will not stop at the Daimler share purchase。

National Opera "Yo Yo Luming" Beijing show Lvwei interpretation Tu Yo Yo

Lvwei an interview backstage at the show。
 Guo Xiao Meng Liu Xianghong photo director, said the creation of such a realistic theme of the opera is not easy, it is necessary to the performance of plain, selfless dedication of scientists, but also into the brain and heart in the music。 The drama in the narrative so that the elderly, youth, childhood Tu Yo Yo on the same stage debut, in turn Jiangsu and Zhejiang folk songs, opera clever fusion of elements, it now appears satisfactory, the opera experts considered a "national opera in recent years and a useful attempt breakthrough"。   It is reported that over 200 individuals participating in the play, by solo, male chorus, duet, female chorus, nursery rhyme chorus, and other forms of mixed chorus together the whole drama。
From the first draft of the script to be finalized, "grinding" a six months time, he changed 10 times, that there are five major changes。
The play "Yo Yo Luming", "Pharmacy Street", "green grass", "college entrance examination it" beautiful "A bit" and "unscarred" and other melodies, the organic unity of music and talk。   Young singer Lv Wei in the play Tu Yo Yo。 Lv Wei told reporters, in the past five years, he starred in two operas, three musicals, a drama, but it can take over the show feel particularly different。 Because of his ancestral home and Tu Yo Yo we are the same as Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, hometown have deeply female scientist such an outstanding contribution to humanity proud。 From receiving this role, she read two books about Tu Yo Yo, carefully try to figure out the characters, as Tu Yo Yo faith and perseverance impressed。

Purslane efficacy and consumption methods

[Lead] purslane efficacy and consumption methods which?Purslane vitality, reproductive capabilities are strong, like purslane now this wild mountain vegetables is loved a lot of city people, frequented vegetable market to buy, in fact, we want to eat purslane what need is it so hard?In the spring or summer, and occasionally look carefully, at home on grass, large trees, can readily be taken to put a juicy purslane, simple cooking it is a refreshing taste of the dishes。 Xiao Bian today to introduce in detail the effect of purslane and consumption methods and other related content。 Purslane purslane efficacy and effectiveness of consumption methods and consumption methods 1, the elimination of toxic dust, prevention and treatment of ulcers purslane can eliminate the toxic dust, prevent degeneration and necrosis of phagocytic cells, but also can prevent lymphatic inflammation and prevent fibrotic changes , to prevent formation of silicon nodules, but also to have a certain effect; feel dent also contain more carotene, can promote ulcer healing。 2, bactericidal anti-inflammatory, purslane Shigella, Salmonella typhi, and Escherichia coli have a strong inhibitory effect, it can be used for the adjuvant treatment of various inflammatory, known as a natural antibiotic known。
3, water swelling, lower blood pressure purslane contains large amounts of potassium, good water swelling effect; potassium ions may also act directly on the vessel wall, the wall of the blood vessel dilation, preventing arterial wall thickening, so that from to lower blood pressure。 4, control, purslane contains an abundant Y-3 fatty acids, which can suppress generation of serum cholesterol and triglycerides, the body, help endothelial cells increased prostaglandin synthesis, inhibition of platelet formation of thromboxane A2, decreased blood viscosity, promote vasodilation, prevent platelet aggregation, coronary artery spasm, and thrombosis, and thus play a role in prevention and treatment of heart disease。

Baby good baby eat how to eat beef meat

Baby how to eat well?Beef is a very nutritious meat, a lot of trace elements as well as protein, then you know how the baby to eat beef, please?The following night on the network to talk about the baby with you how to eat good beef。Baby how to eat good beef, beef eggplant food supplement of the rape beef porridge before giving baby food supplement ready to make this road, mothers need to prepare the relevant ingredients, mainly, eggplant, canola ,, and the right amount of beef。First of all, mothers can first beef into the pot, add water cooked, boiled beef in the process, the mothers can be other materials to prepare, eggplant first cleaned, then cut into small pieces first, and after eggplant skin removed, and then cut into a pellet eggplant, aside standby。
Next small rape clean, boil water and then placed inside had picked up about the same cut into small granular。Wait until beef cooked, the beef into the blender to stir inside into very fine。Then after soaking the rice is also placed inside the mixer to break, and then into the pot, add the remaining broth to cook the beef, then add ground beef, eggplant and small rape, simmer for seven to ten minutes, which Road eggplant small rape on the well。Baby how to eat good beef beef beef food supplement of mango porridge in fact, occasionally add some fruit baby food supplement which will be easier to attract interest in baby food, oh!The following night the Road Network mango tofu beef porridge mothers described may wish to try definitive answers。
To prepare the food there, thirty grams of rice, fifteen grams of mango, ten grams of beef, fifteen grams of tofu, as well as one hundred and fifty grams of water or broth。First, the mothers will first give the mango inside the nucleus removed, and then take fifteen grams of mango meat cut into Ding。
Tofu cleaned, cut into Ding is also。Then into the pot cooked beef, pork and beef torn shape, then cut into small cubes。

What women need the most added dimension?These fruits rich in vitamin?

What women have to add dimension??For women, there are a lot of benefits, then you know what most women need to add dimension??The following night on the network to talk with you exactly what most women need to add dimension?It。
What women have to add dimension C1, often smokers: Smoking consumption of vitamin C ^ great。Studies have shown that regular smokers vitamin?Demand, than non-smokers to be increased by more than 40%。
People who smoke regularly eat more vitamin?High content of foods, help to improve the resistance of the cells, the body eliminate nicotine。
2, long-term medication of people: many drugs in humans will reduce the content of vitamin C ^, and cause other adverse reactions, such as, sleeping pills, anti-cancer drugs, blood pressure tablets ,, tetracycline, calcium products。To eliminate this state, it must be vitamin C ^。
3, work, study nervous people: in a tense state, the human immune system is suppressed immune efficiency will decline。
Revived at this time, it is particularly vulnerable to promote the body's latent virus。So, such a person is an urgent need vitamin supplements?To build up resistance。
What women need the most added dimension C4, and nursing mothers: women this time lower the body's level of vitamin C ^, easy to reduce the resistance to the。Cold itself is not terrible, terrible thing is, there are many side effects for pregnant women in drug treatment in the cold。
So cold is regarded as the biggest "problems of pregnant women '' maker。To avoid such "trouble" appears, you need to add vitamin C, the cold nipped in the bud。1, the daily intake of experts believe that the adult daily intake of 600?700 mg of vitamin?It can hold, and the immune system healthy hair。And a Multivitamin Tablets vitamin C ^ content of up to 1500 mg, if people choose to strengthen the milk and cereal in the diet, then taking a multivitamin every day, the body will contain too much vitamin C, can interfere with the body's calcium absorption, could easily lead to fractures in the elderly。

Wearing contact lenses quickly see!The original contact lenses in the "bloodshed"!(1)

  Myopia family more and more for aesthetics and convenience, and many people choose to wear, more recently set off a wave of US-pupil。Experts said that compared to the general eyeglasses, contact lenses because the contact with the eye surface, and therefore risky, especially color film because there are risks fade, so should pay more attention, expert advice available artificial tears or cleansing oil testing, if problems should fade stop use, avoid eye irritation, if sustained may eventually lead to corneal ulceration wear。
  You need to pay attention to what to wear it?  Do not wear too long a day。The length of time to wear every day, in fact, depending on the individual condition of the cornea, but basically not recommended for daily wear for more than 12 hours, the proposed 5 per week?6 days。
If wearing the United States pupil will have to be more careful, do not wear every day more than 10 hours, preferably every other day once again。  Important habits。If worn properly, for example, is often associated with the use of staggered general glasses, cleaning the right way, in fact, will not harm the cornea, using from young to old can。However, if poor habits, such as wearing long time, or do not pay attention to clean, can lead to serious corneal hypoxia, may not be able to wear contact lenses immediately。  Xianzhi eye doctor。
Whether or wearing the United States pupil, recommendations have come from behind ophthalmology for treatment, to determine their suitability and degree of wear, etc. In addition, the family also recommended that contact lenses every six months to a year to do the relevant checks ophthalmology, cornea condition is determined to take this adjustment wearing habits。
  Do not just online shopping。Experts remind that many younger to be cheap, easy to find, often unsolicited Internet purchase US-pupil, no relevant health authorities check, may be at risk, it is recommended should buy well-known brands more secure。  Self-testing fade。
To determine whether the United States will fade pupil, public self-cleansing oil or artificial tears to the detection, first color pieces were immersed in artificial tears or cleansing oil 8?10 hours, again with a cotton swab to wipe the lens。
Experts said that through artificial tears is the basic standard tests, more advanced test before using cleansing oil, normally should not fade, fade should be suspended immediately if found。  Soak boxes often change。Cleaning is important, experts said that if we choose the best daily disposable, throw or weeks if you use extended wear, in addition to disinfectant to scrub 5?Lower than 10, it is also recommended soaking the cartridge must be frequently changed, in order to avoid using long box filth。
  Red eye should seek medical advice。If the eyes are red family to be careful, it may be a sign of corneal infection or bacterial infection, it is recommended should quickly seek medical treatment in order to avoid worsening condition。
  Often shift to be careful。
Experts said that many people often blink of an eye pupil will shift the United States, have to be careful whether the resulting color film fade, fade the color film will be eye irritation, itchy eyes, part secretions increases, long-term use in the eyelids president follicular, thus easy to make color film displaced when continuous wear, may cause corneal ulcers due to constant friction cornea。

Winter impotence fierce as a tiger, Yang Shen has just health (1)

  One reason natural gas is satisfied longevity: kidney and immune function are closely related。
Yang Shen winter not only can enhance the body's ability to withstand the cold, but also improve the body's immunity and resistance to disease, aging。
  More than two reasons renal bone, the bone is kidney: in medicine, movement joints, bones and other tissue, liver and kidney dominated rests, therefore, "Kidneys bone, bone is more than the kidney," saying。
  Reason Three winter prone to frostbite, frostbite prevention and treatment need to stimulate yang: appropriate physical activity, blood flow to accelerate, promote kidney yang filling。  How winter Yang Shen waist massage operation there are two ways。
  One or two hands to rub the palm of heat, were put to the waist, palms to the skin, massage the waist down, to hot flu。
May sooner or later again, about 200 times per pass。This exercise can qi。  Second, make a fist with both hands, arms, back with two prominent parts of the thumb metacarpal joint, natural loin muscle massage, rotating the circular inward massage, gradually forced, as well as a sense of soreness as well, continued to massage for about 10 minutes early, middle and late once。
  Waist kidney of the House, often do loin muscle massage, the elderly due to kidney deficiency caused by slow muscle strain can control, back pain embolism。  1 Qiangshen aerobics, sitting, legs apart, shoulder width, hands held side elbow, fingers stretched on the ears and the flat。Then, hands on the move, to both sides of portion feel some affects the degree, followed by recovery。Can do it 3-5 times for the once daily may be appropriate, do 3-5 times。Front to do the movements, the body should be relaxed。
When lifting your hands on the inhale, exhale recovery and force should not be too big, too fast。
This action may, accessibility, in turn, while the gas attributed to the pubic region, on the elderly, the infirm, shortness of breath alleviate the effect。  2, sitting, left arm elbow put his legs arm elbow, palm up, making parabolic moves 3-5 times。
Do parabolic action, hand to throw over, the action may be slightly faster, throwing hand when you inhale, exhale recovery。
The effect of this operation is the same as the first action。  3, sitting, legs drooping naturally, before slowly turning left and right body 3-5 times。
Then, the legs swing forward more than 10 times, according to individual physical strength, as appropriate, increase or decrease。
Relax the body do the movements, the action should be natural, relaxed, when turning the body, the torso to keep upright, not pitching。
This action can be weak activity, kidney strong waist, often practicing this action, waist, knees to exercise beneficial to the kidney。  4, sitting, loosen your belt, take off their clothes, rub your hands, placed in the waist, upper and lower pieces, and grind until the waist feels heat up。
This method can warm kidney health waist, waist Du Mingmen, and Shenshu bladder full sun, air sea Yu, E. Yu and other points, after rubbing feel the body heat, with strong Warming waist, medicinal properties and so on。
  5, feet together, hands crossed on the move too far, then bent over, hands touch the ground, then squat, hands tuck, meditation, "blowing", but no sound。
So, you can do it more than 10 times。  Often practiced exercises above, there is, fine solid, strong waist, through the role of the meridian。  Diet can have a lot of food。In addition to black black sesame, black fungus, black rice, black beans and other food can Yang Shen, walnuts ,, shrimp, and the like may also function as sheep kidney kidney Yang Shen。
  In addition, the foot there are many points, such as Yongquan。
"Kidney for springs, springs were way of the sole also。
"Every night before going to sleep can be rubbing Yongquan foot massage Yongquan may play the effect of the Yang Shen Gujing。

A four acute myocardial infarction, bad habits quickly change (1)

  "" Big Guzi, the husband's brother and nephew of three people take turns admitted to the Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital。Good scare!"" February 28, Ms. Yang, who lives in Nanjing in the circle of friends send a message, followed by relatives and friends have been concerned and asked her what happened to make a 3 generations individuals admitted to the hospital, is it food poisoning?  Ms. Yang said with resignation, because the family is more than sudden onset of acute myocardial infarction, while symptoms are accompanied by hyperlipidemia。
  It is (a pseudonym) in the fourth eldest brother and sister of Mr. Chen Ning Yang lover, during the 2014 to 2017, Mr. Chen was also twice as sudden severe acute myocardial infarction admitted to the Provincial People's Hospital of Cardiology receiving treatment。  Bad living are to blame Ms. Yang said in an interview with reporters, their home this happen, with genetic association may have a little bit, but the most important thing is life。
  1, "by the great fathers of their siblings diet influence, we like to eat stew, often buy a lot of meat in the stew to eat, I do not like to eat vegetables。
My husband basically every meal to eat meat; '2' while the brothers like to drink, a drink that is often catty or pound; '3' we have very little movement, do not have this consciousness; '4 "also lack of awareness of the physical examination, physical examination rarely。"10 bad will induce myocardial infarction you pay no attention to these details of life can give yourself buried heart disease risk!  1, drink more, exercise less 2, long-term close contact with the chair seat, a half-day ride 3 front of the computer, control diet, eating too greasy more salt 4, hurry love, no love heels 5, easy to emotional tension 6 , work pressure 7. long-term stay up late, overtime 8, the risk of the population lived in heavy items 9, 10 bathe like in the case of a meal or hunger, like defecation 5 methods great efforts to protect the good vascular disease is preventable and curable control, a good life is very important。Our experts with cardiovascular disease Hu Dayi, gives the following recommendations: 1, quitting smoking has 100 victims without a profit, lifestyle changes, the first is non-smoking!Quitting smoking reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease is the most economical way。  2, try not to drink, or drink a lot of alcohol-induced cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease is an important factor。
  ● people who do not like to drink, simply do not drink。
  ● For people who like to drink, every day men can only choose one of: two white wine 1 (50 g), 2 two or wine, or beer, 300 ml; women halved On this basis, pregnant women should not drink alcohol。  3, adhere to exercise, avoid sedentary week 3?More than half an hour of moderate exercise five times, i.e., a sweat more than half an hour duration。According to their old, moved to the sweating slightly, excess movement must not。  4, less hardcore diet eat less salt, eat flavors food; eat less oily big (fat and animal oil) food。Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits。
  5, to maintain ideal body weight BMI = weight (kg) / (height squared (m)) is the adult normal range of values?24, if the BMI greater than or equal 24, indicating that it has overweight or obese, need to lose weight。

Why not take sleeping pills before works?It is resistant

Location: why the body did not take sleeping pills before works?It is resistant 2018-3-2610: 3:25 Source: REVIEW: An sixties, insomnia for several years。
You can fall asleep just started sleeping pills, and now is getting worse, sleep time is getting short, it is a drug……A sixty-year-old, insomnia for several years。You can fall asleep just started sleeping pills, and now is getting worse, sleep time is getting short, it is a drug?Many long-term insomnia have this feeling, sleeping pills initially effective, the results are poor eating eating it。
Which does have reasons for resistance; it may be progress of the disease, aggravation or external causes of sleep disorders; but there are some people because no sleeping pills to eat。Drug or sicker, we need to increase the volume or change the types of drugs (can not add their own amount) under the guidance of a doctor。Also, see if the right to take sleeping pills, in general, should be sleeping pills before going to bed 15?20 minutes taking, and to the doctor once served dosage opened; some people are afraid of the side effects, want to try to eat, when to take a dose reduction, sleep and then taking the rest of the time, so instead affects sleep, we can only add large doses。Also, many of the elderly insomnia is often associated with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart and lung diseases, chronic diseases which require long-term medication, as well as some drugs will affect sleep, you can consult a specialist if there is such a drug, and to make adjustments。
Moreover, sleeping pills and other medication is best taken stagger。