Spa of common classes five spa Know

The first time you use cold water, will gasped, breathing, deep breathing maneuver than usual large。 But the body's response to high-temperature hot water is not like a cold bath。
Hot bath tends to increase the frequency of breathing, but the depth is still shallow breathing action throughout。
The impact of cold bath can cause shrinkage pale skin and skin elastic fibers of the skin surface uplift goose bumps, then redness, sensitivity to tactile reflex activity disappears。 The degree of high-temperature hot water bath would have a similar reaction, but not so pale skin, excessive sexual goose bumps do not like strong cold bath。
In the early warm bath, pale skin surface phenomenon, but it will gradually turn red skin。 High-temperature hot water bath will reduce tactile sensitivity, but moderately warm bath but will enhance the tactile sensitivity of the skin。 Metabolic effects of cold bath can enhance functionality and basic metabolism, increase oxygen intake capacity。
The lower the temperature around the bath, the faster the time of receiving cold bath。
If the water temperature is hot enough hot water bath, bath long enough, sufficient to raise the body temperature, also having a hot water bath then substantially enhance the rate of metabolism of the human body functions。 Short-term effects of cold baths will strengthen the muscles casual and involuntary muscle vitality, coordination and functional capabilities, while also increasing the heat and oxidation, but prolonged cold baths eventually result in stiff。
But a short time high temperature hot water bath muscle forming the same effect as short-term cold bath, but the extent is not the same。
Before selecting a spa, Note 1.Before making spa to pay attention to body temperature, proper cooling。
There, skin ,, in pregnancy and menstrual period should not have to do SPA。 Common classification Springs 2.At least to the spa to be half an hour after the meal。 3.Spa 3 hours ago Do not drink any alcoholic beverages。 Drink plenty of water before and after the SPA。 Most people do not get enough water every day, especially busy careless men。 4.Meet the standards of the spa should have a professional physical therapist or caregiver for customer design and spa prescription。 Spa should be compatible with water temperature, water pressure and erosion of time, have a significant effect, but will not appear sports injuries; generally limited to 10 minutes。 If the water temperature and water pressure is too high, at most, five minutes to punch。 5.Subjected to the hydraulic pressure of the body effect, it should be appropriate in the surface kilograms force per square centimeter。 In this water pressure, can achieve the function of massage points and bones。
Enjoy scouring the water column massage points and bones of pleasure, should be limited to 10 minutes; and the water column should not be aligned with head and neck impact, particularly spinal lesions or osteoporosis, should be careful。
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Spring Health Tips tetralogy with your health New Year

Now the big Lunar New Year holidays, and New Year holidays has been a half, we have not yet properly enjoy this New Year bring you today night network gave little knowledge of health Spring Festival, the Chinese New Year tetralogy with your health!Tetralogy healthy New Year bring you the first-steps: before and after the fire fighting bear the brunt of the Spring Festival, home away from home, numerous affairs, coupled with over-eating greasy, patterns of life is often disrupted, so that some people's body can not maintain the metabolic balance and stability, cause physiological disorders resulting lit, expressed as dry throat pain, red eyes, red, dry, hot baking hot nose, dry lips, loss of appetite, dry stool, urine yellow face from other pox。
Spring Health Tips tetralogy with your healthy New Year thirsty loquat porridge lily pear, loquat fruit, 20 grams, 12 grams almonds, lily 15 grams, 50 grams, the amount of。Boiling loquat fruit diced to small, the lily, Wuhuo boiling rice and almonds, cook, stirring until cooked rice begins to swell, when fusion rice water; lily, almond wash; pear Piqie Ding when cooked, then added butoxy pear, loquat butoxy, slightly stirring until Aohao porridge, served in a bowl, into the cooler temperature, honey food seasoning。Phlegm ginger fried ginger 1 (chopped), 1, a little sesame oil。
Like fried egg, like the egg together with ginger and sesame oil cooked, hot eating, 2 times a day。
Spring Health Tips tetralogy with your healthy New Year sore throat, tender and soft loofah gourd juice to take the right amount, it smashed juice, frequently gargle。Loss of appetite Qinghuo tea 15 grams, 5 grams, 3 grams, honey。Before the shamisen with 200 ml of boiling water, cover and simmer for 10 minutes, honey and mix thoroughly to drink。Second song: solution tired of Xiaozhi Raiders during the Spring Festival, the food is rich and diverse assortment of small food fruit ,, so many people can not withstand the temptation, diet often lose control, so that the burden of gastrointestinal, thus bloating, food stagnation, and so on。

Northeast promising potential college students no longer "fly south" stay home careers

  Scene, battle Recruiting recruiters can be described as intense。 "We want talent, this time organized by 17 units to recruit northeast。 "Human resources management office market, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Chen Tao-ming, director of introduction, even if the outstanding undergraduate salary increase to 100,000 yuan (RMB, the same below) or more, recruiting difficulty is still not small。   Chen Tao-ming said that many outstanding graduates pay more attention to the future development of space in the home northeast, not the blind pursuit of high-paying。
  Compared with the problems faced by Chen Tao-ming, Deputy Minister of Human Resources Ltd. Northeast China Architecture Design and Research Institute Hu Wei day a lot of recruitment is successful。
Hu Wei said the company this year expects to recruit about 130 people, has been to hire about 90 people。   White, who lives in Jilin city of Jilin University master's degree graduates Zhang Ying also wanted to stay in the Northeast work。
As optimistic about the potential future development of the northeast, he participated in the day long passenger car joint-stock company of the interview, the interviewer popular recognition。   "Jilin Province is now facing the problem of brain drain, this time to stay here can get a better deal through education and other bonus items。 "Zhang Ying said at the same time, I would very much hope to contribute to a development of home。   With the launch and implementation of the central revitalization of old industrial bases in Northeast China strategy in place, northeast China's economy was gradually warming trend。 Since last year, all over the Northeast have resorted to "talent New Deal", in Jilin Province, the province mentioned in the release of "talent New Deal", in addition to domestic and international, national, provincial and ministerial level leading talent receive up to 2 million respectively Exon, about 1.2 million yuan and 600,000 yuan household allowance, "985", "211" colleges, "first-class university, first-class discipline," the doctorate or master's graduates obtain several thousand dollars subsidies。
  In the official "good faith" policy power, more and more people choose to stay in local employment。 Yang Zhenbin party secretary of Jilin University, said the development of the northeast region is certainly inseparable from the people, to stay in school undergraduate, master's and doctoral work in Jilin province about two thousand people each year, contributing to the development of Jilin Province。 (Finish)。

Commission: the prevention and control of financial risks straighten Rerun 7 letter Phi more prominent status in the criminal case

Commission intends to Jacob Baxter, Shandong Molong an administrative penalty Recently, the Commission alleged information on Baxter Jiangsu Ya Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ya Baxter) to disclose illegal case, Shandong Molong Petroleum Machinery Company Limited ( hereinafter referred to Shandong Molong) and other alleged violations of securities laws and regulations, case investigation, trial completed。The two cases have entered the program told the hearing。  The investigation, elegant Baxter in 2015-2016, adopted in September fictitious overseas projects, fictitious international trade and domestic trade and other means, the cumulative inflated operating income of about 5.800 million yuan, inflated profits by nearly 2.600 million yuan, of which inflated profits in 2015 accounted for about 73% of the total profit for the period, inflated profits in 2016 accounted for about 11% of current total profit。Above financial data released by mid-2015 Annual Report elegant Baxter 2016 semi-annual report and three quarterly 2016。The above acts alleged violation of Article 63 of the "Securities Act" provisions of 65, 66 constitute the information required under paragraph 1 of Article 193 "Securities Act" disclosure violations。In accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1 of Article 193 "Securities Act", I would Ya Baxter intends to impose a fine of 600,000 yuan, of its intention to persons directly in charge of the top grid penalty within the limits prescribed by the "Securities Act", and intends to ya Baxter false information disclosure violations personnel to take primary responsibility for lifelong Shichangjinru and security market, ranging from 3-5 years。  Shandong Molong Since mid-2015, in order to whitewash quarterly reports, semi-annual financial data, through inflated prices, less carry-over costs and other practices, inflated net profit, 2016 to 2015, a quarterly, semi-annual report, the three disclose quarterly net profit from a loss to profit。The above acts alleged violation of Article 63 of the "Securities Law", Article 65, Article 68, constitute the information required under paragraph 1 of Article 193 "Securities Act" disclosure violations。In accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1 of Article 193 "Securities Act", I intend to Shandong Molong fined 600,000 yuan, while intended to punish the persons responsible。Shandong Molong occurred at the end the third quarter of 2016, a significant loss for the year 2016 and continuing until a significant loss belongs to inside information specified in the "Securities Act", Shandong Molong chairman, the actual controller Zhang En Rong, general manager Zhang Yun San, father and son duo in the insider information reduction sensitive period "Shandong Molong 'holdings amount to 277.5 million yuan, respectively, and 8227.5 million, respectively, to avoid the loss amount 2032.410,000 yuan and 1792.940,000 yuan, Zhang En Rong, Zhang Yun three alleged acts in violation of the provisions of Article 73, 76 of the "Securities Law", Article 202 constitutes the "Securities Act" insider trading。According to Article 202 of the "Securities Law", I proposed to the above two were sentenced to confiscate the illegal income, impose a fine of three times the。In addition, Zhang En Rong, Zhang Yun three sons as persons acting in concert, the proportion of shares held by Shandong Molong issued cumulative reduction of non-reporting and announcement 5%, the alleged violation of the provisions of paragraph 2 of Article 86 "Securities Act" constitute the "Securities Act "disclosure of the section 193, paragraph 2 offense。In accordance with the provisions of paragraph 2 of Article 193 "Securities Act", I intend to impose a fine of 300,000 yuan Zhang En Rong。  Suspected of such violations huge amount of money involved, it means bad, serious offense。The next step, the Commission will listen to the statements in the full defense opinions of the parties, based on the facts and law as the yardstick, the relevant parties to be punished according to the law。We found suspected of a crime, firmly transferred to public security organs。Agency responsible, once verified, will not be tolerated。I will insist on "maintaining stability" general tone, the prevention and control of financial risks, safeguard national financial security and stability tighter to put in a more prominent position, and continuously improve the system, strengthen supervision, continue to keep the pressure up on all kinds of illegal activities, promote stable and healthy development of capital markets。  Radical reform, the Commission punish ball Hui Technology Releases "1001 motion" and seven cases of illegal disclosure of information a few days ago, after hearing statements by the parties to fully listen to the views of defense, I will Hui ball Technology Releases "1001 Proposal" and other seven Hui ball technology, raised horses horses illegal disclosure of information the case of an administrative penalty and market exclusion decision, a total of Science and Technology Hui ball fined 2.4 million yuan, raised horses for horse fined 1.8 million yuan。Fresh words, Gu Guoping and other 15 parties to be punished, in which fresh statement fined a total of 4.2 million yuan, for a total fine of 1.8 million yuan Gu Guoping。Gu Guoping and other six parties was taken Shichangjinru measures, four of them for life Shichangjinru。Prior to manipulate due to fresh words "horse male horse" stock case, I would have been taken for life Shichangjinru measures。  After the ball Hui Technology "1001 Proposal" incident sparked widespread concern and public opinion, the Commission attaches great importance to the party committee, unified deploy, act quickly, timely identification of illegal facts。In the case in January 2017, at the instigation of fresh words, wisdom technology in the sphere of information disclosure application has not been approved by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, it will contain the "1001 Proposal" interim announcement by the domain name "WWW.600 556.COM.CN "site for the public。Hui ball Technology Board of Directors proposed and considered "1001 Proposal" in violation of the relevant laws and provisions of the company law obligations and the Board of Directors authority, responsible disclosure Hui sphere of science and technology in violation of the law, the content of the information disclosed in violation of the law, any false record, misleading statements and material omissions。  During 2014-2016, the ball Hui science and technology there many times illegal information disclosure case。First, no later than December 29, 2014, Gu Guoping become Hui Technology actual control of the ball, but the ball Hui Technology 2014 Annual Report, 2015 semi-annual and multi interim announcements were disclosed Hui Technology actual control of the ball does not exist。With the facts disclosed above, it is false records。Second, April 26, 2016, and Gu Guoping little actual control of the Shanghai Yan Gong Sheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. signed the "Share Transfer Agreement and the right to operate" and other series of agreements, Hui ball technology is not to be disclosed in accordance with the relevant provisions。The third is the fresh statement in July 18, 2016 to January 10, 2017 as the actual controller technology Hui ball。However, between July 21, 2016 to August 30, Hui ball technology companies to disclose the actual control of Gu Guoping。Hui disclosed above and the fact that the ball does not match the technology for false records。As early as mid-2015 in the second half, I'll Hui ball that is concerned about the actual controller to change the course of science and technology and many other alleged violations, and launched a criminal investigation procedures。Follow-up, the proportion of ultra-hui ball on science and technology actual controller to change the course of the existence of undisclosed holdings, restrictions on stock trading and other illegal activities, I will root out the spirit of serious study, a check in the end, never let go of the principle continue pay close attention to investigating。  During the few words of actual control, information disclosure horses horses raised repeatedly violated the law。First, in December 2014, because the relevant "Equity Transfer Agreement" failure of the horses raised horses actual controller to change matters large changes occur, raised horses horses non-disclosure in accordance with the relevant provisions。Second, in April 2015, raised horses horses actual controller, start listing the company name in the case when he was chairman of the few words to discuss the decision of the Board of Directors without a listed company, the company operating the scope of the change process, the board of directors of listed companies were not immediately held discussion, decision-making, as well as timely disclosure in accordance with the relevant provisions。Third, in May 2015, raised horses horses renamed issued notice, to change business scope, access to Internet domain names and other authorized announcement on company operations, future prospects made misleading statements。  I would emphasize, it is the legal obligation of information disclosure of listed companies。Disclosure, disclosure channels must be in strict accordance with legal requirements。Listed company shall not trample legal red line, ignoring the law, will be disclosed nothing to do with the business activities of the company as a matter of。Listed company directors, supervisors and senior executives be sure diligence to ensure that the information disclosure of listed companies by law to do the work in accordance with regulations, to ensure that information disclosure is true, accurate and complete。  Actual controller of the listed companies is an important factor investors to determine the company's capital structure is stable, whether the capacity of sustainable development。A listed company must be timely, accurate and detailed disclosure of the actual controller to change the situation, and effectively protect investors the right to know and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of small investors。  For any touch regulatory red line, the bottom line who defy the law to challenge the law, harm the interests of investors, the Commission will resolutely implement the law, comprehensive, strict regulatory requirements, "zero tolerance" firmly crack down on offenders in the capital market so that no hiding place , the capital market is also a blue sky。  Commission informed of the progress of cases investigated this year the first batch of the special enforcement action a few days ago, the Commission of Shandong Molong case and elegant Baxter case the relevant parties to make administrative punishment prior notice, this is the first batch of special enforcement action the Commission of cases this year the first case into the penalty notice procedure。Since March 24 2017 deployment to carry out special enforcement action the first nine cases investigative work, the Commission focused on the deployment of inspection departments organize forces, to disclose information related to illegal clues conducted in-depth investigation。At present, one case on suspicion of crime have been transferred to public security organs, two cases into the proceedings, other cases have been completed on-site investigation, the trial will be gradually transferred to the relevant work has made significant progress。  According to survey available, the first cases involved illegal means and diverse subject, the type of offense intertwined, some in order to achieve performance commitments of restructuring and listing, fictitious contract projects overseas financial fraud; some years in order to avoid consecutive losses trigger delisting conditions, early recognition of revenue, the loss is fictitious profits; some in order to complete the so-called "performance commitment" to avoid triggering share cancel condition, manual adjustments profits; there is no case of some specific implementation in the project, claiming that major projects have been completed。The survey also found that some company's actual controller instructed subordinates financial fraud, illegal information disclosure of major holdings before the law; some company executives used his position to control listed companies to clearly unfair conditions and the interests of related parties transactions, damage the interests of listed companies。  Disclosure is the cornerstone of the securities market。Illegal disclosure seriously undermined the market order, and seriously damaged the interests of investors, but also seriously discredit the listed company's overall image and reputation。In this regard, the Commission has always maintained strict supervision of a high pressure situation。Investigation, the inspection department in accordance with "maintaining stability" general tone of the work, according to the law firm, comprehensive and severely penalize financial fraud, false statements and illegal activities associated, to protect investors and maintain market confidence, defuse potential risks in a prominent position。First, strengthen lines of communication with other regulators, in close coordination to prevent companies involved in "sick financing", efforts to reduce the spillover effects of violations of market order。The second is closer with other financial regulators, law enforcement cooperation public security organs to financial fraud involving the movement of funds to conduct a comprehensive investigation, found evidence of illegal tamp。The third is to resolutely pursue illegal intermediaries and legal liability related personnel, highlighting the strengthening of verification agency verification, check the positioning of professional duties, give full play to its stock market "gatekeeper" role。Fourth, the timely release of law enforcement information, warning of market players in the market according to law compliance activities, to form an effective deterrent law enforcement。  Next, the Commission will have the main responsibility for the alleged violations of the law dealt with severely。Criminal offenses, shall be transferred to public security organs to investigate。Trigger delisting conditions, in strict accordance with the relevant provisions。Intermediaries involved in the case in line with filing standards, together with a thorough investigation and severe punishment。Investigation results related cases, the Commission will promptly announced to the public。(Original title: the Commission intends to impose administrative penalties on ya Baxter, Shandong Molong) (Editor: DF075)

Chen chiefs fined uncover insider shares dominate regional seats predicament hype time shares

April 14 afternoon, the Commission held a press conference, spokesman Zhang Xiaojun said that the Commission will resolutely crack down on speculation of new shares and other vicious manipulation。It is reported that the Commission has for the vicious acts of market manipulation and speculation of new shares Kuaijinkuaichu practices such as the deployment of a special enforcement action by mid-2017 the second batch of cases。At present, the relevant investigation has been in full swing, some key cases have made an important breakthrough。On the same day, the Shanghai Stock Exchange on securities transactions during the recent first-line Supervision answered reporters' questions revealed that the Shanghai Stock Exchange on the day of Chen repeated use of capital investors pulled "" intraday price and closing price of unusual transactions, account transactions made restrictions three months of disciplinary decisions。This combination of trends, in-depth investigation by the large number of statistical。  Resolutely crack down on vicious operating time shares, which are intended to guide the listed company's stock price return to the rational, to maintain market stability and healthy development。April 14, the Commission opened investigations conference to announce 16 new shares from manipulation case。At the same time, the Shanghai Stock Exchange's first exposure time shares control of "murderer", surnamed Chen capital heavyweights as handling time shares punished, causing the market attention。  By statistical analysis we found that, in recent years, with the increasingly stringent market regulation, stock market speculation of hot money is also a way of evolving upgrade。Over time, these hot money gradual emergence of a number of strong regional focus feature。  The announcement of the Shanghai Stock Exchange regulatory cases, can be described as very representative, since Qingyuan shares listed this year, open board earlier, but in Wenzhou, Zhejiang and other places of business department of seats Relay speculation, the stock has rose as high as 544 this year.46%, ranked fourth in the overall standings time shares rise。After which the opening plate 150 total.58% of the increase, it is ranked first board this year after opening time shares or table。The wreck regulatory authorities speculation funds "stands out", Qiaoshanzhenhu undoubtedly make hot money involved are on pins and needles。  Qingyuan shares to be modeled, reducing the stock situation is speculation Wenzhou area seats funds, investors can this as a warning, as far as possible to avoid the same type of stock investment risks。  Secret Chen Qingyuan share capital speculation Gangster regulated, regional funds control mode was revealed, the hot money is destined to cause the entire ecosystem change。  Collect data found that the Qingyuan shares were vicious speculation, the stock is manipulated, the main seat of participation in Wenzhou area, the region continued to hype the stock of more than 15 seats in Wenzhou, Zhejiang。  Statistics show Qingyuan shares in January 12 this year, landing the Shanghai Stock Exchange, it belongs to time shares。After listing, Qingyuan shares of stock for nine consecutive trading days limit。After opening the trading board, the company's share price is still way line。At the close April 14, Qingyuan share price than the issue price of up to 672.89%。  Data show that from Qingyuan heavy volume of shares since January 24, a total of 10 times on the stock, while the Wenzhou area seats from the beginning has been involved in speculation。  January 24, Qingyuan stock trading data released on the 3rd, the stock traded at this time, despite the heavy volume, but still "the word" limit。Funds from the closure plate of view, Hunan Branch, Shanghai Sales Department and Huatai Securities Wuxi SU Xi Road business department are actively buying, participate closure plate, the cumulative purchase amount of about 24 million yuan。  January 25, Qingyuan shares open board seats in Wenzhou, Zhejiang region began to appear, the Great Wall Securities Sales Xiantao money ditch this Wenzhou, Zhejiang regional list seats, day to buy 1441.890,000 yuan。January 26, Shanghai, Jiangsu Road, Zhengzhou livelihood securities business department and the West Taikang Road Sales Department to buy a total of 23 million yuan, the use of crash accumulation。From the two-day trend, when shares rose Qingyuan, K Line showed steady after the first shock and then suddenly pulled up, when down, a sudden shock is smooth diving。  After the Chinese New Year Year of the Rooster, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Qingyuan geographic representation seems to hype shares into their own "one-man show."。March 1, Qingyuan day to buy shares of the top five seats have three seats in Wenzhou, Zhejiang region and the other two business department, and according to March 2 announced three days Qingyuan shares trading point of view seats, buy the top four Wenzhou, Zhejiang region for the four seats, including financial securities, including River Road business department, a total of around 99 million yuan to buy funds。It is noteworthy that, on March 1 and 2, 2009, Qingyuan shares similar trend, almost constantly replicated rapidly pulled sideways, then sideways and then rapidly pulled mode。  After March 3, Qingyuan shares of a total of two Billboard revealed that one was March 16, and another one is March 28。The two trading days, the list of the sale of seats is almost entirely different geographical seats Wenzhou, Zhejiang。  March 28, Qingyuan share price hit the highest price since listing 44.02 yuan the day, including the letter of the securities business department of Wenzhou Xincheng Avenue Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, including five local business department seats total purchase stock 2.0.4 billion yuan, accounting for 20% of the amount of the stock of the day。28 days later, Qingyuan shares?Line display repeats pulled sideways trend to hit low。  More than just time shares now Wenzhou area seats fact, Qingyuan shares can only be said to be a case of Wenzhou area seats hype time shares by statistics found on more than just hype time shares, there are those seats shadow。  Cinda Securities Wenzhou Park Avenue business department as appearing in Qingyuan stock speculation, in addition to shares in Qingyuan, also appeared in the only time shares of the hype。  After March 22 to sell ultra Communications, March 27, Cinda Securities Wenzhou Park Avenue business department appeared in the list of seats to buy the stock of the day with 38.05 million yuan to buy seats to buy the amount of rankings third, over communications board that date to the word limit。However, March 28, Super Communications, pulled down after opening lower, the stock hit 146.A new high since listing nine yuan from sharing the day chart, when ultra Communications sideways move up and sell diving occur, the trend is far from smooth。  April 11, Cinda Securities Avenue business department of Wenzhou Metro massive sell ultra Communications 1642.440,000 yuan, the same day Super Communications stock prices "flash collapse limit"。  In addition, another example, involved in the Jiangsu Branch of the million and securities business department of seats Qingyuan stock speculation, this year also appeared to。  Jiangsu Branch of the million and securities business department home twice on the list Asia vibration traded seats, are based on the seller appears, displaying their buying Jiancang very subtle。  March 29, Asia vibration limit home late, million and securities business department of Jiangsu Branch to 652.$ 60,000 the amount sold, came in second in the stock that day to sell seats。The trend of the stock form of late, and Qingyuan shares late sell exactly the same trend in March 15。  By carefully combing, also noted in Qingyuan shares and speculation in Asia vibration home, but also at the same time there have been Cinda Securities Hangzhou Moganshan Road Business Department。Interestingly, in the super-hype in Communications, has emerged out of the shadow of the sales department。  From Cinda Securities Hangzhou Moganshan Road business department involved point of view, the seats appeared twice in stock are sold。February 22, as a huge shock after through shares rose 8.22%, Cinda Securities Hangzhou Moganshan Road sales department to sell the stock the day of 5512.490,000 yuan, came in to sell a seat。It is noteworthy that, as the trend in early trading on the shares, and the shares March 16 Qingyuan trend is very similar。  In addition, a huge increase this year ,, and many stocks have suffered the Wenzhou area seats shadow。(Original title: Chen chiefs fined uncover insider stock price manipulation geographical seats so hype time shares) (Editor: DF327)

BGI boasted employees are required to live to be 100 years old media: Hawking can not participate

May 28, Wang Jian, chairman of BGI when attending a fair number of forum in Guiyang, said his company does not allow employees have birth defects, and require employees to live to be 100 years old, this has also developed three provisions, including the inability to take the elevator, etc.。His remark drew criticism a lot of friends。  BGI is engaged in genetic testing and other related industries bioinformatics company (recommended reading), the use of gene technology in recent years, genetic testing, genetic screening, done some work on scientific research and application of。I found the video Jian looked at the floor, he was so exact words were spoken: "(We) do not allow company employees have birth defects, if there are birth defects that we (business) 7,000 shame of all。In the society that we Fudge, staring at someone else's wallet, not really from the sciences。More than 1,400 of our children were born, no one has known severe birth defects。"As for the two other provisions, such as tumor found no later than the hospital, the staff can not take the elevator, it is to serve 'employees live to 100' purposes。  Employees say that is the best advertising business, it is clear that the statement of the chairman, the advertising component is greater than the talk itself can not stand scrutiny。If you clearly understand the words "vision" and advertising nature, the so-called "Do not allow birth defects," although it sounds very harsh, but also in line with the business's promotional and marketing logic。This anti-hair loss products will not please with bald people speak, this is shaping corporate image and product demand dictates — you do gene sequencing, the results of their own employees but because of genetic defects and children sick, that it is not self-contradictory?  The problem is that involving human embryonic cells or germ cells gene technology, involved sensitive Science Ethics。Although significant in the treatment of genetic diseases, rescue trapped in infants and their families of genetic mutations, there are inherent challenges in recent years, scientists have repeatedly ethical boundaries and management research, but the scientific community and the public on the history of "eugenics" will bring painful memories, and the fear of design "perfect baby", the study of the human genome external forces generally cautious attitude。The chairman of the board, then led a group of ridicule, I think the key words that confuse fantasy and science of corporate responsibility, the boundaries between business needs and fair environment policy advocacy and marketing staff。  If you follow the standard boss, like Hawking, scientists such as Steve Nash probably never be able to enter the work BGI。Hawking suffers from motor neurone disease, "the father of game theory of" Nash is paranoid schizophrenia, the two diseases are considered to be related with genetic。They mention climbing stairs, sit at home, I am afraid to have difficulty Elevator。We admire the wisdom and talent to fight, even more, for such institutions as the University of Cambridge genius with disabilities to provide fair employment opportunities, good care and financial support。Provide support for them is to send a clear signal to the world: human creativity can go beyond the limitations of body and mind。Mainstream society where it is considered "perfect" man, in a fair environment may also play a talent, and such institutions and enterprises, will it be possible to hire the brightest talent diverse backgrounds。  As corporate executives, corporate advertising is understandable to see young people do not exercise, eating disorders, for "the mentality of the parents," the affair, turn off the elevator, as a personal opinion, the overall situation has nothing to do private exchanges。But if the personal biases become corporate policies, and even affect the recruitment and promotion treatment of employees, there is a fair chance in violation of the principle of individual rights of employees suspected of interference, which can not be careless。  Related reports (Original title: "Employees must live to be 100 years old" in the science fantasy and Corporate Responsibility) (Editor: DF070)

An finishing male New car sales market: non-fried severe episodes car will hang photos

April 16 to 17, Xiong County, Anxin, Rongcheng three counties held an emergency conference on the issue on license arrangements for verification of vehicles, the introduction of consolidation measures to crackdown illegal car sales behavior。Automobile dealers and advertising operators focus regulate business behavior。For information publishing fiction, serious cases, revoke its business license, and the persons included in the "blacklist"。  Since April 10, rumors of Baoding car Yao Hao in the Social Communication, male security New car three counties appeared abnormal phenomenon and led to some urban and rural residents psychological doubts and worries, disrupting auto sales order to a certain extent。  In recent days, three counties have carried rumor through the official micro-channel micro-blog and posting of notices, etc.。Car sales to maintain market order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, 16 to 17 April, the three county departments issued an emergency safeguard the normal order of operation auto sales market measures。  April 16, Rongcheng County Public Security Bureau and the night market Administration issued "Notice on the maintenance of the normal operation of the car sales market order", requiring car dealers and advertising operators actively take the initiative, consciously maintain normal market order, shall publish the ad contains false or misleading, shall not deceive, mislead consumers, is prohibited by improper means "fried car", is strictly prohibited fueled car "panic buying" in any form。Related offenders, market supervision and management departments will be ordered to stop their illegal activities according to relevant laws, impose a fine, in serious cases their business licenses。Spreading rumors of disturbing public order, at least 5 days to 10 days detention。  At 21:16 on April days, the new county held an emergency meeting to work on the verification issue licenses to deploy the vehicle overnight, put forward three "clarification": car sales point to clarify the real, the public security department ordered the night to develop detailed table of car sales point is there a business qualification, information on the number of vehicles sold, type, price and legal representatives for statistical analysis; to clarify the condition of the vehicles sold, ordered the County Public Security Bureau police brigade vehicle license has been made in the statistical summary, focusing on the model, price, Buy location, etc. to sort out; clarify the basic situation of the car, ordered the County Public security Bureau Hu Zhengke, law and order brigade of permanent residents and migrants a vehicle registered in the county to study them one by one。  April 17, Xiong County Market Supervisory Authority, the Public Security Bureau jointly issued "Notice on car sales to maintain normal market order," and that on the purchase of vehicles will be implemented Yaohao purely false information, communicators has been the public security organs in administrative detention law。Traffic Police Department will be normal according to the law for motor vehicle registration services。Each car dealers, used car market were offered, information consultancy and advertising operators and advertisement publishers to compliance, enhance the legal awareness, self-awareness, in order to achieve the legitimate business interests of legitimate。Notice reminds consumers to rational consumption, do not blindly follow the trend of the car, to avoid damage to their legitimate interests。Non-operators with improper conduct "speculation car" for violation of relevant personnel will be "blacklisted"。

600 million equity investment income over 500 million a year Eagles farming accused of financial fraud

Investment six years, less than a year to produce earnings of over 500 million yuan。So magical and beautiful investment company of Henan animal husbandry Eagles farming, has also drawn the market questioned its financial fraud。  In the first quarter, Eagles farming decline in operating income to net profit increase of 2 times 3.Investment income 5.7 billion yuan, the reason is to sell shares to generate up to 5.$ 2.7 billion this occurred last May 6 billion investment shot in March of this year。  In fact, the past two years, the Eagles farming frequently staged magical "success" investment。In mid-2017, the company realized investment gains of up to 3.7.3 billion yuan, among them the sale of the four equity investment company within a year, to benefit 1.9.4 billion yuan。  Such a huge return on investment sparked frequent maneuvers equity, inflated profits questioned, and then set the company's alleged act as its Man of the Department of its affiliates。  The company posted 2017 operating results year after year also frequently face, the final net profit 0.4.5 billion is only the initial notice of 900 million yuan -11.$ 200 million of 5% to 4.02%。  Yesterday afternoon, questioned the market for financial fraud and other issues, Eagles farming securities department official surnamed a building, said the company will seek regulatory advice, timely release to clarify the notice。  It is worth mentioning that in the first quarter net profit surge Eagles farming shares fell to near three-year low, hit a part of the shares held by the controlling shareholder closing line, the company no choice but to deal with suspension。  15-month return on investment as high as 900 million yuan Eagles farming to animal husbandry as the main business, but the market is most surprising is its foreign investment, simply look at the data disclosed its financial statements, investment income enough light blind people eye。  This year, a quarterly show, the first three months, the company achieved operating income 11.3.6 billion yuan, down 3.51%。Operating income decreased due to significant increase in net profit but up to 5.Investment income 2.7 billion, an increase of 709.84%。  According to the Financial Disclosure, March 2 this year, the fund sold its holding subsidiary company, Ningbo, Shanghai Star shares, so that the substantial growth in investment income in the first quarter of this year。The investment began last May 24, that time, the company invested amounted to 600 million yuan, to be sold this year, investment time of only 10 months。  Excluding investment gains and other non-recurring gains and losses, net profit for the loss of 1.1.3 billion yuan。This means that the company's main business losses more serious。  In fact, the Eagles farming is highly dependent on investment income in 2016, at the end of 2017, its debt investments (funds) were as high as 48.9.4 billion yuan, 47.7.1 billion yuan。  Data show that in 2016, in mid-2017, the company received investment income were 1.5.3 billion 3.7.3 billion yuan, of which, 15 months of last year to the first quarter of this year, investment income of up to 900 million yuan。  Specifically, the 2017 3-year.7.3 billion yuan of investment income。  Annual report disclosed that in September 2017, the company sold its breath Zhengzhou young animal husbandry incense, Suzhou Amoy beans, oh Mega three companies, contribution to net profit for the year were 446.670,000 yuan, 2344.460,000 yuan, 4864.630,000 yuan, total 7655.760,000 yuan。  That year, the company also disposed of a portion of the financial assets available for sale。Subject to regulatory inquiries, the company has been disclosed only when reply。  Reply Announcements, 3.7.3 billion yuan of investment income, 1.9.4 billion yuan from the disposal of available for sale financial assets of the acquired investment income, including the sale of Pingtan Feng stone Fund, through the Department of Health and Shenzhen, Henan Baishun farming, Shanghai Miao pulse, respectively, 90 million yuan investment income, 4925.330,000 yuan and 500 million yuan, 50 million yuan, total 19425.330,000 yuan。  Buy and sell shares frequently accused of deliberately causing thickening of the performance year investment income of up to several hundred million dollars, while its annual report for the corresponding transaction was not disclosed in detail, Eagles farming is not a professional investment company accused of deliberately shift the equity thickening outstanding achievement。  Yangtze Daily reporter inquiries found that huge investment gains mainly Eagles farming by a subsidiary of Shenzhen Fu Chak (fund company) to achieve, Shenzhen Fu Chak quick heavily invest in a company, in most cases were not holding, a few months later fast transfer several hundred million dollars profit。As a result, would not be included in the consolidated statements。  Above contributed to the Company 1.9.4 billion four companies, in November last year, it is the capital of Henan Baishun 80 million sold by the end of five million yuan profit。Shanghai Miao pulse of 1 billion investment in 2016, changed hands last year, profit 50 million yuan。Shi Feng of Pingtan investment fund.200 million yuan, 90 million yuan profit a year between。  The most amazing is that investment in Shenzhen through the Department of Health。Shenzhen Tong is a former Department of Health and three new board listed company in May last year set by the only issue is the subject of Shenzhen Fu Chak。This 1.$ 6.7 billion investment in the year to December 29 shipped, return on investment 2.1.7 billion six months, investment income of 50 million yuan。  Similarly surprising minority investment。  June 2016, Eagles farming invested 12.5 million yuan stake in Zhengzhou brothers cattle food, holding more than 41.67%。November 6 last year, and 100 million yuan capital increase, the shareholding ratio rose to 70.83% a year valuation rose to 200 million yuan from 30 million yuan。Amazingly, December 25th month after all of the company clearance。So a buy and sell, the year the company contributed 29.17 million yuan of investment income。  The final notice of net profit over 900 million invested 45.18 million rely on magic to get huge investment income Dress up performance, profit farming Eagles this model can not be sustained。  The company disclosed in mid-2017 operating results frequently changing faces。2017 three quarterly, the company forecast full-year net profit of 900 million yuan to 11.200 million yuan。January 31 this year, the company issued correction notice, the net profit revised down to 6.300 million yuan to 6.600 million yuan on the grounds that the number of slaughter pigs lower than expected prices, while financial costs 60% more than expected。  February 14, when the company released results of Letters, disclosed net profit of 6.4.6 billion yuan。Two months later, the company's annual report disclosure data is striking, only 4518 net profit.880,000 yuan, down 94 year.58%。  Drop from a minimum of 900 million yuan to 4518.880,000 yuan, from the adjustment of financial accounting method, originally included in the available for sale financial assets adjusted for long-term equity investment of up to several hundred million dollars in dividends last year's semi-annual report no longer appear in the investment income。As a result, net profit has shrunk dramatically。  On the secondary market, the company's share price is quite bleak。As of June 13, the share price of 3.38 yuan, the highest in nearly three-year low。  It is noteworthy that, yesterday, the company's stock emergency suspension to cope with the controlling shareholder of the pledged shares are liquidated risk。  Up to now, the actual control people Hou Jianfang and concerted action directly holds 13.8.9 billion shares, the total share capital of 44.31%, total pledged 13.2.8 billion shares, the total share capital of 42.37%, 95 share pledge ratio.62%。

"Bonds through" enlightened years or longer will promote the bond market further enlightened

"Bonds through" is the second after Shanghai and Hong Kong through the Hong Kong and Shenzhen through another major initiative open China's capital market, and thus "through bond" of concern related to the progress of domestic and foreign investors。  According to Xinhua News Agency reported, April 11, when Premier Li Keqiang met with the Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive budding Mrs Lam said that this year, the central government should study the development of Guangdong, Hong Kong Bay Area development plan, will launch the "bond between the Mainland and Hong Kong links ", the purpose is to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the Mainland and Hong Kong continue to inject new momentum for the development of Hong Kong。  At the 11th, HKEx Chief Executive Officer Charles Li to answer media questions on the "bond links" issue also said that the current progress in the preparations, "Bonds through" the smooth, but not yet understand the specific launch schedule, emphasizing regulators still need time to study the transaction and liquidation mode, if the ready will be announced in due course details。Earlier on April 10, "China's Ministry of Finance five-year bond futures contract was" officially traded on the HKEx, which is regarded as the industry "through bond" prelude。  The respondents say, it is not expected to put off for too long。The future "through bond" will make the opening of the domestic bond market and bond market in Hong Kong to achieve interoperability mutual investment, will help promote the internationalization of China's capital market; at the same time, further opening up the bond market is conducive to deepening internationalization of the RMB; and overseas investment participants will also enrich the type of bond market investors in the country and promoting the further development of China's bond market maturity。  It is reported that during the year or will be opened, so-called "through-bond" is to allow overseas funds to buy bonds abroad Mainland。  There are public information, through the concept of debt is being proposed in January 2016。HKEx will pass into the 2016 bond?2018 strategic plan, and will serve as its future interoperability strategy an important part。  Enter mid-2017, there are signs that progress related debt is accelerating through the。January 29 this year, Li added Introducing 2017 work plan, said bond being explored through models, mainly institutional bond market OTC mode, designed to communicate with the mainland mainly in the onshore bond market infrastructure, provide cross Habitat spot bond trading and settlement。Recently, some officials have also repeatedly referred to the Stock Exchange launched matters "bond links"。  "Bond links" will be launched when?Former chief economist at sea Kaiyuan Fund Yang Delong, "China Business News" reporter, said, "it is not expected to put off for too long, because now through Hong Kong and Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong through to 'bond through' provides a first experience, and is currently technically no obstacle is too big。"It seems in Yang Delong, Shanghai and Hong Kong now on, the Shenzhen-Hong Kong-pass has been opened, and running smoothly, A shares and Hong Kong stocks to achieve a comprehensive exchange each vote。The future "through bond" makes the opening of the domestic bond market and bond market in Hong Kong to achieve interoperability each vote, which will help promote the internationalization of China's capital market, improve the international status of the RMB。  It is said that the bond through the fastest in July to announce details of the plan early opening of trading prior to the implementation of the North "after the first North-South" approach; at the same time through bonds can be traded through the two channels, including the OTC market and HKEx。  More experts are expected through bonds or launch in July。Interview is expected to renowned economist Song Qinghui, through bonds it is likely to launch in July。In his view, the introduction of bonds through the bond market will further promote the opening of China to attract more overseas investors to enter the mainland market through Hong Kong bond market, bonds through open not only means that financial integration with the Mainland and Hong Kong will be further deepen, and will help secure the Asian financial center of Hong Kong's status。  Although the "Bonds through" the specific details yet to be announced, Deutsche Bank senior strategist Liu men sent to reporters analysis is expected in the program is expected to launch three major initiatives: First, the offshore market investors (including Hong Kong and all other foreign investment person) full liberalization of inter-bank bond market and the Stock Exchange (the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange) bond market; the second is the settlement of inter-bank bond market in China, clearing the offshore sector and internationally renowned settlement, clearing organizations (including Hong Kong and international bond markets agencies) in communication, in order to facilitate foreign capital inflows inter-bank bond market; third is to further expand the current "Shanghai and Hong Kong on" and "Shenzhen-Hong Kong Link" project, adding "bonds through Shanghai and Hong Kong" and "Hong Kong-Shenzhen bonds through" allowing Investors trading in other exchange-listed bonds。  In his view, "Bonds through" will greatly facilitate foreign capital investment in offshore renminbi bond market。More important is that by the "bonds through" project, well-known international bond market clearing mechanism is expected to be able to onshore renminbi market in the direct implementation of all domestic fixed-income products standardized clearing and settlement, and to facilitate investment and investors divestments。Bonds through the announcement, coupled with the recent release is expected to clear the tax remittance and foreign exchange regulations onshore derivatives market, derivatives market may have to let go of the territory, and later this year, to further improve the RMB-denominated bonds in the second half of this year It is included in the world's major bond index of expectations。  According to Deutsche Bank statistics show that at present the CNH bond market is the world's third largest bond market, bond market, the balance of approximately RMB 65.6 trillion yuan。  The bond market open further accelerate interviewed experts believe that "through bond" means that the bond market open to further accelerate the opening, which is beneficial to Hong Kong and the Mainland bond market development。  Yang Delong told reporters, '' Bonds through 'opening may provide more opportunities for Mainland enterprises to issue bonds, but also provide an opportunity for the inland bonds for foreign investors, while the Mainland bond yields are generally higher than in Hong Kong。At the same time, 'through bonds' also increased bond trading activity in the Mainland, in favor of market-oriented and to promote the internationalization of the Mainland bond market。"Yang Delong, the domestic bond market, available from after the establishment of the rapid development, but there are still some problems, say the market is not standardized, and investors' investment philosophy immature。Bonds through the opening will no doubt help to solve this problem, closing the gap。  And, in his view, "through bond" to help solve the problem as well as the opening of mainland enterprises financing difficulties。Now higher domestic bond market financing, through the opening of "through bond", to allow foreign funds to buy domestic bonds, reduce the pressure on the mainland bond market, as well as help mainland enterprises to overseas financial capital of lower interest rates。  Previously, the degree of participation of foreign investors in China's bond market why low?According to China Merchants Securities research director Xie Yaxuan macroeconomic analysis, it said in a research report, there are several reasons for this: the low degree of openness of China's bond market and other policy factors; lack of international standards of trading, clearing and custody systems and other technical factors; international bond index is not included in the mainstream of CNH bonds; lack of relevant risk management tools; there is a huge price difference of AH shares; the expected strong devaluation。  However, industry experts, the policy of opening up the bond market the past two years has made great breakthroughs; three major international bond index has released a positive signal onshore renminbi bonds to be included; including offshore bond futures market, open onshore foreign exchange various measures, including derivatives markets, making risk management tools continuously enriched; and the expected depreciation is expected to stabilize。  Future "bond links" will help open foreign capital inflow in the CNH bond market。  Liu male predict the scale of the next five years FDI inflows amounted to RMB 700 billion bond or?$ 800 billion, of which about two-thirds from the International Bank of class reserve managers and sovereign wealth funds, four percent from institutional investors category。2017 new scale inflow of foreign capital, or about 300 billion yuan, four years after the inflow of foreign capital will further accelerate。  Xieya Xuan also said that according to their estimates showed that opening up of China's bond market to attract international capital inflows scale may reach 100 billion US dollars annually, taking into account the scale onshore RMB-denominated bonds held by foreign institutions currently only 783.5 billion yuan (about US $ 110 billion), future prospects。  Thus, in his view, continue to promote the significance of the bond market is opening up cross-border capital inflow and outflow of balance, thus providing further support for the stability of the RMB exchange rate; the bond market is also opening up a new building for the offshore RMB back mechanism is conducive RMB internationalization deepening; and participation of foreign investors will also enrich the type of bond market investors in the country and promoting the further development of China's bond market maturity。(Original title: "Bonds through" re-opened during the year or will further promote the bond market open) (Editor: DF327)

Cut to the heart it!Iceland "director": Chinese fans hope the team continues to do the first 12 people

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 19: World Cup opening match of group d, Iceland team to score more than 11 powerful draw with Argentina。The focus of this game is no doubt saved a Messi penalty Iceland goalkeeper Haerduosong, interestingly, he is also chairman of the post of director。#endText .Video information is {text- decoration: none; color: # 000;} # ENDTEXT .Video Information: hover {COLOR: # d34747;} # ENDTEXT . Video list {overflow: hidden; float: left; list-style: none; width: 132px; height: 118px; position: relative; balance: 0 8 pixels pixels pixels 3PX 0;} # entText .Video list, # ENDTEXT .Video list: accessing {Text decoration: none; color: #FFF;} # ENDTEXT .Video list . Cover {text-align: left; padding: 0 pixel 6 pixels; background color: # 313131; size: 12px; width: 120 pixels; position: absolute; bottom: 0 pixel; left: 0 pixel; height: 26px; line height: 26px; overflow: hidden; color: #FFF;} #endText .Video list .{In the bottom border: solid pixels 8 # c4282b;} # ENDTEXT .video-list . Play {width: 20px; height: 20px; background: url (HTTP: // IMG1.cache.Netease.COM / video / promising you oh!/ Zhuzhan / Playback. PNG); position: absolute; the right: 12px's; top: 62px; Opacity: 0. 7; Color: #FFF; filter: α (opacity = 70); _background: None; _filter: Process id: DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader of (SRC = "HTTP: // IMG1.cache.Netease.COM / video / promising you oh!/ Zhuzhan / Playback.PNG ");} #endText .Video List: hover .Play {Opacity: 1; Filter: [alpha] (100 Opacity); _ filter: the progid: DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader of (SRC = "HTTP: // IMG1.cache.Netease.COM / video / promising you oh!/ Zhuzhan / Playback.PNG ");} Iceland goalkeeper called on Chinese fans to continue to support them (Source: after sauna night network sports) game, Haerduosong thorough fire, their own social media accounts in China also rose pink madness。Second round, will play against Iceland African Eagle Nigeria, the game is off key battle group stages。Haerduosong drying out their selfie video, called on Chinese fans to cheer for the team in Iceland, "Chinese fans, are you, that we truly feel your support, the fans continue to Icelandic team behind us now."。