Articles on outing

Part One: we go outing Another year come the spring, it is also inseparable from the total of gossip topic is “outing”.Or vision “Changan waterside beauty and more,” the touching scene; also, or aspire to “pick emerald grass twilight Wanggui” the mood.  It can travel throughout the year, but only in the spring outing but only.Flowers in hiking, playing in the blue sky; revel in the recovery of all things in the world, wandering between heaven and earth in the pink of spring glittering, the beautiful.  Outing, the first in the “riding” the word.”Riding” the original meaning is “stamped”, after the idea was “personally to the scene to see.”.Outing way the freedom to choose, can be riding alone, can go hand in hand riding, riding within walking distance, it can draw vehicles step.  Through the winter, spring hope people look forward to, forward, upward force.It was turning green landscape of flowers and trees will bring green life, let’s outing in the “green” the same color of the ocean roam, a look at one, a book Yin, a fun-filled step out, step out of a leisurely.  Outing first look at the grass.Grass is the most pleasant spring grass, after the “wild fire, in spring,” the experience, the grass will lay boundless vitality to nature, so that the spring is more flexible, more green spring.Whether outing road Sniff grassy, fresh breath of life also convey a calm.  Outing to see flowers again.Spring flowers are the most pleasant of flowers, not to mention “all out is to look at flowers,” just fun to spend thousands to attract passers-by stop to watch, it has given way to “go out” and both are “looking at flowers,” the.Warm sun is shining, flowers decorated with pleasing colors of nature, so that the spring more fresh, more brilliant spring.Yen flowers outing road tours, whether elegant grace study also revealed a touching temperament.  Outing depends on water.Spring water is the most attractive water, crystal clear, gurgling away.Thaw frozen, streams wake of all things with cheers of enthusiasm, so that the spring is more pure, more beautiful spring.Outing road goods products Chun water, tranquil taste is hidden in some dark earthy man.  Finally, the epistemic outing.Instead of saying “outing” as it is “look for spring.”.Here more than a new bud, where more than one new leafless, flowers and still the case, who is outing to discover new things in the spring, try a new action.Whether outing on the road flying soul, burst of inspiration but also indicates a remarkable achievement.  It was a good outing season, let the breath of life embedded in my mind, between heaven and earth to find in the vast clean and quiet the mind, enjoy free speech, burst into laughter, truth, goodness sway my heart love it.Perhaps this love, this scene, this intimate contact with Shuzhan Chun days, constitutes a spring can be felt in the fable it.  Fast to bring their loved ones, about the friends, we go outing!    Part II: outing, pear waves by the east wind, Royal warm, graceful heart, dream outing!Spring breeze rippling all the way!  Hand gently out of the window, warm fingers gently glide, breeze ripples through.Some children playing, such as butterflies swirling, Cha cry broken illusion, laughter expansion through the window, marks gently slipped little spring.  Pear township Watertown, clear blue sky there is no trace of clouds, full of warm spring sun continuously, moist and a desire to Sweet Dreams.Wide asphalt road, sideways moment, changing the look of the scene.Roadside lawn, Xinxin Ran shallow dream, filled with little green fresh ethereal.Bauhinia bright, eye-catching purple showing a fantastic spring.Slowly rising, give people hope and pray cast a little outing colorful paint.  Kongrongrangli, a classic ritual story wings of thought, quietly, the people outing football into his arms.A statue of the statue in silence, gently talk like a pear township subtle cultural allusions.  Corner of the square, a fine red kiosk, a narrow wooden drawbridge.Carefully set foot on the foot gently, Huangyou body lithe wrung a spring of joy.Spring in the wind and dance waist, flowing blue sky, a murmur of flowing water under the bridge, the bridge colorful surging crowd, colorful Spring, a spring dancing.  After a suspension bridge, but also an exquisite gazebo.Spring breeze blew, the foot still shaking, shaking body micro, drip light blue sky.Dream, still swaying in motion Man.  Turtle pack city, a beautiful legend, casting people hope and pray dream a pear township.Sauna net forceful Watertown Township pears in large letters, the interpretation of pear township people Yuet dream!  Turtle shape, broad square, the flow of people, such as weaving, quiet laughter and into the flow of clean water stone.Curved around the river flow Plaza, flow of the distance, the flow of rural land wide pear, pregnant with a take-off of Watertown.  Watertown Township, a few pears characters of St. Paul, before and after the continuation of a timeless legend.Doors at both ends, rivers and lakes is open eye, view of the world situation, mining Aura Heaven and Earth, rivers and lakes to rise a psychic; much like, with open arms, and deep deep embrace guests from afar, writing a story of friendship, writing a win-win magic, writing a take-off of Spring!  A cloud, a pool of billowing white spray, dressed Mazumdar soul!  Into pear, pear is the real into the village!  Wait for the foot and knees receded, pear into the head, Mazumdar rain!  Acres of pear, bloom!  Slightly open flowers, shy with a shallow dream, perhaps with light trees, Commander, deeper savings makeup, bloom more bright dream; blooming of pear, jasmine pouring wholehearted only hold a few in the core thin touch of red, there is no smell fragrant, butterflies do not fly, no busy bee, only shades of white crooning a rose-colored illusion!  Flower side, is covered with a golden canola flower, pear golden dream!  Is not it?Whose eyes, the silhouetted against a golden pear noble Susan, it is a noble interpretation of the golden dream.Clouds, pear farmers, brush the dough with tracing the pear in the core of the core, the magnificent classic legend never separated, living tomorrow.Vaguely exciting and powerful symphony, a pear township Watertown, is played by the east wind crashing.  Juvenile children, long wait for Spring!Ziyan like light fly, fly trees, pear dip in the branches, like butterflies dancing.Blooming laughing, written with great camera.  A careless, falling from pear branches, floating down from the clouds.Unassuming smile, still innocent, still sounded in the spring!More like, a swirling butterflies, light dance with, gently slide a dream!  Outing, pear waves, shallow drop a dream, no trace across the heart of the sea!    Part III: Outing – Lake Taurus Yesterday was the weekend, our family of four people from their homes and driving off to begin our journey Jinniu Lake day trip.After more than an hour trip, came Kuni, Yizheng junction Jinniu Lake.Jinniu Lake Scenic Area is located northeast of Liuhe District, eighteen kilometers from the central area of 5,000 acres of the total area of over 20,000.Enjoy the “Nanjing West” reputation, Taurus lake surrounded Jinniushan, scabies Ushiyama, covered with cow dung hill, Mission Hill, Yeshan, Eagle’s Nest mountains, the water green clear as a mirror, like a jasper set in among the peaks, is one of nature reserves and Nanjing Jinling forty views.Whenever the red sun rising, the lake fog billowing steam cloud Jia Wei, mountains flickering, like the ideal world, paradise on earth.  Jinniushan, according to legend the first Ming emperor teenager uncle had here, “Xu Bai cow” cattle, childhood emperor naughty bold day and other cowboy with stealing uncle killed a cow, then it will be placed in Ngau Tau mountain west, oxtail on the mountain east end, go home at night to tell her uncle said the emperor had a cow depends on a hill not come back, the emperor uncle standing in a village call, respond to sound really mountain cattle.From the mountains to the Taurus name.This two-day rain hazy, sunny day before yesterday was, today becomes the foggy lake really became Shuitianyise, water can not tell who is who is the sky.And paradise, paradise on earth we can not see.To the lake, we walked along the lake scattered on the steps, his wife with two daughters, I took a look at the telescope middle of the lake, the lake has only boat trip in the fast shuttle, on the boat a few people laugh so happy Maybe they come here looking for excitement.We are watching the lake down the mountain began Jinniushan climb, spread out along the stone mountain, we climbed the first rule of the mountain, the landscape is Kam Hall of Mirrors, legend has it that the Han king Liu Bi in Yeshan smelting iron mint coins named, there are the old saying goes: water as a mirror may be receiving mirror.This residence hall mountain and the lake, named for the “mirror mirror”.Mountain, sitting view mirror look around the hall, the lake rippling blue waves, mountains, pines billowing, various unknown fragrance bursts of flowers you hit, move one deeply, could not help feel relaxed and happy, even depressed mood people see this scenery, they will certainly startled, follow from the troubles was shaken off the ground.Kam was out of the Hall of Mirrors, move on, was a more gentle Hill Road, the road is also no pedestrians, surrounded by quiet, only our family 4 people, stop and go, take a look at the roadside wildflowers, birds look more fortunate children in sight, that is, not in a hurry, we are not afraid to walk the distance, so very casual walk saying.Of a place to go uphill, they saw a scene, “Carp uphill”.Is formed by natural stone, lifelike head, fish, fish, raw, facing upward, according to legend the emperor became emperor, Taurus lake fish Viiv also endless, this carp also go to worship, because of the stunning scenery Jinniushan , and before it skips the goal, to linger a.Taurus often hidden in the temple between the ethereal smoke, into which the person, such as in Wonderland general.Restore the Ming Dynasty temple on a hilltop Jinniushan original Malik female temple ruins, for visitors and local people burn incense and pray, recalling the ancients.Jinniushan past, most pilgrims from Yangzhou, Yizheng and other places.Young people meter area for the convenience of the mountain, on the use of stones from the mountains to the foot of the mountain hut paved this nine Twists off the channel.Why Young and foreign pilgrims instrument so much, there is a local saying, Taurus “stuttering Hirayama grass, cow dung Yang Pass instrument”, according to Buddha Jinniushan far up close.Nanjing to me is, naturally, going to burn incense and pray, and pray for Buddha.Golden Temple is the highest point Jinniushan, and then move forward, started down the mountain, along the nine Twists off the mountain, we are golden temple in front of goal.Down the road, there are many points of interest, but because of the long familiar, like a stone bed, Herbie Goes to Sea, geese nest nest Xiaoyan, chair and other stone landscape did not enjoy, can only wait for the next look at the.In came Jinniushan tail where we see the Fairy Cave, and other known home watching this game, the family had not known him, that he has become an old man.It’s “seven-hole China, the world for thousands of years.”.Today, inside the stone table, stone bench can still be seen, but I do not know where fairy Forum Search.Maybe that day will remember this place, come back on the next game might get it.Huge stone rocks very unexpected standing on the hillside, feeling like a extraterrestrial, at any time will be out of the earth, sky, fairy will not be moved from the sky right.Legend had two fairy chess in this hole, a nearby farmer pick up manure this, behold, two white Hu old man playing chess, will be based on watching chess, Qi!Turned his cow’s tail, is open around the mountain road, the road was built in the mountains Jinniushan a mountainside, we walk together, to the left of the road with views of the vine Ken cliffs, blue vertical rock banks, everywhere ethereal deep, valley of Hong; green the right of pine and cypress, the road is the layers of tea plantations, it has been extended to the lake.After reading Taurus Lake, ear from time to time heard bursts of waves, feeling the water on the right close, you can reach out and touch.  Jinniu Lake we find out that a touch of canola flower fragrance, I like spring, more like spring canola flower bloom as warm and lively.Golden yellow petals attracted swarms of bees dance, into the central canola flower close my eyes and enjoy the thick floral.Let me enough, linger.  At noon I drove into the Liuhe County, his wife took me to the home of Andy steak house, her children full of delicious food.I asked her this morning it fun?The daughter said “of course happy, Dad what time and then come here to take us steak ah”.I then learned that her daughter was charged to the steak, they already had a good discussion.

Articles on oath

Part one: — last vows dedicate eight or nine classes Inn youth, a group of boys and girls saying something positive to parting.A train is coming, someone will be on the train, it was to continue to wait, wait for next year to this train.Those final vows ah, let me carry a pigeon most sincere blessing.  I got on the train, how much of the past appear in my mind, I seem to see a flower sunflower, wanton capture but lopsided.Finally, he is gone, always ending with or without tears.I think a lot of students, their innocent smile, sincere words of any course leave the warmth, they deserve my lifetime collection.  There’s more youthful old inn owners, unknown to you always stand by here, regardless of any.I still remember the scene we have made to lead you honor.Only you can stand to live sudden shocks that, more than want you walked with us, you smiled and said: “No, this is my job.”I hope you remember us, remember how many days of youth, we have traveled together.  Students on the train, we will be heading for different destinations, but we are still a family.Keep our youthful memories, in which the cycle of rotation, the moment last forever.The sky began to drizzle, looking out the window, his eyes could not help but moist up, it is difficult aftertaste.  One by one they get off, leaving me alone in this empty carriage youth, could not help lonely and sad.Lists will sail the terminal, I still can not bear to leave this lifestyle I tasted teachers and students.Just remember, no one can control the direction of the train, but the train can grasp the mood.I think walk this road with you, and more want to train no longer travel ah!  Next to the Inn, a little boy holding a lollipop are watching all this, he will not understand.Do not know how much time accompanied through eighth grade nine classes, there will not be his parting.Only we have only wind and rain wet his lollipop in heart.  Students, let us write the final vows, bearing in mind that one breathtaking moment, posted on the bulletin board at the inn, so that all passers-by know that we are the eighth grade nine classes, we also have a brilliant life, regardless of wind and rain, we are still us, that the best moments left, right, precipitation in the years of life in the essence, so that our youth will always maintain a youthful appearance Inn!    Part II: Oath saw the Mercedes car crash, vowed to pull out the banner message, “this life only local”, that this man was very funny.This life only domestic products?Estimated that anyone can not do, even if it is made in China does not mean that a trademark is a pure domestic products.The most hope is that the media have been tracking him and see how he did this life only domestic products?Unfortunately, this is certainly not possible, this news will soon be countless endless variety of news flooding.He is not someone do not care, no one held accountable, otherwise he can not do the time, how to handle it?How to justify it?Say this has concluded that he can not do, I do not believe he can do, and economic development to the present, supplies of basic necessities is indeed less likely to want to do.Sauna net, of course, say this is not want to see his jokes, but vowed this move of interest.Under oath promise can be done, in my eyes it is not the average person, there is extraordinary perseverance and balance the heart of man, and must have the courage to break the ax sunk boat.Life is too long, not easy to believe that they grow their own, do not know when there will be change, when will encounter what?Once young and fit when it is believed that oath, think they can do it, I could love a person, only the pursuit of a life interest, life only for a persistent thing, life can only follow a conviction.Has vowed to promise ourselves, but also for others promise, as well as others for their promises under.  Later found vowed to be a very sensible thing, it is not easy to do.Swear I could love a man can not do, not to be hurt the heart is hurt someone else’s heart, the result is to learn to love again Ganluan can not promise oath.And some thought and certainly oath, if no one held accountable, self-destructive oath, ruined ruined, did not run over when.Once the hair is too oath, was reminded by purists, but it is not myself, but can not do the time, it is not a pleasant thing.It is no longer a promise, a commitment to, a pursuit, because over time, failing different, the heart has changed, ideas have changed.That is a noose around his neck, is set for ourselves stumbling, very difficult for themselves.To do, difficult, non-self would like to have, do, be sympathetic once uttered in all seriousness.Fortunately, not many people young and frivolous contests, had said, promised oath, because we are growing, there do not realize the.  Do not do absolutely, words can not say full, is very reasonable, give yourself line, good in future meet.Originally the way a number of things in the world, no longer young, by human experience more things, but also to force myself on no non-selected single-plank bridge, one taste fear only their own clear.Samsam always want to go back, I remember you said in front of people, always lost face, and damage to personal prestige will follow, or else took a thick skin against rogue.Of course, that special kind of courage and perseverance perseverance perseverance of people, a different matter, otherwise, why bother easily swear?  People are fickle, but also in the growing maturity sophisticated, chipping away, privately vows no problem, actually also in the presence of the National People swear.I encountered a man head of a tendon, told him seriously, that it is too difficult under the table.If nothing else, you can not only electronic products.Swear such a move, or left to the young and impulsive age to do it, all that age, will be tolerant and forgive.Laotaibuxiao people understand human things, knowing what is their own to do it, what can not be done.Why bother to make things difficult for ourselves?If only for the limelight, that he might have been.    Part Three: Forever oath in that beautiful sunny day, I met you, when you were lively bounce girl, I saw you at first sight and the other girls on the kind of feeling.You’re so charming, so gentle, so good.Just like flowers, like the United States, it seems like the sun is bright.I do not know why, you cry alone.Your cries are so miserable.  On my way home, the world is big rain, but then, I did not take an umbrella, alone in a corner of the shelter.I still did not escape the rain water is wet, the rain is really great, I was there the rain, and found that I felt a little dizzy head, at this moment, I think of it slightly.I saw the girl in this place.Just when I think of it, severe headache, where the rain the whole body.Eyes a bit confused slightly.I saw a girl in a red dress walking.  Slightly over one day, I slowly opened my eyes and saw a gentle girl waited at my side.I did not call her, she looks like a night without a break, very sleepy.I wonder how I’ll do in the hospital.Curious mind, and soon she woke up, very gentle to say; you better do / how feeling like I say, you are asking me?Of course, I do not know her, thought she was just sleeping girl by my side.At this point, I see her eyes, a different kind of feeling, and I see that as the time of the girl, her eyes seemed to tell me something, but I can not tell this feeling.  Girl stood up and said a word; you have no conscience, I wake up, I see, it was her, I pretended to ask; you who yo, why do you say that I am.She seems to be slightly angry, but she did not call me.Just gently say, man must have a conscience, or will not be rewarded.Having seems Hello, I’m gone, I know I’m just curious, did not really want her.  I slowly went over and said thank you, I do not know her name, I used a your child to describe her.She saw that the sound no, I see you fainted angle slightly, slightly put you to the hospital.Nothing, when she was gone, I have not had time to ask her name, she is so good.  I found myself slightly home, when I go home have been thinking; how there are such people do / say in how she taught me, I thank the good people go.  A few days later, my disease is cured, slightly long time at home, have not been out, so 想出去走走, I am very happy today, because my disease is cured, but today’s weather is good, the weather was clear in on the street a lot of people smile, I think, today I would not have met her, because I want to know her name, I would like to do a dream, like, in my dreams, all her existence her gentle; she waited at my side I feel is so calm, so charming, is so addictive.I walked the streets mood is so happy, to see the sky is so bright.Accidentally hit a girl, and I looked down and saw that it was her, she stood up to Xiang Maren, saw me, she swallow, I saw her face sad.I did not say anything, because I saw her dissatisfaction with my heart.I think of it slightly, you can take her to some happy place, do some fun things.  I do not know what to say, so I talked to asked questions, do you want to do fun things, she thought about what ah.There’s nothing I can not, is not it, you say you can not, go, go go, what have ah, I talked all the way, very happy, soon arrived, I asked her name, phone number, just I was worried she would not say, I am thinking the same time, she has said, so I had to see her.People also say saved me.How can I think, so I asked her age, she was 22, and no boyfriend.So I was wondering if I chase her, will not promise it.Was about to say it, he said something so beautiful to see her.  We came, it should be said to be paradise yo, because there are a lot of wild flowers, a variety of, what color there, she told me her name Xue-lin, we were happy to relax here, says a lot about own story, because the story kept badgering her heart problem, I do not ask, do not want to mention someone else’s sad, no matter how many questions I had, I did not say.I do not want to make her sad.This paradise So I say to her, I do not care what you had before, we have to forget it and start again.We are here together made a vow that; our future to be together forever, eternal happiness will never fail, never let the other side sadness and sorrow, never let others envy us, never betray the oath.  Although my feeling is the fate of the story, but we find true feelings, finding true love, love for life.I hope others and, as recently found true love, to love their single-minded.Do not play with love, true love only once.

Articles on Morning Rain

Part One: Morning Rain season quietly waking up from a dream in the alarm call, opened the window that Kate, a burst of flavor oncoming cold, so I could not help playing a shiver.This was found floating in the sky drizzle, exudes the air of spring in the air, the aroma of the flowers.Outlook roadside willow, bathed in the baptism of rain, flying with its soft hair, waving.At this time, my heart could not help think of that earthly “good rain knows the season, when spring is here, sneaked into the night wind, moisten things silently,” the advent of spring has brought to the earth, warmth, to cleanse all these words sorrow.Given the vitality of each soul, gave me endless joy and clarity.Watching the elves that rain, flying TV drama fragile wings, dancing graceful dance, to show the world that they are beautiful melody, warm and happy.I inadvertently hand out at this time, it took the wizard’s hand, dance with them, and go and feel the natural beauty, with feelings that most pure warmth.  Pattering rain moist earth and the mountains of winter, soak into the hearts of men, moist my heart, it makes me feel very clean air is crisp, but also to the complexity of this noisy city becomes exceptionally quiet.Floating raindrops hit the windowsill, issued beautiful voice.And “Stir long, thin rain, flower delivery Tiao sound leakage” like a romance; breeze blowing, willow hand holding hands, such as a pair of sisters harmony that wonderful song fluttering together, in that welcomes guests from afar.Floating in the wind, the water flow, everything just waking up rubbing his eyes, smiled, revealing that the long embrace.Continuous rain from heaven gentle float, so quiet, full of countless hope, joy.Dancing, singing, melodic and so on, looking at heart could not help revel in the picturesque misty rain Meng Meng, away from the hubbub, mundane dark, quiet mind their sleep, two things I forgot, in the rain the birth of this beautiful and charming mood of love is a mold, is also a pleasure.This is probably the “Heaven,” which is probably nature’s given us everything.  ”Last night the wind Shuyu sudden, concentrated wine residue Needless to sleep,” said the March spring rain Acacia season, worried about missing, tied love to read, and because of this, March rain, floating lean my thoughts, last night it like a fire burning my desire, such as a fire refined in the wind, flying pendulum go; this time, shaking the branches a brilliant white bird, mouth, prettily green, standing on branches singing.Seem to have heard of my heart sad, last night we saw the figure.Looking back at the past, at Aoyagi was attached to how much fun.In that piece of lush foliage, the landscape and cover the number of daylight; how much had covered up the sad, drawn countless feelings.In the dim life, because it falls around each piece of lost hope and dawn.It is because of the arrival of spring rain, let my heart more than one brilliant colors, much to the care of a distant, more of a miss; quietly let the heart at the moment under the traction of the wind, take along I’m going to miss you, my aspirations with your song I bring to you warm.Acacia insisted that umbrella, hands greet kindly smile from afar, with my pace in the heavy rain, the guardian of everything you have given me, be with my life to protect your love life.Let me watch your happiness with pleasure.  I pick flowers, send Acacia dash, bless you.I miss the heart, had early emergence into lingering butterfly, flowers for your collection.Part II: stroll sway Morning Rain Morning Rain, rain falls mundane.Winter rain have, cool people mind.Color gray morning, raindrops knock heart.Sadly the sky, the sky a loss.  Winter, the cold season has quietly come, accompanied by sad cold, wind and rain Afar people feel miserable.Winds blow Xi, Yu Xiaoxiao, a little passers.During the day turned dark as twilight, people can not tell already that early in the morning or in the evening.Deciduous also brings sadness this season.Rain, falling heart-breaking people up, wind, people shudder.This season is ending four seasons, or start the next reincarnation.  Wake up to a slightly reluctant to leave the warm bed and stay in bed is my favorite winter.Lying in bed the hand from being stuck in the house slowly, instinctive reaction and shrink back, his mouth could not help but say something, it’s cold outside.Although very cold outside, but people have to play in the arena involuntarily.Fight back with a cold, quickly left the warm nest, put on clothes, hand gently brushed aside the curtains, poked his head slightly, this morning is gray misty rain, biting cold wind tease.  A little trimming, bring an umbrella, lock the door also hurried away.The intermittent rain outside was not much, but it is so dense.The biting cold wind and cool people, pretty soon with the warmth of the hands grow cold, and his face became stiff again.Wind blowing through the cheek, as if stabbed Jing across the general aching.Yun looked at the gas blown out, dancing in the wind faded away, disappearing in an instant the rain.Sauna net hazy sky darkened, as if living in a dark world, no sun, no clouds gorgeous, not the seven colors of the rainbow, a brilliant and leaves no bonus.The world became dark, people see the world, the reality of society is it not so dark.Black and white upside down, right and wrong, right and wrong, the river is already dark, the sky is already without end.Longzhe dark earth, heaven and earth are not far looked seamless, seems like the sky is at hand, within reach, but not always to the end.  Last night the wind blew I do not know how to blow a long, rain baptism of yellow leaves are falling all over the floor.And the rain, numerous rain curtain, woven from the days of the diffuse air into numerous screen, sprinkling mundane earth.Rain falling in the moment but it is a heavy blow, rain splashes impact with the ground numerous spray.Calm waters in the rain also hit Dangqi countless ripples.Gently stroll on the road under the sky, rain fell on my umbrella, issued patter sound, crisp and sweet.  When every drop of rain fell on the umbrella, as if every drop in the knock touched my heart, my soul baptism.Soon as soon as engraved in my heart, is the baptism of the soul, the mind’s at ease in a world of their own.Wind continues, rain, has not stopped.I, also move on, everything continues.    Part three: always melancholy rainy morning rain.The rainy days always feel calm.It sounds a bit contradictory.That melancholy and calm.It should be said is a touch of melancholy floating in a calm heart lake.It is kind of like a Chinese ink halo style classical beauty.Looking out the window at the rain poured inside the bus blast.Along the way there are sway in the wind around the trees, dripping wet look Pity.What blessings can allow me to enjoy this sudden rain this morning.No artificial modification, without a superfluous apostrophe.Only natural posture.Mock me hypocritical.No matter what kind of rain is not a part of nature.It will not fall on the grass and the grass like intends to give a glossy coated.Raindrops beat Ye seems to have never been in order to produce crisp music.I prefer to believe that these are spiritual resort.Not merely a meaningless natural phenomena.I’d rather be a fool.I believe there is love the world.Heavy rain bring benefit to all, bring infinite vitality.I believe that people are between heaven and earth there is love.Natural grace and sentiment can better.Do not neglect around bit by bit.Even the smallest raindrops is crystal clear and thorough Baby.  Also blame what kind of bad luck.In this cool morning, not hiding in the warm bed.She pretended to be afraid of cold, afraid of her cold, light secretly held her cold hands.Just to our little world, even more intimate.This morning also get up early will always work seriously, she can not help but be lazy.Encountered such a beautiful weather, occasionally lazy bed should not be excessive.She will probably take away handle Jue mouth open, eyes closed.Face will not bother me a dream, faint smile tenderness.If time can solidify how good at the moment.As the snow came down, the temperature dropped rapidly and keep everything frozen.Perhaps there is an archaeologist or a hundred years later, these men and women exhumed from an alien frozen in.Frozen bed with a man and a woman, lying on their sides facing each other.Gently shake the hand of the two together, it might have been a hundred years, or years, or years.Woman seems to sleep peacefully, indulge in dreams in.Men ajar small eyes, looked at the girl full of warmth.They may be placed in the museum for people to enjoy.It might be called the theme “Snooze less than flee” like.Or “cold morning parting”.Or “Eternal Qingwo”.  Of course, this thing is his cranky.Always busy morning.But is the toilet, there is a rush to go out to eat breakfast.There are two four-point humid.Just woke up always the case.Few topics.Probably still struggling to wake his head.In thinking about heart has begun the tedious details of the day’s work.  The subway is always crowded.The car’s air conditioning thin people get to learn to regulate their breathing they are not asthma.Subway and more men and women are cheeky weakness.Almost all mobile phones in the hands of play.Some play the game.Some information in the hair.Some watching movies.There are also listening to the phone to play music to sleep.Almost no one will be left out in the side or front of strangers.Along the way she was leaning on the handrail, head down, as if in meditation.Until I get off and say goodbye to her, she looked up at me a little, and then nod.  Out of the subway station underground cavern, suddenly a kind of warp feeling.Just into the early morning when the ground is warm sun.Half an hour and only moved a few kilometers of space and time, and then see the light of day already changed.Wind was crazy.The streets of the hair blowin in the wind.My hair was nothing short length can be elegant.Let the wind through my room at the most rapidly thinning hair, scalp feel there has never been cool.Layers of thick black clouds in the sky to inform you that at any time the rain beat down.The street have accelerated pace, expected to arrive early.God knows it looks swell of clouds can withstand long, it already overloaded, difficult to say for sure what time would wash its hands of people ignore still on the road running.Sink in the fun of dumping, no longer will get wet no matter who’s who.  I found a seat in the bus gave her a seated in a “dark outside, it should be under a heavy rain,” the information.Press the letter key, looked up to see the outside it is already a vast water lively scene.This naughty rain so I have to be separated by a glass of the bus heard voices outside, and when staring at the phone screen to open the valve.Causing me to miss seeing the door open water grabbing.There are waves of water from the air in the first round swooping screen.More hear first arrived raindrops hit sound.I stared out the window to see a little crazy water mantle.  Vibration of the phone brought me back to reality from illusion in.Her information “ah.I have here is dark, fast rain.Do not wet.”.I replied, “all along the covered walkway, will not want to get wet.If we are now much better at home.”.  I put on headphones to listen to the phone plays Lin’s “Pipa language”.That’s lute gentle voice whisper sad.Then the rain outside becomes passionate and touching.Even the slightest constantly, spread over the floor of plaintive.  Notebook applications simple words, recorded in the phone.  When getting off the ground wet.And people rushed to get off fearing poured a drop of rain compared to, I would stroll leisurely, have their own chic feel awesome.Really hoping to sneak in the rain will stay longer, so more than a few drops of water vapor stained with my long-sleeved shirt.  He sent her a message “to the.and you?”After a long pause she came back” to the.miss you.”I slowly walked into the office, put down the backpack.Also put other thoughts, began a busy official.Even the rain did not offer much help, it touches on so I will enjoy intoxicated.

Articles on Moonlight

Part One: Moonlit night and start new cool quiet water, I felt under dense mist of doors and windows, with a hint of quiet leisurely breeze hit.  Moonlight spread over the ground, slowly slowly, tied vacantly, as bright and clear as negative Shuanghua.Among the misty can see a trace of Ana Lonely figure, as tall as the US round of the US call.  Yeah month!Yeah month!High hanging!Next Qionglouyuyu contact, all the stars.Lingling Qing Han Xi, Xi Yu Huai transitory man, Jie Ya Rongrong Xi, Xi shining Slendes.; Month since ancient times have become a thing always focussed.So Su Zhan paid to “Nung, moon and new moon” aspiration.Red Cliff Angeles head, the newborn “Jiang sound, thousands of feet off shore, small high mountain month, get to the bottom” of the generosity of the speech.  Gordon was Zhu Court, and under the high-rise.Once upon a time, walking in the Pincha floor, feeling Yuebaifengqing.In your ear the words: “no place like home,” the poem.Since then, my feelings and the moon will be one to the deep.  Tonight everyone knows of the month, no less than the scenery yore Johnson.I just lay looking at the March low, thinking, looking forward.Moonlight seems to me a strength.May I love, I love the moon.United States months, is a good, and is carrying culture, is waiting for the soul.It touches our hearts, this would be far from two grow closer.May the beauty of not less than apricot, spring rain, Jiangnan is so clever.  Stroll in the moonlight, is warm, is moved, is an unprecedented baptism.Let those clouds are discredited past ceased to exist.Our hearts like water empty out.I understand the, wind blowing leaves exhibition, light rain thin mountain.Stay too wisp of shadow, the end of drift in the moonlight.Light wind do not share meditate for months.Winding paths leaving behind only refers to the next designated space.I month long, endless cotton.Skim curved hooks of silver, pregnant asakumo Muyu, hibiscus Willow Spring.  Silhouette window grilles, curtain rabbit Pro.Dim moonlight rambling, I’m strong, I courageously forward, to pursue the dream of those memories, it precipitates, it silently waiting in the reincarnation of the season.Allow me to pay tribute to the bright stars, because I discern months where.I dream in the moonlight with a contented people do, even a hand piece month, also favor extreme.Not pleased, not to have compassion.Life is like that, like moonlight: aloof, broad-minded, calm.The pursuit of “Yisuoyanyu Renping Sheng,” the Selfless.  Moonlight new thinking, thoughts thousands, and I, carrying Chihiro Chihiro’s dream.Lake floating across the sea, on the other side quietly blooming.The other side of the month, unchanged for years, Shaohua several times, the number of autumn wind and rain, you still, blooming smile sweet memories.Smile, dispersed the clouds.    Part II: dim moonlight natural curl, petals falling down, accompanied by bursts of wind coming from stray incense, gently breathing, still quiet when Xin mind memories that bloom; as pure, let me forget the past the trouble, it seems that exposure to flowers, to think with wave moving, drifting into the other side of that inexplicable.  Hearted stroll, expect the other side of the road, raising dense rain, seems to be the heart of a piece of timeless memories, tempting lingering tenderness.Wind also with my nonsense voice, whisper still in the hearts of fragrance, the wind chasing the pace of time, past the Red segment segment, leaving only a slight melancholy, and I do not know the thoughts that dash, page after page of Su Jian, leaving how much lower outline?  Moonlight faintly see row upon row of leaves covered the trail, I do not know I have gone through the quartzite and how many of the scattered leaves?Autumn’s cold, after all, pluck the green leaves become yellow, wind wave, there will be worried about each other leaves it?Otherwise, the leaves withered at the moment for whom dancing it in this life last dance?  Montreal yellow broken, in exchange for the raw cold of night, long moonlight will become more mottled foliage, the figure reflected in the foot, I will always think of stepping on it, swaying figure seems to be that the broken pieces missing , old time, how can I put it out piece together?Love elapsed whether wasting our face?Perhaps the only constant decline and solitude of it!  See a candle, and slowly burning, leaving endless tears, wax torch ashes only that moment will understand it fondly now?It was thought to become even eventually turn into a pile of ashes, but it has like that of the moths, just for a moment to hug me.Sauna net watching the flowers bloom, watching wanes, fascinated by heart, do not know when to know it was kind of reincarnation?  Dim moonlight, night across the screen, so dim night will evoke a few people’s War?  Aside from the autumn of band of strings, a flower and water, but do not know and few people pity that Lahuayouyi water ruthless and sentimental?    Part Three: Moonlight Meditation in life than most taste of the night to write something painted, wrote stuck at, really sad ah, sometimes, have named could not write a word.At this point, I dropped out for a walk and torn paper.When written tired, I went to the house side of the road to walk up, take a shower Seiki moon, to watch the calm surface of the pond.  The round moon is like a jade plate sink to the bottom, soft surface covered with a layer of silver.I watched, every trace the outline of the moon gradually clear, as if the laurel covered with cloves, like little snow, as white skin, just hand gently touch, immediately dissolve into a clear spring, which makes I can not help but think of Bin-Bin.  During the day I left a letter to go out when Bin-Bin, say “.If you are happy to meet every day, life will be volatile fragrance, like the beginning of a long, like vanilla.  ”How can happily meet every day it?That is your spiritual sustenance on a certain object, a work from them, you get a guarantee of life, know the meaning of life, you understand in this world, not the empty white were born, your heart will feel unlimited happiness.”Conjecture long time, she is teaching me to have hobbies, and” Nomatterwhatonelovesintheworld, butlovesth.onemust.”Means that no matter what you are interested in, but you gotta have hobbies.Because you have hobbies, only the sustenance of life, the mind only the attachment.Bin-Bin is to treat life.  Every time I close my eyes quietly think about it, I seem to see the charm that bring out the pure white sweater of a fair lady, a pair of familiar eyes are lovingly toward the window, his face turned neon the rapids of expression, and not exposed Yun with a free and easy, a simple pleasure to watch, but also what it makeup?Heart of the city that is itself a refined sense of the world.  Acquaintance Bin-Bin is on a moonlit night, that night, she was wearing a pair of tinted glasses, a white shirt, holding a new guitar.Shy girls lacking in poise, I see that met modesty demure girl, although she is not the kind of breathtaking photo, but her flowing hair and refined elegance can make people unconsciously attracted to admire.I think this match is and how she usually feels different too?Later, I learned.She said: “Dressed to the principle of natural generosity, how comfortable how to wear.I want to express my personality wearing.”In fact, to this were true, every woman is his own designer, in this sense, women’s wisdom and reason can really get the perfect shape it.  We sat under the night sky, looking at the stars, and that a search of their own.She said: “God loved music, maybe I play the guitar look, you can find yourself the star corresponding.”Then, with the floating movement of her finger, the more light melodies resound, there are peaks and ridges in Nagqu, she is the mountains; rivers song, she is the water; she is the world of music Imitation, every cell in all sow phonology, I like a blind, complete with her own understanding of music led to roam in the music world.We face time not too long, every time I’m around her eloquent, when talking about the joy of distressed heart, she always smiled resolve my distress, her expression when sharing the joy is so different, in real pupil to emit one kind of glory, people naturally think of two words – sincere, so I will not be surprised, she will be the voice of the leaf so many friends, so many will have such a friend to her and happy men and women.Since then, I had the sweet and bitter thoughts of care.  Another early autumn afternoon, a large tennis court and only two of us, enjoy the sway after sweating, she said: “how, finish your work do not dawdle at that time, some exercise is not better?People alive is to real.”She said very carefully, then playfully a frown, smile Wan Yue.I was impressed by her emotions, she sometimes thought askew Debu worldly air of elegant appearance, playing up there Jin, vice crazy.I really admire her character, but envy is full of sympathy and affection.  Get along this time, we are very familiar with, very understanding.On Christmas Eve, I sent her a greeting card.The next day she asked me to walk up the avenue next to the college, we are very close side by side, the north wind blowing her hair brushed my face, strange itch.She excitedly talking, suddenly threw a hand waving, fell heavily on my arm, I was clasped, her light exclusion after twice stared, his face Hongxia.Either the north wind blowing swaying willow around us shake it shake.Saturday Night, Bin-Bin accompanied me and sat on the river rocks, look at her knee ring heaven, not even Bansi pyrotechnic gas between UFA, I do not know much more than I poet.I close my eyes, breathless and enjoy this rare warm, unconsciously, a pair of gentle hands and blindfolded my eyes, “Thinking again not me?”I have a vigorous nod.  Beat the banks of the river, the tide soon.Part Four: Lu Yun Mountain Moonlight Neixiang County Department of Cultural Affairs Wang Guoqing Lu Yun daytime panoramic mountain views, feels something more to say, the night will be boarding Lu Yun Shan Hotel.Full moon coincides with the lunar calendar May 15, stepped out of the hotel after dinner to celebrate, have some fun.  The sky no clouds, round moon like a mirror hanging on a dark blue night sky, sparse few grains scattered around the star point temperature pro next full moon, valley, mountainous, jungle, trees, rock walls are immersed in bright moonlight.Air smelled floral, the cool night contains a soft warm, melodious frogs, grass Orioles sing Lu Yun Shan also open even more quiet, I really have not seen such a deep and sacred the silence of the moonlit night.  Serenity hotel not far from the island, an agreeable environment, quiet and serene, come here along paths which in a puddles sit down, listening to the gurgling sound of water, looking up at the moon, the heart has become particularly clean, all the dust Consumers are invisible Lawton.Moon Lake brilliant white cast surface, and is irradiated through the depths of the pond water, the fish lost illuminate the float, with the mouth open circle to touch the surface.The bamboo forest puddles of moonlight desultory, the wind came, the moon, the bamboo together dancing together, like undulating waves rippling.Everything was enveloped in a full-plated Silverlit’s dream, no one does not air out, no one is not clever, I will in this bright and clean dust-free puddles, let your thoughts flow with the moon flying.  Beautiful moon is the ancient poet’s passionate thing, innumerable ancient Moon Poems.”Toast to invite the moon, the film into three”, reflects the poet Li Bai’s bold style; “dew from the white tonight, is home next month,” revealing the poetic heart poet Du Fu’s hard to leave their native land; “Over the sea moon, 天涯共此时 “, and describe the poet ling endless rain of sincere friendship; Wang Wei ‘moon between pine photos, rock springs high’, creating an elegant and refined, bright ethereal fascinating world; and Su” when the moon there wine in the sky “, ‘Nung, moon and new moon’, makes Zen enlightenment after the joys and sorrows, more appreciative of genuine emotion.  Immersed in the moonlight, my thoughts also seems to be the clear moonlight shine was invigorating, obviously net net, there is no trace of floating shadow, you can breathe briskly on children’s Aura freely admiration of the beautiful moonlight.Remember as a child, my mother told me: “moon night to talk about their wishes, he will be as successful as the full moon.”So, I promised to the heart of every round Moonlight.As I grew older, it really realize the true meaning: Life is like this moon, as long as the heart something to look forward, there is nothing to prevent it from pursuing the footsteps of it?Round of solitary wandering transit, waiting for what seems to be, but never do so, so it was always walking with.And I go through life suffering and experience, dedication to go today, although the bumpy road all the way, but more of a harvest, joy, to be successful, just like the shining moon, woven into the white dream.  Tonight, in the cloud mountain dew, under this moonlight, I felt a kind of never had the beauty of the moonlit night, all eyes also filled with a poetic illusion, enough to make me Chi haunting soul, intoxicated during the.  Unknowingly late at night, marching month traces back to the hotel, my mind suddenly emerges qing “Lotus Pond”, then imagine if Mr. alive, come here, will be moved by the occasion, write a richer, more wonderful chapter to moonlight.    Part Five: Moonlight Racecourse River reckoned number, unconsciously I have left childhood haunt fourteen years, that is to say, I have pasted fourteen years in this land Racecourse.People to be living so long, how can it be guests?Especially in the case of relatives, friends, students funding to the banks built hut and made me feel no sense of the living.We can not deny that my “roots” have slowly down into the land.  Early in the morning, open the door of the hut, at the foot of slowly flowing water, readily can skim a fresh wave of fresh mist.Between a breath, I remember with a kind of relieved to life a spiritual quiet in the heart.At night, quietly watching his son’s homework lamp, ears always ringing sound of the river slowly hanging by a thread.Yes ah, it seems from the heart through the racecourse River, this land has become my attachment of blood.  September 11 that night (about July 19 lunar leap right), during the day that the overwhelming heat, I knew it cleared up.Do not know when the moon has climbed the small hill across the river, so elegant, as if bathed out from the river, which sailed in the early autumn night wind, maybe she became cold, you see, she is with that blossoming clouds wiping body drops.  From school down to my house, wife and son are asleep.Moonlight from the window into the room, like a man that is clean and gentle delicate hand, gently stroking his wife and son sleeping lazy thin snoring.I knew it was this beautiful moonlit night intoxicated.  Whim, Racecourse river in the moonlight, will be doubled kind of picture it?  Stepped out of the hut, I am a little surprised – usually in a slight hurry slowly that the sound of the river where it went?I was eager to visit the river, and that river sandbar heart of some exaggeration to spread themselves in the moonlight.Shallow water it was divided in half, its flat sides Huanhuandecong swim.Looked to the upper reaches of the river, that flat bed naked exposed, such as a river full of fish-shaped reef.I suddenly thought, turned out to be about fifteen kilometers away upstream of the power plant closing.  I am a little excited, I want to go for a walk to the river.  In the upper right side of the racecourse bridge, I find a piece of the people trod from the grass to the river to swim trail.Less than ten minutes, I went down to the river.That hundred meters wide riverbed truly spread my feet.Not closing the river before, like a hurried youth, flaunt exuberant life, kept surging forward, as in telling us what seemed no time to tell us what.At a time when the river, crisp cheerful laughing like innocent children, in Wei under the blue sky, the cool and bright moonlight, by the nature of their own children at the beach games, hide and seek in the reef where they are issued from time to time sound, wrapped in a month this clear night, the night wind flowing in the intoxicating, like the more clear, so clean.I could not help but take a childhood memory, but also in such moonlight, with my companions in the big tree in the village, next to the haystack games, but also from time to time darting out of this laughter.In fact, warm childhood often appeared in my dream, but the reality of life yet it was so distant isolation.  I took off my shoes, his legs into the clear river, that Hushanhushan Lin wave, it seems that my childhood eyes.  Walk through the shallow river dream, I took to heart that the broad river sandbar.Across the overhead bridge horse farm, it arched figure set resting on sandbank.Sometimes there are one or two from the bridge rapidly passing car, like a general in the air rung.The sky is so high, the moon and farther away from the top of the hill, blossoming clouds has become a delicate and exquisite Winston, the sky is sparkling stars, the night sky more transparent.Trot sandbar, my horizons open up for no reason.  Poplar down suddenly, seven or eight egrets, flying from the bridge opening over there, across the top of my head, rest on the sandbar not far away.Reorganizing the beak with some wings, and some lazy disheveled step, but there is a fly on the rocks in the river to stop the heart, it seems very intently looked at their own shadows in the water.They not only are not afraid of me, walking a few actually glanced off the sandbar to my side.Perhaps they understand, in this beautiful moonlit night, in this fresh and clean bed, we are all dreams come are a soul friend.  ”Goo” bang, I do not know who is the companion of orders, made a sudden they flew away, watching these away along the river anymore white spirit, I always feel everything around is so abstract.  River house lights less and less, and occasionally there are so twelve lit, but accompanied by the sound of mahjong Xixisuosuo.In recent years, housing has increased the river bank, and a beautiful than the one that people always put by the river door is proud of ya, but who can really into her, she read it?Gone are looking at the water, who can appreciate it irreversible life?Reached into torrents of water, who can really feel the time leaves you, the years rush it?Won the clear water, transparent when it drops over the fingertips, who would really immerse yourself in this glittering luster, the will to life some of the details and move it?In fact the majority of people just standing on the shore, the thinking is also on the shore.  On the river, Out of the sandbar, skip a few stones out of the water, turn the row of poplars across the river bend, the river is more broad, and that the arrangement seems to have some scaly regular reef, upstream on the It has been extended to the distant hazy at best.  River is a large corn with stepped slopes, these stations have been ordered columns to corn plants a tree next to the river, solemnly Situated on the moon, as if waiting for my review.  May has been a transit, the night was dark and quiet.Those autumn as the main stage of the crickets, nor how screeching voice, perhaps some are paved a moonlight Fragmentation of forest maize love it.Injecting large piece of the left bank of the river bed, issue of the gurgling sound of water, increasingly Qingyuan.A small village above the river, in a thin mist quietly under the moonlight, Tian Ran has to sleep.Sometimes twice a barking coming from the village, the more lofty autumn.  Going up, riparian woodland at the end of both sides of corn, wild rice is a boundless, it has been diffuse into the distance curve at the black sky and earth irregular.  From the riverside walk out and stood on the ridge, knee side is heavy rice, their body covered with glistening dewdrops.Moon Seiki gently spreading ballast open to exposure to micro faint yellowing of the Tao Heung, as if into a dream in a very unreal.If it is during the day, if the river reservoir filled with green wave, so that the flow of jade and golden cross with wild rice shine, that is how stunning views ah.  Although it is late at night a little more, but I have been moving forward the idea.And the moon as partners, with water as partners, with thoughts of freedom as partners, and riparian filled Fragrant Rice and earthy as partners, this is how pleasant thing ah.  The river, the river under the moonlight month, the river linger dream, which was enough for me in my little house half the aftertaste.

Articles on Moon Shadow

Part One: dim moonlight shadow Ying smoke, floated seasonal summer night, blend with a touch of sadness, a touch of spring sleep pain wake up dreams.Cool is like moonlight spilled over the verdant late spring, the monastery is surrounded by vegetation at the landscape, covered with a gentle holy robe.The United States was to teach people some pity, some melancholy.Farewell lazy spring and early summer ahead refreshing night, bathed in moonlight quiet and gentle.Whether it is hidden in the clouds of the closing month, reflecting in the water or into the lake, all trace of inexpressible charm, fresh and ethereal liberated in the depths of unbounded mind.Summer moonlight, was pure dedusting and straightforward, a little more too warm, too cold curbing the!People forget the chilling of Singing Sorrowful; forget the tragedy of the Moon; forget the lonely winter nights.It was a gentle tenderness of lovers, sway with bright Qingsi, people willing to be tied in the meantime, because of its bright mood clean and pleasant, because of its sentimental deserted.  When a beautiful night, watching it fall Dongsheng, night after night and from the bustling yet lonely sky, the eyes follow it alone, single-minded trajectory, the shuttle in the night sky slim forever unknown.It’s not a sigh for its narcissistic, for its noble and saddened mood.But, but in Senleng night thunderstorm coming, melancholy eyes will be stuck in the dark swamp.  Moon epitome of how many crazy man Maid fate through the ages, also witnessed the poignant legend too much praise.Wanes changes, blurred emotion in the mind sadness and joy; loss of earnings when impermanence, affecting life in the tidal fate.In the endless night, in the fading life situation occasionally, Juyi Peng moonlight into the arms, even if it is faint pale moonlight, but also to bring a force of light to illuminate the darkness out of the confusion, leading the embark on the journey bright.  Standing in the dark of the night wind, the bright moon hanging in the quiet, filled the void and slack soul, crescent curved sharp edge, picked up the hearts of grievances and anger idea.Through the sparse distant lights of the night, shadow mottled printed on the window, into the hearts and clearly transmitted the detention thoughts.Tried to suppress the urge to call shouts sake, but secretly for fear that disturb the deep night sky, it just kept silent Qingming; more afraid to break the meditation of Zen, just want it to continue that everlasting Meaningful!    Part II: tone poem spend the night Moon Shadow central, lamp, a Yuet Wah, breaking in through the screens, the room lit up bright clarity, but also silently lying on the ground, so quiet, quiet people get a little impulsive, because, I would like to take advantage of this bright moonlight to enjoy some lake outside the court, you can not miss this rare beauty of the night.Ever since, the clothes draped skirts, to go to the lake.  To the lake, really beautiful scene.That sky, studded with sparkling stars Keke, innocent blinking flirtatious, they surrounded the sister moon, the moon seems to want to invite them to join the game, the moon is toot tilted lovely mouth, indicating he can not blinked as they did, it was round like a young girl’s face looks a little bright red.The moon is like the stars of the mother, so quiet every time like today will bring along a good time at home all the children out to play play.At this point, I suddenly thought of the old man described by Ba Jin Yuan Ming month that “it is crystal pure, like a crystal ball, very beautiful; it Seiki radiance, like a beacon, very bright.”.Yes, The moon is rising in the night, drenched in the blues world, guiding them to navigate.Sauna net stroll the lake, humming a pleasant rural music, and I feel really happy.Shore Seven Mile rouge cloud row of peach trees, graceful branches pose, reveals a purple, it seemed so elegant.Peach facing the spring bloom, although at night, under the bright moonlight shines, you can still see something like Huoshao like clouds of pink, from afar, beautiful.Curious mind again approached look, some budding, Hanzo Banlu.There are early opening of a peach is so white, such as fat as jade, delicate juicy.Already blossoming is fluttering in the breeze, sweet smile.Row of peach orchard, as if it has become a red rain Fen Yang World.  A gust of wind blowing, people very cool.This lake is quiet, but the wind naughty passing in the lake, making the layers of scales waves accompanied by jumping moonlight, accompanied by my lively heart in the chase, like a dancer, so I put aside all the trouble, just immersed in this graceful dance, enjoy enjoy, enjoy intoxicated.Looking at the lake, as if my mind has become more open, and no wonder, said Professor Zhai Hongshen in order to become open-minded, often have to go to the mountains, watching the water, high mountains, all over the world, time, conditions had to go stroll on a stroll.Live in this realm, indeed exhilarating, delightful.  A puddle of water flow stuffed rhyme.After the breeze, the lake was calm again, however, this is a beauty Oh, look at the lake, reflecting the sky that round moon hanging, I seem to some impulse, then a monkey actually like that, start to stretch, moon picked up trying, and monkeys may be the result, but I do not worry, because I saw, soon after the lake calm, it is still intact stay there, it amazes me that some people, once missed, it is impossible to start all over again, some things screws up, it is impossible to get a second chance, broken mirror that ends difficult, the moon can do it, even if I get it’s torn apart, it can be restored AS.  Wanted, really a paradise described by Tao so, I will take root in there, cover a verdant bamboo hut, which things, whether tables and chairs, or beds are made up with bamboo, because I was fond of bamboo.I can around in front of a fence, which is planted with a variety of side dishes, as well as the best river a river, I can circle a piece of land from which fish.At home, if they can rely on your own text earn a little money, and that nice ah!However, we live in the 21st century, such an ideal life in modern society can truly how, say, on my fledgling bird, with such bad writing can make money, it is good to be true.  Well imagine Wang, Tao Yuanming, Li Bai like them, discard secular bustling downtown, in this quiet countryside, boil a cup of wine and plates of dishes plus rice wine, about a few friends, in this case a lake swing sets, enjoy drinking pleasure, calligraphy, painting, flute, whistle, playing chess, lyricist poetry, it is so uncomfortable.  Too many words, too useless, this will only give good views of the quiet smear foul, with the King of it, forget about trouble tonight just drunk scene.No flute nor flute, but I have MP3, selected on a sweet and cheerful song, suddenly happy hearts.  Darkness enveloped the river, lake and sky color, a beautiful scenery ah!Unplug the headphones, the song “Moonlit Night” into beautiful unique melodies linger around, to see how much idle past love affair, ancient and modern, will be put in temperament, my heart gradually calmed down, back to the room, despite the time is late, lying in bed, still a long time to sleep, as if the ears still echoed with the sounds of music, at the moment, how easy ah!Heart without the slightest impurities, enjoy this sweet, this beautiful, heart jolly, intoxicated with.  Vision sky, a Yuet Wah, according to Lang village; Wang earth, beauty shop phase, surrounded by pastoral.Text fear poor pale light, just a phase, as I encourage each other to take this the night, to take the beauty, then an essay, in order to bear in mind.    Part three: shadow in the water as a child listening to Mama story.Said a group of mischievous monkeys fun in the water, willow last month, I do not go back, they had seen in the clear water of a luminous disc cruising in glittering waves of glowing light.They have different opinions, talking about disk reason, I suddenly remembered their mother to tell their stories, in the light of the glowing disc, there lived a beautiful Chang E sister, as well as a cute white rabbit.There is very beautiful, clear water, magnificent palaces, sweet birds.There are a warm spring rain, snow has a magnificent Liang Ying, really is so beautiful!Disk may be high in the air, too far, no climbing to.Suddenly found the water and also has a disc and in heaven.They identified as having the same two discs, one on the water, in a sky, then, whim, the water climb disc.Perhaps much more than the sky near.After all arguments, we agreed to take the monkey ladder, sequential dive into the water, all monkey climbing.  Since the operation began their landing on the moon, or excited, or active, or depth, or floating, exhilaration.However, the strange thing is that they are still out of reach discs, stays only bright flashes, with magnificent light hair, they finally stopped.”We see only the disk shadow in the water, so charming, so beautiful, almost confused us, wake up now, it’s not too late.”Wise says.Zhonghou meditation, look at the disc in the water, it really is shadow.The reason is that when the breeze over the water, sparkling, mellow that disc still does not follow the waves Ripple.Zhonghou disappointment, the disappointing.  Suddenly reminded of this story, there was the urge to look in the water.When night falls, when the full moon hanging, I practice with a broken shadow land, traveled alone to the Lo River and enjoy it in the water shadow.It’s so tranquil and quiet, magnificent plump.Spurious so bewitched.I then thought of cloning, replication thought, thought romantic.Life can be cloned, emotion can be copied.So, you thought.Think of your sweet talk.Free your eyes, you lose the trail for a long time.  You said I was the only one.You can clear their eyes sparkling with another raider.You tell me: “If you do not receive one day my phone is my accident.”So, I hope you phone every day become my habit.I said: “You will be tired, to call me as you work.”You say:” just want to hear your voice every day.What is wrong?”This is the first phone I was moved to tears.So I would like Chelsea joy, and joy in my mind, and joy in my life.Finally one day, you really do not have a message, I was not the direction of the boat, back and forth on the sea of life.I called desperately send text messages to you, and my only reply was: “You are trying to call is not answered, please try again later.”I look up to the high days of the disc, it is so far, the garden, rhyme.I took it on a disc in my mind, it is still, it is still hanging, still sprinkled with pure, still painted circle.Because it’s charming, I was doing rosy dreams.Because it’s magnificent, I sleep at night.I daydream waiting for it’s cruising, its wane.I’m happy with, intoxicated, with pain, like a naive child.When I look back, I began to compliment the wise monkeys.  I do not want to leave a long time, even though I was full of bleak surroundings, and that the water shadow of the moon, is keyed ripples in water.I’m tired of this shadow glitz, this copy of emotion, this clone face.Things predicament!World situation predicament!I asked the moon, you copy your shadow, you know wrong?

Articles on moist

Part one: those warm nostalgia is a silent night, quiet enough to hear the vibe heartbeat, slowly flowing past term.  Memory grandmother, Yung Chi sounded, extra baggage stature.Grandma is very hard-working, are rushing to do housework, housekeeping great set.Every weekend, she would like a housekeeper as arrangements grandchildren learn to do housework, so we solemnly dry up.Sweeping, mopping, washing dishes.I still remember the first time to learn to do housework that year, I was seven.A child I did not understand why my grandmother so industrious, still getting fatter, but then I found my grandmother strange we do not eat the food waste food, you eat the rest of the.I even younger could not understand some of this behavior, uh, then I would understand how “A Journey” practical significance.A child especially like the summer, people around the yard in the evening engaged in small talk, little children playing on the side.To play tired, leaning against the grandmother who stars.I still remember the first time recognized the Galaxy joy, it seems like discovering a new continent, bounce.In a power outage the night, waving a large palm-leaf fan grandmother would coax me to sleep.The strange thing is, even if she was asleep, fans still shaking, though the intensity a little small.Years later, I am still puzzled.Grandma is moving into the city from the city, a special liking for vegetables.In the first day I read that year, she kind of plays in the open front door of the dish, the soil or even bought with money, a car a car to drag.With this side dish ever since, she is even more busy.When I go out every day ready to go to school, you will see her in the vegetable garden work, even there was a period of time, she would rather stay at vegetable not break back into the house.  2008, is reluctant to recall the year.Grandma never left, cancer.Year three of burial.Those days, I do not believe this is true, it has not happened, right?Such a loving, hard-working elderly, God how the heart to let the disease take her?During that time, my eyes swollen for a week.Three months before the Spring Festival, her stature dramatically thinner, lying in bed unable to move, has been the infusion, blood, barely a bite to eat porridge and the like.2 years prior to 2008, the family smoke, full of arguing, a lot of contradictions intertwined.Great people of the world is difficult to understand, because we want to be too simple.That two years, Grandma’s significantly less laughter all day worried, thinking about how to solve the contradiction between the sons and daughters.Grandma is so tortured by them to the seriously ill, the family let me have a sense of apathy An unspeakable gap.The war-torn family I’ve had enough, so I spared much of.I had wanted to newspaper Beijing Forestry University, but was worried about her mother to worry too much, too far away to children, on the set in the neighboring Chongqing.And now, I feel the time is how naive.Everyone has this cupboard, things have happened, I would do so for a lifetime?I can not push it all the adults in the head, I have to live up to them too much, you can not be childish.  Zhou Guoping once said, “When our loved ones travel or pass away, we will not help in every possible way remembered their benefits, regret their negligence and fault.However, in fact, even before the edge of death, our loved every moment of it not in it away from us?”Forget who said it, you can see how far you can see past the far future.I think this sentence is right, a recall is not good at handling people there can be no future.A lot of things we can look for from past years, and is seeking greater insights more.I will explore the initial impetus, struggling to push yourself forward.I believe my grandmother is so promising it.  Qingming rain, Durian, Ruqirusu.Rain as tears flow in my heart; rain wind Gone with the Wind, there were numerous; rain means long, deep sorrow Italy.Pain, evil heart and lungs, tears skirts.Jinxi clear, heaven willing grandmother well, all pass away loved ones safe.    Part II: Siyu such as leaching, where moist find?  Siyu dripping long, through the memory becomes warm, and that piecemeal warm arms, slowly disappearing in places missing.- Inscription past the sun can not be extended into the future, long white banner dreams.Once the people and things are slowly turned into memories, thoughts in pursuit, but it is in vain.Christina dream, pregnant dream thought, to the final memory.When thinking rain, but their heart is a burst of noise moving, when listening to quiet down, but a burst of messy.To be accidental, and take for granted.So you have to let it be if things stay still and stay still to let it be.But how can we do?What is edge, it is met;?It might as well not met as well, not once seen, no mood Yi.  Evening twilight curtain no volume, this heart indifferent more indifferent.There are some things in the past is the past, after all, some ideas are just ideas, will slowly forget, perhaps just never remember.”There is destined to set the world because, because there is destined to set the world; because there is destined to destroy the world, because there are destined to destroy the world” because of disputes with the edge of who said it clearly?Everything starting point because that is what the end, maybe that is the edge of it.Sauna net Siyu such as shower, moist earth why?The result sought is actually no result, but disputes that this man is a collection of contradictions, so we also can not escape contradictions, can only hope that one day a little less contradictory, but that day far, far away, far away I have to already I do not know if that was me.Remember as shower, thinking, such as memory, then ran long, sweet silent, only waiting, waiting for the moment disappeared, and that the memory of the years beginning displaced, the hands of the sand had not, but carefully considered, if still remained old youth eventually only found, and the rest is that the sparse years.  Dark dark sound of rain, the rain zero behind, vaguely heard the sound of the birds, but it no longer sounds, the breath of flowers is not already do not know.Perhaps this is another kind of experience, the experience of the presence or absence has no meaning, in their own world, slowly learned to forget to remember.I used to think the most memorable in the past, but also the most easy to forget the past, now I know, there is no forgetting, the so-called forgotten nothing but a memory escape.  Dripping pieces read, Siyu such as shower, Si Yi moist, spread on the wall that unfortunately.Nissin warm sun slowly quiet down, and go in their own way to find their own years, the share of disputes aside for the time being it.Bai Ling on the green, Leilei Stone Stream.Life between heaven and earth, suddenly, such as travel off.Rush years, the years rush, happiness is like.  Siyu such as shower, warm memories of tranquility, in this lost ground in mind, forget.  Sisi dripping, deserted silent.    Part three: those who wear jade jade stones should be within and outside run as hard as its high product quality and pure.A friend motto, to be counted stolen my.  Jade has not been classified as a decorative thing, it is a subconscious respect with it.  Previous name Jade middle of a word, I feel vulgar, so given a free hand to change, and this, his father has been brooding, perhaps only because I changed my name for me to take him, the name should be there are other metaphorical it.Otherwise, why not let us continue with the genealogy that “significant” word, and have used the word “Jade” herringbone?  I think, now, at this very moment, I suddenly understood my father to our sisters named intention – like jade, like, pure quality, high product.  Unfortunately, his father is gone, and now the name has taken so many years, there is no plausible reason, I can not switch back to the original name.Then the next time of registration, it reborn in the network it.  Mr. Zeng to be in the county of jade two years, bought two very good texture jade bracelets, hearing people say nice texture, sent a man, a keep, and now I do not know the value of geometry.  Always do not like to wear jewelry, there are so few small ornaments, has been lying in the box, sometimes wearing a whim for two days, or felt seem cumbersome, they simply let it lay in the dark.  Today, dug out bracelet, worn on the wrist, bracelet and metal compounds sweat allergy in the infiltration of jade faint, feels as calm a lot, not dry not itch.Heart, said Yu, really do some magic.  Jade, let me give birth was moved some time ago, is also a quiet afternoon, the phone rang, and saw that it was an irrelevant telephone, after the pressure of playing with trimmed with jade, it is a bean size of the Emerald Buddha, colleagues helped Amoy, Amoy said, that is, with relatively little money to buy good quality stuff back.Get our hands liked.Not only because it is suitable for women with a Buddha, but because it perfectly clear white color.  Yu is a good, though small, can be the same gentle stroking intimate, length is tied jade green coffee color and silk woven Chinese knot, jade worn on junction electrodes proportionate.Jade in my palms, white gauze filter out glare, but also a gentle mood of the room full of candy, and jade is also very disproportionate.Jade in my palm, palm thin, especially against the background of jade even more nourish and white, hand stopped in mid-air, as a statue frozen in there, journeying to read a long time.Probably from that moment, I started to really like to play Jade.Something all right, always caressing a small piece of jade on the phone, cool, Wet, stroking if so, it will not be of my palm, of my body, so I have really jade’s spirit.  I look forward to, work with, perfected.Like, like jade, high product quality and pure.  Jade is a strange substance, the world is no longer a thing like it, looks like butter nourish the heart is extremely strong.  As it has been the pursuit of a spiritual.  The vast earth, wind rain to come, although under the roof can avoid the storm, can those Feiduanliuzhang, human well-being is a blessing for the four walls can resist got a few pieces of tile.Moreover, there is always inexplicable sadness hit on it.  Wrist bracelets issued crisp knock on the table and full sound, but not downtown but not dry, people under the watchful eye of the faint soft, gentle, quiet, like jade as.  With firm resistance weak, gentle ablation indifference, to spread love with sincerity, kindness with evil probation.This is within the so-called outer-run firm, pure high quality bar.

Articles on meditation

Part one: Autumn window in accordance meditation under sunset, a lone figure on the trails have been mercilessly stretched stretch.Road westerly skinny horse, sunset, heartbroken people in the End of the World.Whether in the past or in the current.Autumn, always in the sweet taste laced with some sadness.  Dark rural soul, chasing brigade think, every night except, dreams keep people sleep.Moon-story Hugh Du Yi, wine into the feeling of sadness, tears turned into Acacia.Autumn always like to break the dusty memories, with a passenger who stay back off the post, mixed with a touch of vague memories of scenes and a deep sense of melancholy.The harvest season, is loaded with numerous fruit can be in the eyes of the fruit, but it is experienced numerous wind and rain and sun exposure.She quietly accepted the alien world to bring her everything, including noise, she still embrace the kind of life, quietly grow with pain and happiness, she completed his mission to the world is the sweet life taste.  Chunhua was appointed to the funeral, autumn leaves shed no income.With the pace of things slowly fall asleep, once green leaf now dozing on the ground of it, perhaps the day cools, they are covered with yellow quilt owned together, this scene is so lazy.Once you attracted much appreciate the attention, but now you can leave alone, all the sadness and resentment can only silently in my heart, maybe one day the time will be forgotten, but the mark was branded in my heart long time can not heal.Flower is not a heartless thing, into Enriching the soil more quadrangle.Who says the falling leaves of autumn is the best destination?Hidden in the darkness of land rotting, all the lonely only turned into nutrients, moisture coming year green.Countless people accept such a relentless schedule, do nothing but instill obedience, hurriedly came, leaving some sweet, and hurried away, bears a touch of sadness.Maybe not stand the emotional tie him down, can not afford to ignore the time, had attachment, and there have been helpless, had fun, and there have been sad, but the walk is destined to leave, can not change the taste of any seasoning fate of missing is always a!High-rise projects do want to dusk, parasol leaves on a drizzly rain.In addition to the autumn to bring people happy as well as sad.Harvest season, each field in a farming faces of the people are happy with the parts, the children playing in the rain, in spite of autumn rain and everyone became a drowned rat, but these are not conceal their joy.I heard Wu Ye soon as autumn, a little bit unhappy banana.Gray sky waft of autumn, playing the sounds chilling on the parasol trees, making the leaves tremble howling.Mid-Autumn Moon is difficult round of time together in less loved ones, and more concerns and thoughts.Double Ninth Day difficult reunion, alone in a foreign land, has been to the festival, their loved relatives, brothers climb the mountain, wear cornel, only a few people.Autumn brings much sadness, but also took away much joy.Everyone Autumn explain things, like not completely known poet.Autumn wind blows, Bo filled.He said that autumn is cool, autumn wind is howling, she said, and I said autumn is Ice.Autumn very sad, very sad autumn.She did not gentle spring breeze was blowing, the wind in the summer is not fresh, no more biting cold wind, she rolled up some ground across the rustle of the leaves of sadness.Staring at the withered leaves dancing the last life in a beautiful dance withering autumn, my heart shuddered slightly.Autumn ancestry a lot of trouble, or else how the ancients would chant this poem yet, “Ku Teng trees faint crow, bridges people.”” Where sober tonight, willow shore, Xiaofeng moon.”Autumn has a different kind of beauty, there is also a quiet and desolate, like a cup of tea she needs to savor and experience the bitter and sweet of them.Autumn, needs careful quietly enjoy, in fact, fall a lot of flavor, do not believe you see.Part II: Moonlight meditation for many years, I often like to moonlight meditation.  When the veil-like window frames, when the moon climbed up, turned out the light, sit by the window, holding a cup of tea, think of a poet’s verse, I always think of his quiet night in this quiet night.  Already turns warm again when the night wind still with some coolness.”Tick” of the clock was more and more sonorous, accompanied by my heart, shook my eardrum, the pace of time is so hasty and rapid.Boundless seems to have immersed in the gentle dreams, but at this time I let things make life a thousand times linger in the mind.I’ve had a fantasy of Love, that beautiful dream always like colorful clouds in the blue sky flying, just as the buds bloom, the sun just rising, the history of fantasy life of applause waves, flowers everywhere, the tree of life some will grow very lush and vibrant.  However, fate, let me become a private teacher small village.Sauna net dawn twilight, I entered the campus, take a look at whether there is a job yesterday approved leak leak change, today’s lesson whether there was sufficient preparation.At this point, my students also sequence into the classroom, in the cries of “teacher early,” “good teacher” greeting, the mood will be moved and inspired them, and then travel around in the midst read aloud, play live is a day opening such and such staged.  In this extraordinary position, facing gather together the village boy, I’ve had a dream Makarenko, impoverished life can often make me confused, I suspect, in this materialistic society, what What I have always supported such sincerity, dedication, not the slightest slack and perfunctory.Like a hard-working life and the harvest of farmers regret that barren land, as has always stick to the share impoverished and mediocre, quietly waiting there, tends the.  Moonlight, diffuse through the window came, gloomy house seemed a lot brighter.In this deep of night, I looked at the habits of this humble home, home appliances, motorcycles, telephone, modern home those essential things I have nothing.I think I have been reduced to impoverished to the point, it can only be satisfied with merely warmed up enough to eat.Peers, though not all rich, but also well-dressed, suave, and I dress just like this one looks like a little old man.  In this case the wife hugged Qian children fall asleep soundly long, hard years of the wife no longer young, soft pale moonlight reflected on a road in the dark mark in her eye wrinkles.He Lan Zhao Qian child’s arms with soft arms, the face close to half of children Qian sweet nightmare.Family hardship is also worried her, and now she was in this tranquil dream of pure motherhood, motherly face, revealing a calm, serene and satisfied.  Xu night wind, the moon in my arms, I thought of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”, remembered the rough seas of the moonlight shines.The sea is boundless, broad minded, not just as a benevolent maternal love it?  The clock is still loud and rapid pace, so I do not know the cold, quiet night, is there like me in front of the numerous world doing so cool thinking.Out the window began to fade up, I know the darkness before dawn is short, brilliant day has come to me and walked quickly.    Part Three: meditation Caprice sometimes like a man quietly think certain things.Also I have thought about the same question countless times: What is a youth?We are out of childhood fantasy, or are we gradually become mature personality?Everyone has their own scenery, enjoy the scenery but when everyone’s attitude is different.  When students get together, always joked, old, old, is not our era.As everyone knows, in the rush past years, there is the passage of our youth, we have a vision and hope for the future.Homecoming is always that too many good record of our happy memories.Growing up in those throbbing youth, who we hope will always guard things, we always evoke memories of a person.Some things, some instant, hovering in my mind, can not erase, or because of joy, because happiness, or because firmly believe that because of the pain, or because of depression, because confusing.These are permanently stored in our memory.  Day seven days, most of the students had gone home, a person stay in the bedroom, a person to eat, a man listening to music.Campus overwhelmed by an odd one back because of the invasion and even more bleak autumn.Not the usual hustle and bustle, but a little silence.I remember some time ago bustling New Year.Campus become more fresh faces, and therefore become more fresh life.Only a little group of people who spent a few years here.The world had the same confusing in the eyes of these people, all full of strange.Here they cried, laughed, complained, tried, loved, been loved.Slowly go, novelty becomes usual, the strange becomes familiar.Then, one day awoke, usually have to be forever lost, it will also become familiar with yellowing memories.  Suddenly I had the urge homesick, miss the old house at home, miss the plume of smoke.I was thousands of miles away from home outside the South came to this beautiful city for his ideal of life here more than a year, but also deeply in love here.Here beautiful campus, pure friendship, as well as with the students struggle with bits and pieces.The road chasing the dream of peers who have a lot more meaningful is because of this road you only change.Dream of a group of young people in the hard work for their ideals, although this road is full of thorns, but in the hearts of each one of us it will always be so holy spirit in our hearts a pure land, let the dream resting places.The future of the future, there are many way to go, but trust path of their choice.Since the choice, we must give it to finish.  With full of hope, with the original dream, in this piece of red earth work hard, bones reveals “The road is long Come, happiness and earth,” the courage to chase the sun belongs to the most beautiful heart.The persistent enough to make our future more exciting college life.

Articles on maple

Part one: the old village of Maple dream, then let me day and night in their homeland.Dream, dreaming that my parents.Dream that I never forget the people and things.The strangest dreamed a patch of woods in the village, especially the old maple tree in the dream is exceptionally bright.Red maple leaves, hidden two decades of memories, accompanied by dream will miss hometown to tell people to send and tree feelings.  - Inscription Love like water, indifferent, suddenly, gone.  In the past, such as clouds, nothingness, bleak, empty memories remain.  Interest-free mountain breeze, blowing face, warm and calm.Looking back a smile but his eyes tearful with the old footprint.  Jiangxi, a real red land a real red spirit.Perhaps some people on this red province is not very understanding, is the only known poverty, backwardness, and even some people on this earth there is a trace of disgust.Simple but born in this land I was this kind of sense of attachment, especially red, a kind of deep-seated memories.Perhaps because of that piece of familiar red homeland, perhaps they are living on clay familiar faces, or perhaps old red maple tree with me 20 set…..  Inadvertently years begins with the fingertips slip.Quietly, the silence.Because school, I left their homeland for more than ten years, whenever I think of the village of the woods, especially when growing on old maple, meaning homesickness will be getting a strong.  Born in a remote mountain village in northeastern Jiangxi different from my city people, childhood, toys and snacks can be as partners, as well as fun playground, tall Ferris wheel….In contrast, I together with that mountain and that the only tree.Playground perhaps the entrance to the village of the woods.Tall Ferris wheel may be high and the old maple tree in the village of Bar!  Old maple trees grown in entering the village on the street, straight trunk strong, shining armor as a warrior-like silently guard the fertile soil.Tall trees bless me the peace of the Earth Temple, seen from afar seems to bless the land is the old maple Quartet shelter.I remember as a child, I often pass the time here will always hand over worship and, perhaps due to the impact of the old neighborhood, think thanks and worship can be safe and healthy.No disaster painless.The cult of the land but also to the natural father of the old maple, when I actually came out a ridiculous idea, old maple is not spiritual, is not after so many generations worship only grow so tall.Is not the old maple tree itself is the land of God father.Juvenile idea is so ridiculous superstition.Although it is true to say that, but so far, I will hand over to worship the village on foot, perhaps the faith of the heart, perhaps the memory of childhood, and perhaps also a kind of reverence for the old maple bar!  In the countryside, where I lived for eight years.Time before the age of six I can not remember.But after a few years I can remember very clearly.Every fall coming at that time, the village trees will fall with autumn leaves to.Old maple is especially true original leafless slowly wither.Autumn wind blows, it will fall down, a piece dropped to the ground, at a distance, people’s eyes, it seems paved floor leaves a red carpet, bright, beautiful.At that time, I will come and village partners woods entrance to the village, more of a come under this maple, pick up that falling maple leaves, and always pick big pick up, and then again three hundred fifty-five of together, up comparisons.Then think of how much he is innocence!How happy!After comparisons will catch a lot of beautiful leaves to take home, wash with water rinse, and then glue on the books, but do not know because the preservation, most of all to the later pieces, but also get all over the place.Grandparents will nag at this time: “The death of these children, do pick up some leaves home.I tell you ah!A sweep you go!”At this point we will pick up the poor that is higher than their heads broom sweeping up.Cleaned up after not a little thing, because although they are nagging but never beaten, perhaps love of children and grandchildren, or perhaps in their childhood have done anything like it!Nightlife net from nine years old has been so far, I have to stay in the city school.Before summer vacation can go home.Rarely ever since high school, because the school tuition have many holidays, over time it will miss a good family, a good partner miss.I really want to accompany the tree grew old maple.When confronted with sad, when confronted with illness, always think about home, think about it quite a straight spine tree old maple, learning it is so strong, it is so brave school.I seldom cry, perhaps when growing old maple trees give it teaches!  This year the twelfth lunar month, our family returned to the country the New Year.On the way home, I went all the way saw a tall old maple tree.Although the leaves are shed, but it is generally straight strong as ever.Walked in front of it, I secretly handed worship worship, perhaps a grown up about face.Or maybe just want this person’s feelings and trees and it is only hidden in my heart.  - hidden wounds chapter two: blue maple in the spring of walking wilderness.Slowly, slowly, melting between heaven and earth, as if such and such, to get back a little himself.  Dream suddenly wake up.  Earth fragrant flowers drunk, dancing butterflies, so I entered another dream.And the line and go, emerald green bow can be picked.This spring, recite poems, walking the edge of history and reality, gradually understand the meaning of the spring —-.Spring is the season of recovery, the recovery of all things, more important is the recovery of the soul, and even dolphin beating heart.  Slowly, slowly, through the depression of the water, through the reclamation of farmland at the edge of this wilderness, I find myself to.A maple, spring Chui Sau tall, raw power of clear meantime, let me find a meeting point of the heart.Spring green maple complete experience, autumn red, the end of his brilliant life.But also how to find he can not remember the winter.  Maple winter is blue, I think so.Blue water, tenderness, determination; blue dream, blurred, scene.Blue is the color of the sky, just as white bloom, blue is the color of the sea, only for peaceful relaxation.Blue maple is a taste of winter, working hard and making season, only three beautiful piece Spring and Autumn: Girl sitting on the desk in maple, dangling from his head listening to the teacher talk about physics knowledge to those in the mist, a gust of wind blowing, a Maple Leaf leisurely leisurely flying in the air, sailed in front of me fell in front of me wandering after two laps.Winter has been for some time, there is still fluttering Maple Leaf, I can not help but have some mixed feelings in this little life tenacious vitality.And my thoughts are flowing along the leaf up, someone told me that she likes to fall, especially like the Maple Leaf flying in the autumn, because at that time can openly sentimental.She, like a beautiful otherworldly fairy; she was so excellent beyond me; she was in the crowd is always so outstanding.And she did not encounter that kind of fiction plot, just the same table I was her, I like her just like that piece of maple trees, we are all just love sentimental girl.  Every autumn we will be similar to that piece of maple trees, and this year’s fall was only one person to sit on the bench we have sat together, but brought back with her feelings.One day she suddenly told me that she wanted to go north, first thought she was joking, I did not expect a few days later she really would pack up and embarked on the road to the north, her parents when she was little divorced, and she developed a personality trait loner, she is very sensitive to changes in the natural world, sometimes you say some strange words, even though she is now far away in the far north, the letter still talking her feelings about things, “today it snowed for the first time to see snow is wonderful, they are as happy as parents of children who were allowed to come out to play, they know that when spring comes to life when the end is that they can be they are also brave choice for fall.Life and how long, how short and, like those, like moths to a flame, just to reach the other side of that dream, even if it is willing to die this.”” Today, windy, or those tender branches are broken, I can not help but feel bad.Along with sister school seniors who do volunteer work, looking at that one child was frozen red in the face, I feel very distressed, put me the money donated to them, although lunch is the only remaining couple of bucks on bread but very happy, I feel my life is meaningful.”That’s her, she’s very good.In the few years and get along with her, if I said I was not jealous of her, it is too shameless.I am jealous of her, jealous of her performance that I can not even matter how hard some, I’m jealous of her all around her, I was always so jealous of her kindness.By her side I felt like an ugly duckling, but she is a noble and beautiful swan.In the absence of her days, I gradually understand that every girl is a princess, we are confident of silk clothing, silk clothing just put on this, every girl is a princess.I only know how to humble yourself before her, but forgot confident such a word, perhaps later to see her again, she was so beautiful, so good, so let me catch up, but I can confidently brave stand beside her.  Have a maple leaf windblown direction toward the north slowly journeyman.

Articles on Maple Leaf

Part One: Maple children still recognize the day dawn, the sky floating small!I do not know how up in the morning early, nothing to do, open my blog, ready to write something, I suddenly found space to a stranger!Xiao children, and I am a city girl.Out of curiosity she and I chatted up!  Some people say that this is a kind of fate met, but I do not think so, but I feel very suddenly.I do not have this fate.I know, I like this boy is not many girls will love.That day we talked for a long time and leave the other party’s number.In fact, I left his number, she put me add Fetion.So I got in touch with her, to say goodbye when I have not answered a God, I feel everything is so sudden!  Xiao child is an electronics company selling a member of the sales network, the customer is looking at the computer send information every day.This is, after all, very boring very boring.From that day on, I was afraid she was a person too stuffy, go online to chat with her to cheer her every day, in the evening sent her information.Gradually I found myself like her.Although we did not meet, there is no mutual understanding, but I feel she is a cute girl.  Suddenly one day she said to me look like I want to see.I can not, because I was afraid she saw me after I no longer care.But she was so stubborn and so as not to contact me to threaten me.I can not only be in my blog uploaded my photo.I called her to see, and then like a student waiting for the results of the same.While, Xiao child said, “how can you like a man of thirty ah!”I was dizzy joked that, do I like it thirty men?I really that old yet?Ha ha!The more I think she is very cute, that night I gave her a call.Not long, a little nervous, I do not know what to say.After hanging up the phone, she sent me a message.He said my voice sounds good, that is, and I can totally imagine people together.God, I do not know sad or happy, how can people be so evaluated, depressed!  She asked me: “Can you write it?”I do not know how it happened, I would say,.Because I usually like to write some small article or something, although not published but I still think a little bit of writing skills.And so after I finished I was a little regret, she actually asked me to help her write, but also Jiwan Zi.My God how can I have that ability, to write thousands of pretty good.No way I can be like her who told it!She can only promise!  ”Xiao children, do you boyfriend?”I was indirectly asked her, of course I did not want her boyfriend, but how could it.The fact that my hopes were dashed.Xiao child is in love with her that he has a.Silent, at a loss.That day I got very early.Before leaving I sent her a message: “Xiao child, I love you, I am willing to give you a sad child, maybe you do not believe I can, but I will for your life and work,” I’m gone, dodging away!  For several days no time on the Internet, I retired and sit to see space, see the poor children of the dawn, a strange feeling in my heart.I can not wait to talk to her, because she broke up.She said that her boyfriend cheated on her, I did not ask to speak!At this point I feel a little pain.I have been deeply in love with her.Her sad makes me very sad, since I did not clean the next girl promised her a lifetime of happiness and work!  I’m a night person walking alone in the empty streets, a gust of wind blowing in the face, my eyes wet.I looked up, suddenly I found the side of the road covered with red maple leaves.In flying against the wind.Back when it was late, open study of light, I decided to write that story for her.Even if more difficult, working hard, no return, I have to write down.For her!Because I was willing to give her life a happy man, and perhaps not the only, but in the end!I believe!    Part II: Maple Leaf blowing the call from autumn leaves to dry zero, I have not had too much dialogue and express autumn, autumn ending up in a hurry.Everything’s so obvious short, so short, storied dye, the color of autumn will be halted everywhere.This is the northern autumn, the season of transition.  November Xiangshan autumn is very strong, a friend invited me Foliage.See mountain of leaves, look for riding Autumn will be able to make up my mind of regret.  Climbing the day, the weather was tame, we finally integrated into the 60,000 tourists a day as much as the flow of Xiangshan.  Came to the foot of the hill, late autumn is strong here.Leaves a huge ginkgo tree full of yellow all over the treetops, also spread a layer of green lawn, flower beds of chrysanthemums also open smile, like the rush lively.Of course, there are more pine leaves, it is wrapped in the green, but not tight, red with green.  Mountaineering see King, is the title song of this trip.We deny the shortcut to line up to watch cable car ride leaves.Step onto the camera, bypassing the arms, I yearn for the beauty of the mountains, therefore, the pace becomes very direction.Wanted to see more and more extreme leaves, red as blood is enough mood.  When I was being in the leaves, stroking the hands, which leaves not touched my heart.Before the Internet to see the autumn leaves are like finger-like maple leaves, beautiful.Fragrant leaves in front of me but it is ingot-shaped leaves, its shape is oblate, there is no nice edge, is not in my mind, but leaves Maple Leaf, so it does not make me red heart.  Appreciate the red maple leaf-shaped fingers became my driving force behind the move, looking to the mountain stretch of red maple leaves me just give up.So walking, looking, talking, patting.Breathing call Chi Chi forest, footsteps prove the existence of six million people, we occupied the Xiangshan Mountain Momo.  More than five hundred meters above sea level in the hills, on the path curved-stone to Guaiqu, in front of the road within the foreseeable future.Go tired, we sit cross-legged on the spot, took snacks prepared ahead supplement physical scattered about the attention.However, ingot-shaped leaves of the way I felt the suspicion that such a scene, we can almost see the villages, I want to appreciate what noble fingers Maple Leaf.I asked a local network sauna hawkers.He told: we have in mind Maple under the foot when we have to, there are mountains of the north, but they are afar colored leaves, close look yellowish leaves the it possible?I prefer to believe that we have the wrong route.  When a cable cars from our heads leisurely past, I told them to vote’ve been envious eyes; when the mountain north of the additional route leaves more than when we south, I can even choose parallel across the mountain, to be diverted to the north action.But akin to finding far, security is a major event, we had to go on a road.  Not wanting to hit the color of autumn leaves, before I come on wearing a bright yellow jacket as a backdrop, the most noteworthy are: I borrowed my son wearing a bright blue sweater, his son grow up in these years, the first time I kind of want to wear his clothes special feeling.Son wearing blue sweater pictures are really considerably, and I want to grab the color of autumn leaves.  The summit is also good joy.Vistas, mountains upon layer, round leaves, nestled among the trees clouds.After sharing a huge sense of accomplishment, we embarked on a route down the mountain turn back.  I thought, down the road is monotonous.But because the mood has changed, when I saw the King also feeling a lot of down.Think about being far away from the Maple Leaf call, but saw a lot to see gold leaf, green leaves will soon be back to even see the northern winter.The possibility of re-swim the Fragrant Hills will not be great, since I began to cherish the scene in front of more than.Again grabbed the camera, I see what I call the Maple Leaf specifically.As we increasingly to the foot of the mountain, I really cherish more and more every inch of the autumn.When the road to coincide with the time, I was more excited the mood.At that time, I hurried up the hill, with the idea of finding beauty, very tired, dazed dash down there, completely ignoring the mountain scenery is beautiful, and even patches of fingers Maple Leaf did not attract Xingaoqiao time I.  I asked my friend, in the end is good-looking mountain of leaves, or leaves charming mountain?Friends also rewarding to me that the wise man happy water, benevolent Leshan, the mountain foot each have their own beauty, mutilated her hardest to some real.  I like the surprise found that the New World!Life is not what is so elusive.Each age group has a different worry and joy.This mountain that looks high mountain mood, envy advantage of others, have occurred re-think the idea of choice, but we can only choose to treat yourself, treat friends and relatives around.His own way of life go more smoothly some.  I bent down, picked up the patches of deciduous intentions.I picked up was not leaves, but some of the old days of nostalgia and sadness.(To quote the text’s prose network) Part Three: That this is a loss of a maple leaf in winter snow night, we came back late self-study each bed, there is a sentence of not talking, doing bedtime Relax.Suddenly there came a knock on the door gently, “so late, Who is it?”Open the door, he stood outside the door is a red trench coat, his face innocent and pure you.  ”Brother, just the way back, I clip a maple leaf in the book that was lost, that I brought from home, has been treasured for many years, can you help me go to find it together?”The same room the boys sent a gently laughter.In such a night, the face of this “sister” for help, I did not hesitate, looking at her face red with cold, picked up the hanging at the bedside scarf around her on, we just went out the door.  About a year ago, our seniors and freshmen networking party, always poor initiative Invitation to the Dance, I sat quietly listening to music.At this time, the class of the literary committee came to me and pointed across a girl wearing a red dress, said: “You go ask her, we invited you to dinner, please ask the class to eat less than you.”At this time his classmates bursts of cheers, have asked me to ask her past.Everyone’s happy face, a look of frustration, I finally stood up, she walked slowly in the opposite direction, leading, thinking about how to make dance in coming from behind to encourage sound.Really taste a bit like the year of Cao Zhi seven-step into poetry.  Finally stood in front of her, I saw her beautiful eyes filled with doubt.And I was like a child do something wrong, a little short uneasy, but fortunately I studied engineering pretty little mind, please have her mind.”Can you help me?”In the face of her question, I said:” We classmates asked me to dance with you, if not your whole class would be for dinner, but I was more than a month of meals ah!You help me!”Then I made a sad face.”Oh, yes,” she gazing looked at me for a moment, smiled, nodded slightly.In addition to beautiful, I perceived her kindness.So we entered the dance floor together, when she asked me to dance again officially asked her once, I smiled and nodded.Later the students invited me to dinner when she went, and became my sister.Together we walk in this quiet campus.Thick gray-based colors of the campus was covered with snow.Night has been deep, the snow is still Durian down, and that crystal clear snow, just like I do not know He Fangfei to angels, between the Indus shadows dancing in a variety of positions.That’s the main road leading to the auditorium and on both sides of the Gothic building was covered with snow, heavy in more of a pure, dark in crystal coated with a layer.Auditorium that green dome surrounded by white, demonstrating a rare enchanting now in the light shine.We were moved by the sight, quietly appreciate her past to today, accepting her silent inspiration.  We seem to forget that the purpose of this trip, term misty with emotion filled the snow dancing.That a maple leaf, then it should be covered with white spirit, is unknowable place silently sigh.Before he left, she and I said: “The fall of next year, to find a beautiful Maple Leaf gave me, all right?”I’m sure nodded.  The next day, I put in to fight in the Entrance Examination, then into other campus study, there was a time I went to a place far, far away, saying that this convention forgotten.You go back to his hometown after graduation, it is over the hill in a place I do not know.Then listen to my classmates talked about, had been there when you graduate.Is there anything left to be transferred to the sister’s brother asked to go, when you do not know what time to leave, leaving the silence.  Years later, whenever the late autumn comes, to see the Maple Leaf that piece of the mountains, thinking far side of the mountain, there is always the hearts of endless thoughts and sad, sister, I’m sorry, brother forgot his promise.How to find your brother, I searched the world with you all the good-looking maple leaves!  Sister, brother did not help you find the missing piece of maple, you know.?Brother also lost heart – that a maple leaf!    Part Four: Maple Leaf Dan stream each fall, no matter how busy, how tired of life, I always want to take the time to take a look leaves mountains.Late autumn, the maple leaf Flow Dan, giving a total of quiet beauty.Perhaps it is accustomed to this season, do not look at the leaves, not a collection of leaves, it seems less of what life.So, the morning went to the little-known city of Longtan Mountain, the mountain looked leaves.Northern town, Hongye Jiaohe Red Valley is more famous, but too far away from the town, but to the nearest urban area.  Longtanshan a small piece Red Zone, there is no Beijing and Changsha Xiangshan leaves Yuelushan famous, but also the flow of red maple, red dance Akiyama.Leaves the mountains and plains, storied dye, a variety of colors jumping between the mountains.Red maple leaf as the flow of red, ripe Fruitful in the United States.Red maple leaf, showing the long-term vitality, the maple cream than early spring flowers still bright.Maple Leaf one thousand ten thousand complex, Jiangqiao set off late evening sail.It is from Maple fragrant hill and dale from BCC.Intoxicated with the reflection of the blue sky and the river, floating white clouds, blue Maple Leaf and the clarity of the water is the eternal melody, sparkling in a kind of chant and flicking rhythm and tone Zen.  Stop-go in the Red Zone, looking at the mountain maple leaves, a lot of heart thoughts.Leaned over to pick up a slip of the maple leaf, put it gently flying, my sight as it Piaoyuan.Looking at the wind Piaoyuan maple leaf, my thoughts have followed the first Maple Leaf Dreaming of ancient lopsided.Qing Yin of “I painted the blue river of time, the love of late Pavilion on the Maple Leaf worry,” Let me read the story of Qiu Xiang Tang Yin and their love and beauty; re-Yin Du Mu’s “parking Fenglin love to sit late, Red Leaves flowers, “let me read out of one kind of life is to love and perhaps nostalgia and sing; and light Yu Xuanji chant of ‘Maple Leaf one thousand ten thousand complex, Jiangqiao set off late evening sail’, let me put thoughts thrown distance; repeat Tian Han’s “leaves Crescent pay if Xu is willing to tie the knot a Dan”, reminds me once and you Qiongju watching the movie “red – leaf poem” scenario.You know I like to watch drama movies, whenever staged drama movie, you will give me a ticket.You do not like opera, but I watched a few games to accompany “Red – leaf Poem” movie together.After reading Qiongju from the movie “Red – leaf Poem”, I began to collect the first piece leaves.From the beginning of the year, every year I will be a collection of leaves, this year I bring back this piece of good being just a collection of thirty leaves.These leaves, the Beijing Xiangshan leaves, leaves Benxi, Liaoning, Jilin Red Valley leaves, leaves more of a home nearby.Today, I continue favorites leaves, and you do not see me again leaves the collection.Howling autumn maple Dihua, you Tomb mountain, the mountain is covered with it to see The red?  Wind Piaoyuan thoughts, also has a unique way of thinking.This unique way of thinking, so I have to find that piece of poem maple leaves, and waiting for it to trickle flowing in front of me.I imagine with me were quiet deep love and affection, but also filled with this wandering maple leaves, running water you can carry is maintained, this sincere and fiery love War?In many stories, the Maple people with love and affection, inextricably not be cut off, but I missed you.Maybe you and I’m not pious and sincere, perhaps you and I do not mind that kind of Zen calm maple, maybe you and I are too temperament and mild-mannered fellow, perhaps you and I do not have somewhere doomed?No, what might not, because I fell in love with you but are unaware of blood kin!  In October, Maple Leaf red, Ruxia fire, overflow color flow Dan.Autumn maple leaves are red, after spring Saxia species, germination, spit leaves, blossom into the strong autumn.Nature Maple Leaf so, life is no different.Only experienced growing up, frustration, people can become mature, and mature beauty, real beauty.Look at the scenery Maple Leaf Flow Dan, red dance Akiyama, let me see the blurred autumn.I knew I was the idiot, is true love of Maple Leaf.Maple Leaf has been soaked my heart, Maple Leaf Suzi Magnificence washed away, so embedded vicissitudes sunset.When I walked into the late autumn early winter sunset actually, ears old songs “Homeward Bound!Homeward Bound!Homeward Bound!”In the sunset and kept singing the dirge of life.Akishimo White Dew, leaves in the autumn wind howling in Manwu.Night and fog, quiet moonlight faint fragrance-free, clear cold rain Autumn.The red several times?Millennium is also a fillip.Lu cold cream cold, late autumn The red with fantasy, dotted with mountains, creating an exquisite painting, wrote a love song after another stream of world.Rain several times, several times the Spring and Autumn, with several maple and red maple harvest watched clip in this piece in the face of colorful maple leaves gains across the board, my sentiment is: do youth Xie, subtle fragrance residue, bleak mid-autumn flowers Akiba also clear bloom distant dream!

Articles on Lotus

Part One: Smiling Buddhist Lotus has a thing, holy and beautiful fresh lotus, white and blue-green, reddish like a lotus structure rhyme most successful color.It is a noble sludge and integrally from the white and black interface most harmonious.When the lotus flower petal slightly expanded, morning light blink on nectar, like a lotus grin, the world celebrate a new day.  Lotus smile, quietly, gently, without interference.Often in a better let me go back to the scene of many warm, so I hush sigh Time flies, ten or twenty years it is to read flash.When young, I hope to grow up to be adults, life is often taken in the past, recall.  Three years of junior high school, we are taught in the language Li Wenhua.Li Lao requires that we must practice Essay transcription day.He said that now the word learn well, your future homework more, then you will not to worry, the word will be written faster and better.Li Lao special attention to our reading training, when there qing “back”, Lu Xun’s “Run soil”, “Kung” excerpts, and heard more than one “for boys and girls” and other excellent Famous.Basically every language class, Li Lao will be a hand-held tape recorder, hand and folders textbooks, classroom standing in the doorway, with his deep and Dong Dong-by-eyes scanned everyone, and so quiet, he strode to the podium of the ladder, gracefully aids, walked down the table, looked at the students and asked everyone how the lesson impression, there is no problem.The way to look at a few lessons in love playing tricks below, speaking classmates.He will once again step on the stage, pick the root chalk on a blackboard has written today to learn the lesson name.Each class he is bright and sunny, full of energy, the way the two sets of simple clean change of clothes, a dark blue suit, the other is similar to Lenin’s coat green beans, thin body frame tall, some short trousers , a pair of black shoes.Within such a simple appearance that is only put many generations the spirit of the great writer’s memory.He told us that Lu Xun wrote staggering Kung, Xianglinsao, Ah Q, “back” all the world is in love with the child’s parents back.Requires us to take the author’s mood to chant when reading, “back” narrative should be executed as a strong aftertaste, then return to the scene, the father full of deep regret, respected emotional.”Give boys and girls’ feelings of intense and soulful, longing for tomorrow,” I “is expressed by the author.Li Lao recorder is turned on, the music sounded, with the tape slowly reciting the word out, we are attracted unseen wonderful creations, breathing with the rhythm that sounds smooth, ah, this is how pure and unified space-time oh.Just so that is a source of heavy materials and rich literary language class, we harvest with their own voice and emotions to experience the beauty of the text lifeline.Indeed reading sentiment can be adjusted, gradually recognized a modern way of cultivation.Chinese culture has a long history, poetry, poetry and piano chess, boxing ball, and thus they are in tune with the spirit of the era of human civilization and history.  On twenty years away, I never saw him again, and as handsome as the year will be in my heart teacher, there was a handsome smile.Junior high school for three years, many of my essay is Li Lao into grades as essay, circulated in the class.It also cultivate my little self-confidence, although I have so much less than people, the really “man is man.”.Perhaps this gave me an extraordinary life to add a sum proud of the capital, like a piece of hair growth on the ground have so a cuckoo, so rosy red flowers.  When my son was writing to me and ask for advice, I would remind it some skills, he asked me: Mom, will you writing when you go to school?I said of course good.He asked: Why not go to college?This time I had to say you certainly stronger than a mother good times, ah, trying to learn it.This year the son of high school, and he and I and his grandfather’s cousin Tintin send him to school, the school environment is really beautiful, it is a public office to help nature, teaching evaluation ranked the forefront in the city.Son to admitted to this school, and parents to guide and supervise are inseparable.See his son into his classroom teacher, I think of my teacher of the year, the hearts feel at home.I always remind him to cherish, I came to realize that the future can “miss” is the word when you grow up broad implications.  I think my teacher Lee now sixty years old now, when my grandfather, he led his grandson or granddaughter to the river to see the fish, give him (her) recite poetry.Li Lao certainly reminds me of the podium for the Chinese and students laughing, and for the prosperity of the motherland loud chant verses flying.  If I could re-do your students, I will speak more active, even if it is wrong, I should be able to articulate identified, whenever you hear some students do not have the seniority, as an article in the plot to argue, to the bell rang, I had to end before the arrival of other classroom teacher.Li this case very protective enthusiasm of the students, but it does not affect other teacher’s class time, Li Lao smiling and gesturing left side, saying sorry.Whenever I think of Li Lao, I think of his smile, laugh waves this layer, so warm, so quiet, a few layers of moist dried and some of my worldly mind, “the world outside the paradise” where to find, As long as self-cultivation, Love fragrance everywhere.    Part II: water lotus Thank you once passing scenery, through love.  - Record in question when the rain was relatively long, with a little water on the ground, jump down the raindrops, it will bloom one another in an immaculate water, crystal clear water lotus.  Like, a lot of the good, or false good.  On the way, sunny, warm, fall back on each other, each other frankly, life seems perfect predicament.Friend, friend to share, cherish each other, depend on each other, accompanying each other to old, everything is so beautiful.  Life is also endless walking to and fro, weaving traffic criss-cross paths, but until the last, but still chose to reach the finish line at the origin.There are also back to the origin of life, had after bloom, hearts regretted his choice of words and deeds do not care reluctantly, pretending to start the carved, in fact, have lost the hearts Seimei.Camouflage, but is framed scars, maybe someone else can not see the moment, tears of their own pain yet orgy stuffed into a corner.  Because just passing through life, everyone for everyone, seemingly without a lot of care, so between them, as always barriers that we can not imagine.Since we can not cherish one another, rather than add another kind of sad forgotten, might as well have forgotten each other, meet the horizon from two.  Everything, as has that of water lotus, the moment she explains, even if just blooming petals, has also been plunged into a cycle of dying in.Even heavenly melancholy, Wan Xu sad situation, in tandem with scattered, ashes, neither longer exist.  Life is not a stranger because of broken water lotus annihilation, but because of knowing each other dependent and fragmented, why not choose to abandon those broken it is strange?  Sadness, why was it, I had known today, why did?  If you’re in my horizon, I’m in your cape, it would be good to each other should?  But, you say, if there is no.    Part Three: Lotus Lake Tour<采莲曲>Lane said: “Late sunshine empty Angeles, lotus Cheng Hui night.Wind from the lake difficulty, not much more expensive than dilute lotus.Zhao Furong move down, move egret flying boat.He Si Pong around the wrist, water chestnut pull away clothes.”The real beauty of Lotus Road and the Iraqis to do, but I went to visit Lotus Lake Lotus is not primarily to see, play it by ear but there is a taste of it, anyway, do not care if there ‘southern Picking, lotus Yehe Tian Tian’ of scene.  I rented a bike class, several students from Sichuan University of Arts to Lotus Lake, be my easiest, most short a tour, before I considered only with some of the landscapes on Half fate, there is no vision of some of the great mountains and rivers resorts longing, as I think it is non-relative, so passers-by, even though those lakes have lighted the world add a touch of guangyan.  Fortunately, God blessing me, so I love the cultural landscape, also I liked those feelings in the hands of literati landscape.Lotus Lake tour, I did not have a very carefree soul, cleansed of great feelings Toru sentiment, perhaps because “life difficult for water Gorges cloud”, and thus perception become numb, become open-minded.  I was not so much a ride to the Lotus Lake, as it is walking and riding.Myself cycling techniques not a home, it is very easy to find some reason to say that is because the road is too narrow and too steep, too many cars too bad, and therefore had difficulty carts, do not spend money to please the thing, but I’m out of this activity is still very pleasant.  And students with some undisciplined action, but fortunately I gradually learned to go with the flow, do not care how much it cost Lotus Lake travel time thing.As we return to the middle, with the “I also regret it and will not travel very husband is fun” little experience, but it was getting dusk, the sky to float the drizzle, it makes me no confidence to move on will go high.  Most troubling of all, two beautiful students do not ride, I would not care, can be hard on two other fellow men, and I giggle in addition to their hard pedaling manned performance, what can you do?Deep blame me ride too freely, it would have the nerve to show off their riding posture even when not take care of themselves.If if I was a cycling expert, so this great opportunity to ride manned say I would not let go.  The ride my hand linked to the color, a little lesson I must learn to understand their overarching importance when no matter what position we are, glad ah, cycling near misses, but I also saw Lotus Lake style.  ARTS way back encountered some particularly steep downhill is very sad reminder, very frustrating, obviously like to ride, but did not dare sit in the car, just like a person’s feelings, love has chosen to pretend do not care, love not too fast, is too late, think “Jun with me not there, I was born old,” very often tearful, phenomena in the world, but is too uniform!  Be my classmates and also after the car, looking for the nearest shop to sit down a hot pot, hot pot I have not eaten for a long time, so particularly fond.It is worth mentioning that Florida’s cheaper than pot hot pot in Chengdu, although it is not very rich in all kinds of hot pot dishes.Night rain started to increase when we eat hot pot, we leave the rain nor the convergence.  Rain, pouring freely, walking slowly in the rain, leaving a string of footprints, leaving scenes of memories.Lotus Lake tour, not sad not happy.    Part Four: blue lotus days of the blue is the sky blue pure, warm sun tenderness the air out of the green lake, green grass, the breeze soothe water thrown smile like sky blue vortex dimple, like beauty bland color mouth cool modesty , tranquil white clouds leisurely dotted blue sky watered down, is Happy forget, or Yi San verse, scattered in the sky blue lake as the same in the air, swimming, a few lines of crane on the lake show attitude, show posture empty Ming Yu occasion , but also in the bottom of the lake soar.Aoyagi shore banks of the graceful grace, mad drunk swaying in the breeze in the lake.I’m lazy and fell on the grass under the wadding willow, reflection in the lake, azure water, grass green color, eyes sky blue, white clouds, crane, Aoyagi, in heaven at the bottom, sucking sunshine fragrance, trance I do not know what is God is the water which is grass, water the grass looks into the distance at the day or days of the air out of the sky blue, forget this day between heaven and earth there is a blue sky blue I.  Blue sky is pure blue sky, blue water is sky blue stream Pan, the Blue Grass and the sky is blue wide deed.I was pregnant with blue sky blue sky dream, in the days of the wind in the blue sky blue sky blue underwater breathing dreams in delicate green pastures in the water and sky in perfect integration at the grass-day turned into a point, misty lit with the glow of floating the blue one day, then, very very hidden away tone Qinru my mind, very dark and quiet minimal fragrance seep into my spirit spleen.Sauna net rains, rains, rains muddy from the melting of the polar away.Spot gradually turns blue sky aura around the wonderful music in the air, a wonderful fragrance exudes the air.Floated, floated, long floated, Well, one day blue lotus, halo bedroom light cyan, light Pori contains graceful tone, light waves of jasmine fragrance implies!Miao is the general purpose, the SG is the clutch is sensed Charm, blue lotus, floated from outer intimate stately, the air in the water on the grass, round and round off azure light waves , around the enclosure Gudang azure waves of music, circulated around the enclosure azure waves of incense!Blue lotus, love Bodhi, love Bodhi, in my eyes dancing in my whole body dancing in my heart flying into the air, penetrate my body from my skin, with my blood flow cloth my body , countless seed rooted to my every cell inside, rooted to my life, gave birth to love life, nurture life of love in my life gave birth to the palace cells.  Blue sky is pure, my body is expanding, the expansion in my life, every cell in the birth, life at birth, sharply with pain, joy sharply with countless Qinglian spent in full bloom in my cell my life in full bloom.I was in full bloom with green lotus, split into numerous blue lotus, flying in the blue grass in the days of the blue in the blue water, and worked day blue light waves, and worked day blue wave music, a road azure incense wave , blooming love life, love life in full bloom!  I was pregnant with blue sky blue sky dream, the dream of the blue sky is pure blue sky, blue water is sky blue stream Pan, the Blue Grass and the sky is blue wide deed.Blue lotus, love life, love life, day in blue dream in full bloom!    Part Five: Lotus over and over that year I was seven years old look.It was a summer afternoon, I and several small partners to play up Higashiyama, found in the mountains and convergence at the mountain, there is a cave, a large, deep.Looking up towards our side is not very black, and bright flashes.This hole Gudang our desire glimpse risk, we capture the full light of this curious courage.We insisted on a courage and went inside.To embolden us laugh, big arm swing, fast pace.Unexpectedly, only a few steps away, there is no hole in the yard of the light, so dark, even the partners around the figure of monsters also have the story of the ghost-like shadow, black farther, reaching the final missing fingers.We fear up, slowed down, only a smile.Especially several of our little girl, scared the dolphin tears rolled down, if not afraid of ghosts and imaginary bad guys heard, will be trained, trained, crying wah-wah.Although we clenched his fists, teeth, Gongyao up against the darkness ahead, but went to the darkest place, we did not dare to take risks, a lot of people would like to put forward back and forth, the end of this cave explorers.”Can not go back.Go back, we do not know what is over the hill, Higashiyama play again, only wandering beneath Yamane, more boring.”Who insisted to take us into the hole with a pair of eyes screwed up little brother to stop, so we had no choice but to move forward unsteadily.”Do not worry, taking one step forward, one step further, there must be fun.”After a long period of darkness, there is a mercury-like shine to us.Long darkness, let us not suited to this light, I feel it was a ghost story monster fangs, we are afraid to move forward again, the little brother let those who follow his little boy hanging on our arms, said to be As long held his breath, ventured out of a big step forward, there is no darkness, they crossed this narrow cave.No escape route we had to breath, eyes closed, with a loud “jump” shout, brave step forward jump.  Ah, or really, this step after the jump, and then opened his eyes, was actually a bright.So this cave throughout the whole of the mountain, always, always to the side of the mountain.We were in extreme darkness surrounded when it is time to pass through the mountain in the dark when we sent a bouquet of bright embarrassed, as long as we reject the fear, shame, prejudice, narrow-minded, courageous a big step forward jump.A beaming show in front of an open set.  When will never forget, when we step out of a big step, we proclaim our victory through this dark cave, between I looked up, eyes actually coveted, with the only strange in Guilin, a vast expanse of desert different attitude reef.Then, we went on the coast of a mountain pine rebirth, to find the one next to a lotus pond five or six, although it is a small pond, but the number, the pool was Johnson well in full bloom lotus positive feeling Ying-day lotus has been over and over red.Think, flat light blue sea, white rocks, white sandy beaches, dark green pine trees, crimson lotus.That is the spirit world into a fairyland.  The most important thing is we found Lotus, elders and reminded many people think of the new generation, long time ago in a temple stands between this cliff, those lotus pond, is the monks to clean merit, wisdom and cool planted , is a good friend of Buddha and the successful planting.Today, the temple is not, but it is truly beautiful lotus.  This year, I have twenty-three.This year, on the eve of my college graduation, about a few students go to the outskirts of a temple to the Buddhist concept.I heard that there is expanding, you can see a lot of legendary Buddha, Buddha statue, as well as where the mountain is very lofty, landed on the hill where the monastery is surrounded by a whole can outskirts of scenery.I yearn for a long time favorite, before graduation, and finally have a chance to go there.  When I stop regardless of the temple monks, insisted that not through good repair cave, his party mates are for me Nie Bahan.They said that although a small cave, but the monks do not say?There is no good lighting, those statues will be terrible see in the dark, beware scare the problems.I do not listen, know through this small cave you can go to the other side of the mountain, it can be a shortcut that can be landed on the big tall mountain scenery enjoy the entire suburb near.I did not hesitate to walk into the cave, like me, one of my classmates also obsessed with climbing the mountains into the cave.It is a narrow hole, digging new construction, although the statues on the high and low sides of the cave settled, but with no filling on foot cement is very rugged, dangerous slippery roof and also around from time to time there are drops of water fall.Shortly after the hole, that the wall loading, a limited number of temporary lighting lamp to light more weak firefly camel.In the surrounding dense black, a wildfire plots a creep action, so that those faces covered with dark statues, boom despair in the water beads rolling off the sound, extremely ferocious.In classmate clutched my hands, I feel her fear deep pass over strong.”Do not be afraid, will be good for a while, the light in the head.”I’m encouraged, and loudly sang ‘Grandma’s Penghu Bay’.But soon after, even firefly lights and no, we were thrown into a dark abyss, in addition to dark or dark.”Believe me, we go a step further forward, not only to see the piece of bright fame, there will be waiting for it over and over Lotus.”I rolled up a classmate’s arm, repeatedly said.The darkness, she heard a muffled sob.It makes me think more of that experience came through the cave, I learn that like squinting little brother’s voice shouting: “Close your eyes, big forward step by step.”I can not say ‘jump step by step’, because my feet are wet, slippery muddy road.But when we re-open your eyes, in the midst of the light, we walked out of the cave, in front of towering into the sky is a rich verdant mountains, at the foot of the mountain, next to the exit of the cave is one of the big pond of lotus in full bloom.Students as I can “prophet” set outside the cave has beautiful lotus sigh again and again.But I know: Buddhist party will certainly planted lotus in clean and turns at Buddha.It was the herald: clean, holy, auspicious, not stained earthly trouble, sorrow, and that is the great perfection of the Buddha.  Of course, this time, I and my classmates that brave through the cave, our line is the only two men landed on the outskirts overlooking the whole scene, and that a few of my classmates just not being able to pass through the cave, not dare front step by step, and not be able to pass several small mountain, and unto the highest mountain wander crawl, think of the night sky, landed on the mountain after this bungled the time to go home, they can only be at the foot of small space wandering, Mount hope Despair.  Period of time, I found my friend in Chung Yin Buddhist scriptures, is very confused.This has always been wine and meat through intestinal too, the Buddha mind to stay free and easy main guy, how engrossed in the Buddha, will have to worry about what is.Sure enough, so I did not asks me, she was sad sad Qi told me: her relationship with her husband’s nervous, afraid of her marriage to the rocks.Originally, it was two people in love and married her in-laws live together.During this period, a friend discovered her mother was so duplicity, kept saying to her as a person from the family, but the emotional balance is always a tendency to their children.Such as breakfast, daughter, son of a cup of soy milk, her daughter has not done this; for example, the same cold, daughter, son was told after going to a good rest, and her mother personally boil drinking ginger, she just get I heard a faint “Why are not careful, next time do not catch a cold.”.This my friends is the wronged, in time and time again complained to her husband, and rebuked after, with regard to a child or an excuse for his grandmother in a more adaptable, back to her parents live.But although they found her husband with her and her family to live in, but the words they speak less and less frequently drunk and go, recently, the husband began to not return all night, feeling seems to have an affair.”You’re her mother and her husband often returned home yet?”” No, my husband does not call me back, I will not go back, saw her mother thought of together with my other eye treatment, is not comfortable.Or rare good.”” Mother daughter like you do?”” Of course, her granddaughter it.”” Her mother each week to see his granddaughter side will certainly be glad of it?” Her anxious ah, but what I want every week to give her, look at her virtue to me.” Why are you a Buddhist?”” Patience, my mother does not look good to open, once the husband of a change of heart a good psychological coping.” .Buddhism is to turn a blind eye to the immediate contradiction, rather than resolve.Friends of the Buddha’s heart hurts me.  ”Can you step by step before?See how?”I’m looking for friends complained again, and told her husband for reasons she and her mother, take the initiative to apply to the field work, their marriage is more to life on the line, I suggested to her.For marriage, for just only two years old daughter, she accepted my proposal.That is, no matter whether her husband in the side every week, she will return to her daughter-in-law, granddaughter gave her mother will look to bring elderly favorite fruit cakes, do her in-laws favorite meals, clean the house for the in-laws.Large section of the section, do not remind her husband, they offered to send delicious, urgently, especially Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, but also to great fanfare, vigorously expressed some.At first friend said, it became what it is, please do not curry favor?Not in the behavior of her mother, her husband’s behavior surrender it?No, not to take that step, but again and again confuse me: this will certainly vista.She decided to bite the bullet and try to cheek.  ”My old lady was very happy, and quickly called to tell his son how to say how good I am, gave her the best tonic to me, my sister-son took the initiative to send me good food, my husband called to say I changed, grown up, will at things, loving.”More than just a month, friends told me about the gleaming look good before this initiative one step further brought her.I told her to strike while the iron is hot: life before it takes so much time to take the initiative to take a step, this step-by-step, to win not only the shining sun and rain moisture, and that made you a broad perspective, the expansion of the mind Although this may not retain live your love and marriage, but your heart was crossing the rainbow you to really calm in.  One day, a friend asked me if I gloomily transfer to his son.On the grounds that his son had a falling out with the same table ferocious frame, long time no speak.The teacher gave them apart, but those with a good son, a good student at the same table with his son, but one by one and estranged son – they were afraid of his son caught in the middle and embarrassed at the same table.To this end, a friend’s son is very angry, I feel lively learning life into a pool of dead water.But this land transfer, though avoid the lump, but from the shadow of the hearts of the sons of stagnation, is not conducive to growth, as well as transfer have to re-adapt to the environment, as well as transfer With this state of mind of the son, fear is difficult to integrate into a new surroundings.She cited difficult chess set.”Do you want him crash and burn?”” Of course the.In fact, he would like, but we do not want out of this component.”Son shy friend’s answer, let me laugh.So I give him an idea – take the initiative and talk to each other at the same table.At first he became a rattle to shake his head, but I’m talking about a transfer of trouble, he immediately agreed.  Two weeks after dusk, I received a friend’s phone, she told me excitedly: After a period of struggle mentality, his son offered to help pick up the scattered books at the same table.They compromised, and that they have to be good companion to congratulate.Son once again feel classmate love, friendship sunny.Most did not expect that her son the day before the election class cadres, many of the students voted son’s ticket, including former son of the same table.The reason is the eldest son of gas, responsibly.Hear me laugh ha ha.  Buddhist scriptures say, the world of lotus petals not tens, not hundreds of heavenly lotus petals, lotus Pure Land has more than one thousand.Lotus is represented by worry and to clean, because it was born in the sludge, blooming in the water, there is mud, but not dyed Deeper Meaning.Lotus is open to the hot summer months water, hot and expressed annoyance, expressed cool water.In the troubles of the world, bringing cool realm, which is characterized by virtue of the lotus.So, people get relief while the metaphor was born Buddhist Pure Land from the troubles, all Lotus metaplasia.The Buddhist temple in lotus plant is to remind people, get rid of the dirt, except for trouble, put down a timely manner, as will be eligible to Lotus beautiful realm.However, I would like Buddha, was to Lotus realm as beautiful, bright and beautiful also includes exploration and unyielding dirt cloud of mud absorb resolve, so, Lotus will certainly be everywhere, I do not know whether the consent of the Buddha?    Part VI: Lotus Lotus ballad, named after China’s only a small county with flowers, a scene southern town its name, although no bridges people on stilts style, but has a brick Daiwa, rhyme strong Ming and Qing buildings, hold a paper umbrella walking in the lane in the rain, moss pre-order, unknown corner of white flowers, and the roof has experienced the dark clouds still delicate and beautiful carved stone windows, easily took me back to the old Xu visited attractions have settled courtiers merchants home.  Lotus, a differentiated intersection of three counties provinces of town, although can not be called Millennium town, but also spread the legend of immortal.Wu Chuxiong shut ruins on the site of the War witnessed the war, Sakai City God temple sung high dignitaries of the royal family, especially hehe merit, piano pavilion on the bridge can still smell the river water pavilion in lotus phase when Tang Yao Chong young Taiwan pavilion bet Fuqin the melodious sounds of nature?Flower pond Guanting still retains emperor Puyi teacher Zhu Yifan authentic handwriting.  Lotus, Jiangxi red tourist routes an integral part of, though not as big-name 瑞金苏维埃 government, less prominent Jinggangshan revolutionary cradle, not more than sonorous heroic strike Anyuan coal, Yongxin lost three Bay adaptation branch built in the company the far-reaching implications, but also called the root seedlings are red, remarkable.National Day a fight to the death to defend with blood, creating armed workers and peasants’ revolution a gun, “the story.Bin Xing House committee held the night before, a new dawn of Mao Zedong led his troops to make a wise decision to Jinggang Mountain, ushered in a turning point of the revolution, but also the achievements of famous Jinggangshan revolutionary cradle.  Lotus, Ganxi a shining bright pearl border, although in addition to the development of the Pearl River Delta economic circle, is not yet included in the Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone plan, but still its unique natural resources and cultural characteristics, to open up more than one yuan development of new ways.Planting flowers first open “canola flower festival” first of its kind, but also planning “Lotus Festival” of new rhyme; ecological farming green meat, oil food boarded the Diocese lounge, became a gift to share; further standardize the management of coal resources , it remains on the road to accelerate the transformation of economic development of steady and sustained economic growth; industrial Park, the new plant everywhere, cross-regional investment projects, diversified economic framework has begun to take shape, with wings and lotus positive trend urgent fly!  Lotus, is a southern rhyme tone, black coal resource-based, eco-green as the source, the revolutionary qualities of clay is to develop a blueprint colorful spectrum a lotus ancient ballad, sing a development Zhuangge!    Part Seven: Lotus interaction between a human heart he wishes to have installed a loving heart, full of longing and joy of flowers, looking for sincere and honest friendship, healthy and lively imagination, and later there will be a lot of misunderstanding and differences, if you do not know how to resolve them, only broke up.  Two people, especially lovers finally come together, heart holds the same appeal, we must learn to feel out was to give each other mutual support and mutual tolerance, meditation understand common is trained, the time change is not important, It is important personnel point of view of permeability.Do not our inner world with the outer environment suddenly sad suddenly hi students were repeatedly like a heart, not a good word to heaven, a not nice words sleepless nights, as long as humans understand it will bring along a variety of contradictions and ideas, learn to make good use of consciousness to perceive, to see open, remove the trouble, have more warmth, the number of disputes overcome this, know of compact fluorescent heart for equanimity, for the joy of Chen Xin heart, the heart of greed for the facilities, technology selfishness is dedicated, of the desire for mercy, spiritual self will Pinghu water!  Look at the world, the everyday common sense wisdom of the heart, giving the smiling life of peace.!  The world, and everything will flow away, everything will dust to dust return to the earth, earthly quest, wealth honorary dignitaries, or eternal romantic who can say forever?  What is happiness two?Orphans, the warmth of the family is their happiness, children lost both legs, standing and walking is their happiness, dry fish, tear their happiness.  Standing in the street of the city, people walk through the busy Yao Jian, carries the warmth of parents who hold honest good health, in the city looking for endless happiness, they do not know, other people dream of things flash in them, as long as will be able to stop and share a sense of contentment, they do not want to do that, preferring to believe in happiness on other people, in the distant future, do not want to have to face the true self.  Perhaps happiness no one can really explain the true meaning of it, different people have a different view of life, different people have different ideas concept.But I always believed that spiritual freedom is the highest state of happiness, if the world Jieru saints, lay down the burden put down, throw away the lose of dedication, the inner body’s self-cultivation in life, but forgotten the endless greed, Qingming earthly unfulfilled dream, but it’s infatuated.Love and hate, gain and loss, students do not already naked, bitter contention and why?Unhappy life seventeen eighty-nine on its unhappy at not moan and groan as soon as possible to remove the extra burden, reject earthly traction, embrace self, give yourself a cleaned up the soul, dust to fog, bright eyes, make life a little bit of happiness source.  Three felt wrong now, in the future perhaps, now think of the future, perhaps wrong, wrong wrong right right after all, is the idea of a moment of it, lay down, the mind will gradually clear, out of the tie him right or wrong, the taste of true happiness and freedom at Fen Yang snow season, threw the heart of nature, feel the snow cool and pure, unfettered enjoy the snow embrace of mother earth Hearty and sweet, tender back to our childhood, so no stained white as snow his soul a bath, wash away all the dirt, still life, a clear mind.  Four if the eyes are the windows of the soul, the soul of the story is a microcosm of hands.  Life such as water, constantly flowing, we shrugged, many vivid stories which, like the palm of flood flows do not go, do not follow the crowd, I was able to carve a road beautiful shades of scar patterns.Around the scar patterns, many beautiful and moving love story and vigorous pursuit of life are wrapped around wrapped around each fall, becoming the most in life to bear in mind and true witness.  Five life, true in case of uneven road, I walked with a touch of mood, no big deal, face the constant ancient vastness of the universe, I feel for all of their own insignificance, learned long sigh with relief, from calm Yung, this world nice feeling wells up naturally!Easily put down like a childhood mother’s hands gently stroking my childhood, Wen Wen brings tears, full of self-sufficiency and pleasant, smiling drifting every corner of the heart, enlightened me alive, the scenery of blossoming moisturizes things in silence Lotus, comfortable in the heart of the lake, quietly reveals a share relieved and clean, beautiful and sincere, non-staining and noble!