“The money does not leave me a pair of shoes?”

  This much.
  ”.I want so much money doing what!I never expect to buy!”She rushed up and punched him in the back:” You only cunning small reptiles!I do not want your money, I want your life!”
  Even if the body gets bigger, she hit the power still has not changed, light as a feather, Yu Ze after seeing her trembling slightly flushed cheeks and eyelashes surprised a moment, that the power of light as a feather, into the the body becomes a heavy hammer, hit on his heart.
  He hastened to look to her waist, but there have been no big white goose up.
  He turned his back on her and strode to the studio.
  ”Life can not give you.”
  He could not help hold down the location of the heart, as if that could slow down the heart beat rate.
  Heart can not give you.
  Donna incredible stared at his back, gone back to this crook!
  Had encountered evil spirits, she came fold return to rescue him, he said, it is not so!
  Zaozhidaojiu recordings, and put in his ear a hundred times a day!
  Donna went up to him, pulled his sleeve, said: “We make a bet.”
  ”What bet?”He looked at her.
  ”You pay attention to small reptiles not for love

It is empty, and I choose to open, you take it for a lifetime.”

  XIA away was sitting in bed reading the literature of it, hear the phone ring, take a look over, happy to abandon the books, won the second mobile phone replied: “commitment has been received, and irrevocably.Mystery man’s Box has been opened, the progress 1/4.”
  Cheng looked at the progress of the winter quarter, there will be no calm smile on his face too, it seems his gifts today, even more than this small envelope it.
  Two people looking over playing childish games this little surprise prepared XIA away, play really enjoying themselves.
  Cheng winter baby like this open the envelope, and even the corner Pursuit heart are not damaged, which would drop out of the two concert tickets.Cheng Dong of highbrow classical music is not much interested, XIA send away this is not natural.
  What surprises ready, we naturally have to match up the.
  This is the official game soundtrack concerts world-renowned gaming giant, ancient version of the classic BGM will almost ten the following year played by live orchestra.
  There is also Zhang payment orders, it is because of this gift yet no entity is XIA away to buy tickets to the carnival scene gave him.
  Cheng Dong know

Agent or epinephrine, cut in pieces, gouging out eyes, peeling nails, which are enough for you to enjoy, like a while.”

“If the Crown Prince was scared to go out of the screen incontinence, it is widely praise Pro people of genteel calm which is a joke, right.”

Flower Mu dropped his eyes, like gentle lamb: “I have no choice.”

“No, no, of course you have.”She went out pulp rubs his smooth cheek:” You join forces bombed the house of my father spent twenty years entirely built large park, even with the election of Mr. Paik messed up, you can be powerful.”

“Ok?”Flower Mu shook his head:” I do not know what you’re talking.”

“And the news has been said, this is your own staff operational errors, he should keep a clear.”

“I do not know – you do not know?!”The woman’s voice instantly sharp up:” You may not know how the fuck?!And those books that you all do not know the roster?!”

Flower Mu deep breath and whispered: “I did not know this, but if you are willing to check it, I had just finished surgery out of the hospital, Su Ming court in only two or three days to live.”

“I do not care these!”Zhang Rui heart directly shouted out:” Take these things out of all post!Do you look innocent his mother to the poor!”

  Successful experiment temporarily achieved, so that all people involved in the experiment are very excited, the upper Imperial is the next experiment as a national first-class secret, they work closely in more advanced laboratories, research and sleepless nights can make humans longevity methods.

  Hui Ming Lang and other saw the infirm, elderly white hair black hair, skin folds stretch off, smooth and delicate newborn skin, the body’s cells to become active is extremely slow speed, regeneration, allowing the body to regain vitality, he almost thought dreaming.
  After a brief joy, team after the cycle of experiments and concluded initial success.
  The reason why the preliminary, because of which involved a lot of drawbacks and defects need long research to solve.
  Plot development here, Lang Hui Ming as the main air transport male life hanging open all the way, if you have been going so smooth, people might really be able to work out ways to longevity.
  Unfortunately, his luck soon end Heaven law bad taste.
  Experimental brought problems over time, the real outbreak of the day, enough to bring a devastating blow to human.
  The first to be affected

Some time in this life most do not want to remember, is that part of the day doing black boxer.

  Because his strength is far higher than the general black Sincere hand, so the boss in order to make money, like to use him as a machine.
  There are other boxers after a match of at least about ten days time to restore the injury, but he is recovering from a maximum of only three days, sometimes even to the spate of big games, games are often five days a week.
  Even if the strength of another strong Chakun also wounded, the backlog into the illness will not be restored.
  So there Chakun that time, every day live in pain.
  If he does not play will not get the drugs he needs, he will be more pain, that time of his life did not look like a person, it is one of the walking dead linger.
  ”As long as I am here, no one sent him back to even think about that damn place.”Chen diving sound cold and harsh:” Sooner or later, I’ll Chen diving leveled the damn place.”
  Gokseong face looked amazing diving Chen, he really do not understand exactly how to Chakun Chen diving brainwashed.
  Chakun grateful diving Chen looked at, as long as Chen diving now a word, he is willing to do anything for him, of course, including murder!
  ”Chakun!You want to know!You need to have something in my hand, he has it!”On the table, pointing Gokseong ‘white goods’ roar

not good.”

  Luo Xu remained silent head down, as if did not hear what she was saying.
  Cheng is not urgent double, calmly opening the phone, the phone starts playing the video table in front of Xu Luo throw up.
  ”Take a look, what is this.”
  Sight is so big, even if do not want to see Xu Luo also see, Cheng got the double surveillance video data.
  Picture, the process they sent people running short section of grass looks crystal clear.
  ”I think you know better than me what it is, it makes sense carrying the dead?”
  Luo Xu crazy eyelids quivering, still without a word, double-Cheng calm approached, the phone hides in the back pocket, washed her and said: “Go to the hospital today Shihai harvest a message.”
  ”Xu ao awake.”Cheng bilateral position to go on watching her:” But miserable, into a vegetative state.”
  ”The doctor can not contact you, I began to contact me, and he asked me to hospital costs of the settlement at this time.I and Xu ao non-relative, therefore, am I spending money for him, you say it?”
  ”He was your grandfather.”Xu Cheng Luo stared angrily double opening, blood red eyes:” Do not forget, your hands holding this company or his!”
  Cheng double highlighted: “You have a problem of perception.This company almost went out of business, but also long-term at a loss, I wish you early training and preparation

Ago, around the atmosphere is very sad.

  Yao Ji ceremony looked at the cupboard boxes of condoms, sighed, “when will run out ah.”
  Forest Health: “”

Chapter 74
  Forest Health woke up, Ji Yao is back to his own ceremony, standing by the bed and tie, hands skillfully, without having to look in the mirror, his head bowed, eyes fell on the table equal shares of the mobile phone.
  Lin-sheng rolled over the side tummy, looking at Yao Ji ceremony shirt revealing Li Ting across shoulder blades trance, his throat issued a “huh” do not want to get up complaints.
  Yao Ji ceremony noticed that he woke up, subconsciously looking back, mouth also dispersed with no smile.
  Forest Health blinked, “early in the morning, what is it worth so much fun laughing?”
  Yao Ji ceremony handed him the phone, he took Laiqiao eyes, then cover the amount of frustration: “even one day on three hot search, I have to suspect that he is not as hot a physical search.”
  [Lin] born husband Building confession trending topic being ranked second, opening the release of all users, every angle shot of Tower confession show photo.
  Lin-sheng think, yesterday too excited, patronize a daze go, take pictures to commemorate the forgotten, holds many lessons these days, there are so many friends to help him up pictures.
  Yao Ji

A constellation with a booming personality and excellent fortune in 2018.

Who among the twelve constellations will get rid of bad luck in 2018 and have a burst of personality to realize counterattack? Let’s take a look at TOP5, the constellation with the best luck in 2018, compiled by Xiao Bian according to the luck of the year. Let’s see if there is you.!   Fifth, Pisces: 2018 is a year of change for Pisces. Many changes will take place in both its external environment and its own psychology. It is also an important turning point in life and faces no small challenges.. Fortunately, Pisces is able to get rid of the difficulties one by one through constant self-awakening and the help of noble people. It is in good luck..   The following is the fourth place: Capricorn, who has been repressed for a long time, will wake up in 2018 and be willing to welcome new things in Open Heart. Therefore, it will know many noble people who are helpful to its career.. At the same time, love also performed well, and peach blossoms appeared in the middle of the year.. It can be said that career love will usher in a double harvest.   Third place: Scorpio 2018 is a year of metamorphosis for Scorpio. In this year, inside, Scorpio will experience comparative things and grow up again.. As the heart grows stronger and stronger, Scorpio’s luck is getting better and better, especially in the coming year, and will have a prosperous life..   Second place is the following: Gemini’s past efforts and waiting will be reaped in 2018, which is a great event to celebrate for Gemini.. Despite the mediocre financial performance, there are opportunities in business and feelings are increasingly clear.. 2018 is a good year for Gemini.   First place: Cancer 2018 is a year of good luck for Cancer. In this year, Cancer will slowly break the shackles and win success with its own strength.. Good luck will only come as soon as possible. In the second half of the year, the emotional road will also go smoothly. Cancer will usher in a critical turning point.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

Constellation with Prosperous Wealth in February 2018

As the end of the year approaches, many things will gradually enter the final phase.. What is your horoscope for this month in inside?? Let’s take a look at the constellation with the greatest wealth in February 2018 ~ Aries has a better overall trend of wealth in February. If Aries goes to talk about business in February, it will have a great harvest and can also make a huge profit from it.. In addition, work affairs should also be handled carefully, pay attention to the opportunities to make a fortune, and don’t miss the list that should belong to you.. Aries can earn a lot of money if she works a little harder..   Cancer’s fortune will continue to be good in February and will be somewhat favorable.. You can buy more lottery tickets, the chances of winning are very high, especially before the new year.. If you win the grand prize, this year will be even better.. In addition, Cancer may also receive New Year gifts from the other half, which are valuable and can be treasured well..   Scorpio enters February. Scorpio’s career and financial fortunes are slowly improving. Success in career will directly translate into financial encouragement, so Scorpio can be xiaozhuanyibi. If friends have good projects to cooperate with Scorpio, Scorpio should pay more attention, invest a little when seeing the right ones, and have the chance to get rich..   In February, the sun is in the second house of Capricorn, thus increasing the value of Capricorn.. Capricorn’s fortune is good, and if he is doing business, he will gain a lot.. Capricorn should pay more attention to some businesses that deal with people, and if the investment is made in a timely manner, it will also get rich returns.. In addition, Capricorn can find more partners to expand the scale and gain more.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

A word of advice to twelve constellations in February 2018

A brand-new February has been opened, and this month is a link between the past and the future for many people.. A word of advice to twelve constellations in February 2018, please check it.   Aries: Never underestimate others. You are impulsive and outspoken. In the future, you should learn to look at the advantages of others, learn from each other’s strong points and never underestimate anyone.   Taurus: It is important to learn to balance career and family career, but family is also a part that cannot be ignored.. You will have a better and happier life only if you learn to balance the relationship between your career and your family..   Gemini: Change Bad Habits You are already contaminated with some bad habits, which are damaging your body and wealth virtually.. Slowly change bad habits and move forward to a better life..   Cancer: Everyone likes a smooth and comfortable life, but you should try to get out of the comfort zone, or you will never grow up.. If you keep stalling, you will be overtaken by others..   Leo: Adjusting Expectations Sometimes it’s not a good thing to expect too much, which will bring you even greater disappointment.. Try to adjust your expectations to an appropriate level, and it will be more comfortable..   Virgo’s following content: leave yourself more leeway. your eyes are too picky and sometimes it can cause embarrassing situations.. I suggest you don’t speak too harshly, use a little euphemism, and leave yourself some leeway..   Libra: Say goodbye to the past completely. If you want to stride forward, you must learn to say goodbye to the past.. With the past bad things, with the past unpleasant memories farewell, believe that the future will be better..   Scorpio: Pay attention to your health. The body is the capital of the revolution. You should pay more attention to your health in the future.. Get rid of bad work and rest time, learn to preserve one’s health, recuperate slowly, let the body become better..   Sagittarius: Sincere Lover To get a Harm.FunLoving, you must first learn to love sincerely. Learn to understand, learn to give, learn to push yourself and others, in order to get the favor of love..   Capricorn has the following contents: make a new plan, everything will be done in advance, but nothing will be done in advance. the new year is about to begin. you can make your own plan for the new year.. If you want to reach a certain goal, you must start to work hard as early as possible..   Aquarius: Focus will make you more attractive. Sometimes you are not focused enough and easily distracted, which leads to inefficiency.. Remember, focus will make you more productive and attractive..   Pisces: Love is not the only one. You always regard love as the whole of your life, but love is not the only one.. If you put all your eggs in one basket, inside, you may end up doing more harm than good. Try to improve yourself.! Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.