, I do not give my.”

  Black into white, Xu Luo anger turned pale and was tied hand and foot shackles crazy flutter with, but was beaten back into reality chilled hoop.
  Cheng double up, floating down the sentence: “So, you want to be clear that, in the end what you want, what you should do now is.”
  Cheng double from the interrogation room, the child star Mu went up to her, eyes a bit worried: “Are you okay?”
  Cheng double smile: “What can I do.”
  Mu child star still worried: “That we continue to listen in here or?”
  ”Go home and rest.”
  Cheng Mu double spontaneously went to the right hand side of the child star, left hand clutch her shoulders, the sound comfortably sigh: “Now is not the time we should worry.Xu Luo does not move, check also can check out.”
  It just takes time.And I do not want to wait any longer double Cheng.
  They eat dinner, watch a movie together lying on the carpet.
  Mu child star put a hand beside mouthwatering strawberry, two-hand drive inconvenient to the grounds, enjoying the peace of mind Mu child star feeding.
  Movie forward to the crucial moment, put aside the double process of shaking up the mobile phone.
  Mu child star to get kicked her foot, double drive very calm: “hand is not convenient, you take over, I pick.”