Eli reached out to pull him up, leaning against the bed to make it back, “a lot of friends I can not remember what, unified call me Lin born husband, this name, I kinda like the.”

  Lin-sheng startled by startled, smiled and pinched his face, “my stupid husband, how to go out so early today?”
  ”Companies today have an important meeting, I must be present.”Yao Ji ceremony put his foot on the head of a piece of clothing around him, he was easy to pick up,” while someone to put Cai Siming picked up these days with me in the hospital, depriving you did not rest well, you’re at home today rest well.”
  Then, Yao Ji ceremony turn away, Lin students grasp his hand, he looked back, “ah?”
  Lin students actually worried about his body, Ji Yao ceremony has just recovered, he did not want to be too tired, but he also understood that Yao Ji ceremony, certainly does not fit the other end of the work, he had told: “three meals a day have to shoot me.”
  Yao Ji ceremony hook lip, “Yes, sir.”
  He went out, and forest health depends on the bed for a moment, brush the brush microblogging, then get dressed up, out of the bedroom when Cai Siming positive Siyangbacha lying on the sofa, half of the quilt are off the ground.
  Just past, Cai Siming school yet, so no hurry to go to school.
  Lin-sheng went over with his knee