”Ah, do not, ah, people are still blowing hair!”Zhongchu Hong teasing boyfriend so weak, can not help but lean in slowly dishwashing stage.

  ”We have not done here, try looking in the mirror today will have a special feeling!”Li Xuan against Zhongchu Hong exquisite and earlobe gently blew, here is her sensitive points.He has lifted a hand nightgowns, paintings delicate skin along the thigh all the way up, and soon found a muddy, gently fiddled with two somewhat moist petals.
  ”Do not tease me!”Zhongchu Hong Qiao Lian reddish, turned round with a slightly trembling voice he said..
  ”Well-behaved, obedient!”Let Zhongchu Hong Li Xuan leaned half lying on the wash stage, the rich, high tilt of the hips, and gently enter her from behind.
  Li Xuan looked at the mirror goes Qiao Lian crimson blurred, body sprint frequency accelerating, blowing hot and cold night.

196 Chapter ATV restructuring

  The morning sun, the gap through the window frames, irradiation into the house, bed and hugged the two men *.
  Li Xuan first woke up, looked at his arms sleeping toot face, frowned a bit lovely girlfriend playful, are not playing big heart, hand pinch her nose Alice Ting.
  Zhongchu Hong arousal quickly, gently shook his head and swung her hand on the nose.She squints, between still half asleep, voices with a bit of hardship: “You’re dead, mischief early in the morning, do not let a good sleep.Last night you were tossing dead!”
  ”I do not know who cried and cried last night says that he has, but also the!Later, someone seems to be active!”Li Xuan a