“The money does not leave me a pair of shoes?”

  This much.
  ”.I want so much money doing what!I never expect to buy!”She rushed up and punched him in the back:” You only cunning small reptiles!I do not want your money, I want your life!”
  Even if the body gets bigger, she hit the power still has not changed, light as a feather, Yu Ze after seeing her trembling slightly flushed cheeks and eyelashes surprised a moment, that the power of light as a feather, into the the body becomes a heavy hammer, hit on his heart.
  He hastened to look to her waist, but there have been no big white goose up.
  He turned his back on her and strode to the studio.
  ”Life can not give you.”
  He could not help hold down the location of the heart, as if that could slow down the heart beat rate.
  Heart can not give you.
  Donna incredible stared at his back, gone back to this crook!
  Had encountered evil spirits, she came fold return to rescue him, he said, it is not so!
  Zaozhidaojiu recordings, and put in his ear a hundred times a day!
  Donna went up to him, pulled his sleeve, said: “We make a bet.”
  ”What bet?”He looked at her.
  ”You pay attention to small reptiles not for love