Some time in this life most do not want to remember, is that part of the day doing black boxer.

  Because his strength is far higher than the general black Sincere hand, so the boss in order to make money, like to use him as a machine.
  There are other boxers after a match of at least about ten days time to restore the injury, but he is recovering from a maximum of only three days, sometimes even to the spate of big games, games are often five days a week.
  Even if the strength of another strong Chakun also wounded, the backlog into the illness will not be restored.
  So there Chakun that time, every day live in pain.
  If he does not play will not get the drugs he needs, he will be more pain, that time of his life did not look like a person, it is one of the walking dead linger.
  ”As long as I am here, no one sent him back to even think about that damn place.”Chen diving sound cold and harsh:” Sooner or later, I’ll Chen diving leveled the damn place.”
  Gokseong face looked amazing diving Chen, he really do not understand exactly how to Chakun Chen diving brainwashed.
  Chakun grateful diving Chen looked at, as long as Chen diving now a word, he is willing to do anything for him, of course, including murder!
  ”Chakun!You want to know!You need to have something in my hand, he has it!”On the table, pointing Gokseong ‘white goods’ roar