Ago, around the atmosphere is very sad.

  Yao Ji ceremony looked at the cupboard boxes of condoms, sighed, “when will run out ah.”
  Forest Health: “”

Chapter 74
  Forest Health woke up, Ji Yao is back to his own ceremony, standing by the bed and tie, hands skillfully, without having to look in the mirror, his head bowed, eyes fell on the table equal shares of the mobile phone.
  Lin-sheng rolled over the side tummy, looking at Yao Ji ceremony shirt revealing Li Ting across shoulder blades trance, his throat issued a “huh” do not want to get up complaints.
  Yao Ji ceremony noticed that he woke up, subconsciously looking back, mouth also dispersed with no smile.
  Forest Health blinked, “early in the morning, what is it worth so much fun laughing?”
  Yao Ji ceremony handed him the phone, he took Laiqiao eyes, then cover the amount of frustration: “even one day on three hot search, I have to suspect that he is not as hot a physical search.”
  [Lin] born husband Building confession trending topic being ranked second, opening the release of all users, every angle shot of Tower confession show photo.
  Lin-sheng think, yesterday too excited, patronize a daze go, take pictures to commemorate the forgotten, holds many lessons these days, there are so many friends to help him up pictures.
  Yao Ji