Will you measure your heterosexual relationship in September 2018?

A popular person usually has a good heterosexual relationship. With a good heterosexual relationship, everyone will feel confident. A good heterosexual relationship is what many people want, especially for those who want to get rid of being single.. How about your heterosexual relationship in September 2018? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s do a predestination test together..   1、. How is your current heterosexual relationship??   Good →2 bad →4 average →3 2, do you like to wrangle with the opposite sex??   Like-4 don’t like-3 occasionally-6 3, heterosexual edge explosion will you be afraid?   Fear-4 not afraid-7 difficult to say-5 4, are there endless words between you and the opposite sex??   How to also say not over-6 have nothing to say-7 completely unable to talk-8 5, the opposite sex will often give you help?   Frequently →7 occasionally →8 never →6 6, do you have many secrets with the opposite sex??   Many →9 very few →7 no →10 7, do you care about the opposite sex??   Yes-8 won’t-10 is difficult to say-9 8, do you think the opposite sex is a kind of person who is easy to get along with?   Very easy to get along with →9 difficult to get along with →C difficult to say →10 9, will the opposite sex make you feel very uncomfortable??   Very uncomfortable-B is a little uncomfortable-D is difficult to say-10 10, when the opposite sex is not good, will you stay by yourself??   Looking for the same sex to play-b stay by yourself-a look at the situation-c test answer: a, September 2018 your heterosexual relationship is very good, September your heterosexual relationship is very good, you will feel very happy, the opposite sex can give you a lot of help, you feel the opposite sex is much more enthusiastic than the same sex. You will cherish the heterosexual relationship in September very much. You think it is good for you to make more friends at this time. Of course, you also often help others. Your popularity with the opposite sex in September is not occasional. It has something to do with your usual behavior..   B in September 2018, your heterosexual relationship is generally the same as that of September, not good or bad. anyway, peace is no different. there is nothing special about your relationship with the opposite sex.. For you, there is not much difference between the opposite sex and the same sex. Sometimes you want to get along more with the same sex. When the opposite sex is similar, you feel that it has no influence on your life..   C, September 2018 your heterosexual relationship is not good. September your heterosexual relationship is not good. although some heterosexuals are willing to contact with you, some unpleasant things are likely to happen between you.. In September, inside, your attitude towards the opposite sex is somewhat harsh. You often give the opposite sex an aggressive feeling. The opposite sex is not willing to be outdone and you are not willing to give in.. Throughout September, quarrels often occur between you and the opposite sex. The opposite sex does not like you..   D, September 2018 you have no heterosexual relationship. September you have no heterosexual relationship at all. you will feel a little disappointed about this situation. you are a person who longs for heterosexual relationship. you think there are too many troubles when you are with the same sex.. You like to get along with the opposite sex in your life. You think the opposite sex is more indifferent than the same sex, but unfortunately, you will be lonely in September without the opposite sex.. Please contact the website administrator if you reprint the original articles of First Constellation. Otherwise, it will be regarded as infringement..