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Part one: pass a relatively long history of human memory, the three decades of time can not be calculated only briefly the moment, even the tiny “period” of history are not really, but for a person’s life, the and how many will be thirty years?How many have in the past?2008 is the 30th anniversary of our country’s reform and opening up, and by mid-2009 happens to be a turning point in my life of 30 years, I can say that the country is accompanied by the spring breeze of reform, economic great leap, the rapid development of society, the times, hard work struggle has grown to become a new era of beach-goers.  In three years time, my life has undergone enormous changes, also left this life too difficult to forget the profound memory.Forget the past, such as the time sponge in the water in general, as long as you force a squeeze, it will instantly elapsed without trace, leaving only a piece of fragmented unbearable ups and downs.Memories of childhood have a difficult day in dire straits, but also with innocent joy playful; with ordinary people unbearable pain, but also has learned to read the word of infinite pleasure.  In that life is about to flower in full bloom season, along with the parents of beatings and teacher of the statue teachings, babbling, began a life long and boring reading career.If the primary time innocent, then the road is the study of high school life more crucial aspects, but also in real life get the first stage of knowledge, and the lack of rational boring, ignorant of life began to stir, the younger generation is Qingdouchukai as elegant, Sidongfeidong we learned to pretend an evil look in front of rural partners find fault, part bohemian students started smoking, love, fighting, rebel, fashion, chasing the trend…Everything will be good and bad, this stage is the turning point in life, it is difficult to control parental time, few loose will ruin a person’s life.  After a further in-depth education, and through examination of baptism, most people will find their own shortcomings, there will be more awareness of the society, in fact, like a school of juvenile detention, reformed further studies, failure of only find a new way.For those cognitive fast, sensible older young people, it is easy to walk into high school life.  I suppose junior high school is boring life, that high school is the knowledge of life “prison”.High walls, the majesty of the security guard, closed-end management, feel suffocated.Inedible mess, chaos and damp quarters, serious and demanding teacher, inhuman diagnostic tests, people love a very tough battle, ruthless devil entrance, verses will be creepy, ruthless.Although the day in deep sorrow, but this is a necessary stage of life, this is not honed body and mind, the next four years there will be a better college career.When we do not dream of paradise into the life, our lives gradually self, but also the best time to start real talent, to become the first person to justice, but also to lay the foundation for society’s most critical stage.Personal gradually mature, the ability to gradually increase gradually stabilizing love for this book truly new concept of social.  After four years of university training, growing plump wings of young people who still carries that he has no ideals, returning to the campus left, toward a higher goal in life Gao Xiang wings.When we really come to work, gradually from students to employees of the moment, suddenly we realized that our ideal space, sociological subjects we have not reached this pass, the ideal and the reality is that “loss of his hack away” the difference Ever since, “he complained” became our patent, complaining that it is difficult to avoid.Ask yourself, is this what I bided studying the results of it, this is my years of struggle hard to trace the life you?  Yes, each of us is after a dozen years of hard work, I look back, nearly 30.Time so quietly planning to go at a moment unconscious from the fingers, leaving only memories of that almost pass bit by bit.    Part II: I will not pass the United States in this sleepy confusion season, went out a little cast iron will remember, even if it is the joy of the walls and the ruins of collapsed, people of faith will always live in their own happiness in!I like that sentence, this world, simple and dedicated people often fulfilling life, complicate the lives of people often let life come to nothing.  Not a journey, but went out in the night after the advent of yesterday has become yesterday.Snow barren trees of dead branches, winding winding valleys deep valleys, Cang Shi Qingsong coniferous erosion, air-cooled blowing dust and sunshine Young, dashing car Chiguo marks pulverizer, deep in the mountains a few people smoke, the old magpie branches solo comb feather, sunset Sky way back annular eclipse.I did not expect to encounter the most beautiful scenery, do not bring a camera, really a pity!  I will not be sleeping in this season confusion, I went out a little cast iron will remember, even if it is the joy of the walls and the ruins of collapsed, people of faith will always live in their own happiness in!I like that sentence, this world, simple and dedicated people often fulfilling life, complicate the lives of people often let life come to nothing.  Not a journey, but went out, remember this night comes after yesterday’s yesterday has become.Snow barren trees of dead branches, winding winding valleys deep valleys, Cang Shi Qingsong coniferous erosion, air-cooled blowing dust and sunshine Young, dashing car Chiguo marks pulverizer, deep in the mountains a few people smoke, the old magpie branches solo comb feather, sunset Sky way back annular eclipse.I did not expect to encounter the most beautiful scenery, do not bring a camera, really a pity!Sauna windy site in the valley, looking Zi and the simple and natural, for more than a patch of forest unique ambiguous, is close to the cheek feel cold and the wind tangled like a broken flower fleeting, roads the shadow of a touch of sadness floating up sink, and that only a drop of the green farewell.I stood on the side of the hill overlooking the mountains, listening to his father’s simple description, it is not for the tall magnificent temple had a good impression of shabby, but not the outward looking helpless, the more difficult the valley, the mountains higher than the mountains, and more a little bit of regret!  Direction stretches of road is calm endless, tangled traces more tired, I can do is to extract more silent eyes, and seen a hurried breathing also running car in the endless black shadow, and finally can faintly hear the melodious music melody, reapply the dim twilight Love in getting forgotten in color.I do not know drifting over the years how bright colors, do not know yet how to sing the song sounds, so much love.  I always like the golden glow off the cliff at sunset time to catch up, then quietly stare Shen month that the rising, in a few days time I put on the heart of that distant poor countries to do more devout prayer, the earth again with the oldest prehistoric way, the moment of the release of the relentless trembling slightly, the violent shaking again buried in a city and village.The original messy world, overnight became the ruins, the ruins of accumulation, an increase of more homeless grief and panic.  Will forget the life ring inadvertently quietly open and quietly withered flowers.Time will not wait for us, just took us forward, and we can do is make a choice, drift or run Herd.Between an idea, however, I can hear scattered in crevices in the free airing of views, those fragile track repeatedly kept in the depths of confusion season, let time bury this sleepy winter poetic, sentimental sense of shame still breed dark long, will not be leaving any sentimental farewell, like traces of paranoid thinking borders, meaning, read fantasy and, finally, unable to vent carved confession.  Many times I would forget to cherish, always easy to ignore the passing of trying to hide something, life’s origin still see that noble soul wandering not scattered, jumping melancholy in cheerful purple dance music, no glittering lighting, only one pure goodness.Finally, I found myself in the way of stumbling in inadvertently let go of life’s most beautiful.  Always think we should end with a word essays these days, I became a night off.Hiding in a small space feel the changes in the outside world and marshes, and in the days of thin forgotten face, make you smile number.    Part III: fate, I pass wind met in the network, free time and I often like to chat with friends around, because Hao and child relationship has been very bothered me, so I very stressful, and I think sometimes chat with friends on the one hand can release emotions, relieve stress, can temporarily forget their troubles, it can also understand the customs of the country, the growth of knowledge.I did not expect this hobby, let me get a memorable love, let me get a pain forever.  Just wind met when only online on a very simple greeting only, however, because one day I want to catch a manuscript, more than two in the morning busy, of course, has been hung, then I saw the wind call me “how no rest ah?”I simply retorted,” I was writing it!”” Oh, the girls try to less late at night, in poor health, does not bother you, go to bed earlier, pay attention to the body oh!”Wind answer.  In fact, I stayed in the middle of the night did little tired, see the wind simple greetings, and my heart feel very warm, “Thank you, you are oh!”I retorted.  In subsequent days, we slowly familiar, he is very special, like no other friends began to talk as a always ask, “Where are you ah,” “what is being done ah”, “How old are you ah” like after the silly question, but he spoke people feel very comfortable, especially cordial talk for some time, he told me he was a surgeon, 28 years old, but he did not ask any questions about my personal.  He does not always look online to become a habit, and sometimes can not see him online, there will be a strange sense of loss, getting himself in the end how the ground line when it?The wind just never met a friends ah!I am a little confused.  One day, the wind chat, he said, “I can see you do?”I have always been and not others video, even replied without hesitation,” Well!”So the video is turned on, a thin but very handsome face appeared in front of me,” and I think you almost, girl!”Wind said with a smile, a very fluent Mandarin.  ”You too, than I thought it would be cool.”I said somewhat playfully.  ”Haha!”Wind hearty laugh.  We leave each phone, and since then, the wind often give me a call, send text messages encountered when the weather changes, wind early will receive SMS “girl, you change of weather there today, wear more clothes!”He left me so far, but still I will look at the weather forecast here every day, bit by bit these lives will really touched me.  I found myself more and more dependent on the wind, and are willing to do what he said, I put everything between and sub-Hao told the wind, and my son is Hao grew up with his mother and my mother is a good friends, love with the sister in general, so they wanted me to be together and sub-Hao, Hao son is a very careful person, from small to large, no matter what way he will give me meticulous care, all I care.He is also a man of great achievements that he runs a sizeable company, business is very good, people are very handsome long, his pursuit of girls can be arranged in a company, and I do not know why he is to be I have a soft spot, on the contrary, I never sub-Hao feeling between men and women, deep down I always felt he is like a big brother, but I do not want to hurt my mother and aunt’s heart, but do not want to hurt Hao child, therefore, whenever a sub-ho about me, I’m always looking for an excuse to refuse, hope that one day he will understand, however, sub-Hao has been very persistent, so the trouble has been with me, I do not know Know yourself go.  Wind listening to after a long silence, said to me, “Girl, you’re a good girl, can you it is Thanksgiving, is the family, not love, you do not want to hurt your mother, son Hao mother, son Hao, but you hurt you own, marriage without love is not happy, you should make a very clear break, otherwise you will be painful and sub-Hao life.”Wind said, I understand, of course, I hope to do a break, out of trouble, but think of sub-Hao good to me, I still can not say what they think of him, gradually, I found that before the lively, optimistic I was gone, she turned into a forest sister like me too.  Suddenly one day the wind told me that he had some time to go to other provinces to learn, I’m just passing through here, we want to see me, but also to bring me a special gift.To see the true wind, and I was so excited, but also very contradictory, this will not be sorry son Hao do, how can I do it?  Finally I was determined to see the sub-Hao courage to tell him how I feel about him, I want to leave him, he asked for his understanding.Son Hao stunned, and pondered for a long time, he finally spoke: “Lan, in fact, this is what I had expected to change my attitude from the time you began to see, I know there will be ending today, but I was really love you, you really can not do without, but since you have decided, I respect your choice, I wish you happiness!”I see always been a strong sub-Hao, eyes filled with tears, which I have never seen scenes, respectively, when I hugged him, and he held me a good tight, for fear of losing general, after a long time, I finally broke free sub-Hao’s arms and walked away the moment, I have burst into tears, because I have been indecisive, so that the sub-Hao continue to invest emotion in me, deeper and deeper, I hurt too Hao son deep, too deep.Maybe God is punishing me for it, in that night, Hao son had an accident, after I left, he drank a lot of wine, then drove on the highway.I’m crazy rushed to the hospital, let the tears flow in the face, and my heart do not want anything, anything unthinkable.To the hospital to see my mother and aunt were crying uncle’s eyes are red, aunt and uncle, only the sub-Hao such a son, all their sub-Hao.They feel now I can feel it all comes from me, “splash” kneeling in front of them, confessing them, may aunt and uncle did not say anything, but propped me, and I was crying aunt arms.They have been regarded me as a daughter the same love, even if I got into so much trouble, do not blame me.I’m so ashamed, if there are sub-Hao anything happens, I really do not know how to face them.  Fortunately, after a night rescue, sub-Hao was finally grab back from the hands of the doctor of death, everyone is relieved!  I immediately called the wind’s phone: “Wind, and you met an edge, but now everything is over, you do not come, I can not see you, I can not leave the child ho, ho I can not leave the child!”And not allow the wind to speak I had hung up the phone, although already in tears, but decided to make this decision, but I feel relaxed.  Guard in the ward, looking at the whole body wound with gauze son Hao, as if my heart is bleeding, I hold the child’s hand ho, I swear, he becomes matter what, I will not leave him forever No, from now on I want to take care of him, for life!  During the sub-Hao sidelined, no news of the wind, I deliberately not to think about the wind, single-minded according to Gu Zaihao.  Finally, sub-Hao was discharged, my change of heart, Reiko Hao very pleased, I still have not told the child Hao, all between me and wind, because it has become a solo, I became a secret heart, a good passing an eternal pain.  Hao son all right, I can be back to work the first day to the company, colleague Wu sister gave me a gift, a small box packaging is very delicate, some time ago the wind to my company asked her to care.Took this gift, I once again feel like a night-blooming cereus withered bleak.Come home, watching the wind gift, I restrain their emotions, fighting back tears, she did not open.  The habit of sitting in front of the computer, stealth on the line, see the wind has not seen the picture, suggesting a new mail message, ah, this time according to Gu Zaihao busy, long time not on the line, click to open the mailbox, which has seen the wind to my mail, can not help but click on it to see the wind message “girl, I’ve been where you are, and I know everything, your decision is right, I will support!Girl, you know the biggest achievement of my life, you and your kindness will always be in my mind the most important position to take root, and you met my happiness, sincerely wish you happiness and sub-Hao Ping!Girl, I’m sorry, delete you because you love; because love you, so far away from you.”Tears blurred my eyes, the wind, and you’ve known in my life then why not biggest harvest it?You let me know what is true love, you make me appreciate the sweet first love.  I gently opened the wind gave me a gift, and India into the eyes of a workmanship is exquisite jade lily, remember the wind asked what I like to spend, I told him my favorite lily, lily of holy love and noble, I did not expect very casual word, but keep in mind the wind.My palm lily wet with tears, I will always treasure it, treasure the most important position in the heart.  Wind, you know, gone through so many things that make me grow a lot, although the fate pass me, I did not get what I want love, but I got the understanding of their loved ones, get a family and more importantly, I got peace of mind.  Maybe I was unlucky, but I was lucky because I met two of the most in my life, the best man, I never forget two men.  Goodbye, dear wind!  Bless you can get a part of your love!