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Part One: we go outing Another year come the spring, it is also inseparable from the total of gossip topic is “outing”.Or vision “Changan waterside beauty and more,” the touching scene; also, or aspire to “pick emerald grass twilight Wanggui” the mood.  It can travel throughout the year, but only in the spring outing but only.Flowers in hiking, playing in the blue sky; revel in the recovery of all things in the world, wandering between heaven and earth in the pink of spring glittering, the beautiful.  Outing, the first in the “riding” the word.”Riding” the original meaning is “stamped”, after the idea was “personally to the scene to see.”.Outing way the freedom to choose, can be riding alone, can go hand in hand riding, riding within walking distance, it can draw vehicles step.  Through the winter, spring hope people look forward to, forward, upward force.It was turning green landscape of flowers and trees will bring green life, let’s outing in the “green” the same color of the ocean roam, a look at one, a book Yin, a fun-filled step out, step out of a leisurely.  Outing first look at the grass.Grass is the most pleasant spring grass, after the “wild fire, in spring,” the experience, the grass will lay boundless vitality to nature, so that the spring is more flexible, more green spring.Whether outing road Sniff grassy, fresh breath of life also convey a calm.  Outing to see flowers again.Spring flowers are the most pleasant of flowers, not to mention “all out is to look at flowers,” just fun to spend thousands to attract passers-by stop to watch, it has given way to “go out” and both are “looking at flowers,” the.Warm sun is shining, flowers decorated with pleasing colors of nature, so that the spring more fresh, more brilliant spring.Yen flowers outing road tours, whether elegant grace study also revealed a touching temperament.  Outing depends on water.Spring water is the most attractive water, crystal clear, gurgling away.Thaw frozen, streams wake of all things with cheers of enthusiasm, so that the spring is more pure, more beautiful spring.Outing road goods products Chun water, tranquil taste is hidden in some dark earthy man.  Finally, the epistemic outing.Instead of saying “outing” as it is “look for spring.”.Here more than a new bud, where more than one new leafless, flowers and still the case, who is outing to discover new things in the spring, try a new action.Whether outing on the road flying soul, burst of inspiration but also indicates a remarkable achievement.  It was a good outing season, let the breath of life embedded in my mind, between heaven and earth to find in the vast clean and quiet the mind, enjoy free speech, burst into laughter, truth, goodness sway my heart love it.Perhaps this love, this scene, this intimate contact with Shuzhan Chun days, constitutes a spring can be felt in the fable it.  Fast to bring their loved ones, about the friends, we go outing!    Part II: outing, pear waves by the east wind, Royal warm, graceful heart, dream outing!Spring breeze rippling all the way!  Hand gently out of the window, warm fingers gently glide, breeze ripples through.Some children playing, such as butterflies swirling, Cha cry broken illusion, laughter expansion through the window, marks gently slipped little spring.  Pear township Watertown, clear blue sky there is no trace of clouds, full of warm spring sun continuously, moist and a desire to Sweet Dreams.Wide asphalt road, sideways moment, changing the look of the scene.Roadside lawn, Xinxin Ran shallow dream, filled with little green fresh ethereal.Bauhinia bright, eye-catching purple showing a fantastic spring.Slowly rising, give people hope and pray cast a little outing colorful paint.  Kongrongrangli, a classic ritual story wings of thought, quietly, the people outing football into his arms.A statue of the statue in silence, gently talk like a pear township subtle cultural allusions.  Corner of the square, a fine red kiosk, a narrow wooden drawbridge.Carefully set foot on the foot gently, Huangyou body lithe wrung a spring of joy.Spring in the wind and dance waist, flowing blue sky, a murmur of flowing water under the bridge, the bridge colorful surging crowd, colorful Spring, a spring dancing.  After a suspension bridge, but also an exquisite gazebo.Spring breeze blew, the foot still shaking, shaking body micro, drip light blue sky.Dream, still swaying in motion Man.  Turtle pack city, a beautiful legend, casting people hope and pray dream a pear township.Sauna net forceful Watertown Township pears in large letters, the interpretation of pear township people Yuet dream!  Turtle shape, broad square, the flow of people, such as weaving, quiet laughter and into the flow of clean water stone.Curved around the river flow Plaza, flow of the distance, the flow of rural land wide pear, pregnant with a take-off of Watertown.  Watertown Township, a few pears characters of St. Paul, before and after the continuation of a timeless legend.Doors at both ends, rivers and lakes is open eye, view of the world situation, mining Aura Heaven and Earth, rivers and lakes to rise a psychic; much like, with open arms, and deep deep embrace guests from afar, writing a story of friendship, writing a win-win magic, writing a take-off of Spring!  A cloud, a pool of billowing white spray, dressed Mazumdar soul!  Into pear, pear is the real into the village!  Wait for the foot and knees receded, pear into the head, Mazumdar rain!  Acres of pear, bloom!  Slightly open flowers, shy with a shallow dream, perhaps with light trees, Commander, deeper savings makeup, bloom more bright dream; blooming of pear, jasmine pouring wholehearted only hold a few in the core thin touch of red, there is no smell fragrant, butterflies do not fly, no busy bee, only shades of white crooning a rose-colored illusion!  Flower side, is covered with a golden canola flower, pear golden dream!  Is not it?Whose eyes, the silhouetted against a golden pear noble Susan, it is a noble interpretation of the golden dream.Clouds, pear farmers, brush the dough with tracing the pear in the core of the core, the magnificent classic legend never separated, living tomorrow.Vaguely exciting and powerful symphony, a pear township Watertown, is played by the east wind crashing.  Juvenile children, long wait for Spring!Ziyan like light fly, fly trees, pear dip in the branches, like butterflies dancing.Blooming laughing, written with great camera.  A careless, falling from pear branches, floating down from the clouds.Unassuming smile, still innocent, still sounded in the spring!More like, a swirling butterflies, light dance with, gently slide a dream!  Outing, pear waves, shallow drop a dream, no trace across the heart of the sea!    Part III: Outing – Lake Taurus Yesterday was the weekend, our family of four people from their homes and driving off to begin our journey Jinniu Lake day trip.After more than an hour trip, came Kuni, Yizheng junction Jinniu Lake.Jinniu Lake Scenic Area is located northeast of Liuhe District, eighteen kilometers from the central area of 5,000 acres of the total area of over 20,000.Enjoy the “Nanjing West” reputation, Taurus lake surrounded Jinniushan, scabies Ushiyama, covered with cow dung hill, Mission Hill, Yeshan, Eagle’s Nest mountains, the water green clear as a mirror, like a jasper set in among the peaks, is one of nature reserves and Nanjing Jinling forty views.Whenever the red sun rising, the lake fog billowing steam cloud Jia Wei, mountains flickering, like the ideal world, paradise on earth.  Jinniushan, according to legend the first Ming emperor teenager uncle had here, “Xu Bai cow” cattle, childhood emperor naughty bold day and other cowboy with stealing uncle killed a cow, then it will be placed in Ngau Tau mountain west, oxtail on the mountain east end, go home at night to tell her uncle said the emperor had a cow depends on a hill not come back, the emperor uncle standing in a village call, respond to sound really mountain cattle.From the mountains to the Taurus name.This two-day rain hazy, sunny day before yesterday was, today becomes the foggy lake really became Shuitianyise, water can not tell who is who is the sky.And paradise, paradise on earth we can not see.To the lake, we walked along the lake scattered on the steps, his wife with two daughters, I took a look at the telescope middle of the lake, the lake has only boat trip in the fast shuttle, on the boat a few people laugh so happy Maybe they come here looking for excitement.We are watching the lake down the mountain began Jinniushan climb, spread out along the stone mountain, we climbed the first rule of the mountain, the landscape is Kam Hall of Mirrors, legend has it that the Han king Liu Bi in Yeshan smelting iron mint coins named, there are the old saying goes: water as a mirror may be receiving mirror.This residence hall mountain and the lake, named for the “mirror mirror”.Mountain, sitting view mirror look around the hall, the lake rippling blue waves, mountains, pines billowing, various unknown fragrance bursts of flowers you hit, move one deeply, could not help feel relaxed and happy, even depressed mood people see this scenery, they will certainly startled, follow from the troubles was shaken off the ground.Kam was out of the Hall of Mirrors, move on, was a more gentle Hill Road, the road is also no pedestrians, surrounded by quiet, only our family 4 people, stop and go, take a look at the roadside wildflowers, birds look more fortunate children in sight, that is, not in a hurry, we are not afraid to walk the distance, so very casual walk saying.Of a place to go uphill, they saw a scene, “Carp uphill”.Is formed by natural stone, lifelike head, fish, fish, raw, facing upward, according to legend the emperor became emperor, Taurus lake fish Viiv also endless, this carp also go to worship, because of the stunning scenery Jinniushan , and before it skips the goal, to linger a.Taurus often hidden in the temple between the ethereal smoke, into which the person, such as in Wonderland general.Restore the Ming Dynasty temple on a hilltop Jinniushan original Malik female temple ruins, for visitors and local people burn incense and pray, recalling the ancients.Jinniushan past, most pilgrims from Yangzhou, Yizheng and other places.Young people meter area for the convenience of the mountain, on the use of stones from the mountains to the foot of the mountain hut paved this nine Twists off the channel.Why Young and foreign pilgrims instrument so much, there is a local saying, Taurus “stuttering Hirayama grass, cow dung Yang Pass instrument”, according to Buddha Jinniushan far up close.Nanjing to me is, naturally, going to burn incense and pray, and pray for Buddha.Golden Temple is the highest point Jinniushan, and then move forward, started down the mountain, along the nine Twists off the mountain, we are golden temple in front of goal.Down the road, there are many points of interest, but because of the long familiar, like a stone bed, Herbie Goes to Sea, geese nest nest Xiaoyan, chair and other stone landscape did not enjoy, can only wait for the next look at the.In came Jinniushan tail where we see the Fairy Cave, and other known home watching this game, the family had not known him, that he has become an old man.It’s “seven-hole China, the world for thousands of years.”.Today, inside the stone table, stone bench can still be seen, but I do not know where fairy Forum Search.Maybe that day will remember this place, come back on the next game might get it.Huge stone rocks very unexpected standing on the hillside, feeling like a extraterrestrial, at any time will be out of the earth, sky, fairy will not be moved from the sky right.Legend had two fairy chess in this hole, a nearby farmer pick up manure this, behold, two white Hu old man playing chess, will be based on watching chess, Qi!Turned his cow’s tail, is open around the mountain road, the road was built in the mountains Jinniushan a mountainside, we walk together, to the left of the road with views of the vine Ken cliffs, blue vertical rock banks, everywhere ethereal deep, valley of Hong; green the right of pine and cypress, the road is the layers of tea plantations, it has been extended to the lake.After reading Taurus Lake, ear from time to time heard bursts of waves, feeling the water on the right close, you can reach out and touch.  Jinniu Lake we find out that a touch of canola flower fragrance, I like spring, more like spring canola flower bloom as warm and lively.Golden yellow petals attracted swarms of bees dance, into the central canola flower close my eyes and enjoy the thick floral.Let me enough, linger.  At noon I drove into the Liuhe County, his wife took me to the home of Andy steak house, her children full of delicious food.I asked her this morning it fun?The daughter said “of course happy, Dad what time and then come here to take us steak ah”.I then learned that her daughter was charged to the steak, they already had a good discussion.