Articles on oath

Part one: — last vows dedicate eight or nine classes Inn youth, a group of boys and girls saying something positive to parting.A train is coming, someone will be on the train, it was to continue to wait, wait for next year to this train.Those final vows ah, let me carry a pigeon most sincere blessing.  I got on the train, how much of the past appear in my mind, I seem to see a flower sunflower, wanton capture but lopsided.Finally, he is gone, always ending with or without tears.I think a lot of students, their innocent smile, sincere words of any course leave the warmth, they deserve my lifetime collection.  There’s more youthful old inn owners, unknown to you always stand by here, regardless of any.I still remember the scene we have made to lead you honor.Only you can stand to live sudden shocks that, more than want you walked with us, you smiled and said: “No, this is my job.”I hope you remember us, remember how many days of youth, we have traveled together.  Students on the train, we will be heading for different destinations, but we are still a family.Keep our youthful memories, in which the cycle of rotation, the moment last forever.The sky began to drizzle, looking out the window, his eyes could not help but moist up, it is difficult aftertaste.  One by one they get off, leaving me alone in this empty carriage youth, could not help lonely and sad.Lists will sail the terminal, I still can not bear to leave this lifestyle I tasted teachers and students.Just remember, no one can control the direction of the train, but the train can grasp the mood.I think walk this road with you, and more want to train no longer travel ah!  Next to the Inn, a little boy holding a lollipop are watching all this, he will not understand.Do not know how much time accompanied through eighth grade nine classes, there will not be his parting.Only we have only wind and rain wet his lollipop in heart.  Students, let us write the final vows, bearing in mind that one breathtaking moment, posted on the bulletin board at the inn, so that all passers-by know that we are the eighth grade nine classes, we also have a brilliant life, regardless of wind and rain, we are still us, that the best moments left, right, precipitation in the years of life in the essence, so that our youth will always maintain a youthful appearance Inn!    Part II: Oath saw the Mercedes car crash, vowed to pull out the banner message, “this life only local”, that this man was very funny.This life only domestic products?Estimated that anyone can not do, even if it is made in China does not mean that a trademark is a pure domestic products.The most hope is that the media have been tracking him and see how he did this life only domestic products?Unfortunately, this is certainly not possible, this news will soon be countless endless variety of news flooding.He is not someone do not care, no one held accountable, otherwise he can not do the time, how to handle it?How to justify it?Say this has concluded that he can not do, I do not believe he can do, and economic development to the present, supplies of basic necessities is indeed less likely to want to do.Sauna net, of course, say this is not want to see his jokes, but vowed this move of interest.Under oath promise can be done, in my eyes it is not the average person, there is extraordinary perseverance and balance the heart of man, and must have the courage to break the ax sunk boat.Life is too long, not easy to believe that they grow their own, do not know when there will be change, when will encounter what?Once young and fit when it is believed that oath, think they can do it, I could love a person, only the pursuit of a life interest, life only for a persistent thing, life can only follow a conviction.Has vowed to promise ourselves, but also for others promise, as well as others for their promises under.  Later found vowed to be a very sensible thing, it is not easy to do.Swear I could love a man can not do, not to be hurt the heart is hurt someone else’s heart, the result is to learn to love again Ganluan can not promise oath.And some thought and certainly oath, if no one held accountable, self-destructive oath, ruined ruined, did not run over when.Once the hair is too oath, was reminded by purists, but it is not myself, but can not do the time, it is not a pleasant thing.It is no longer a promise, a commitment to, a pursuit, because over time, failing different, the heart has changed, ideas have changed.That is a noose around his neck, is set for ourselves stumbling, very difficult for themselves.To do, difficult, non-self would like to have, do, be sympathetic once uttered in all seriousness.Fortunately, not many people young and frivolous contests, had said, promised oath, because we are growing, there do not realize the.  Do not do absolutely, words can not say full, is very reasonable, give yourself line, good in future meet.Originally the way a number of things in the world, no longer young, by human experience more things, but also to force myself on no non-selected single-plank bridge, one taste fear only their own clear.Samsam always want to go back, I remember you said in front of people, always lost face, and damage to personal prestige will follow, or else took a thick skin against rogue.Of course, that special kind of courage and perseverance perseverance perseverance of people, a different matter, otherwise, why bother easily swear?  People are fickle, but also in the growing maturity sophisticated, chipping away, privately vows no problem, actually also in the presence of the National People swear.I encountered a man head of a tendon, told him seriously, that it is too difficult under the table.If nothing else, you can not only electronic products.Swear such a move, or left to the young and impulsive age to do it, all that age, will be tolerant and forgive.Laotaibuxiao people understand human things, knowing what is their own to do it, what can not be done.Why bother to make things difficult for ourselves?If only for the limelight, that he might have been.    Part Three: Forever oath in that beautiful sunny day, I met you, when you were lively bounce girl, I saw you at first sight and the other girls on the kind of feeling.You’re so charming, so gentle, so good.Just like flowers, like the United States, it seems like the sun is bright.I do not know why, you cry alone.Your cries are so miserable.  On my way home, the world is big rain, but then, I did not take an umbrella, alone in a corner of the shelter.I still did not escape the rain water is wet, the rain is really great, I was there the rain, and found that I felt a little dizzy head, at this moment, I think of it slightly.I saw the girl in this place.Just when I think of it, severe headache, where the rain the whole body.Eyes a bit confused slightly.I saw a girl in a red dress walking.  Slightly over one day, I slowly opened my eyes and saw a gentle girl waited at my side.I did not call her, she looks like a night without a break, very sleepy.I wonder how I’ll do in the hospital.Curious mind, and soon she woke up, very gentle to say; you better do / how feeling like I say, you are asking me?Of course, I do not know her, thought she was just sleeping girl by my side.At this point, I see her eyes, a different kind of feeling, and I see that as the time of the girl, her eyes seemed to tell me something, but I can not tell this feeling.  Girl stood up and said a word; you have no conscience, I wake up, I see, it was her, I pretended to ask; you who yo, why do you say that I am.She seems to be slightly angry, but she did not call me.Just gently say, man must have a conscience, or will not be rewarded.Having seems Hello, I’m gone, I know I’m just curious, did not really want her.  I slowly went over and said thank you, I do not know her name, I used a your child to describe her.She saw that the sound no, I see you fainted angle slightly, slightly put you to the hospital.Nothing, when she was gone, I have not had time to ask her name, she is so good.  I found myself slightly home, when I go home have been thinking; how there are such people do / say in how she taught me, I thank the good people go.  A few days later, my disease is cured, slightly long time at home, have not been out, so 想出去走走, I am very happy today, because my disease is cured, but today’s weather is good, the weather was clear in on the street a lot of people smile, I think, today I would not have met her, because I want to know her name, I would like to do a dream, like, in my dreams, all her existence her gentle; she waited at my side I feel is so calm, so charming, is so addictive.I walked the streets mood is so happy, to see the sky is so bright.Accidentally hit a girl, and I looked down and saw that it was her, she stood up to Xiang Maren, saw me, she swallow, I saw her face sad.I did not say anything, because I saw her dissatisfaction with my heart.I think of it slightly, you can take her to some happy place, do some fun things.  I do not know what to say, so I talked to asked questions, do you want to do fun things, she thought about what ah.There’s nothing I can not, is not it, you say you can not, go, go go, what have ah, I talked all the way, very happy, soon arrived, I asked her name, phone number, just I was worried she would not say, I am thinking the same time, she has said, so I had to see her.People also say saved me.How can I think, so I asked her age, she was 22, and no boyfriend.So I was wondering if I chase her, will not promise it.Was about to say it, he said something so beautiful to see her.  We came, it should be said to be paradise yo, because there are a lot of wild flowers, a variety of, what color there, she told me her name Xue-lin, we were happy to relax here, says a lot about own story, because the story kept badgering her heart problem, I do not ask, do not want to mention someone else’s sad, no matter how many questions I had, I did not say.I do not want to make her sad.This paradise So I say to her, I do not care what you had before, we have to forget it and start again.We are here together made a vow that; our future to be together forever, eternal happiness will never fail, never let the other side sadness and sorrow, never let others envy us, never betray the oath.  Although my feeling is the fate of the story, but we find true feelings, finding true love, love for life.I hope others and, as recently found true love, to love their single-minded.Do not play with love, true love only once.