Articles on Morning Rain

Part One: Morning Rain season quietly waking up from a dream in the alarm call, opened the window that Kate, a burst of flavor oncoming cold, so I could not help playing a shiver.This was found floating in the sky drizzle, exudes the air of spring in the air, the aroma of the flowers.Outlook roadside willow, bathed in the baptism of rain, flying with its soft hair, waving.At this time, my heart could not help think of that earthly “good rain knows the season, when spring is here, sneaked into the night wind, moisten things silently,” the advent of spring has brought to the earth, warmth, to cleanse all these words sorrow.Given the vitality of each soul, gave me endless joy and clarity.Watching the elves that rain, flying TV drama fragile wings, dancing graceful dance, to show the world that they are beautiful melody, warm and happy.I inadvertently hand out at this time, it took the wizard’s hand, dance with them, and go and feel the natural beauty, with feelings that most pure warmth.  Pattering rain moist earth and the mountains of winter, soak into the hearts of men, moist my heart, it makes me feel very clean air is crisp, but also to the complexity of this noisy city becomes exceptionally quiet.Floating raindrops hit the windowsill, issued beautiful voice.And “Stir long, thin rain, flower delivery Tiao sound leakage” like a romance; breeze blowing, willow hand holding hands, such as a pair of sisters harmony that wonderful song fluttering together, in that welcomes guests from afar.Floating in the wind, the water flow, everything just waking up rubbing his eyes, smiled, revealing that the long embrace.Continuous rain from heaven gentle float, so quiet, full of countless hope, joy.Dancing, singing, melodic and so on, looking at heart could not help revel in the picturesque misty rain Meng Meng, away from the hubbub, mundane dark, quiet mind their sleep, two things I forgot, in the rain the birth of this beautiful and charming mood of love is a mold, is also a pleasure.This is probably the “Heaven,” which is probably nature’s given us everything.  ”Last night the wind Shuyu sudden, concentrated wine residue Needless to sleep,” said the March spring rain Acacia season, worried about missing, tied love to read, and because of this, March rain, floating lean my thoughts, last night it like a fire burning my desire, such as a fire refined in the wind, flying pendulum go; this time, shaking the branches a brilliant white bird, mouth, prettily green, standing on branches singing.Seem to have heard of my heart sad, last night we saw the figure.Looking back at the past, at Aoyagi was attached to how much fun.In that piece of lush foliage, the landscape and cover the number of daylight; how much had covered up the sad, drawn countless feelings.In the dim life, because it falls around each piece of lost hope and dawn.It is because of the arrival of spring rain, let my heart more than one brilliant colors, much to the care of a distant, more of a miss; quietly let the heart at the moment under the traction of the wind, take along I’m going to miss you, my aspirations with your song I bring to you warm.Acacia insisted that umbrella, hands greet kindly smile from afar, with my pace in the heavy rain, the guardian of everything you have given me, be with my life to protect your love life.Let me watch your happiness with pleasure.  I pick flowers, send Acacia dash, bless you.I miss the heart, had early emergence into lingering butterfly, flowers for your collection.Part II: stroll sway Morning Rain Morning Rain, rain falls mundane.Winter rain have, cool people mind.Color gray morning, raindrops knock heart.Sadly the sky, the sky a loss.  Winter, the cold season has quietly come, accompanied by sad cold, wind and rain Afar people feel miserable.Winds blow Xi, Yu Xiaoxiao, a little passers.During the day turned dark as twilight, people can not tell already that early in the morning or in the evening.Deciduous also brings sadness this season.Rain, falling heart-breaking people up, wind, people shudder.This season is ending four seasons, or start the next reincarnation.  Wake up to a slightly reluctant to leave the warm bed and stay in bed is my favorite winter.Lying in bed the hand from being stuck in the house slowly, instinctive reaction and shrink back, his mouth could not help but say something, it’s cold outside.Although very cold outside, but people have to play in the arena involuntarily.Fight back with a cold, quickly left the warm nest, put on clothes, hand gently brushed aside the curtains, poked his head slightly, this morning is gray misty rain, biting cold wind tease.  A little trimming, bring an umbrella, lock the door also hurried away.The intermittent rain outside was not much, but it is so dense.The biting cold wind and cool people, pretty soon with the warmth of the hands grow cold, and his face became stiff again.Wind blowing through the cheek, as if stabbed Jing across the general aching.Yun looked at the gas blown out, dancing in the wind faded away, disappearing in an instant the rain.Sauna net hazy sky darkened, as if living in a dark world, no sun, no clouds gorgeous, not the seven colors of the rainbow, a brilliant and leaves no bonus.The world became dark, people see the world, the reality of society is it not so dark.Black and white upside down, right and wrong, right and wrong, the river is already dark, the sky is already without end.Longzhe dark earth, heaven and earth are not far looked seamless, seems like the sky is at hand, within reach, but not always to the end.  Last night the wind blew I do not know how to blow a long, rain baptism of yellow leaves are falling all over the floor.And the rain, numerous rain curtain, woven from the days of the diffuse air into numerous screen, sprinkling mundane earth.Rain falling in the moment but it is a heavy blow, rain splashes impact with the ground numerous spray.Calm waters in the rain also hit Dangqi countless ripples.Gently stroll on the road under the sky, rain fell on my umbrella, issued patter sound, crisp and sweet.  When every drop of rain fell on the umbrella, as if every drop in the knock touched my heart, my soul baptism.Soon as soon as engraved in my heart, is the baptism of the soul, the mind’s at ease in a world of their own.Wind continues, rain, has not stopped.I, also move on, everything continues.    Part three: always melancholy rainy morning rain.The rainy days always feel calm.It sounds a bit contradictory.That melancholy and calm.It should be said is a touch of melancholy floating in a calm heart lake.It is kind of like a Chinese ink halo style classical beauty.Looking out the window at the rain poured inside the bus blast.Along the way there are sway in the wind around the trees, dripping wet look Pity.What blessings can allow me to enjoy this sudden rain this morning.No artificial modification, without a superfluous apostrophe.Only natural posture.Mock me hypocritical.No matter what kind of rain is not a part of nature.It will not fall on the grass and the grass like intends to give a glossy coated.Raindrops beat Ye seems to have never been in order to produce crisp music.I prefer to believe that these are spiritual resort.Not merely a meaningless natural phenomena.I’d rather be a fool.I believe there is love the world.Heavy rain bring benefit to all, bring infinite vitality.I believe that people are between heaven and earth there is love.Natural grace and sentiment can better.Do not neglect around bit by bit.Even the smallest raindrops is crystal clear and thorough Baby.  Also blame what kind of bad luck.In this cool morning, not hiding in the warm bed.She pretended to be afraid of cold, afraid of her cold, light secretly held her cold hands.Just to our little world, even more intimate.This morning also get up early will always work seriously, she can not help but be lazy.Encountered such a beautiful weather, occasionally lazy bed should not be excessive.She will probably take away handle Jue mouth open, eyes closed.Face will not bother me a dream, faint smile tenderness.If time can solidify how good at the moment.As the snow came down, the temperature dropped rapidly and keep everything frozen.Perhaps there is an archaeologist or a hundred years later, these men and women exhumed from an alien frozen in.Frozen bed with a man and a woman, lying on their sides facing each other.Gently shake the hand of the two together, it might have been a hundred years, or years, or years.Woman seems to sleep peacefully, indulge in dreams in.Men ajar small eyes, looked at the girl full of warmth.They may be placed in the museum for people to enjoy.It might be called the theme “Snooze less than flee” like.Or “cold morning parting”.Or “Eternal Qingwo”.  Of course, this thing is his cranky.Always busy morning.But is the toilet, there is a rush to go out to eat breakfast.There are two four-point humid.Just woke up always the case.Few topics.Probably still struggling to wake his head.In thinking about heart has begun the tedious details of the day’s work.  The subway is always crowded.The car’s air conditioning thin people get to learn to regulate their breathing they are not asthma.Subway and more men and women are cheeky weakness.Almost all mobile phones in the hands of play.Some play the game.Some information in the hair.Some watching movies.There are also listening to the phone to play music to sleep.Almost no one will be left out in the side or front of strangers.Along the way she was leaning on the handrail, head down, as if in meditation.Until I get off and say goodbye to her, she looked up at me a little, and then nod.  Out of the subway station underground cavern, suddenly a kind of warp feeling.Just into the early morning when the ground is warm sun.Half an hour and only moved a few kilometers of space and time, and then see the light of day already changed.Wind was crazy.The streets of the hair blowin in the wind.My hair was nothing short length can be elegant.Let the wind through my room at the most rapidly thinning hair, scalp feel there has never been cool.Layers of thick black clouds in the sky to inform you that at any time the rain beat down.The street have accelerated pace, expected to arrive early.God knows it looks swell of clouds can withstand long, it already overloaded, difficult to say for sure what time would wash its hands of people ignore still on the road running.Sink in the fun of dumping, no longer will get wet no matter who’s who.  I found a seat in the bus gave her a seated in a “dark outside, it should be under a heavy rain,” the information.Press the letter key, looked up to see the outside it is already a vast water lively scene.This naughty rain so I have to be separated by a glass of the bus heard voices outside, and when staring at the phone screen to open the valve.Causing me to miss seeing the door open water grabbing.There are waves of water from the air in the first round swooping screen.More hear first arrived raindrops hit sound.I stared out the window to see a little crazy water mantle.  Vibration of the phone brought me back to reality from illusion in.Her information “ah.I have here is dark, fast rain.Do not wet.”.I replied, “all along the covered walkway, will not want to get wet.If we are now much better at home.”.  I put on headphones to listen to the phone plays Lin’s “Pipa language”.That’s lute gentle voice whisper sad.Then the rain outside becomes passionate and touching.Even the slightest constantly, spread over the floor of plaintive.  Notebook applications simple words, recorded in the phone.  When getting off the ground wet.And people rushed to get off fearing poured a drop of rain compared to, I would stroll leisurely, have their own chic feel awesome.Really hoping to sneak in the rain will stay longer, so more than a few drops of water vapor stained with my long-sleeved shirt.  He sent her a message “to the.and you?”After a long pause she came back” to the.miss you.”I slowly walked into the office, put down the backpack.Also put other thoughts, began a busy official.Even the rain did not offer much help, it touches on so I will enjoy intoxicated.