Articles on Moonlight

Part One: Moonlit night and start new cool quiet water, I felt under dense mist of doors and windows, with a hint of quiet leisurely breeze hit.  Moonlight spread over the ground, slowly slowly, tied vacantly, as bright and clear as negative Shuanghua.Among the misty can see a trace of Ana Lonely figure, as tall as the US round of the US call.  Yeah month!Yeah month!High hanging!Next Qionglouyuyu contact, all the stars.Lingling Qing Han Xi, Xi Yu Huai transitory man, Jie Ya Rongrong Xi, Xi shining Slendes.; Month since ancient times have become a thing always focussed.So Su Zhan paid to “Nung, moon and new moon” aspiration.Red Cliff Angeles head, the newborn “Jiang sound, thousands of feet off shore, small high mountain month, get to the bottom” of the generosity of the speech.  Gordon was Zhu Court, and under the high-rise.Once upon a time, walking in the Pincha floor, feeling Yuebaifengqing.In your ear the words: “no place like home,” the poem.Since then, my feelings and the moon will be one to the deep.  Tonight everyone knows of the month, no less than the scenery yore Johnson.I just lay looking at the March low, thinking, looking forward.Moonlight seems to me a strength.May I love, I love the moon.United States months, is a good, and is carrying culture, is waiting for the soul.It touches our hearts, this would be far from two grow closer.May the beauty of not less than apricot, spring rain, Jiangnan is so clever.  Stroll in the moonlight, is warm, is moved, is an unprecedented baptism.Let those clouds are discredited past ceased to exist.Our hearts like water empty out.I understand the, wind blowing leaves exhibition, light rain thin mountain.Stay too wisp of shadow, the end of drift in the moonlight.Light wind do not share meditate for months.Winding paths leaving behind only refers to the next designated space.I month long, endless cotton.Skim curved hooks of silver, pregnant asakumo Muyu, hibiscus Willow Spring.  Silhouette window grilles, curtain rabbit Pro.Dim moonlight rambling, I’m strong, I courageously forward, to pursue the dream of those memories, it precipitates, it silently waiting in the reincarnation of the season.Allow me to pay tribute to the bright stars, because I discern months where.I dream in the moonlight with a contented people do, even a hand piece month, also favor extreme.Not pleased, not to have compassion.Life is like that, like moonlight: aloof, broad-minded, calm.The pursuit of “Yisuoyanyu Renping Sheng,” the Selfless.  Moonlight new thinking, thoughts thousands, and I, carrying Chihiro Chihiro’s dream.Lake floating across the sea, on the other side quietly blooming.The other side of the month, unchanged for years, Shaohua several times, the number of autumn wind and rain, you still, blooming smile sweet memories.Smile, dispersed the clouds.    Part II: dim moonlight natural curl, petals falling down, accompanied by bursts of wind coming from stray incense, gently breathing, still quiet when Xin mind memories that bloom; as pure, let me forget the past the trouble, it seems that exposure to flowers, to think with wave moving, drifting into the other side of that inexplicable.  Hearted stroll, expect the other side of the road, raising dense rain, seems to be the heart of a piece of timeless memories, tempting lingering tenderness.Wind also with my nonsense voice, whisper still in the hearts of fragrance, the wind chasing the pace of time, past the Red segment segment, leaving only a slight melancholy, and I do not know the thoughts that dash, page after page of Su Jian, leaving how much lower outline?  Moonlight faintly see row upon row of leaves covered the trail, I do not know I have gone through the quartzite and how many of the scattered leaves?Autumn’s cold, after all, pluck the green leaves become yellow, wind wave, there will be worried about each other leaves it?Otherwise, the leaves withered at the moment for whom dancing it in this life last dance?  Montreal yellow broken, in exchange for the raw cold of night, long moonlight will become more mottled foliage, the figure reflected in the foot, I will always think of stepping on it, swaying figure seems to be that the broken pieces missing , old time, how can I put it out piece together?Love elapsed whether wasting our face?Perhaps the only constant decline and solitude of it!  See a candle, and slowly burning, leaving endless tears, wax torch ashes only that moment will understand it fondly now?It was thought to become even eventually turn into a pile of ashes, but it has like that of the moths, just for a moment to hug me.Sauna net watching the flowers bloom, watching wanes, fascinated by heart, do not know when to know it was kind of reincarnation?  Dim moonlight, night across the screen, so dim night will evoke a few people’s War?  Aside from the autumn of band of strings, a flower and water, but do not know and few people pity that Lahuayouyi water ruthless and sentimental?    Part Three: Moonlight Meditation in life than most taste of the night to write something painted, wrote stuck at, really sad ah, sometimes, have named could not write a word.At this point, I dropped out for a walk and torn paper.When written tired, I went to the house side of the road to walk up, take a shower Seiki moon, to watch the calm surface of the pond.  The round moon is like a jade plate sink to the bottom, soft surface covered with a layer of silver.I watched, every trace the outline of the moon gradually clear, as if the laurel covered with cloves, like little snow, as white skin, just hand gently touch, immediately dissolve into a clear spring, which makes I can not help but think of Bin-Bin.  During the day I left a letter to go out when Bin-Bin, say “.If you are happy to meet every day, life will be volatile fragrance, like the beginning of a long, like vanilla.  ”How can happily meet every day it?That is your spiritual sustenance on a certain object, a work from them, you get a guarantee of life, know the meaning of life, you understand in this world, not the empty white were born, your heart will feel unlimited happiness.”Conjecture long time, she is teaching me to have hobbies, and” Nomatterwhatonelovesintheworld, butlovesth.onemust.”Means that no matter what you are interested in, but you gotta have hobbies.Because you have hobbies, only the sustenance of life, the mind only the attachment.Bin-Bin is to treat life.  Every time I close my eyes quietly think about it, I seem to see the charm that bring out the pure white sweater of a fair lady, a pair of familiar eyes are lovingly toward the window, his face turned neon the rapids of expression, and not exposed Yun with a free and easy, a simple pleasure to watch, but also what it makeup?Heart of the city that is itself a refined sense of the world.  Acquaintance Bin-Bin is on a moonlit night, that night, she was wearing a pair of tinted glasses, a white shirt, holding a new guitar.Shy girls lacking in poise, I see that met modesty demure girl, although she is not the kind of breathtaking photo, but her flowing hair and refined elegance can make people unconsciously attracted to admire.I think this match is and how she usually feels different too?Later, I learned.She said: “Dressed to the principle of natural generosity, how comfortable how to wear.I want to express my personality wearing.”In fact, to this were true, every woman is his own designer, in this sense, women’s wisdom and reason can really get the perfect shape it.  We sat under the night sky, looking at the stars, and that a search of their own.She said: “God loved music, maybe I play the guitar look, you can find yourself the star corresponding.”Then, with the floating movement of her finger, the more light melodies resound, there are peaks and ridges in Nagqu, she is the mountains; rivers song, she is the water; she is the world of music Imitation, every cell in all sow phonology, I like a blind, complete with her own understanding of music led to roam in the music world.We face time not too long, every time I’m around her eloquent, when talking about the joy of distressed heart, she always smiled resolve my distress, her expression when sharing the joy is so different, in real pupil to emit one kind of glory, people naturally think of two words – sincere, so I will not be surprised, she will be the voice of the leaf so many friends, so many will have such a friend to her and happy men and women.Since then, I had the sweet and bitter thoughts of care.  Another early autumn afternoon, a large tennis court and only two of us, enjoy the sway after sweating, she said: “how, finish your work do not dawdle at that time, some exercise is not better?People alive is to real.”She said very carefully, then playfully a frown, smile Wan Yue.I was impressed by her emotions, she sometimes thought askew Debu worldly air of elegant appearance, playing up there Jin, vice crazy.I really admire her character, but envy is full of sympathy and affection.  Get along this time, we are very familiar with, very understanding.On Christmas Eve, I sent her a greeting card.The next day she asked me to walk up the avenue next to the college, we are very close side by side, the north wind blowing her hair brushed my face, strange itch.She excitedly talking, suddenly threw a hand waving, fell heavily on my arm, I was clasped, her light exclusion after twice stared, his face Hongxia.Either the north wind blowing swaying willow around us shake it shake.Saturday Night, Bin-Bin accompanied me and sat on the river rocks, look at her knee ring heaven, not even Bansi pyrotechnic gas between UFA, I do not know much more than I poet.I close my eyes, breathless and enjoy this rare warm, unconsciously, a pair of gentle hands and blindfolded my eyes, “Thinking again not me?”I have a vigorous nod.  Beat the banks of the river, the tide soon.Part Four: Lu Yun Mountain Moonlight Neixiang County Department of Cultural Affairs Wang Guoqing Lu Yun daytime panoramic mountain views, feels something more to say, the night will be boarding Lu Yun Shan Hotel.Full moon coincides with the lunar calendar May 15, stepped out of the hotel after dinner to celebrate, have some fun.  The sky no clouds, round moon like a mirror hanging on a dark blue night sky, sparse few grains scattered around the star point temperature pro next full moon, valley, mountainous, jungle, trees, rock walls are immersed in bright moonlight.Air smelled floral, the cool night contains a soft warm, melodious frogs, grass Orioles sing Lu Yun Shan also open even more quiet, I really have not seen such a deep and sacred the silence of the moonlit night.  Serenity hotel not far from the island, an agreeable environment, quiet and serene, come here along paths which in a puddles sit down, listening to the gurgling sound of water, looking up at the moon, the heart has become particularly clean, all the dust Consumers are invisible Lawton.Moon Lake brilliant white cast surface, and is irradiated through the depths of the pond water, the fish lost illuminate the float, with the mouth open circle to touch the surface.The bamboo forest puddles of moonlight desultory, the wind came, the moon, the bamboo together dancing together, like undulating waves rippling.Everything was enveloped in a full-plated Silverlit’s dream, no one does not air out, no one is not clever, I will in this bright and clean dust-free puddles, let your thoughts flow with the moon flying.  Beautiful moon is the ancient poet’s passionate thing, innumerable ancient Moon Poems.”Toast to invite the moon, the film into three”, reflects the poet Li Bai’s bold style; “dew from the white tonight, is home next month,” revealing the poetic heart poet Du Fu’s hard to leave their native land; “Over the sea moon, 天涯共此时 “, and describe the poet ling endless rain of sincere friendship; Wang Wei ‘moon between pine photos, rock springs high’, creating an elegant and refined, bright ethereal fascinating world; and Su” when the moon there wine in the sky “, ‘Nung, moon and new moon’, makes Zen enlightenment after the joys and sorrows, more appreciative of genuine emotion.  Immersed in the moonlight, my thoughts also seems to be the clear moonlight shine was invigorating, obviously net net, there is no trace of floating shadow, you can breathe briskly on children’s Aura freely admiration of the beautiful moonlight.Remember as a child, my mother told me: “moon night to talk about their wishes, he will be as successful as the full moon.”So, I promised to the heart of every round Moonlight.As I grew older, it really realize the true meaning: Life is like this moon, as long as the heart something to look forward, there is nothing to prevent it from pursuing the footsteps of it?Round of solitary wandering transit, waiting for what seems to be, but never do so, so it was always walking with.And I go through life suffering and experience, dedication to go today, although the bumpy road all the way, but more of a harvest, joy, to be successful, just like the shining moon, woven into the white dream.  Tonight, in the cloud mountain dew, under this moonlight, I felt a kind of never had the beauty of the moonlit night, all eyes also filled with a poetic illusion, enough to make me Chi haunting soul, intoxicated during the.  Unknowingly late at night, marching month traces back to the hotel, my mind suddenly emerges qing “Lotus Pond”, then imagine if Mr. alive, come here, will be moved by the occasion, write a richer, more wonderful chapter to moonlight.    Part Five: Moonlight Racecourse River reckoned number, unconsciously I have left childhood haunt fourteen years, that is to say, I have pasted fourteen years in this land Racecourse.People to be living so long, how can it be guests?Especially in the case of relatives, friends, students funding to the banks built hut and made me feel no sense of the living.We can not deny that my “roots” have slowly down into the land.  Early in the morning, open the door of the hut, at the foot of slowly flowing water, readily can skim a fresh wave of fresh mist.Between a breath, I remember with a kind of relieved to life a spiritual quiet in the heart.At night, quietly watching his son’s homework lamp, ears always ringing sound of the river slowly hanging by a thread.Yes ah, it seems from the heart through the racecourse River, this land has become my attachment of blood.  September 11 that night (about July 19 lunar leap right), during the day that the overwhelming heat, I knew it cleared up.Do not know when the moon has climbed the small hill across the river, so elegant, as if bathed out from the river, which sailed in the early autumn night wind, maybe she became cold, you see, she is with that blossoming clouds wiping body drops.  From school down to my house, wife and son are asleep.Moonlight from the window into the room, like a man that is clean and gentle delicate hand, gently stroking his wife and son sleeping lazy thin snoring.I knew it was this beautiful moonlit night intoxicated.  Whim, Racecourse river in the moonlight, will be doubled kind of picture it?  Stepped out of the hut, I am a little surprised – usually in a slight hurry slowly that the sound of the river where it went?I was eager to visit the river, and that river sandbar heart of some exaggeration to spread themselves in the moonlight.Shallow water it was divided in half, its flat sides Huanhuandecong swim.Looked to the upper reaches of the river, that flat bed naked exposed, such as a river full of fish-shaped reef.I suddenly thought, turned out to be about fifteen kilometers away upstream of the power plant closing.  I am a little excited, I want to go for a walk to the river.  In the upper right side of the racecourse bridge, I find a piece of the people trod from the grass to the river to swim trail.Less than ten minutes, I went down to the river.That hundred meters wide riverbed truly spread my feet.Not closing the river before, like a hurried youth, flaunt exuberant life, kept surging forward, as in telling us what seemed no time to tell us what.At a time when the river, crisp cheerful laughing like innocent children, in Wei under the blue sky, the cool and bright moonlight, by the nature of their own children at the beach games, hide and seek in the reef where they are issued from time to time sound, wrapped in a month this clear night, the night wind flowing in the intoxicating, like the more clear, so clean.I could not help but take a childhood memory, but also in such moonlight, with my companions in the big tree in the village, next to the haystack games, but also from time to time darting out of this laughter.In fact, warm childhood often appeared in my dream, but the reality of life yet it was so distant isolation.  I took off my shoes, his legs into the clear river, that Hushanhushan Lin wave, it seems that my childhood eyes.  Walk through the shallow river dream, I took to heart that the broad river sandbar.Across the overhead bridge horse farm, it arched figure set resting on sandbank.Sometimes there are one or two from the bridge rapidly passing car, like a general in the air rung.The sky is so high, the moon and farther away from the top of the hill, blossoming clouds has become a delicate and exquisite Winston, the sky is sparkling stars, the night sky more transparent.Trot sandbar, my horizons open up for no reason.  Poplar down suddenly, seven or eight egrets, flying from the bridge opening over there, across the top of my head, rest on the sandbar not far away.Reorganizing the beak with some wings, and some lazy disheveled step, but there is a fly on the rocks in the river to stop the heart, it seems very intently looked at their own shadows in the water.They not only are not afraid of me, walking a few actually glanced off the sandbar to my side.Perhaps they understand, in this beautiful moonlit night, in this fresh and clean bed, we are all dreams come are a soul friend.  ”Goo” bang, I do not know who is the companion of orders, made a sudden they flew away, watching these away along the river anymore white spirit, I always feel everything around is so abstract.  River house lights less and less, and occasionally there are so twelve lit, but accompanied by the sound of mahjong Xixisuosuo.In recent years, housing has increased the river bank, and a beautiful than the one that people always put by the river door is proud of ya, but who can really into her, she read it?Gone are looking at the water, who can appreciate it irreversible life?Reached into torrents of water, who can really feel the time leaves you, the years rush it?Won the clear water, transparent when it drops over the fingertips, who would really immerse yourself in this glittering luster, the will to life some of the details and move it?In fact the majority of people just standing on the shore, the thinking is also on the shore.  On the river, Out of the sandbar, skip a few stones out of the water, turn the row of poplars across the river bend, the river is more broad, and that the arrangement seems to have some scaly regular reef, upstream on the It has been extended to the distant hazy at best.  River is a large corn with stepped slopes, these stations have been ordered columns to corn plants a tree next to the river, solemnly Situated on the moon, as if waiting for my review.  May has been a transit, the night was dark and quiet.Those autumn as the main stage of the crickets, nor how screeching voice, perhaps some are paved a moonlight Fragmentation of forest maize love it.Injecting large piece of the left bank of the river bed, issue of the gurgling sound of water, increasingly Qingyuan.A small village above the river, in a thin mist quietly under the moonlight, Tian Ran has to sleep.Sometimes twice a barking coming from the village, the more lofty autumn.  Going up, riparian woodland at the end of both sides of corn, wild rice is a boundless, it has been diffuse into the distance curve at the black sky and earth irregular.  From the riverside walk out and stood on the ridge, knee side is heavy rice, their body covered with glistening dewdrops.Moon Seiki gently spreading ballast open to exposure to micro faint yellowing of the Tao Heung, as if into a dream in a very unreal.If it is during the day, if the river reservoir filled with green wave, so that the flow of jade and golden cross with wild rice shine, that is how stunning views ah.  Although it is late at night a little more, but I have been moving forward the idea.And the moon as partners, with water as partners, with thoughts of freedom as partners, and riparian filled Fragrant Rice and earthy as partners, this is how pleasant thing ah.  The river, the river under the moonlight month, the river linger dream, which was enough for me in my little house half the aftertaste.