Articles on Moon Shadow

Part One: dim moonlight shadow Ying smoke, floated seasonal summer night, blend with a touch of sadness, a touch of spring sleep pain wake up dreams.Cool is like moonlight spilled over the verdant late spring, the monastery is surrounded by vegetation at the landscape, covered with a gentle holy robe.The United States was to teach people some pity, some melancholy.Farewell lazy spring and early summer ahead refreshing night, bathed in moonlight quiet and gentle.Whether it is hidden in the clouds of the closing month, reflecting in the water or into the lake, all trace of inexpressible charm, fresh and ethereal liberated in the depths of unbounded mind.Summer moonlight, was pure dedusting and straightforward, a little more too warm, too cold curbing the!People forget the chilling of Singing Sorrowful; forget the tragedy of the Moon; forget the lonely winter nights.It was a gentle tenderness of lovers, sway with bright Qingsi, people willing to be tied in the meantime, because of its bright mood clean and pleasant, because of its sentimental deserted.  When a beautiful night, watching it fall Dongsheng, night after night and from the bustling yet lonely sky, the eyes follow it alone, single-minded trajectory, the shuttle in the night sky slim forever unknown.It’s not a sigh for its narcissistic, for its noble and saddened mood.But, but in Senleng night thunderstorm coming, melancholy eyes will be stuck in the dark swamp.  Moon epitome of how many crazy man Maid fate through the ages, also witnessed the poignant legend too much praise.Wanes changes, blurred emotion in the mind sadness and joy; loss of earnings when impermanence, affecting life in the tidal fate.In the endless night, in the fading life situation occasionally, Juyi Peng moonlight into the arms, even if it is faint pale moonlight, but also to bring a force of light to illuminate the darkness out of the confusion, leading the embark on the journey bright.  Standing in the dark of the night wind, the bright moon hanging in the quiet, filled the void and slack soul, crescent curved sharp edge, picked up the hearts of grievances and anger idea.Through the sparse distant lights of the night, shadow mottled printed on the window, into the hearts and clearly transmitted the detention thoughts.Tried to suppress the urge to call shouts sake, but secretly for fear that disturb the deep night sky, it just kept silent Qingming; more afraid to break the meditation of Zen, just want it to continue that everlasting Meaningful!    Part II: tone poem spend the night Moon Shadow central, lamp, a Yuet Wah, breaking in through the screens, the room lit up bright clarity, but also silently lying on the ground, so quiet, quiet people get a little impulsive, because, I would like to take advantage of this bright moonlight to enjoy some lake outside the court, you can not miss this rare beauty of the night.Ever since, the clothes draped skirts, to go to the lake.  To the lake, really beautiful scene.That sky, studded with sparkling stars Keke, innocent blinking flirtatious, they surrounded the sister moon, the moon seems to want to invite them to join the game, the moon is toot tilted lovely mouth, indicating he can not blinked as they did, it was round like a young girl’s face looks a little bright red.The moon is like the stars of the mother, so quiet every time like today will bring along a good time at home all the children out to play play.At this point, I suddenly thought of the old man described by Ba Jin Yuan Ming month that “it is crystal pure, like a crystal ball, very beautiful; it Seiki radiance, like a beacon, very bright.”.Yes, The moon is rising in the night, drenched in the blues world, guiding them to navigate.Sauna net stroll the lake, humming a pleasant rural music, and I feel really happy.Shore Seven Mile rouge cloud row of peach trees, graceful branches pose, reveals a purple, it seemed so elegant.Peach facing the spring bloom, although at night, under the bright moonlight shines, you can still see something like Huoshao like clouds of pink, from afar, beautiful.Curious mind again approached look, some budding, Hanzo Banlu.There are early opening of a peach is so white, such as fat as jade, delicate juicy.Already blossoming is fluttering in the breeze, sweet smile.Row of peach orchard, as if it has become a red rain Fen Yang World.  A gust of wind blowing, people very cool.This lake is quiet, but the wind naughty passing in the lake, making the layers of scales waves accompanied by jumping moonlight, accompanied by my lively heart in the chase, like a dancer, so I put aside all the trouble, just immersed in this graceful dance, enjoy enjoy, enjoy intoxicated.Looking at the lake, as if my mind has become more open, and no wonder, said Professor Zhai Hongshen in order to become open-minded, often have to go to the mountains, watching the water, high mountains, all over the world, time, conditions had to go stroll on a stroll.Live in this realm, indeed exhilarating, delightful.  A puddle of water flow stuffed rhyme.After the breeze, the lake was calm again, however, this is a beauty Oh, look at the lake, reflecting the sky that round moon hanging, I seem to some impulse, then a monkey actually like that, start to stretch, moon picked up trying, and monkeys may be the result, but I do not worry, because I saw, soon after the lake calm, it is still intact stay there, it amazes me that some people, once missed, it is impossible to start all over again, some things screws up, it is impossible to get a second chance, broken mirror that ends difficult, the moon can do it, even if I get it’s torn apart, it can be restored AS.  Wanted, really a paradise described by Tao so, I will take root in there, cover a verdant bamboo hut, which things, whether tables and chairs, or beds are made up with bamboo, because I was fond of bamboo.I can around in front of a fence, which is planted with a variety of side dishes, as well as the best river a river, I can circle a piece of land from which fish.At home, if they can rely on your own text earn a little money, and that nice ah!However, we live in the 21st century, such an ideal life in modern society can truly how, say, on my fledgling bird, with such bad writing can make money, it is good to be true.  Well imagine Wang, Tao Yuanming, Li Bai like them, discard secular bustling downtown, in this quiet countryside, boil a cup of wine and plates of dishes plus rice wine, about a few friends, in this case a lake swing sets, enjoy drinking pleasure, calligraphy, painting, flute, whistle, playing chess, lyricist poetry, it is so uncomfortable.  Too many words, too useless, this will only give good views of the quiet smear foul, with the King of it, forget about trouble tonight just drunk scene.No flute nor flute, but I have MP3, selected on a sweet and cheerful song, suddenly happy hearts.  Darkness enveloped the river, lake and sky color, a beautiful scenery ah!Unplug the headphones, the song “Moonlit Night” into beautiful unique melodies linger around, to see how much idle past love affair, ancient and modern, will be put in temperament, my heart gradually calmed down, back to the room, despite the time is late, lying in bed, still a long time to sleep, as if the ears still echoed with the sounds of music, at the moment, how easy ah!Heart without the slightest impurities, enjoy this sweet, this beautiful, heart jolly, intoxicated with.  Vision sky, a Yuet Wah, according to Lang village; Wang earth, beauty shop phase, surrounded by pastoral.Text fear poor pale light, just a phase, as I encourage each other to take this the night, to take the beauty, then an essay, in order to bear in mind.    Part three: shadow in the water as a child listening to Mama story.Said a group of mischievous monkeys fun in the water, willow last month, I do not go back, they had seen in the clear water of a luminous disc cruising in glittering waves of glowing light.They have different opinions, talking about disk reason, I suddenly remembered their mother to tell their stories, in the light of the glowing disc, there lived a beautiful Chang E sister, as well as a cute white rabbit.There is very beautiful, clear water, magnificent palaces, sweet birds.There are a warm spring rain, snow has a magnificent Liang Ying, really is so beautiful!Disk may be high in the air, too far, no climbing to.Suddenly found the water and also has a disc and in heaven.They identified as having the same two discs, one on the water, in a sky, then, whim, the water climb disc.Perhaps much more than the sky near.After all arguments, we agreed to take the monkey ladder, sequential dive into the water, all monkey climbing.  Since the operation began their landing on the moon, or excited, or active, or depth, or floating, exhilaration.However, the strange thing is that they are still out of reach discs, stays only bright flashes, with magnificent light hair, they finally stopped.”We see only the disk shadow in the water, so charming, so beautiful, almost confused us, wake up now, it’s not too late.”Wise says.Zhonghou meditation, look at the disc in the water, it really is shadow.The reason is that when the breeze over the water, sparkling, mellow that disc still does not follow the waves Ripple.Zhonghou disappointment, the disappointing.  Suddenly reminded of this story, there was the urge to look in the water.When night falls, when the full moon hanging, I practice with a broken shadow land, traveled alone to the Lo River and enjoy it in the water shadow.It’s so tranquil and quiet, magnificent plump.Spurious so bewitched.I then thought of cloning, replication thought, thought romantic.Life can be cloned, emotion can be copied.So, you thought.Think of your sweet talk.Free your eyes, you lose the trail for a long time.  You said I was the only one.You can clear their eyes sparkling with another raider.You tell me: “If you do not receive one day my phone is my accident.”So, I hope you phone every day become my habit.I said: “You will be tired, to call me as you work.”You say:” just want to hear your voice every day.What is wrong?”This is the first phone I was moved to tears.So I would like Chelsea joy, and joy in my mind, and joy in my life.Finally one day, you really do not have a message, I was not the direction of the boat, back and forth on the sea of life.I called desperately send text messages to you, and my only reply was: “You are trying to call is not answered, please try again later.”I look up to the high days of the disc, it is so far, the garden, rhyme.I took it on a disc in my mind, it is still, it is still hanging, still sprinkled with pure, still painted circle.Because it’s charming, I was doing rosy dreams.Because it’s magnificent, I sleep at night.I daydream waiting for it’s cruising, its wane.I’m happy with, intoxicated, with pain, like a naive child.When I look back, I began to compliment the wise monkeys.  I do not want to leave a long time, even though I was full of bleak surroundings, and that the water shadow of the moon, is keyed ripples in water.I’m tired of this shadow glitz, this copy of emotion, this clone face.Things predicament!World situation predicament!I asked the moon, you copy your shadow, you know wrong?