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Part one: those warm nostalgia is a silent night, quiet enough to hear the vibe heartbeat, slowly flowing past term.  Memory grandmother, Yung Chi sounded, extra baggage stature.Grandma is very hard-working, are rushing to do housework, housekeeping great set.Every weekend, she would like a housekeeper as arrangements grandchildren learn to do housework, so we solemnly dry up.Sweeping, mopping, washing dishes.I still remember the first time to learn to do housework that year, I was seven.A child I did not understand why my grandmother so industrious, still getting fatter, but then I found my grandmother strange we do not eat the food waste food, you eat the rest of the.I even younger could not understand some of this behavior, uh, then I would understand how “A Journey” practical significance.A child especially like the summer, people around the yard in the evening engaged in small talk, little children playing on the side.To play tired, leaning against the grandmother who stars.I still remember the first time recognized the Galaxy joy, it seems like discovering a new continent, bounce.In a power outage the night, waving a large palm-leaf fan grandmother would coax me to sleep.The strange thing is, even if she was asleep, fans still shaking, though the intensity a little small.Years later, I am still puzzled.Grandma is moving into the city from the city, a special liking for vegetables.In the first day I read that year, she kind of plays in the open front door of the dish, the soil or even bought with money, a car a car to drag.With this side dish ever since, she is even more busy.When I go out every day ready to go to school, you will see her in the vegetable garden work, even there was a period of time, she would rather stay at vegetable not break back into the house.  2008, is reluctant to recall the year.Grandma never left, cancer.Year three of burial.Those days, I do not believe this is true, it has not happened, right?Such a loving, hard-working elderly, God how the heart to let the disease take her?During that time, my eyes swollen for a week.Three months before the Spring Festival, her stature dramatically thinner, lying in bed unable to move, has been the infusion, blood, barely a bite to eat porridge and the like.2 years prior to 2008, the family smoke, full of arguing, a lot of contradictions intertwined.Great people of the world is difficult to understand, because we want to be too simple.That two years, Grandma’s significantly less laughter all day worried, thinking about how to solve the contradiction between the sons and daughters.Grandma is so tortured by them to the seriously ill, the family let me have a sense of apathy An unspeakable gap.The war-torn family I’ve had enough, so I spared much of.I had wanted to newspaper Beijing Forestry University, but was worried about her mother to worry too much, too far away to children, on the set in the neighboring Chongqing.And now, I feel the time is how naive.Everyone has this cupboard, things have happened, I would do so for a lifetime?I can not push it all the adults in the head, I have to live up to them too much, you can not be childish.  Zhou Guoping once said, “When our loved ones travel or pass away, we will not help in every possible way remembered their benefits, regret their negligence and fault.However, in fact, even before the edge of death, our loved every moment of it not in it away from us?”Forget who said it, you can see how far you can see past the far future.I think this sentence is right, a recall is not good at handling people there can be no future.A lot of things we can look for from past years, and is seeking greater insights more.I will explore the initial impetus, struggling to push yourself forward.I believe my grandmother is so promising it.  Qingming rain, Durian, Ruqirusu.Rain as tears flow in my heart; rain wind Gone with the Wind, there were numerous; rain means long, deep sorrow Italy.Pain, evil heart and lungs, tears skirts.Jinxi clear, heaven willing grandmother well, all pass away loved ones safe.    Part II: Siyu such as leaching, where moist find?  Siyu dripping long, through the memory becomes warm, and that piecemeal warm arms, slowly disappearing in places missing.- Inscription past the sun can not be extended into the future, long white banner dreams.Once the people and things are slowly turned into memories, thoughts in pursuit, but it is in vain.Christina dream, pregnant dream thought, to the final memory.When thinking rain, but their heart is a burst of noise moving, when listening to quiet down, but a burst of messy.To be accidental, and take for granted.So you have to let it be if things stay still and stay still to let it be.But how can we do?What is edge, it is met;?It might as well not met as well, not once seen, no mood Yi.  Evening twilight curtain no volume, this heart indifferent more indifferent.There are some things in the past is the past, after all, some ideas are just ideas, will slowly forget, perhaps just never remember.”There is destined to set the world because, because there is destined to set the world; because there is destined to destroy the world, because there are destined to destroy the world” because of disputes with the edge of who said it clearly?Everything starting point because that is what the end, maybe that is the edge of it.Sauna net Siyu such as shower, moist earth why?The result sought is actually no result, but disputes that this man is a collection of contradictions, so we also can not escape contradictions, can only hope that one day a little less contradictory, but that day far, far away, far away I have to already I do not know if that was me.Remember as shower, thinking, such as memory, then ran long, sweet silent, only waiting, waiting for the moment disappeared, and that the memory of the years beginning displaced, the hands of the sand had not, but carefully considered, if still remained old youth eventually only found, and the rest is that the sparse years.  Dark dark sound of rain, the rain zero behind, vaguely heard the sound of the birds, but it no longer sounds, the breath of flowers is not already do not know.Perhaps this is another kind of experience, the experience of the presence or absence has no meaning, in their own world, slowly learned to forget to remember.I used to think the most memorable in the past, but also the most easy to forget the past, now I know, there is no forgetting, the so-called forgotten nothing but a memory escape.  Dripping pieces read, Siyu such as shower, Si Yi moist, spread on the wall that unfortunately.Nissin warm sun slowly quiet down, and go in their own way to find their own years, the share of disputes aside for the time being it.Bai Ling on the green, Leilei Stone Stream.Life between heaven and earth, suddenly, such as travel off.Rush years, the years rush, happiness is like.  Siyu such as shower, warm memories of tranquility, in this lost ground in mind, forget.  Sisi dripping, deserted silent.    Part three: those who wear jade jade stones should be within and outside run as hard as its high product quality and pure.A friend motto, to be counted stolen my.  Jade has not been classified as a decorative thing, it is a subconscious respect with it.  Previous name Jade middle of a word, I feel vulgar, so given a free hand to change, and this, his father has been brooding, perhaps only because I changed my name for me to take him, the name should be there are other metaphorical it.Otherwise, why not let us continue with the genealogy that “significant” word, and have used the word “Jade” herringbone?  I think, now, at this very moment, I suddenly understood my father to our sisters named intention – like jade, like, pure quality, high product.  Unfortunately, his father is gone, and now the name has taken so many years, there is no plausible reason, I can not switch back to the original name.Then the next time of registration, it reborn in the network it.  Mr. Zeng to be in the county of jade two years, bought two very good texture jade bracelets, hearing people say nice texture, sent a man, a keep, and now I do not know the value of geometry.  Always do not like to wear jewelry, there are so few small ornaments, has been lying in the box, sometimes wearing a whim for two days, or felt seem cumbersome, they simply let it lay in the dark.  Today, dug out bracelet, worn on the wrist, bracelet and metal compounds sweat allergy in the infiltration of jade faint, feels as calm a lot, not dry not itch.Heart, said Yu, really do some magic.  Jade, let me give birth was moved some time ago, is also a quiet afternoon, the phone rang, and saw that it was an irrelevant telephone, after the pressure of playing with trimmed with jade, it is a bean size of the Emerald Buddha, colleagues helped Amoy, Amoy said, that is, with relatively little money to buy good quality stuff back.Get our hands liked.Not only because it is suitable for women with a Buddha, but because it perfectly clear white color.  Yu is a good, though small, can be the same gentle stroking intimate, length is tied jade green coffee color and silk woven Chinese knot, jade worn on junction electrodes proportionate.Jade in my palms, white gauze filter out glare, but also a gentle mood of the room full of candy, and jade is also very disproportionate.Jade in my palm, palm thin, especially against the background of jade even more nourish and white, hand stopped in mid-air, as a statue frozen in there, journeying to read a long time.Probably from that moment, I started to really like to play Jade.Something all right, always caressing a small piece of jade on the phone, cool, Wet, stroking if so, it will not be of my palm, of my body, so I have really jade’s spirit.  I look forward to, work with, perfected.Like, like jade, high product quality and pure.  Jade is a strange substance, the world is no longer a thing like it, looks like butter nourish the heart is extremely strong.  As it has been the pursuit of a spiritual.  The vast earth, wind rain to come, although under the roof can avoid the storm, can those Feiduanliuzhang, human well-being is a blessing for the four walls can resist got a few pieces of tile.Moreover, there is always inexplicable sadness hit on it.  Wrist bracelets issued crisp knock on the table and full sound, but not downtown but not dry, people under the watchful eye of the faint soft, gentle, quiet, like jade as.  With firm resistance weak, gentle ablation indifference, to spread love with sincerity, kindness with evil probation.This is within the so-called outer-run firm, pure high quality bar.