Articles on meditation

Part one: Autumn window in accordance meditation under sunset, a lone figure on the trails have been mercilessly stretched stretch.Road westerly skinny horse, sunset, heartbroken people in the End of the World.Whether in the past or in the current.Autumn, always in the sweet taste laced with some sadness.  Dark rural soul, chasing brigade think, every night except, dreams keep people sleep.Moon-story Hugh Du Yi, wine into the feeling of sadness, tears turned into Acacia.Autumn always like to break the dusty memories, with a passenger who stay back off the post, mixed with a touch of vague memories of scenes and a deep sense of melancholy.The harvest season, is loaded with numerous fruit can be in the eyes of the fruit, but it is experienced numerous wind and rain and sun exposure.She quietly accepted the alien world to bring her everything, including noise, she still embrace the kind of life, quietly grow with pain and happiness, she completed his mission to the world is the sweet life taste.  Chunhua was appointed to the funeral, autumn leaves shed no income.With the pace of things slowly fall asleep, once green leaf now dozing on the ground of it, perhaps the day cools, they are covered with yellow quilt owned together, this scene is so lazy.Once you attracted much appreciate the attention, but now you can leave alone, all the sadness and resentment can only silently in my heart, maybe one day the time will be forgotten, but the mark was branded in my heart long time can not heal.Flower is not a heartless thing, into Enriching the soil more quadrangle.Who says the falling leaves of autumn is the best destination?Hidden in the darkness of land rotting, all the lonely only turned into nutrients, moisture coming year green.Countless people accept such a relentless schedule, do nothing but instill obedience, hurriedly came, leaving some sweet, and hurried away, bears a touch of sadness.Maybe not stand the emotional tie him down, can not afford to ignore the time, had attachment, and there have been helpless, had fun, and there have been sad, but the walk is destined to leave, can not change the taste of any seasoning fate of missing is always a!High-rise projects do want to dusk, parasol leaves on a drizzly rain.In addition to the autumn to bring people happy as well as sad.Harvest season, each field in a farming faces of the people are happy with the parts, the children playing in the rain, in spite of autumn rain and everyone became a drowned rat, but these are not conceal their joy.I heard Wu Ye soon as autumn, a little bit unhappy banana.Gray sky waft of autumn, playing the sounds chilling on the parasol trees, making the leaves tremble howling.Mid-Autumn Moon is difficult round of time together in less loved ones, and more concerns and thoughts.Double Ninth Day difficult reunion, alone in a foreign land, has been to the festival, their loved relatives, brothers climb the mountain, wear cornel, only a few people.Autumn brings much sadness, but also took away much joy.Everyone Autumn explain things, like not completely known poet.Autumn wind blows, Bo filled.He said that autumn is cool, autumn wind is howling, she said, and I said autumn is Ice.Autumn very sad, very sad autumn.She did not gentle spring breeze was blowing, the wind in the summer is not fresh, no more biting cold wind, she rolled up some ground across the rustle of the leaves of sadness.Staring at the withered leaves dancing the last life in a beautiful dance withering autumn, my heart shuddered slightly.Autumn ancestry a lot of trouble, or else how the ancients would chant this poem yet, “Ku Teng trees faint crow, bridges people.”” Where sober tonight, willow shore, Xiaofeng moon.”Autumn has a different kind of beauty, there is also a quiet and desolate, like a cup of tea she needs to savor and experience the bitter and sweet of them.Autumn, needs careful quietly enjoy, in fact, fall a lot of flavor, do not believe you see.Part II: Moonlight meditation for many years, I often like to moonlight meditation.  When the veil-like window frames, when the moon climbed up, turned out the light, sit by the window, holding a cup of tea, think of a poet’s verse, I always think of his quiet night in this quiet night.  Already turns warm again when the night wind still with some coolness.”Tick” of the clock was more and more sonorous, accompanied by my heart, shook my eardrum, the pace of time is so hasty and rapid.Boundless seems to have immersed in the gentle dreams, but at this time I let things make life a thousand times linger in the mind.I’ve had a fantasy of Love, that beautiful dream always like colorful clouds in the blue sky flying, just as the buds bloom, the sun just rising, the history of fantasy life of applause waves, flowers everywhere, the tree of life some will grow very lush and vibrant.  However, fate, let me become a private teacher small village.Sauna net dawn twilight, I entered the campus, take a look at whether there is a job yesterday approved leak leak change, today’s lesson whether there was sufficient preparation.At this point, my students also sequence into the classroom, in the cries of “teacher early,” “good teacher” greeting, the mood will be moved and inspired them, and then travel around in the midst read aloud, play live is a day opening such and such staged.  In this extraordinary position, facing gather together the village boy, I’ve had a dream Makarenko, impoverished life can often make me confused, I suspect, in this materialistic society, what What I have always supported such sincerity, dedication, not the slightest slack and perfunctory.Like a hard-working life and the harvest of farmers regret that barren land, as has always stick to the share impoverished and mediocre, quietly waiting there, tends the.  Moonlight, diffuse through the window came, gloomy house seemed a lot brighter.In this deep of night, I looked at the habits of this humble home, home appliances, motorcycles, telephone, modern home those essential things I have nothing.I think I have been reduced to impoverished to the point, it can only be satisfied with merely warmed up enough to eat.Peers, though not all rich, but also well-dressed, suave, and I dress just like this one looks like a little old man.  In this case the wife hugged Qian children fall asleep soundly long, hard years of the wife no longer young, soft pale moonlight reflected on a road in the dark mark in her eye wrinkles.He Lan Zhao Qian child’s arms with soft arms, the face close to half of children Qian sweet nightmare.Family hardship is also worried her, and now she was in this tranquil dream of pure motherhood, motherly face, revealing a calm, serene and satisfied.  Xu night wind, the moon in my arms, I thought of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”, remembered the rough seas of the moonlight shines.The sea is boundless, broad minded, not just as a benevolent maternal love it?  The clock is still loud and rapid pace, so I do not know the cold, quiet night, is there like me in front of the numerous world doing so cool thinking.Out the window began to fade up, I know the darkness before dawn is short, brilliant day has come to me and walked quickly.    Part Three: meditation Caprice sometimes like a man quietly think certain things.Also I have thought about the same question countless times: What is a youth?We are out of childhood fantasy, or are we gradually become mature personality?Everyone has their own scenery, enjoy the scenery but when everyone’s attitude is different.  When students get together, always joked, old, old, is not our era.As everyone knows, in the rush past years, there is the passage of our youth, we have a vision and hope for the future.Homecoming is always that too many good record of our happy memories.Growing up in those throbbing youth, who we hope will always guard things, we always evoke memories of a person.Some things, some instant, hovering in my mind, can not erase, or because of joy, because happiness, or because firmly believe that because of the pain, or because of depression, because confusing.These are permanently stored in our memory.  Day seven days, most of the students had gone home, a person stay in the bedroom, a person to eat, a man listening to music.Campus overwhelmed by an odd one back because of the invasion and even more bleak autumn.Not the usual hustle and bustle, but a little silence.I remember some time ago bustling New Year.Campus become more fresh faces, and therefore become more fresh life.Only a little group of people who spent a few years here.The world had the same confusing in the eyes of these people, all full of strange.Here they cried, laughed, complained, tried, loved, been loved.Slowly go, novelty becomes usual, the strange becomes familiar.Then, one day awoke, usually have to be forever lost, it will also become familiar with yellowing memories.  Suddenly I had the urge homesick, miss the old house at home, miss the plume of smoke.I was thousands of miles away from home outside the South came to this beautiful city for his ideal of life here more than a year, but also deeply in love here.Here beautiful campus, pure friendship, as well as with the students struggle with bits and pieces.The road chasing the dream of peers who have a lot more meaningful is because of this road you only change.Dream of a group of young people in the hard work for their ideals, although this road is full of thorns, but in the hearts of each one of us it will always be so holy spirit in our hearts a pure land, let the dream resting places.The future of the future, there are many way to go, but trust path of their choice.Since the choice, we must give it to finish.  With full of hope, with the original dream, in this piece of red earth work hard, bones reveals “The road is long Come, happiness and earth,” the courage to chase the sun belongs to the most beautiful heart.The persistent enough to make our future more exciting college life.