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Part one: the old village of Maple dream, then let me day and night in their homeland.Dream, dreaming that my parents.Dream that I never forget the people and things.The strangest dreamed a patch of woods in the village, especially the old maple tree in the dream is exceptionally bright.Red maple leaves, hidden two decades of memories, accompanied by dream will miss hometown to tell people to send and tree feelings.  - Inscription Love like water, indifferent, suddenly, gone.  In the past, such as clouds, nothingness, bleak, empty memories remain.  Interest-free mountain breeze, blowing face, warm and calm.Looking back a smile but his eyes tearful with the old footprint.  Jiangxi, a real red land a real red spirit.Perhaps some people on this red province is not very understanding, is the only known poverty, backwardness, and even some people on this earth there is a trace of disgust.Simple but born in this land I was this kind of sense of attachment, especially red, a kind of deep-seated memories.Perhaps because of that piece of familiar red homeland, perhaps they are living on clay familiar faces, or perhaps old red maple tree with me 20 set…..  Inadvertently years begins with the fingertips slip.Quietly, the silence.Because school, I left their homeland for more than ten years, whenever I think of the village of the woods, especially when growing on old maple, meaning homesickness will be getting a strong.  Born in a remote mountain village in northeastern Jiangxi different from my city people, childhood, toys and snacks can be as partners, as well as fun playground, tall Ferris wheel….In contrast, I together with that mountain and that the only tree.Playground perhaps the entrance to the village of the woods.Tall Ferris wheel may be high and the old maple tree in the village of Bar!  Old maple trees grown in entering the village on the street, straight trunk strong, shining armor as a warrior-like silently guard the fertile soil.Tall trees bless me the peace of the Earth Temple, seen from afar seems to bless the land is the old maple Quartet shelter.I remember as a child, I often pass the time here will always hand over worship and, perhaps due to the impact of the old neighborhood, think thanks and worship can be safe and healthy.No disaster painless.The cult of the land but also to the natural father of the old maple, when I actually came out a ridiculous idea, old maple is not spiritual, is not after so many generations worship only grow so tall.Is not the old maple tree itself is the land of God father.Juvenile idea is so ridiculous superstition.Although it is true to say that, but so far, I will hand over to worship the village on foot, perhaps the faith of the heart, perhaps the memory of childhood, and perhaps also a kind of reverence for the old maple bar!  In the countryside, where I lived for eight years.Time before the age of six I can not remember.But after a few years I can remember very clearly.Every fall coming at that time, the village trees will fall with autumn leaves to.Old maple is especially true original leafless slowly wither.Autumn wind blows, it will fall down, a piece dropped to the ground, at a distance, people’s eyes, it seems paved floor leaves a red carpet, bright, beautiful.At that time, I will come and village partners woods entrance to the village, more of a come under this maple, pick up that falling maple leaves, and always pick big pick up, and then again three hundred fifty-five of together, up comparisons.Then think of how much he is innocence!How happy!After comparisons will catch a lot of beautiful leaves to take home, wash with water rinse, and then glue on the books, but do not know because the preservation, most of all to the later pieces, but also get all over the place.Grandparents will nag at this time: “The death of these children, do pick up some leaves home.I tell you ah!A sweep you go!”At this point we will pick up the poor that is higher than their heads broom sweeping up.Cleaned up after not a little thing, because although they are nagging but never beaten, perhaps love of children and grandchildren, or perhaps in their childhood have done anything like it!Nightlife net from nine years old has been so far, I have to stay in the city school.Before summer vacation can go home.Rarely ever since high school, because the school tuition have many holidays, over time it will miss a good family, a good partner miss.I really want to accompany the tree grew old maple.When confronted with sad, when confronted with illness, always think about home, think about it quite a straight spine tree old maple, learning it is so strong, it is so brave school.I seldom cry, perhaps when growing old maple trees give it teaches!  This year the twelfth lunar month, our family returned to the country the New Year.On the way home, I went all the way saw a tall old maple tree.Although the leaves are shed, but it is generally straight strong as ever.Walked in front of it, I secretly handed worship worship, perhaps a grown up about face.Or maybe just want this person’s feelings and trees and it is only hidden in my heart.  - hidden wounds chapter two: blue maple in the spring of walking wilderness.Slowly, slowly, melting between heaven and earth, as if such and such, to get back a little himself.  Dream suddenly wake up.  Earth fragrant flowers drunk, dancing butterflies, so I entered another dream.And the line and go, emerald green bow can be picked.This spring, recite poems, walking the edge of history and reality, gradually understand the meaning of the spring —-.Spring is the season of recovery, the recovery of all things, more important is the recovery of the soul, and even dolphin beating heart.  Slowly, slowly, through the depression of the water, through the reclamation of farmland at the edge of this wilderness, I find myself to.A maple, spring Chui Sau tall, raw power of clear meantime, let me find a meeting point of the heart.Spring green maple complete experience, autumn red, the end of his brilliant life.But also how to find he can not remember the winter.  Maple winter is blue, I think so.Blue water, tenderness, determination; blue dream, blurred, scene.Blue is the color of the sky, just as white bloom, blue is the color of the sea, only for peaceful relaxation.Blue maple is a taste of winter, working hard and making season, only three beautiful piece Spring and Autumn: Girl sitting on the desk in maple, dangling from his head listening to the teacher talk about physics knowledge to those in the mist, a gust of wind blowing, a Maple Leaf leisurely leisurely flying in the air, sailed in front of me fell in front of me wandering after two laps.Winter has been for some time, there is still fluttering Maple Leaf, I can not help but have some mixed feelings in this little life tenacious vitality.And my thoughts are flowing along the leaf up, someone told me that she likes to fall, especially like the Maple Leaf flying in the autumn, because at that time can openly sentimental.She, like a beautiful otherworldly fairy; she was so excellent beyond me; she was in the crowd is always so outstanding.And she did not encounter that kind of fiction plot, just the same table I was her, I like her just like that piece of maple trees, we are all just love sentimental girl.  Every autumn we will be similar to that piece of maple trees, and this year’s fall was only one person to sit on the bench we have sat together, but brought back with her feelings.One day she suddenly told me that she wanted to go north, first thought she was joking, I did not expect a few days later she really would pack up and embarked on the road to the north, her parents when she was little divorced, and she developed a personality trait loner, she is very sensitive to changes in the natural world, sometimes you say some strange words, even though she is now far away in the far north, the letter still talking her feelings about things, “today it snowed for the first time to see snow is wonderful, they are as happy as parents of children who were allowed to come out to play, they know that when spring comes to life when the end is that they can be they are also brave choice for fall.Life and how long, how short and, like those, like moths to a flame, just to reach the other side of that dream, even if it is willing to die this.”” Today, windy, or those tender branches are broken, I can not help but feel bad.Along with sister school seniors who do volunteer work, looking at that one child was frozen red in the face, I feel very distressed, put me the money donated to them, although lunch is the only remaining couple of bucks on bread but very happy, I feel my life is meaningful.”That’s her, she’s very good.In the few years and get along with her, if I said I was not jealous of her, it is too shameless.I am jealous of her, jealous of her performance that I can not even matter how hard some, I’m jealous of her all around her, I was always so jealous of her kindness.By her side I felt like an ugly duckling, but she is a noble and beautiful swan.In the absence of her days, I gradually understand that every girl is a princess, we are confident of silk clothing, silk clothing just put on this, every girl is a princess.I only know how to humble yourself before her, but forgot confident such a word, perhaps later to see her again, she was so beautiful, so good, so let me catch up, but I can confidently brave stand beside her.  Have a maple leaf windblown direction toward the north slowly journeyman.