A man, a dog, a guitar with anything

Some people write songs can rely on imagination; some people write songs, living alone.Chuan Zi, the latter.Sichuan son is a singer, a man with a guitar dog back, battles north and south more than a decade, middle he experienced a lot of vicissitudes, his voice was rough as gravel, is straightforward cry from the heart, this kind of cry shouted a lot of truth civilians, so many people say he is the people’s livelihood singer.Chuan child is indigenous south of Beijing.Tough nature, rebellious, because early fights was sent to prison.In prison, Sichuan son started to learn the guitar to write songs, because of the excellent performance of their sentences commuted.After his release, Sichuan son of the spiritual world has completely changed.Then he left Beijing to the south bar sing-song, 4 years after the dog with bird singing dog toot mother returned to Beijing after the Beijing city opened a music-themed bar.Been to Chuan Zi bar people know, except for the bar owner can sing very nicely, and one dog will sing.”Zheng money” and let people really know Chuan GDP child or July 2007, a song called “Zheng money”, and that song has quickly became popular on the network, more than two months more than ten million clicks.In this song he sings: great motherland her super-rich na!GDP bass bass proud of his long-ah!Can I exchange a few packs of diapers do?Baby, you called Zheng money, Dad, I love you, but do nothing!So after you own it thanks!Dad, I just like to wish you anyway!Good growth, do not get sick ah!To work hard to save sponsorship fee ah!This song kind of joking pain, filled with fatherly love, like a sharp sword, like tie to reality.Sichuan son told me that this song is that he is a friend of the child full moon wine when made, this friend had his bar singer in the place with people every day to give him to join a group of people Qianhuhouyong.Big spenders are the biggest impression on his son left for Sichuan.But some time this person did not appear until the day after the 2034 buddy call him, tell him that the child had asked him for the song to the children.At a time when this had been Qianhuhouyong already a rich man driving a taxi to make a living of ordinary people.Sichuan son ask a child what is his name, that man surnamed Zheng told me Chuan Zi, Zheng girl called money.Sichuan son could not believe, ask earn money, spend money spend it?That man said yes, I would like to make more money to spend.Both humorous and poignant story, no beauty, no meaning, but it is reality.Sichuan son on musical life, but also life making music, his 40 years of life experience to experience the real sentiment of the people’s livelihood.He thought people a taxi driver, took the money to do a hard full moon feast, the moment he saw the hardships of raising a child’s life and bass bass rising GDP, have seen their lives helpless, he used those songs singing voice of the people is contemporary GDP severely dumped in the back.From 500 Michuan’re just happy child love to sing their own songs, his creative anytime, anywhere, on the road, in a bar in 2008 in a 500 meters away from dangerous child well-being in the district where the river created a “happiness in”.Prototype of the 2008 financial crisis, the sluggish economy and strong house prices have become a puzzling mystery of creation has become a sub-Chuan.In fact, “with happiness” from Sichuan son was close at hand.In 2008 in Shenzhen, Sichuan son, has a real estate business, Sichuan son very much appreciate the song, he called for the development of real estate in happiness, then with Sichuan son that if he could write a song for the happy years, send him a house.Day Sichuan son felt very excited and bought a bunch of wine dormitory creation.He looked at real estate flyers sigh house cheap, only 4000 dollars one square meter.The same quarters of people ask how do you know 4000 dollars one square meter ah?He answered that leaflets ah, noon, send it to my hand.The man said behind you count them zero.Chuan son and a number is 40,000 yuan.So, Sichuan son sipping wine, while holding the leaflets written in it, how pondering too expensive.So, Sichuan son wrote the song “Happiness in”: Happiness is not far away from the place, I think it is here, he has a very good name, is happiness, the more than 40,000 one square meter.I work very hard every day to make money, money is also very careful, but to live in it with happiness, need more than three centuries, I can not afford this song online song is called history of the cattle house of bondage, such a voice so the manager was furious, though not a house, but sub-chuan very pleased to get everyone’s own creations resonate.But he was not happy for this song became popular but feel uncomfortable.To pass the house, Sichuan son even regret not thought about, he said that did not even consider writing a violation of their own conscience, contrary to the aspirations of the masses of shit song.Sichuan son is already very famous, there are many opportunities to make money, but he said: I do not care about fame or not, my work is not purely cynical, as the father of two children and I have a sense of social responsibility, and now I find there are a lot of units, I say that listening to music is great, but they have to change to change the lyrics, I say not, if the word is not changed my song.If a folk singer with no sense of responsibility, singing music on all hypocrisy.I have written a sunny, beautiful writing, youth, friendship, but after writing livelihood is getting gray, no way this is reality.We can not ignore this reality, we want to change.Sichuan son trying to use his own melody, singing we can understand.