Women deficiency physique and health principles must be borne in mind

Health principle of female physical deficiency must keep in mind what?Chinese medicine believes that long as the injured blood, it is proposed to develop good work habits and learning to read, not excessive labor center。
TV fans should pay attention to the eyes of the rest and maintenance, to prevent the excessive use of eyes because the body's blood and Haoshang。 Deficiency of people, often lack of energy, insomnia, forgetfulness, inattention of the state, so to do any work, builds character, spirit。 In a bad mood when you can listen to music, watch comedy, comic, etc., so self-cultivation。 Physical characteristics: pale minimalist or chlorosis, lip color pale, dizziness, palpitations, insomnia, numbness in limbs, pale tongue, thin weak pulse。 Health deficiency physique is important to remember the principle of women living photo transfer: Beware long as the injured blood, not excessive labor center。
Diet to restore: You can eat mulberry, litchi, pine nuts, black fungus, spinach, carrots, pork, lamb, beef, goat, turtle, sea cucumber, butterfish and other foods because these foods have the role of nourishing blood。
Drug regimen: uniforms can DBD Siwutang, or spleen soup。 If the blood deficiency shall supplement qi and blood, the election Ba Zhen Tang。 Shiquandabutang or ginseng Yang Rong Tang, Tang also changed for the pills take a long time。 Spiritual cultivation: blood deficiency of people, often lack of energy, insomnia, forgetfulness, inability to concentrate, it should be inspired。
When bored anxiety, bad mood, you can listen to music and enjoy the theater, watching a humorous comic or mime, make spirits。