Selling models and attractiveness of the capital money how suddenly gone?| Cast teach | trap | China Securities Investment Fund Association

  Text / Sina Finance opinion leaders (micro-channel public number kopleader) columnist Li Delin March 15, China Securities Investment Fund Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Association") jointly produced a new social media platform Federline cast teach feature film "Guardian Wealth action away from the investment trap – how shall sell and the attractiveness of the capital money suddenly gone?"Line in the whole Internet broadcast, designed to enhance investors' risk awareness, increase efforts to protect the interests of investors。   3.15 The on-line vote to teach feature film adaptation based on real cases, victims are cases of lack of investment knowledge and risk awareness of middle-aged investors, being promoted low-risk high-yield products lawless elements of fraud, leading to investment funds down the drain。 Which lasted several months of production, through in-depth analysis of the case and repeated visits to the injured investors, true to this from the illegal fund-raising case of private equity funds, and through the interpretation of external experts and associations relevant person in charge, so that investors clear and intuitive understanding and knowledge of key points to prevent discrimination in private equity investment trap。

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