Articles on Lost

Part One: The Lost words in fact, there is no hesitation, more of a “Come Yishui Han winds blow,” as a person is alive, there is nothing wrong with personal care, should or sad, or will give up.  Although this is the most recent, is the closest one, you turned out to be my colleague, but good luck or playing tricks, for a whole summer, very few number of meetings, how do I know, what thoughts?What kind of feelings?NOT true is true, true is false?But we have no intention to investigate.  These days, even in the travel discuss, and perhaps working too hard, and perhaps just to secure a city not used to, I still 想出去走走, some of the best goes far, far away from the chaos of this earth, Yu had told me these words, I did not realize his helplessness, and now I come to understand, understand, but never have the chance.In this world, some people, life is turned around, some things, gone, forget it, even if it is still firmly in there long, even though I was deliberately.  Want to go south, the South has a natural yearning, do not want that broad-brush view to the north.  Never mind a sense of fulfillment, there is no practical sense, I stand here, you have a step by step way, with a smile, telling Zhongchang, why I became a heart of stone?  Love, no desire, no expectations, just wanted to sit safely, no longer tempted, no heartache, carefully, nothing exciting.    Part II: Jiben whistle is left behind while away, then Dangqi dust, great, full of the whole sidewalk, can not see the bright lights.Shuttle in the sidewalk, a zebra crossing a white line that is the end of life, perhaps on high alert all the time with which to draw their own picture of human lifeline, in fact, life is not as rapid as that car over, the Ranqi dust, sometimes like a fallen leaf is rolled up, and slowly falling, that process as a performance of dancing with good posture, it is an attempt, perhaps a life free of the shackles of it.  The falling leaf may have been inadvertently picked up the city’s beautification division, maybe when the fall comes the wheels crushed the basic, this is the end of a life course.  Look at this bustling streets have traffic for his endorsement, he had hurried pedestrians propaganda, he was a theater curtain flow but no plot, until the time when the curtain call, leaving only small groups of street lights tireless guarding, perhaps is there a patch of leaves in the memories back to the soil, which went back to where he comes from the leaves is so extravagant, that leaves the hard concrete floor forgot to kiss the ground, did not return a long time he forgot the warm embrace.I do not know how many have to wait for spring and autumn, he would have been picked up, brought back to his world, because leaves are the city loner.  Melody of life every day is different vocal interpretation, it was nothing but disease-free Shen Ling, the majority preferred to remain silent.  Such a world, who can not go back, but keep in mind memories of the past term, not lonely losers, and sometimes is a challenge to society, do not want to bring the joy of this bustling embellishment, I do not want to bother with the hustle and bustle to irritability, but this is not their own, whether it is flowers, or desert sand.  That kind of world, no leaves such a loner, exclusion and urban, the more pathetic perhaps too from the future from the start, can not find their own, only to stray in any corner, drifting became a lifetime frustration.   Landing the moment came to understand, do not know not of this world, whether the world has brought sadness and joy, leaves only understand the world is not never had a belong too, but when passing a hurry, forget the world, forget it come when the road, but forget that the world was struggling to find my lost chapter three: left behind memories of that year’s winter flying Wisdom, you are out of a bright but broke three memories of terrier, who’s silence away who Seduction, who refused to curtain call who never played bustling, desolate out one two three off the next chapter of himself, and to the infinite memory of at crowded with faceless angels, no sad sad country covered humilis , humilis in the annihilation of life, who has been with the wild geese flying south flying south, north of Mohe, north of Polaris, cut off the flow chapter string, dark soul of the cenotaph, and I, from ancient ancient, is a stand wind, left behind memories of hunters, no antecedents, no way back, free, lonely, unruly, unruly, fierce, gentle, wandering, eternal life.Heartfelt love this text, desolate, silent, even Kuang.Perhaps because of the long-awaited snow has not yet blooming, perhaps because of swirling leaves disturbed the mind, or is it Lie Lie cold wind blew away my memory.So I suddenly realized that I was a standing in the wind, left behind memories of Hunter.Hiding in the depths of dreams and season, with a sigh those beautiful passing, sometimes like looking at the sky, I wonder, those birds occasionally across the sky, who actually took the memory of.Torrent sauna net time of impact had faith in the Red Dust, I forgot his.Xu had promise at once vision for the future, once wrote thoughts, remember the sadness also in the political arena.Then, one day walking in the familiar streets, they belong to the past to hear a song, sad moment they poured out.Curse ruthless time, laughing at his own indifference, was left behind so many memories, and she was heartless live a life of numbness.Such a scene on my way to go in the period covered humilis continue to unfold, no beginning, no ending.I am silent, I know gear like life to me is so boring, but I have to accept this kind of life, because at least it was quiet all.Occasionally lifting the previous album, only to find we have to go to their horizon, and even remembered the parting year, we did not say goodbye, these years we did not really goodbye.I did not forget, never forget, those vivid pictures, laughter is still in the hearts of those waves, pick up the phone I did not know where to start, this strange feeling burned thoughts, prayers become particularly important at the moment, although not people will know.So I began to believe that such a sentence: “Everyone has their own piece of forest, maybe we never came, but it’s always there, always there, lost people lost, meet the people will meet again.”Graceful swing music in the ears, telling the whole night of loneliness.Through the window and poured into cold wind cold mood all night, they find themselves like being thrown into the sea at night half past three in the chest, the cold sea against the thin body, floating in the vast sea of the night, no direction , no light, no one to listen to your joy and sorrow.As Jia Ping – wa said: “Loneliness is not being left out and abandoned, but no friends, not to be understood.The real loner without saying lonely, occasionally make some shouts, as we have seen the beast.”I’m a standing in the wind, left behind memories of hunters, associating with shouts of those beasts, Lie Lie cold marched resolutely stubborn walking pace.Not like exile, did not like the hypocrisy of the auditorium, then put on a eschatological king Jieao face, understand the world and dissuasive not make me feel a trace of panic, but wanted to try the fragrance of flowers Tuo Luo.It is said that every piece of land falling leaves has memory, next year will still return to the big tree of their own.And I, a lonely hunter, in the days after leaving the bustling crowd’s off the list, left behind a land of memories, memories cried hiss in the ring, I leave cruel memories, looking for the no sorrow kingdom.    Part Four: in the morning, left behind in the morning, the bell rings.There are blessings, but also regret!  The face of strong blowing gratitude and sadness.  Indescribable, evaluation, selection, along the way, I did not grow up.  Still do not understand, because a person is alone or because people got used alone and lonely.  Or dare, step forward so that they face the unknown sky.Just look up and hope it is a sunny day, guard, illuminate every desolate.  Before work, friends in the group sent a message saying: “We must at December 31, 2011 23:59 at night and love together, next year could love throughout the year.Never at December 31, 2011 23:59 Sad night, otherwise you could not finish next year also hurt the heart.”I hope he is happy at the moment, everything is feeble.  In the deepest night, eyes open, looking up at the ceiling, thinking about two years ago that afraid of the dark and can not sleep because of the girls, because there is that people are basically good girl is ridiculed friends.Her mind is full of fairy tales, could not find a little bit sad, makes me extremely envious.But when I reach out, she turned and ran.  Rearrange those pictures, they found corroded by years of too much, no matter how I try to put together, and ultimately not a complete picture of the fight.Have to believe in the power of time, it mercilessly take away something, let me stand here desperately pleading, shouting.I was a stubborn man, repeated over and over again doing useful work.  Somewhere lost in the early morning of the heart.  Look back at her, she tells me smiling, do not blame, do not complain.  Pisces woman, always tolerant of yourself can not accept, always preferring his injury.But life, she still would inevitably hurt others, so he began to torment his heart.  Fortunately, the first day of 2012, I found the sinking, but left behind a smiling heart.  I’ll take good care of her, so she still believes this beautiful world, I believe I will exhaust all love her, she no longer alone, wandering, she is no longer submerged scenes of tears and choking.  And I need is time.    Part Five: After left behind grow up, get material satisfaction, but lost the spiritual satisfaction, people who really tangled triggered.  Always sigh, but never know what you really want to get, in fact, the so-called distant, sometimes even within reach, suddenly begins to laugh at yourself, a lot of ideas are like a joke, struggling fearless later, still looked up and saw the yellowed ceiling, perhaps mixed with excessive salt tears.  A pair of warm hands are not about love, disappearing in the memory for too long, forget the kind of throbbing fast, the kind of impulse, the kind of move.  For those memories with aperture, gradually confused, no longer so clearly visible, I have been very cherished memories, or be swallowed time, the owner of those memories, people have changed already, we all drove his boat I want to sail to the other side, I look back, but you have not looked back a relentless, like the Earth in the sector, once the changed appearance, no recovery possible.  Long time no knowing smile too, about those who can make me laugh the day’s events, and now think there is nothing to laugh point, then the point that I was laughing too low, but then their happy lot.  I am a very strong dependence guy, for me now, a man eating breakfast, a person walking, a person shopping, a person.I do not believe in myself a little, but really now, I myself have been scared, even the toilet before people have to accompany others, even one person can do so many things, but I did not despise it time myself, because at that time I was a girl, at that time I think friendship is the most important addition to the feelings of the family, at that time, I always feel very warm, at that time I think we can rely on such a life, that time can I think so really happy at that time…  Time to “that time” while I do not pay attention thrown into memories, caught off guard, I only learn to be independent, began to live their lives depend on.  Many would like to say thank you, to those who gave me something called friendship, even if the thing had been recovered, but those memories will be a lifetime, having been fuzzy bear.  Everyone’s different definition of a true friend, be of value, to ingratiate themselves, learn from each other, share with each other, or even give their all, including life, I want a friend for each other is very simple, frank, mutual grief to share happiness with each other, not secretly competing in his heart, is enough.  A student has passed, the advent of the era of adult fear of being blinded eyes the reality is always seen wearing a mask of a face, no matter what the expression on the mask, the mask is at the heart of other people will not open until masks broken that day.  The truth in this city great, full of dust reality, even more valuable, everyone is looking for the truth in addition to share love, pure look at each other side will think of friendship.  We lost a lot, but have no regrets, those happy corner, who care about before, now might think could not remember, the original people are really likely to selective amnesia.  Those gloomy mood had also gone to the.    Part VI: The Lost Dreams thin rain, the dough wind, flowers and verdant, in the air in summer.  Yingying Yiyi, people still, I was carrying a grinding years some trouble tired heart, walking in a unique refreshing and cool this season, the season bathed in cool, refreshing thoughts swell in my mind is the dream last night dream in the heart has been long-awaited dream.  Wind had, answered gently, rustling whisper, a dream last night seems to linger in the ear whisper you a light tone.  Last night’s dream is still clear, the dream last night I remember fragments of thin playback in the rain, any rain washed it by years of gloomy light pressure pieces, bits and pieces in the eyes, in my heart.  At the moment I would like to say to the wind: the tenderness of your ability to pick up a broken dream, now I think of “you” say: Are you still waiting for the once familiar dream.Wetting vast Xinyu, splashing in the cool summer arms, eyes blurred with rain Piaoxu.But I look back on last night’s dream, some of the fragments is still clearly better!”I blame the dream is too short, too heavy heart.”Who you waiting eternal hope, I, who’d led the bonds of hand.Fleeting past wind passed away, you wander farther and farther away from me chic.”You” is nothing but a dream of dreams.Looking back a heart, in the thick of the time, the waiting for your beautiful branches.  Had to do a bustling, Red changes, you still like a dream last night, only appears briefly in my fantasy space.  When I indulge in a fantasy dream, with eyes looking forward to your wonderful show me want to read the beautiful, I began to come to you, I look forward to closer dream, I want to take your prime is gorgeous I hide a heart sink.  Maybe I’m too real pace, maybe my heart too, woke up white and black reincarnation, the “you” drown in a grand time in the alternate, I still can not touch to the United States.  Thin rain, according to the wind, just a few more eyes hazy.  Mind, such as the summer breeze blow, Manjuan veil, boundless, I hear your footsteps away, pondering life in the most beautiful time of the cycle of pain, looking at the heart out of last night’s dream, scattered debris all over the floor, sad tears.  I really want to try to come to a halt at the moment my thoughts, I really want in a calm now have to appease has been unable to achieve the “dream” of a vast pick uprooted heart.However, read to the depths, after all, not like alternating white and black, instead, is unwilling haunted, haunting ray of pure dream, waiting for long sadly in the depths of the Red.  Is my heart sank at the inevitable sadness in this, whether this life can not have that original dream of my life.  The depths of the years, chasing wander, dream no reincarnation, but they can not escape the fate of the program.In these circumstances, the more unreal chilling rain.  Like a feeling in the air slowly flowing, hazy, and there is clear, we can not catch, but the feeling in.Want to see, hear clear, only to hear the soul quiver in thin rain.  Looked confused lingering rain, wet thoughts a little tired, it is wrong to have these Qusi prime beauty?That should not have been tangled in the reach of the beautiful.  Wind laugh at me crazy, I laugh Britain rain.Hazy rain and fog, “I only see a shadow to disappear,” dream dash or parting!Just waiting to be illusory shadow of a dream last night I dreamed of being.Pure dream eventually buried with the passage of the years in the depths of dreams.At the moment I feel the heart of a vast, melancholy rain, covered with damp as one.But no amount of rhetoric, and then gorgeous color, are unable to cover the bottom of my heart lament.Stay in the dream of the branches, is a vast heart, guarding time rush of footsteps in the depths of the imaginary gazing “you” have a beautiful reverie.

Articles on literary dreams

Part one: Do not fall into a literary dreams people tend to fall into the trap ourselves in the design, deep unable to extricate themselves out, a person will often jump into their own soul into the ocean, never swim swim swim ah not a world of their dreams; in this sea, this world, happily, carried away, the pain of a lonely man self-appreciation and self-comforting, self blessing, singing self.However, when they could swim out, when they could escape; as if all this is not very important for their.If he once left the vast ocean soon as a loss, they will soon find themselves less as.Trap, whether it is painful or happy, whether it is lonely or happy, which does not seem to have any relationship to myself.The real is that they have their own world, they have their own sea of.The world, the ocean, in fact, is his literary dreams.  A person do not put yourself totally to fall, once entered, it is not so easy to go out.In this world, a variety of fantasy, a variety of joy and times of pain will make you completely intoxicated, thoroughly confused, looking completely worth less than his life really exist.So you never indulge in such dreams, want to go out, may really not so easy.  People do not rush to the literature of this dream, the trap, a sea of jumping; in fact, literature is like heroin, if you do not touch it, maybe you’ll live fast happy music, happy, very happy.If you once addicted, then you really will never detached from this beautiful temptation to go out, since you will be in, beautiful, fantasy devil’s dream, sea, happy, intoxicated, tour ah tour.Heart will always have a goal, that is the peak of literature.But like I do not know when, what month to reach this difficult, painful, distant, on the summit themselves do not want to completely abandon it.So, their only bitter, silent, always uncertain interest rate goes up towards the summit.Without complaint, by virtue of their understanding of literature, wishful thinking, tough pursuit, exploring.However, this dream is really too far away, too far away so that they have lost all youth, love, life, career, family.  Suddenly one day, I own a beautiful morning, watching the sun bright eyebrow, recollection of events when an instant, the years rush had left was gone, leaving you the pain is still deep and never go beyond dream.Wake up, all too late.    Part II: the years since I dream of half a century of literature, reading is my first love, a time, I think is read books and newspapers.When primary school language textbook “Banyejijiao”, “Hero rain”, “Ji Maoxin” characters of these literary works inspired how I behave.To junior high school, Zhao Shuli’s “handsome young man”, Xin Fengxia painting illustrations to understand the story as if it’s interesting to me.Later, these authors know education level is not high, may be relying on their rich life experiences to write a popular US culture, welcomed by generations, but also nurtured many young people.These literary works typical character until decades after today is still etched in my mind, lingering.With increasing age, I read literary works have gradually deepened, wide, six of the country and the name of the foreign novels also worked tirelessly to enjoy reading, even if can not afford to buy these books, but also do everything possible to borrow.Normally, I not only appreciate the characters in the novel, but also imitate write some short stories, short articles.  When entering in high school, my heart there is a literary dreams, hopes he can not be a writer, write some people moved novels, essays and other literary works to.Sauna net by this literary dreams of driving, I was the class blackboard, school blackboard positive contributors in the student.After graduating from high school back to the countryside, he became a brigade communications activists, to commune broadcasting station, Radio counties writing.At that time the commune cultural centers have two large blackboard with pink writing ad depicting a variety of colors, run under the prevailing conditions of propaganda showcase, I have used the pseudonym submission and repeatedly hiring.Even then hired is not paid a dime, but my heart happy.Know this is to realize my literary dreams start.  But then I did not, I took the job of education, became a pedagogue.In those difficult years, we got the time to engage in literature, school teaching, plus home production labor bewilders me busy.At that time, the first is to improve the school’s teaching, adequate food and clothing the family, the case with food and clothing problems into the problem, and how can the mind to engage in literature.Literary dreams in the face of harsh reality had to be suspended.  Nevertheless, I still fond of literary books.At one time, where school leaders to adjust my library management books, that is really fun, swimming in the ocean in the book how happy Yes ah.There was a fellow said to me: “A person is not something to do in the library, you’re sad wow?”I smiled villagers said:” You feel tough to read, but I was very happy.”Indeed so, work in the library for two years, I have read the Fan Wenlan” Chinese history “, two different versions of” Chinese literary history “, also read Hugo’s” Notre Dame de Paris “, the Voynich” Gadfly, “Leo Tolstoy’s” Anna Karenina, “Stendhal’s” Red “and other names with more than ten foreign.Yu Duiwen reading the many vivid characters, one by one judge.I also enjoy reading beautiful prose, such as Lu Xun, Xu, Zhu Ziqing, Liu Baiyu, Qin Mu, Yu Guangzhong, Yu and other prose works, read repeatedly try to figure out, like a gourmet tasting food as fun.I not only like to read, but also like to buy books.For decades bought a lot of books, even tighten their belts not to eat, see a good book that is willing to buy.So move several times, the first thought is to book.2012 building to be demolished because the town, the home of the book on wine box, much as dozens of boxes, after seeing people mistakenly thought it was the wine, someone said to me: “You moved around so much alcohol do?”I joked:” books, Confucius did not move the book still all right?”The real dream again picked up the literature, I have retired from the date of.I left school after retirement, retire, how can we lift the lonely hearts?Or read a book!Day without reading, the sun shall not downhill.You can simply eat more, can not be sad to see the book.Retirement Association invited me back to “Zhangjiagang old gardener,” writing, and told me to become a communications leader, task pressed down, a month to have the manuscript.So retirement over the past decade I have been pen stopped working, she has written more than a hundred articles were published in the “Zhangjiagang Daily”, “Zhangjiagang old gardener,” and some have been published as a book.In recent years, a variety of essay competition has won numerous awards, village, community committees invited me to write the essay for them, I can always do whatever they ask, carry out an assignment on time, without remuneration, never delay.I bring their own pens to the great achievements of reform and opening up achieved and eulogize; Zhangjiagang first to achieve basic modernization and loud praise; to achieve beautiful Zhangjiagang, Zhangjiagang happiness, strength and drum up support for Zhangjiagang.All these are for round my literary dreams.    Part III: little things without my literary dreams through youth, through terraced rice paddies, there have been sad, had joy, rotate fleeting, I wandered in to position themselves time, bit by bit nostalgic past, a point one second vision for the future.Once upon a time, I never thought that one day he would express their feelings in words, always felt that the text of those little femininity is not reflected in the Majestic in my life, but I can not, as a poet, like to express my sorrow fine foot Neilingding.I wandered, suspicion and sacrificed his own cute face in a loss of confusion.Meijiao painting, Danfeng blue eyes, sleeves rolled to the start of the hands of actors like life, play outside the movies are not my, at that time, youthful restlessness, attempt to use sensational smile, dreary sound won the crowd laugh, everyone knows, the thought of playing lifelike, has become the laughing stock of others and talk about boring clown.  Forgotten how long, I got bored a “cultural journey” dead in the classroom, the appreciation from the controversial prose scholars, in the sensual pleasures of the era, everyone can put their grievances without National Cheng Kung University stingy describe non-disaster.The sensational figure is not uncommon.I was immersed in a sea of books, books of poetry and literature from baptism, my old quickly in China.Autumn autumn worry Sharen, from Yu began, I met Viola seven years, that can be written in such pain youth literature travelers.I saw one person alone in a desert oasis that youth from nameless sad though is not completely get rid of the background, but because it was able to express so exciting, and inexplicable pleased.Those words struggling, his right story, gloomy calm of stroke, pen away horizon experience and earn my tears of pain, she does not know how those words are of a sharp knife, inserted mercilessly my heart, feel the peel from the flesh and blood of pleasure, pain and happiness.Accustomed to a person at night, alone, holding a favorite text with your own feelings, ease of reading materials, the warm words as if the afternoon blooming vines, spread to the whole body.But many of them filled with warm tears.  My heart has the Tigers, fine rose smell, each high school night classes, curled up in a corner, glancing at the class, all fired off letters, knuckled down to study, I do not know whether they are three-shift lights just before dawn chicken, but I was in the middle of the night burn the midnight oil.That time encounter Baby Anne, in the drawing of those questions where and under dim light, stealing a little leisure, read the anxious, like a cup of tea, a taste of Bliss.Take It, however, where the fishing catch.  When reading becomes a habit, I realized that the original authors are not talking about their own words, they say that we want to say but can not be accurately expressed in words, I would find my shadow everywhere are reading, this by the same sense of sympathy, let me one thousand and one night, suddenly realized a lot of valuable experience in growing, I began to never forget going to pay homage to those people and things, so I started looking for the cost of the cheapest forms of expression, writing, to prevent defections to their own time and memory.I am in constant state of anxiety, had written his own debut, I seek full article full of gorgeous, under cover of silk makeup, always highlights the empty boring, but I was proud of the passage of time, I do not know I went on to college or university my flower trade winds, I caught a lonely disease, no cure, I paced in the deserted dormitory, heart edgy, as if the world has discarded me to read not look to the chat no one to be found, not in the mood to play games, I’m bored of this emptiness, worry about the outcome, it is a no fit poor.Not lonely damn thing, it does not go through the process of quantitative change to qualitative change, a person has a dollar a thousand people have a thousand dollars, while a thousand people or a thousand people lonely lonely.As I liked loved those people, let me pain egg waiting to be rejected.Then accept death like despair.Egg pain is that you have a pipe line and the heart, but long to aunt’s body.So these still live born blind and humble, often quarrel can not sleep at night is a night of torrential rain, a 2000 attempt to recall from zero a few years of memorable summer evening, how many games have been so familiar Jiaoren sleepless night rain.This is like a torrential thunderstorm, every ringing of a raindrop, said back in the summer to enunciate those times of intense emotions boy, how I single-handedly propped heat, single-handedly wrote the words to many, the heart has He vowed pain and enlightened, and do not believe in the power of time.This summer, in life leaving only a narrow slip and lonely shadow.In the depths of the shadow that some never see the face occasionally flashes up.Background will always be like a thick dark ink general.You and I are leaving.Outline and shadow color has quickly faded into the patch of thick and black to go into, but Glittering Trinity among the facial features, but have not fit into the darkness bright.

Articles on letterhead

Part One: Written on the wind carrying the letterhead Nama breeze month, looking starry, open diary, one, two, three – turn back into my letterhead to lay flowers was young when the state, yo come, but then go.  In July, the space has many friends Parting, bid farewell to the seven years of college life is life.That is at the top Bachelor cap once worn by the twists and turns, wore a future adhere to today’s proud, proud and sad at the moment tomorrow, all sorts of people to thousands of recollections dated.  MSG is a little seven-year students in Chongqing Medical University, Sichuan University, West China in the first year class basic course, so Sichuan began with me the memory of a little bit of depth up.You see two girl escape the guards of the two cross-regulatory sneak into the dorm with the card, commercial street stroll, lying on the grass, swinging a library, computer room chat, Longbridge, no alpine art building – everywhere have a river Ann Lake, lotus fluttering vision, always so innocent and natural.Along the way, some eighteen girl gather in little sleep four years, happy acquaintance knowing each other Xiangxi.Did not understand Sichuan dialect, but very serious Xiaoyu and Xun Zi, stubborn and strong Zhang Nan.Remember they are night owls, the night still in review, early in the morning they disappeared into the vast Xuehai.  At the time I always drew the visitors to the role of Sichuan University students, the traveling quack.Skating rink Mountain Resort, double bike, silly bulk of ice cream, Shuizhuroupian, Panji roof of the cafeteria – all this so I can not forget my brother, ammonium sulfate, sir, small Strictosidine.Where I cherish the friendship, affection and love, I began to feel care about a person’s feelings and the warm care.  A year later, little MSG and the students returned to Chongqing Medical University student.As a result, doctors re became the headquarters of the party.Presence is often a week or two, or even the whole summer never left.Then, go to major cram school in the morning, in the evening return to the small bedroom MSG, da da finishing books and memories, always did so comfortable small bedroom MSG as temporary accommodation.There are lovely Xiaohui, ladies mine red, small Mahathir Zhang narcissism I have not applied.  Doctors re-did so by their own memories into it.A sculpture of Chairman Mao a clear case, as the style of waving stands for “medical school at least five years.”Oath.Pigeons, wooden bench in the shade, study room on the crowded square, countersunk lenses, hurried footsteps.I also always arrives, drag small MSG rapid pace, walk a little slower, so bird feeders on the square, under the shade shelter, crooked cross-legged on a wooden bench and sat, holding the hands of fried noodles, oil fried potatoes, noodles, barbecue – it seems like a simple and happy life can always go on.  The wind gently blowing, long hair flying, splashing a little water vapor children on letterhead.  I’ve had doctors carrying heavy fighting west of legal political dreams, quiet comfort me failures and growth, but also a little MSG sake of love.Not all heavy breakdown in health, just as snacks outside the school, from time to time there are always fresh tricks, and our precious pocket, is half filled with air, even so, one can also make little odds and ends I was ecstatic and small MSG amused each other up.Days will not become impoverished and boring.Each other to be each other’s friends, such as their knowledge of the other side; encourage one another, as a beacon of each other, never give up, can not lose waterways; laugh at each other, because there are only two I came to understand the humor and strong.  Seven years is still so fast nor slow quietly gone, everything became fine lines drawn by memories of his eyes, quiet talk with once in the past, but also encourage us never forget that period of years while on a counter-current.  Touched a wind quietly ask the old willow, although no longer afford to raise little catkins, there is no shortage of appearance and vitality that once.A fold in the hearts of these letterheads, any of its dusty, the wind and the line, say goodbye to the past at every miss.Forever blessing: Friends Come!    Part II: a pen stationery summer.Hot, unbearable anguish.  rain.  And low mood, despite the low parting lament.  Always wanted, always want to pick up a pen a letterhead.It seems to have been long in the back and forth desist, when is my own?Second thoughts at the moment, I know that I am in you a.In the course of that episode as well as to and fro in the story, like a section of the text, it was once obsessed, obsessed with that maple leaf that, that persistent fascination with that belief,.Until one day I clearly understand, and I was so lost!That is because the story had a happy ending it?It is because the world lovers get married?Or tragically pitiful God has given us all?Lost I, I thought empty, and all of a sudden blank down.Tears, getting wet brain.How can I be sober themselves?How to go clear?Upset, heart, sad too heavy, off Chennai in writing, comfort the poor broken heart.I wanted to write a poem for you…Afraid I can not write beautiful words, you know that I have the most heart really, I can not go to the real face!My mind is the bank, you rippled in my heart, you are late, with the possibility of life nestling.What love is, just as people Shengsixiangxu, Flying off from different places, the old wing back a few cold and heat, Huan fun, bitter parting, on the more crazy children, the king should have language, vague Miles stratus, Qianshan twilight snow, only shadow who is going?Sauna net jumps back forty-two years ago, is a casual edge, poet stays in Maplewood side, would like to write poems of the ancient.Maple number of past events has been beset night long, people to be filled with emotion, how many years, there is a beautiful night, familiar to swallow to return, once the lingering, there was once warmth.Waning Years.  Life time and destined for him, heart and mood destined for him, just the edge of the deep edge of the shallow point, little is night or before dawn.Years as an arrow, gone, only missing unchanged year over year thick..Bit by bit, stored bear heavy loads, as well as what needs to be ups and downs, you need to precipitation, by the weight of the object can only go with the flow, you can not change to man-made.  Maybe, I’m a happy person do not understand, can not hold more happy, more happy, I can not overthrow all the helpless, we can not violate the conditions of reality, know that they go very tired, but I do not sit down rest, because I can not place his body space, sigh over, the tired buried in time.But also how you want to go.If you can put down for a while myself, accompanied by flickering lights, a look back sweet dreams, taste a beautiful story, and that story has a beautiful glistening tears, singing a song not sung, the song which has a smiling face, how to think, moonlight, face, whether warm atrium.Love is love.  There is no reason.We do not need an excuse!  Honey, please hold my hand, no longer separate, how much suffering and wind and rain, as long as both hands still tightly together, we will all the way through the rough and rugged, dear, hold my hands, to spring and summer to autumn and winter, the early morning to dusk, the last moment of life to that point.In this world, I was careful to say to you: I love you!  Life is always rainy and sunny day, but there is always a storm, and I like that umbrella, whether rain or shine, will be at your side.  If one day, when you think of who really love you, which I must, if there is not a day person really loves you, then I must be dead.Part III: blank blank letterhead stationery accidental rake before the old material, books and magazines are something like, suddenly pulls out from a yet to run out of stationery.I have a page open it and found these simple tone blank paper, are made of black and white composition.Round after round of indifferent stripes, crooked curve, like a trail with magical memories, my thoughts, and brought back to its former student career that simple to.  This writing pad, is when to buy it?Think about it, as if it is a sophomore that year.  Then I do not know how, but even then sleepwalk crazy crush on a girl next class.Remember the countless moments after class or after school, I often is a person waiting quietly at the window, waiting for her to go through the day came from the road.And when her figure appeared, as there are a bolt of lightning shot down from my heart.At this moment, close your eyes, as if also saw that she was wearing a red jacket, so quiet indifferent walked from window.Sometimes encounter a rainy day, she would hold up an umbrella, carefully watching the small ditch on the ground, walked gingerly, for fear of dirty shoes; sometimes it snows, she will be a while in the snow, looked at the white snow falling, stretched out her gentle and white weak hand, to undertake flawless snow, then gently tossed, laughter spilled out of the way, and a land of pale melancholy.  As I Wife Nanjin Acacia upset when a friend suggested that I wrote her a love letter, he said: “You are so good literary talent, write love letters to her, she will accept.”I want to try it, this is really bad too wishful day, go on like this, I do not know what will become of.So I bought it this simple line letterhead.  Letterhead line is simple, but what it really has to be carried too much.  ”How to say forget you forget / this sweet past / are missing wrapped in thick icing / do not want to hurt you / this cold summer / ice slowly slowly -” this is one of the pages of the page words on India, sentence by sentence, like a plume of cold air, wandering back and forth in my heart!  In regard to her memory, gave me the most impressed, so I can not forget, that day it should be.  I remember that day, she suddenly someone to take me out about it in the crowded stairs.I clearly remember the day she wore a red breeches, exposing the white calf length, so I am eyebrows!Her upper body is a black blouse, and her beautiful curves are exposed in front of me.We met and was silent for a long time, do not know how to speak to each other.Finally, I plucked up courage, she said a lot; but in the end what has been said, that at that time, I am also not very clear!But the only clear is this: I was the first time with my favorite people standing so close – from face to face!  However, Suddenly, my hands at the moment as if a heavy letterhead up – I remember clearly, just after she accepted my confession, and after a few days, but I did not look for her, she’s with me that period between the hazy love, will then let the matter rest.Perhaps because I was too young at that time, it also does not know how to love.But once that first word I wrote it myself, but also copied in the song “Magpie Fairies” on the letterhead, has been carved in my mind: every night desolate, yard Indus, the moon frost cold wind damage.Resentment is a meteor dark legend, bitterly Italy, the world dream.Looking back numerous amphibious double sink, the aspect is cooled duck.This situation can be expressed day lesson, one who really co!  As I do not have experienced all the word, but I was able to experience empathy from others.Perhaps, he says “empathy” a bit too forced, can only be a “copy” of it.Poem, I would have is imitation Qin Guan “Magpie Fairies”.And I am eager to get her love, but love and cruel back in the dawn.  Perhaps love when young, always Sentimental, like the immature fruit, but always hopeful.While we can not prevent the occurrence of fruit, I had to give it sun and rain, it can look forward to healthy development.And if once to stop unwarranted, they want to force it to change its trajectory to survive, perhaps counterproductive.  And my egg shy of fruit, at the moment is buried in the depths of my memory.Over time forward, it may gradually cast the dust, but when I turned detected blank letterhead old, but it deep in my memory, take root, grow green leaves missing!  Accidental rake before the old thing, are some things like books and magazines, which suddenly pulls out a letter which has not been used up to.I have a page open it and found these simple tone blank paper, are made of black and white composition.Round after round of indifferent stripes, crooked curve, like a trail with magical memories, my thoughts, and brought back to its former student career that simple to.  This writing pad, is when to buy it?Think about it, as if it is a sophomore that year.  Then I do not know how, but even then sleepwalk crazy crush on a girl next class.Remember the countless moments after class or after school, I often is a person waiting quietly at the window, waiting for her to go through the day came from the road.And when her figure appeared, as there are a bolt of lightning shot down from my heart.At this moment, close your eyes, as if also saw that she was wearing a red jacket, so quiet indifferent walked from window.Sometimes encounter a rainy day, she would hold up an umbrella, carefully watching the small ditch on the ground, walked gingerly, for fear of dirty shoes; sometimes it snows, she will be a while in the snow, looked at the white snow falling, stretched out her gentle and white weak hand, to undertake flawless snow, then gently tossed, laughter spilled out of the way, and a land of pale melancholy.  As I Wife Nanjin Acacia upset when a friend suggested that I wrote her a love letter, he said: “You are so good literary talent, write love letters to her, she will accept.”I want to try it, this is really bad too wishful day, go on like this, I do not know what will become of.So I bought it this simple line letterhead.  Letterhead line is simple, but what it really has to be carried too much.  ”How to say forget you forget / this sweet past / are missing wrapped in thick icing / do not want to hurt you / this cold summer / ice slowly slowly -” this is one of the pages of the page words on India, sentence by sentence, like a plume of cold air, wandering back and forth in my heart!  In regard to her memory, gave me the most impressed, so I can not forget, that day it should be.  I remember that day, she suddenly someone to take me out about it in the crowded stairs.I clearly remember the day she wore a red breeches, exposing the white calf length, so I am eyebrows!Her upper body is a black blouse, and her beautiful curves are exposed in front of me.We met and was silent for a long time, do not know how to speak to each other.Finally, I plucked up courage, she said a lot; but in the end what has been said, that at that time, I am also not very clear!But the only clear is this: I was the first time with my favorite people standing so close – from face to face!  However, Suddenly, my hands at the moment as if a heavy letterhead up – I remember clearly, just after she accepted my confession, and after a few days, but I did not look for her, she’s with me that period between the hazy love, will then let the matter rest.Perhaps because I was too young at that time, it also does not know how to love.But once that first word I wrote it myself, but also copied in the song “Magpie Fairies” on the letterhead, has been carved in my mind: every night desolate, yard Indus, the moon frost cold wind damage.Resentment is a meteor dark legend, bitterly Italy, the world dream.Looking back numerous amphibious double sink, the aspect is cooled duck.This situation can be expressed day lesson, one who really co!  As I do not have experienced all the word, but I was able to experience empathy from others.Perhaps, he says “empathy” a bit too forced, can only be a “copy” of it.Poem, I would have is imitation Qin Guan “Magpie Fairies”.And I am eager to get her love, but love and cruel back in the dawn.  Perhaps love when young, always Sentimental, like the immature fruit, but always hopeful.While we can not prevent the occurrence of fruit, I had to give it sun and rain, it can look forward to healthy development.And if once to stop unwarranted, they want to force it to change its trajectory to survive, perhaps counterproductive.  And my egg shy of fruit, at the moment is buried in the depths of my memory.Over time forward, it may gradually cast the dust, but when I turned detected blank letterhead old, but it deep in my memory, take root, grow green leaves missing!

Articles on leaves

Part One: I know Indus leaves road time easy to throw people, red cherry, green banana, of course, the old Indus.  Early this morning leaves all over the floor, covered with a layer Indus campus carpet, looked up, only a few slices of Grottoes branches are still desperately struggling, eventually fall helplessly Fudge.And trapping on a palm.Yes, the “high squirrels, strong banyan, palm tree leaves, like”.I suddenly remembered the text on the elementary school books, my mind flashed quite fit specimen tree leaves.  Remember that the heat of June, we’re here to graduate, classmate three years, just a camera “click” sound, they put our sadness freeze in this verdant parasol tree.Looked at the campus, I tried to say goodbye to the mood and you say: Goodbye.Can Indus, but no sad meaning, still green was comfortable magnanimous, brazenly my heart blinding.  And today, you finally no longer green, floating in the air to play in a circle, and then finally the dust settles, you finally a wash of green, in exchange for a vicissitudes of life, and I spent three years at your side.  Deciduous what is sad not to retain the air of cruel or trees?Seeing the growing number of leaves, lush with former two embraced, can not help but think of “The Book of Songs” in: I will carry on past, Yang Liu Yiyi; this I to Sri Lanka, rain and snow started falling; road delays, load carrying thirsty hungry; my heart is sad, I’m sad nurturing.Do four non-adjacent quiet night, do the old industry poor Arai, rain yellow leaf tree, lamp bald man’s immortal monument in the landscape vaguely like last year’s high school years, then the sparkling dazzling brilliance, has become precious memories of my life; do not the lights sporadic campus midnight Wu song, do not dream of spring lush branches, not too much sadness and nostalgia, trunk end to leave the protection of foliage leaving a bare body, traveled alone in years of life in the face of the wind storm alone, and I eventually want to get out of here, get out of here and I care about people’s blessing, to go outside to break, such as a “deciduous Indus”.Why now my eyes filled with tears, because – because I dearly for this piece of land!  This tree has no eyes, but it leaves Falling tears.My leaves, is retreating campus myself, I do not stay, but the wind so cruel, no matter how hard struggle, after all, is the time to fade away, leaving behind only the bare trunk last, lonely themselves.  Chin sing once more like the “outside world”.However, not help, Leila Montreal.Part II: deciduous tree that traveled Some Like It Hot summer, autumn has finally ushered in the early autumn, enjoy this cozy and well-being in the appropriate season, cooked corn, soybeans yellow, and smell the aroma of the roasted sweet potatoes ; sweet persimmons, jujube red, green oranges on the listed.Our mood as temperatures dropped to calm down and less inexplicable irritability, have become more sensible law-abiding.Sweating in the summer, always mood to appreciate the beauty all around, all ideas are empty feel helpless, to see what all feel uninteresting, and even hear the cicadas cry feel unbearably noisy, idle anything except breathing do not want to do, waiting for this mediocrity rain, helplessly eager to splurge in the autumn of sweat, the clear cool autumn wind blowing finally came, anxious autumn night, all things are eclipsed.Grab Feishazoudan, rubbish sky, hand dry mouth cracked, dead leaves fall flowers, eyes full desolately decline sight, touch sad for no reason, I began to miss from the vitality of summer.  Summer lush verdant campus that a few large poplar, like a distraction Jusan, like a few big hands outstretched, half covered playground west, often hang around the thick shade, but never not too thin to enjoy its great tall and straight.Autumn came, and kept swinging numerous slender branches into the air, and the leaves in autumn and lingering helpless in the wind falling, fluttering, in the final of the road is a silent no choice, nostalgia branches on sunny days, pumping branch Zhang Ye full of life, can not be reconciled easily fall, always dancing laps, wafting a few arc, to show their sadness and nostalgia.Also tried to retain the tree, each piece of thin leafless less dry thoroughly, and would not easily let go.Because the trees know that there is no leaf of a tree, they also no fun colors and bustle of life, the treasure is something to cherish life must use the.  Outside of work, looked out the window to that one day, a few trees that are full of decorative trees, they see small buds burst on the scene from spring to summer, a leafy verdant trees, then fall Yela branches aloof vertical wind.That branch strip, roads are like a tree in the hands of two-edged sword, to pierce a Fangning Jing in the air, but also like a way to air the trees, each of the branches are strongly stretched, indicate the direction of their own.No matter how narrow the gap, we should strive to squeeze your way, show their tenacity and dedication to the sun.Even if one finds colorful, naked in the wind, I still can feel their firm.Perhaps no one knows their aspirations, but no one knows their pursuit, is to embrace or kiss the moon the stars, and regardless of whether the walking path through the vastness of the sky, they clung to a belief, day after day, year after in pumping long body, the growth of personality.  Cold weather, cool, people are indented neck, wrapped in cotton-padded clothes, winter is coming.Trees just silently stood still, hold your breath, rest yourself, start gathering strength, tell yourself, “If winter comes, can spring be far behind.?”Quietly planning the next year’s Green.Unconsciously Bacillus point at least a tree, early spring snow is not completely of ice do not melt, as long as there is a hint of spring breeze blowing, it will spit out new shoots can not wait to meet once again newborn.Occasionally there are a few sprigs be eliminated fall, it will be crow magpie Diao go twig nest between nesting, after all, can not do without a tree, looking at a new green tree coming year, and my heart lamented how lucky he is, can lying in the arms of their loved ones waiting for rot and rot down, there is nothing to complain about it?Compared to those who have been into the kitchen to fill the hole companion to ashes, how lucky he is!  Looking out of that tree leaves rustling, often lamented life, so, too, people live I, too vegetation of a fall!From spring to summer, from autumn through winter to accumulate the young, through brilliant life, after all, is to move towards falling, falling is not the lonely lost, sad death is not falling, falling is rooted calm and serene, is falling for the next cycle of regeneration.  That leaves the tree from spring leaf round leaf green, grow a vigorous tree of life, autumn leaves yellow leaves fall, dance infinite calm and quiet, decorated with a patch of sky outside the window, also decorated my mind, deciduous trees that are blowing away the relentless autumn, leaving the infinite longing for winter.    Part three: deciduous whisper sunset old, lost creek, leaves, seasonal swing came Dangzhuo.  Leaves, autumn sent a letter signed it?You always carries a mind full of, clutching his deep affection for the roots, in the orange sunset or misty mist, shy swings from, fluttering long period of rotation, curl Tingting’s whereabouts.Sauna net leaves, it is the spirit of the motion?Regardless of who you are timid insects tucked its head under the earth, how do you ignore the annoying autumn boring want to set off your skirt, you are always immersed conduct of a person dancing.The body of the monarch, his face flush, freeze the beautiful moments of his life.  Leaves, butterflies are tired of it?You have a charming green, Qiao Qiao’s exposure to the branches, and Ying Yan dance with white flowers Zhengchun.Tired?Tired?Do not want to fall in love entanglements, do not want to care about the interests of the dispute, after leaving soon deprecating sigh, lightly return to his mother’s arms.  Leaves, it is aging mother?Your face, like most of the mothers face the vicissitudes of life, meridians storm raised hands.A child, my mother always saved rope piles of leaves, bonfires born in the wilderness, let us warm; or back home to cook delicious meals.Walk the thick leaves, always I feel like a mother’s hand moved like a thick and rough warm.  Leaves, is so in love with the child on the ground, afraid to wake their sleeping, always gentle falling body, gentle kiss the earth, much like her mother buried!Good mother, always acting like a soft like leaves.Both for fear of hurting others, but dedicated shelter her children and grandchildren, but left early when her loved one is not old age.Deciduous sleeping woke up to a new, but her mother, how can we kind of your goodbye?  Leaves, wandering between yesterday’s charm and today, the love, the feelings are the same.    Part Four: deciduous There was a resounding song lyrics, wrote: “The leaves are left in the end is the pursuit of the wind, or trees not retain” a number of stars who sing carved broken heart, but also points to the number of lovers separated sad and helpless, accidentally saw again This song, but touched the heart of every chord root again, maybe it was for me a sentiment leaves, and perhaps that is another attachment autumn.Whenever autumn comes, I always kind of sense of sadness, I like a man standing in autumn quietly, enjoying the moment of quiet and solitude, autumn wind gently lifted my hair, I quietly all looked up to see the deep, natural.In fact, a man looked up at the sky when not looking for something, just like to feel unique quiet moment, as the gentle falling leaves, slowly, slowly, swaying in the autumn wind, and finally a fly embrace the earth, is so decisive and not leave room.Suddenly a tear quietly wandering wet this one leaves me standing here staring, sudden heart pain, leaves and left her dependent as partners of the tree, I suddenly felt very unsympathetic autumn, the tree does, does it not heartless it?And in the end I was sad to leaves, or it reminds me of what?I admit I was a child and autumn, at least for the fall, I always smacked of sad, but the leaves of the tree Is it not a shred of attachment, I have been thinking about this question innocently.Resounding fall leaves, in fact memories but also as general resounding leaves, generally perceived as the earth leaves broken, my heart can feel the memories that penetrate the soul more than pain.In fact, she thought it was the best time proved decisive and she thought it was not nostalgic, can be chosen at that period of time, deeply miss some people, so that those presentations about love necessarily so difficult to write down.In fact, the leaves of the tree nestled away, just to find another rhythm of life, at least she had shed a cool, at least she had shelter, she also soak up the sun at least once, but leave the leaves, but still brilliant, she opted for a no joys and sorrows of the position, quietly sunk in the soil, to the tree rebirth of courage.I suddenly understand: in fact, leave the leaves, neither pursuit of the wind, nor is it does not retain the tree, it is the fate of the leaves, is dedicated to the life of the tree to tree pose, leaves have a choice of leaves is not it?  When I was marching these crisp leaves again, I quietly blessing for them, and touched with a hint of warmth, perhaps we do not have great leaves, we’re just a big crowd small, but as long as we remain a stars devout clean heart and less to complain that life is not perfect, less trivial to care about life, life a little more understanding, a little more care, a little more will be moved, curbing melancholy.  In fact, not just leave the leaves into another life, for the fall, the more she is a kind of embellishment, I put away a tear that was too late fall, relieved a lot, for my life to be more respect for the I also cherish life.  Occasionally looked up at the sky, still so quiet, but less trace of sad, looking at the golden yellow leaves slowly left the branches, suddenly found all this, it’s beautiful!  Perhaps this is the inner beauty of it Autumn!Perhaps not much belongs to us, but we should cherish a lot, appreciate and live it with love to meet life’s fall.    Part Five: When the car leaves riding bike to travel, the idea is rooted in the initial first semester large in my mind, when I think of riding a bicycle to go home, but just think about it, all things have become obstacles, no bikes, no partner, no time, perhaps, is not a strong desire for it!  I would like to know the fate Zou Yuyang Shige perhaps I want to wake up, almost the beginning I was very interested in his ride to the Shanghai see all of his albums, I admire the incredible, except for him, when watching a travel show, host parents of young backpackers that, once cycling from Guangzhou to Beijing.Since then, I have been planning their own travel, I want to see myself wearing pants, back a large backpack, like relying on a mountain bike, then I think the world should be another round appearance, beyond my inherent cognitive.  When to go, a start riding quite easily, noon lunch break in Tai’an After overcast down against the wind, I labored Dengzhe further were so hard every front, always behind the team, captain let me go in front of ride, no matter how I rode slowly, can not superego.I learned marathon champion method, find yourself a short distance from the target to achieve step by step, it may be scattered in front of a pile of sand, can be a stop sign, it can be a red tiles and white walls of the house, even It is a stick.I always look forward to the full downhill, uphill is not always available and sometimes after a big downhill but some flat road.At the end of the day to run around, sitting in hotel bed, I said something: So much life to music.Bath, lying in bed when feeling physical pain, his heart was never fun, I think it is dreamy, think before hesitation, the moment of happiness and breakthroughs come is so true.The next day, we went to Laiwu Battle Memorial Hall, we stayed away from the hotel only a few hundred meters, it is open ground after a big uphill.Ching Ming, perhaps the busiest day of the memorial of it!When there is a troop of soldiers in front of the monument with a loud oath, in twos and threes tourists wearing hat in front of the statue of Chen Yi pictures, into the pavilion throughout the whole story of the battle of Laiwu, looked at the smoke of the painting, Chairman Mao personally wrote operational instructions, the rear line of women knitting bag, the soldiers of pistols and machetes, as well as those with a true representation of street fighting scene, I think it is not today’s peaceful and beautiful life really is these soldiers’ lives in return, they are still the fate of that generation.If we live in a war, is not it also take up rifles to fight, with not shirk responsibility.When the feeling of a scene reproduction, directly in front of you is surrounded by a 360-degree three-dimensional paintings, standing in the middle of the venues rotating disk, I feel like a preacher stand aloft, bow silently watching the world are experiencing all kinds of suffering, two dead bodies fell on the slopes of the fire burning farm courtyard, about to fall from the door plaque, posted the streets word report, as well as the distant vast land and a silent river flows, accompanied by Reed loudspeaker commentary and guns roaring, I kind of want to jump off the urge, I am excited to think of those lovely night is still lying on the cold slopes, hidden in the bushes, the fear of death soldiers, but also think about all the atrocities the Japanese army, these are the genuineness of our history, that war is sometimes inevitable, although we always yearn for the good old days, but maybe, brought us the war is the only wealth cherish the hard-won peace now!In the afternoon, we went to the lake Yukino, no bike, because you want to save energy, when the stop sign waiting for the bus, I stepped back and sat down in front of a small store, feeling the sun Laiwu, then the child can phone calls came, I said the high-spirited sister, now in Laiwu streets, listening to “today you will marry me”, enjoying the sunshine.Can children over the phone laughed, I laughed, very fine day.Romantic Yukino is a hotel next to Yukino Lake slogan, I feel good, I put down.On the left is a large blue lake, the boat carrying excited tourists drift which, across a fairly wide road on the right is a vast expanse of wheat fields, there is a patchwork of red-tiled houses, then far from the rolling hills, I open arms, embrace this comfortable, I suddenly thought, “Beijing love story” in Shen ice, there are also the home section of the road, the road is lined with turquoise water, Shen ice once on the shore and thinking about his love life, the wind her beautiful hair.Here’s a bit like the feeling, but here is the water side, one side is the land.Then pulled his teammates pleasant, slowly moving his legs, I slowly walked fast when using the camera to capture the scenery on both sides, sometimes looked up at the blue sky, that everything is good, we always need to mind put a fake, to give up those things in daily life time to consider, at the moment, I just want to landscape as partners, and spring dance.  Afternoon, Back at the hotel, I sat in the hotel reception hall on the couch Germany, and the captain said my plan.Then I really fear the return, I do not feel like riding back, knee pain of death, the captain said while watching the picture, I think you can, you look better than when you ride to some of the boys almost.I frowned, I do not know how to do, and I even thought about carrying the bike sit car, also I thought the bike was handed back, but each method is not practical, my only option is to ride back, I also He ran down the street and asked a taxi to Jinan how much money they will not work.I thought for five minutes, stand up, took the package, said to them, I rode my bicycle back, you first talk, I go back and rest.Really return on the road, I do not feel so difficult to imagine, knee pain is not impossible to endure, but to bring the thrill of downhill made me feel very comfortable, although they are still behind the team, but I downhill can catch up, then we head of the 2 groups always surprised to say, yo.I smiled ride from him too, on the road, from time to time companion of bike problems, any road level and became a master mechanic, but also the awl is tape, there is a kind of mold, you can really fix.We walked up a mountain road, always thought that China’s beautiful scenery no Western European countries, on this road, I saw a beautiful scenery, is a village on the hillside, scattered scattered down, as well as the gray tree-doped miscellaneous which, there is a simple and elegant beauty of this mountain is uphill downhill, uphill when every step is difficult, and we take his bicycle, the kind of joy when the downhill is as people rejoice you only hear the sound of wind in the road in front of you with infinite stretch, then flashed in my head is the lyrics — when the road leading to the next road distance.Bibi.  Noon meal in a restaurant, Feng Shuo called and said his father drove me take along a section of the road, I ate half a bread, he hurried to pack a bag, got bounce, happiness so suddenly, we in the provincial body of the car, waiting for the arrival of a large team, Feng Shuo bike and walking in downtown Jinan, I was still a fantastic feeling, fatigue has long been away, leaving only an unspeakable joy we visited the crowded Hibiscus Street, I ran the liberation Tower, swept the Daming Lake, the last sitting of the KFC store, eating hamburgers, drinking cola ice, sentence by sentence, said Feng Shuo, I a sentence of answer, from time to time to ask the big teams to which, we asked two with pride, but also joked that do not feel righteousness, when about to eat my chocolate ice cream, they have to, and I flew Feng Shuo driven out, and a few hours of running.  When going to the Mountain Division, I shouted loudly Mountain Division I’m back, wanton sway with bold.When pay hospital teammates a row to open the door in the Mountain Division, watched when I came in, my eyes a hot, think three days to get along with the destination has been painting a full stop, I give up, they want to follow backcross hospital, because I know this because a brief moment fate has been very rare, and the opportunity to meet again in the future should not have.I am grateful to finish, then rode away, but could not help but head back.Sad – suddenly overwhelmed me, and my reasoning tells me that anything is the end, it is impossible always been a state.  When the photos to the space, watching the traffic space of hard-line growth, I have a sense of satisfaction, myself full of energy, especially in such a romantic season, Chen phrase always miss the days of my car riding leaves sent to the space, Feng Shuo said it felt like it, I really do, because there is cycling, also used because it is beautiful lyrics.

Articles on leafless

Part One: Life leafless autumn, after frost, yellowing of the leafless have to dance down, bringing people a cool fishes, a trace of melancholy.In the winter, leafless Metropolitan flying falling one after another, will remain slightly in the branches, swaying in the wind, unlike those about to fall into Chunni leaves, they stubbornly unwilling to follow the crowd, giving a reverie.  A careful Qiaolai, you know to keep mostly top branches leaflets.So I guess, maybe they do not mature until the winter came, not as “fruition”, ie the relentless wind blow, had to stay in the branches, and the leaves can not dance with falling temporarily not perfect curtain call , but also to eventually falling.  Why would not leave lobular branches?Perhaps that is because there is no waiting for the performance of the birds, the birds did not return to the branches, leafless had journeying to wait and because of his fear of falling, and the birds missed.Might have wanted to wait for new leaves coming year, or those evergreen leaves, what explains the?what!There are a wise man told me that the so-called evergreen, whole leaves are concerned, they are alien tree, is the old leaves to wait until next spring, new leaves made before they agree to fall, such as angustifolia.Born Anyway, leaves for a tree, it is short-lived, only the leaves sprout again, stretch and litter, will return for tree growth, pillars of.  At first glance leafless life, it seems of little significance, but “easy come, easy go.”.But without leafless, the world would be like it?Certainly there would be no trees, there will be no forests, no more charming green.  And the leafless anything akin.  Someone assumptions: the average life expectancy was 80 years, in terms of day came over, he was 20 years old should only 6:00 in the morning, the sun just left the mountain; the age of 40 is exactly 12 o’clock, anger is booming; the age of 60 time on the evening of 18 points, getting to apathy; the night 24 points over 80 years old of course, come to an end.The four stages of life, and leafless Chun-sheng, summer exhibition, yellow autumn, winter and fall to repeat itself.  An old man said: “I live a lot older, the first feeling is the time passes quickly, and the second is alive with emotion to be meaningful.How people came to this world, but also how to go back, everything is just process.Throughout human continuation of the chain, each person is a button, without you this deduction, the chain will break, when the buckle is good, perhaps the most significant of the people alive.”The old man’s words very real, is the feeling of his life.I was thinking, if I went to his age would be like to feel it?Since people live a deduction, the deduction of good and bad quality, of course, do yourself this deduction is indeed not easy, official or the people, business or farming, have each his own.  In front of the buckle is your parents, following deduction on your child, he is the nexus of the buckle, like those leaves, you can gracefully falling one after another, selflessly into Chunni to fertile land, can also stay temporarily in the branches taste new leaves sprout next spring’s happy, of course, the outcome is still falling selflessly.  TV saying the lyrics called “to live five hundred years!”Maybe in the future of science and technology developed, this object can be achieved.But the secret of immortality, is certainly not.Now life is better, live comfortably, health and longevity is that people should have the biggest dream, however, in the face of the laws of nature, including human, everything is so small and vulnerable.Everything has generated the process of development and destruction of the universe, too, are all life, and no difference between small leafless.  Scientists emotion, humans are lucky, a huge universe, how to produce our beautiful blue planet.Warm sun for things to grow, there is a beautiful month child for humans to enjoy, there are countless plant and animal and human companions, let humanity never lonely.Way back epoch, horrible, at the beginning of the Big Bang, the force then bigger, then smaller or strength, if the Earth will be far better than the sun farther, cold bar!If the Earth away from the sun closer, hot bar!That being the case, we have no reason not to cherish lobular tree, cherish their own, cherish the Earth, cherish the universe.  Life of the universe, the Earth’s life, human life, leafless life, can be a meaningful life, wonderful life.    Part II: leafless leafless floating flowers, is golden yellow, open Susu dense, chaotic dance Fei Yang, to this cold season, covered with a layer touching Xia Yi.However, one day, accompanied by depletion of its soul lives, falling this piece of desert, strewn land.Sauna net leafless, there is a natural refined beauty, leafless body, are all creatures return to their roots.  Leafless, the recovery in the spring slowly out new green life off the earth.  Leafless lush, enchanted summer tilt-down raindrop.  Leafless golden yellow, charming the whole autumn.  Leafless life, turned into dust, which nurtured a bunch of common people.Rendering pure winter!  Leafless floating, falling limpid rivers and streams of the stream, the sweet life.  Leafless floating, listen to the call at twilight return, urging Kenjiro distant.  Leafless floating, hold on one kind of miss penetrate wasteland, kiss this vast world known.  Leafless, vanish into the darkness of this, I believe in miracles brewing its afterlife.  Leafless, I looked up and saw he had a little dependency tree, bright and perfect.When it came to the moment, like the wind like light, dreamy dancing.It knows the end of life the moment, is looking forward to another beautiful cycle, the cost of it into dust, be able to accommodate all.  Leafless return to their roots, it will wake up every day from dawn.  Tears leafless crystal clear, clean diffuse through springs, each initiation seasons, moisture flood mountains.  Maybe, I just all of these United States are given leafless, they are grouped into a miracle.I also love this alone leaves floating in the season, only love this charming swirling Splendor.    Part Three: Joseph leafless cold rain Falling under the rain rushing Lala, who wore the popular children pushing a car hungry, howling wind in the leaves they huddled in the rain in tears unable to move, isolated rain look leafless sentimental woodenly deplored.  - Inscription rushing Lala rain the next stop, tried to retain kanbar wet tree yellow leaves, the wind burst Jinsi indiscriminately blowing, leafless energy of despair struggling, did her best to make the final contend.How resistant micro light as force, reluctantly left to follow reliable reference tree, but to be blown rain dislikes grind vehicle.  The wind is getting harder and more tightly rain, unable to move against the popular people children, pushing a car hungry, shallow kicked kicked deep, very difficult to go on the road full of water, it seems that the ground was wet with rain the isolated patches of leafless helpless, curled difficulty in moving the cold feet.  Cool rain soaked mercilessly swallowed tears trekking through the blowing wind drops in heart crunch, helplessly watching the wind blowing through the streets indiscriminately cold, wet rain hastily cool world.Rain severely blurred his eyes, stretched out cold hand gently stroking the cheek tingling, slowly wiped the rain and ice cold winter I discovered the pain.  Dense rain down, and eventually arrived, but the cold wind, mixed with tiny particles, bitterly hit the man on child’s face, his eyes, call the heat, stepping rain, struggling to walk step by step.Thick clouds shrouded wind and rain tight, when is the rain stopped when the wind live, where is the rain stopping for a rest station.  Cold, crying, tired, heavy footsteps stopped, put down a heavy car, standing unsteadily in the wind, cold and stiff cheek, limb pain and numbness, raised his cold hands, gently rubbing his face to go rain, close their eyes and rest in solitude and cold rain, hope the rain quiet miracle already raised hopes hearts.  Unfortunately, the day do not understand the meaning unwittingly, tall green tree eventually became a bare tree trunk wind shaking the stand; but unfortunately the wind relentless rain unintentional pain leafless trees scattered wandering away from the reference.Stooped to pick up a leafless, heart suddenly rises chill, trained, trained thousands of heartache sad little cry, the sky suddenly became extremely vulnerable, tears can be awkward squeeze Bay.  This time the mood like a great piece of leafless how this earth, with no free fall did not depend on, lonely hate parting.Otherwise, ye became so shallow tears, ye became so Youyuan, ye became the face of such a worry, ye become so susceptible, ye become so emotional, ye became so journeying to and woodenly.  Looking at the hands were wet with rain leafless also deemed to have a little comfort, but also leafless wind is blowing mud eventually return to their roots.Just, just nostalgia leafless graceful green, distressed leafless helpless pain away, pity leafless scattered wandering, could not bear leafless quietly mud, wind and rain woodenly isolated blankly in hope leafless deplored.

Articles on labor

Part one: the years of work I muddle had a wonderful childhood.In the sense, because young, I used to play, play, slapstick, a little help at home work.But, I often follow in their parents behind, or walk in front of my parents, but also relaxed and comfortable leisurely to see the land and see the field, looked at the green vegetable bed.I have also won a bailer, picking through the grass, and even helped her mother had taken food, conducted a simple symbolic labor.I took the hoe, pick-off dustpan, carry over the “Valley of account”.However, I did not like the parents, “magically” over the whole vegetable bed, dug pit, sowing seeds into the dirt, poured over water.I did not really appreciate the hard work is not personally feel is not easy to work.  Elementary school, in school, I also like the other students, clean the blackboard, to sweep, wash the glass, set the table, even with a dustpan pole mounted pick-off a very small amount of soil, shaking all the way from here to pick There.At this point, some students work actively, some students are able to break on the break, to be a labor of Mo Yang.The teacher is often sitting side, wearing hats, they wore the same burning our sun, flowing very good smell of sweaty.  Because not much pressure, light weight, I often show a strong desire, clamoring hands and feet, he threw himself into the really hard work, rush around with labor.We are able to please the teacher’s favor.Therefore, after work, I am very proud to be praised by the teacher.I wore the clothes get wet with sweat, heart abnormalities excitement, face bright red, in the heart pleased to get a “labor activists” the glorious title.This allows students not affected by this title envy.I am elated, high-spirited.In seems, some seem to work exclusively for their own set up, like, so I “get ahead”.  In school I was an excellent performance, at home, I did not really take the initiative to actively work.This is probably because there is no collective atmosphere of mutual supervision, students no incentive, no children the same age, right.Memory, I often parents of language in one hand and holding a pair of bamboo strips, and the other hand holding a small dustpan, wandering around, collect some stool.Although fecal extremely Stink, very dirty, however, growth in rural children not to embarrass, not that bitter, do not think embarrassed, multi pick up some stool placed in the pit, is a natural fertilizer.As a result, my parents received praise and reward, was rewarded with a lovely, sweetness of candy and cookies.I was working on the dishes, the table also has a copy of my results, I also have a credit.  In secondary school, really I like a man to work, to build a bridge in time.Many people at that time, I took tools, hard to play if you think you are invincible strength of the hand, have never relaxed ride in the gravel, cement, sand, what they look to mix them together, put them again and again put into the bucket of cement.They are then picked to go away or.  At that time, a dozen cooperation and efficiency is very positive.Ten hours later in exchange for hard smooth traffic.We Since then, the water no longer stepping stones across the river, do not care about the shoes will be wet by the water, without fear of slippery and small foothold, without looking at the turbulent water and stalled, but do not worry about falling In the water.We clean marching relaxed pace, walking in the wide and flat bridge.So, in exchange for the return of labor, labor in exchange for the harvest, and achieved results of victory.  On that occasion, not too small, I really like an adult, no less completed the work of an adult, received unanimous praise and praise.At home, my parents looked at blistering place, with my red palm, pinching my aching arm, both pity on me and pity, admiration and love folders in which to express my admiration outstanding performance.  Later, older, I gradually during the busy middle of help.Although I am not a good labor force, and sometimes a disservice.However, one of the process, I tried hard physical labor.Especially in June day, the sun like a huge ball of fire, to use up the calories sprinkling busy people, including me, sweat as the sun’s radiation, as did the work flow over the body.Many times I had while hiding in the shadows of trees or grass to rest, while in the fields help.Even so, in the evening, I will backache petrified, muscle pain, feeling bitter and tired, and anxious to do farm work the next day’s work ended immediately.Of course, life, work variety, variety, simple and easy, there are complex heavy, both physical, but also mental.Now, I engaged in the work of teaching.I also usually give their hardships and sweat, let himself into the ordinary nor extraordinary position.”No pain no gain,” the lazy man will not succeed.”Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”!Labor, in life, it is essential, but also essential!    Part II: labor creates all Ever since human beings, labor creates all.Crawling become standing, naked dressing cover is.Constantly thinking forward, the four great inventions of ancient.Numerous modern revolution, the pursuit of emancipation and liberation.Modern civil liberties, businesses Lamor.High-rise buildings Xialin Li, exploring the underwater world.Electric happiness Vanguard, mobile phones everywhere.Array of goods, supermarket bigger and bigger.The implementation of urban and rural planning, urban and rural changed appearance.Achieve equality for all the people toward the well-off.  Education tree centuries people, traditional culture first.Do first man himself, Thanksgiving helping others.Keep up the quality of education, health first.Health care reform, all the people enjoy protection.Abandoned drugs to support medical, public expression of national.Harmonious doctor-patient relationship, to start everything from me.Citizens need to worry, to solve the housing work.Optimization of social environment, and strict regulation of corrupt officials.Close ties with the masses, the ruling people want.Realistic style, match words with deeds example.  Physical fitness, mental refreshing.Adhere to read books and newspapers, film and television network sharing.Political and cultural economy, science and key construction.Eat Sleep safety, arts and Drug real.Crack down on fake and shoddy, vulgar filthy sweep.Respect for labor to get rich, lazy negative change.To carry forward the spirit of innovation, not forgetting the thrift.Hard work glorious, followed by distribution according to work.Mobilize the masses to participate actively masters.Patriotic love of family, self-serving altruism Quo.    Part III: Labor chant sound glorious era we live in a revival of the Chinese nation.In this day and age, many people have also produced a new memory of Lenovo, new feelings.There are not many people riding horses neighing grassland in the Acura that Temujin, Zheng He’s voyages oar sound, Qi Jiguang Hengdao immediately, cries cut oath pirates do?There is not a better man in the song of praise majestic national manufacturing economy to win the applause of the Chinese market, Chinese peacekeeping soldiers walking sonorous sound of it?Wen was thinking person, how much these things cause people rich and full of emotional imagination!  I wanted to come here to talk about work, talk about the chant sound.  When you sit quiet sitting covered with maple leaves, feel the life in this moment.Sun, shining on the tree, the maple leaf of clarity and exceptionally luxurious.A yellow maple leaves charm charm in plenty of warm sun shining gradually fell asleep.It dreamed overcast weather, the birds fly a stay in the trees none left, swept it feel very sad loneliness.But why then the wind pushed it through one, it had drifted away from the branches fall into bottomless black cliffs more the more it struggled hard struggle.I heard it a long birds awakened, world peace, and did not see a trace of wind in sight Yeah, golden sun still deterred, they were still on the trees too.It stretched in the branches of a lazy waist, but listen to “tut” to cry, Oh, great, it really fall down from the high tree Ji Zhang.At this time, the ground I heard a slight “creak” sound, from a pile of leaves issued to, do not have a hamster hiding here?I would listen carefully, discovered a secret: the original “squeak” sound when the earth is crying out to rot Maple labor chant sound..  Sometimes, looking at the vast gray earth, I thought of riding a Mustang to Mercedes-Benz is far, far away, then, that she admitted to the reins, slowly back to reality in front of bright.  I remembered the sound of chant resounded through the Yellow River five thousand years.Sauna net a long tow rope, the voice from the heart burst out of the blood Le.Fluctuated in the waves, then on the wide shoulders in waves roar.Those chest uplift, uplift force is also surging waves.Those heavy footsteps, crush the rugged rock, but also crush the rock-hard bitterness and suffering.Rivers soup, sweat flowing, Shanshe from the spine bronze light, sparkling across.Top of our homes.Yellow chant, carved a dignified watermarks on the giant bronze tripod.It was a whimper of elegy, it is a thousand years of years of no sound.Came from the depths of the soul wanders, long time and space through the years, thunder-like eruption flood tide we know, the Yellow chant vocal range and content, with a total height of about history.Rough along the Yellow River chant, we can touch the pulse of the “Book of Songs”.Those distant ancestors on the seventh heaven, already in the upper reaches of the Yellow River loess resting in a quiet, but they had shouted it down and cry day and night Pentium Yellow River.A long tow rope, reached into the stories and legends of the Yellow River five thousand years.In the Yellow River’s love affair, who lives with his life who spent long years across the river in the rough sea?Zhang Yin short sigh of oars, as if telling a string of miserable and tragic life.  what!Chant Yellow River, the Yellow River is five thousand years unite the soul, is another roar of the Yellow River.At this point I think the first song chant our labor should be in the Western Han Dynasty King of Huainan, Liu An “Huainanzi Road should be training,” a paper talking about “evil Xu”: “this move large wooden who call evil before Xu, after it should be.This heavy force of the song also advised.”Time after crossing 2000, Mr. Lu Xun in his” “in an article on the argument of Liu An incisive interpretation:” The inscriptions on the door of our primitive ancestors, even if originally not say, in order to work together , must express their views before gradually coming out of a training complex sound.If you then carry wood, I feel difficult, but can not think published, including one called “Hang Yu Hang Yu,” then this is the creation.”Thus, the ancient social labor, not only the formation of the initial rhythm, but also formed the first pitch.I think, here called “Hang Yu” and “evil Xu”, is to let everyone carry the wood of the action, the pace of harmonization, reduce fatigue issued rhythmic, powerful voice.That was not the language, which is simple and high-pitched voice, that tone, if the notes recorded, is labor chant bud or prototype.  Most labor of love plain chant and rural areas related to expression of true romance, such as: child brother sister duet listen, ten have nine love, brother, sister duet child pairs, which in and out not TianXianPei.Acacia has passed: people see fig flowers, happy little girl who sees.You want to blow immortal early night lights, late at night and so you do not want Shangming.But there are also the description of betrayal: a spring wind blowing peach red, new friends for the water of a new.Old people face old heart is not old, just right next seven years old.  I like comic racing season, his comic humorous and yet fun, how many can learn from some useful knowledge, and his piece cleanly, with little vulgar vulgar kitsch, comic “No child labor” is such a works.He carefully observed life, describing various labor scene Labor chant vivid, lively and playful, rich flavor of life.Even the heavy boring planting also “chant” in front of us is facing loess, carrying day, paddy fields barefoot, bend labor farmer, Eer looked up and sang “planting chant,” they under heavy pressure of life, but also lose the fun of living labor.”Treading chant” is do not have fun, “All of us together ah!A step on the pedal, ah, ah step on the pedal ah.Wow.Wow.”This labor scene happiness, only workers to be able to enjoy.  Tens of thousands of people around the dam construction on the piece of land, thousands of people raised a red flag mighty mountain scene in particular captivating.That cry, laughter, especially that a pair of burning eyes!While in a tight labor we are talking less, but that vision as if to tell it all: “Comrades harder it.”” Hey Yo.”Sometimes these sounds in the hands of labor chant, in the hands of the Mercedes-Benz fleet, people feel as if daring awesome drums and enter the numbers.Let’s labor of love it!This is our link Oh!How to live a good life it?How to make every labor play its enormous potential, it does better day by day?And he led the party is leading us forward.The land of youth also seems loud voices, requiring that every Chinese people have to answer.    Part IV: Labor of the United States on Sunday at 5:00 pm, get full brick kiln, a truck pulled into the kiln, the driver jumped out of the cab Lu small for two coolie comes to “pull bricks”.A young man of about twenty to push a cart full of bricks also with a sweltering, flying car body.I saw his bare upper body, hands and wearing cloth gloves, left hand holding the “five brick clip”, gently clip, five bricks like being sucked like; his right hand while picking up a brick, quickly turned around, did not see Qing, six brick saw fly from the rear compartment front half of the car, quickly fell to the bottom compartment, six bricks like to a stick as iron absorption, “bang when” sound, natural lined up in a row.I saw the young man suddenly turned and bent over to mention brick, suddenly turned and threw bricks, “ballast”, “bang when”, “ballast”, “bang when”, and shortly a special trolley brick, about three hundred now, all obediently code on the carriage.Small Lu said the master, this guy is Baoshan city Shidian people, they are the only way out of this expert did, the locals can not do.He also said that the boy’s hands is the largest number of brick clip, most people only “four brick Folder”, the weight of each brick in 4.Between 8-5 jin, I listened to surprise.So I took out the phone starts to time, just came up a trolley brick, saw the boy face is not red, out of breath, carrying bricks, code switch, motion, smooth, not as if he was carrying the heavy bricks, but the plastic foam.He suddenly turned on the brick stoop to mention, dry suddenly straightened up, turned around and shoved throw bricks, fly like a red brick obey orders like, should obediently flew into the seat.The young man if he did not worry about the bricks will fly on to the seat like occasional pop-up to the brick, brick when crop in his yard, his right hand will naturally lift the disobedient brick, new brick thrown completely different on.  A trolley is gone brick yards to the car, look at the time, in just 3.About 5 minutes, astonished, I could not believe this is a miracle.Successive time, each trolley about 300 bricks, the code was in the car at all times 3.Between 3-4 minutes.  I watched, I feel like a young man in general play cotton ease, and like Dai women pull out seedlings seedlings generally throw chic.About 40 minutes now, a 3000 brick truck on the train is completed.I calculated that, every time he code six bricks of the weight of 28.8 Jin, 14.4 kg; Jin 3000 brick weight of 7200 kg per minute on a 75 car brick, re-Jin 360.  Paid him a car brick approximately $ 20.Marx said “labor created man,” in fact labor makes smart, motivated people, people understand life, people learn to think, learn to be grateful, looked at the unknown young man can not help but think of Lu Xun’s “Youth Run soil “, also thought of a child learned classical” Paodingjieniu “, then, listening to the teacher explain the text, hearts could not help but doubt it heavily.  Supple figure looked at the young man, can not help but be filled with emotion, really beautiful work!    Part Five: I started work it was a very hot summer, that year I was sixteen years old, was still in High School.  Because the weather is hot, village children are used to playing up the mountain early in the morning to eat breakfast came back a load of firewood.After breakfast went to swim in the river play.I saw on the way to the river’s cousin sat in the shade Yang Yang, a few years older than my cousin, he was back in a small private coal mine, he said he was sick, nobody Zhengchou behalf of the class, their class eighteen, you have to go to work can not find someone behalf of the class, I said I went to, ah, shaking his head like a drum he, like Lang, he kept represent No, no, you can do it?I really do nothing and shoot each of the offerings that I went to the set.  Because the shift, so I got up early that day at noon to eat lunch, secretly with a small enamel bowls fitted two meters and two sweet potato, and then lied to my mother that I go with something a little scientist, late to go back to mine fifty-six in the mountain, to climb hundreds of meters tall mountains called the tiger tank, under the midday sun, one high mountain roads Di Mao distribute hot Sunburn breathtaking, my clothes were soaked in sweat, then it was really I do not know the foundation, but believe this evil, I heard that I’m going back coal, a distant mountain Jiao tertiary almost shouting my rage, let me get back.But I was stubborn with the lower ore.   I found a cousin’s clothes and tools, is a sticky coal than to take canvas tents with thicker underwear, foot pounds heavier, there is a one meter long arched camel and one small bear the two basket, really when I have been considering how to use this thing back coal.One thirty in the afternoon we started the mine, eight people in my youngest, but also the elderly for years nearly sixty, marching marching hydrocephalus roadway, roadway that is said to be a cave, an average of less than eight meters high, wide it is one meter, in the dim light, we have half an hour to go to the wellhead, and then a hundred more than 70 levels with a staircase made of pine nails, only to coal mouth, I learned to like big people, with Xiaokuang installed on about five pounds of coal, large baskets loaded bulk coal about jin, hand, foot and then with half Fuxia Shen son, bear with bow camel third of that hook buckle hanging on his shoulders, just let camel Tam rear pressure in the butt, there is a bear after the camel’s hook up, I hung up the large basket jin, former camel Xiaokuang put five pounds of bear, because of the small alley below, we had to crawl like a monkey and hands, adults with nearly ten minutes to climb step by step to the more than one hundred seventy stairs, I only use a third of their time to climb.Probably because I was impatient, maybe it could be fearless.  When the roadway can stand up, we will use the pole to pick, go roadway half an hour, so I can earn two yuan, said it that day and I am really back, upstairs stairs when a sudden blackout camel fourth , the kind of sudden fear has palpitations, four weeks suddenly seemed lifeless, and really know what the feeling is hell, and good ten minutes miners generation, my head also hit the wall in hard rock mining blood, the old miners all right, maybe I am tall, then it was nearly a meter eighty.  That day I and back five times as adults, a five cents per hundred pounds, down ten dollars I earn a gross zero land.  When the work I used to take a bath half an hour, I saw my left shoulder coal point of bright red mottled skin has been wedged in, but I was very happy because I got my life in the first income, I’ve come back to my parents sleep, I slept soundly that night, Shen was afraid to stand up, stand up as if a body would fall apart.  This is afraid to go the the.But the next day at noon I decided to go because I have ten yuan to block too much temptation, ten dollars can buy several pounds of wool a quarter of a pound of qi rice supply.I half-semester only two days on the line, five cents a mother’s egg to ten how long it takes to save it / So I did eight days in a row, the ninth day did not go, because the mine in the early morning accident , and broke ground water, drowned four people, the mine was closed down.  I did not know my parents began to mine.Later I put eighty dollars to my mother, I will never forget the terrified mother’s face, as well as frustration, pathos and tears overflow the eyes.    Part VI: Sacred labor Someone called the living labor, and others to get the job named Officer..  I seem old worried about ordinary things, so I thought “QUICKER”.As the saying goes: “People do not get along without,” the “thing” refers to a thoroughgoing, people do things in life, this matter is converted into fun and joy, this is labor.  We have to face every day is basically divided into three things: First, manual labor, the second is living brain, the third is the rest.The rest is a kind of labor, but labor is an indirect Bale.Talking about the past, people often say: “to communism, labor became the first person need it!”That’s true, I believe it!  As a biological man, not only for the labor and alive, but if you do not work but live.This shows that a person is born of the need to work born to, then due diligence, enjoy the joy of life in labor.When a person’s upbringing to pursue materialistic phase of capital and time to enjoy life, even if you are failing to ring true, suffering crisis situation moment to find you, but you also get music from the tiny Discovery difficult, some people abandon labor, he did not know the value of labor rights have, resulting in loss of happiness, health and joy, life and even cause pain and regret, this is an ordinary person should know the truth.  People a day but do nothing, there will be bored, feeling uncomfortable, not the spirit of mischief flustered, did not mean alive.American educators Bennett said: “Work is life to do the things we use.”.This sentence reminds me of ancient times, he said that when the Shaanxi Qin Qin people on the provisions necessary to work regardless of the size of the young and old, first joined the army to fight, and second, farming plowing, the country no idlers remain the invincible dynasties Chronicles also proposed a “land to the tiller” slogan, it conforms to the human nature of it!  Labor, the heart of the vocabulary so that everyone, reminds me of the rise of voluntary labor Thirty years ago, when people on the collective labor showed great enthusiasm and energy, I remember one time, the staff at the department store construction site duty labor, two colleagues in the department store group, because the tools used up late, can not participate in labor, we see the work surface and drinking places and moved in full swing, competing head crying in public, showing that labor does become a mat-wing concept.Locals are known to work to live, I feel very knowledgeable, labor is the norm of the day, the German philosopher Immanuel Kant said: “The best is to enjoy the work, she makes you forget sorrow happy to win.”Labor is not only the individual needs of life, but also the collective social performance, who is a senior biological, do hand, foot ground, the choice to work to survive, along celestial road, alone, and the recognition of labor, intentions try to do, is the theme of life, labor is the living faith, habits are needed.It needs hard-working people will have a day of dignity and progress, who can say everything in life, it is not the same as with labor mouth move it?  I suddenly feel labor is coming from the famine, hunger is the driving force, labor is a process, and if people lose work, it must be enough support, saying: “eaten raw than I do for you?”No matter it will be non-students?The desire to eat large, the more things will be restless search Hu said China’s corrupt and corruption is enough support out, kind of lazy light goods one day thinking: “a coat draped gown, work points gains, “exhibits biological degradation, human consequent loss of the net to make.In fact, a nation of lazy molecules day more, and that will make most people suffer from the civilization and progress, it is quite frightening.People have a wrong: called “inertia at first glance, at first glance, the” if home training, lack of supervision, minority blind problems, once they become accustomed to it, this bad habit but can not cure continues, then, most people must live It was despicable, painful, miserable day it will difficult ah!  Reads Since then, I still miss those days of past collective labor ah!  Suddenly thoughts continuously, and felt the ground lazy life, have their points, and Bijiang find “excluded excluded donkey bite of it all?”Humanity being the case, I would see the work of the two poles of life.

Articles on kite

Part One: Kite Beijing winter, there is snow on the ground, gray and black bald branch crotch in a clear sky, but far from twelve kites floating in me is a surprise and sorrow.Hometown kite season is Spring in February, if heard the rustle of the wind wheel, his head will be able to see a pale inky blue crab tender centipede kite or kite.There are lonely kite tiles, no wind round, and more freely low, Neilingding to show poor haggard appearance.But this time the ground willow has sprout, early mountain peach bud spit also more gentle and the children of the sky dotted with care, mix of spring.Where am I now do?Or all four sides of the winter chill, but farewell hometown of well-seasoned gone in the spring, but it rippling in this sky.  But I do not always love flying kites, not only do not love, and disgust it, because I thought it was worthless stuff kids do.Contrary to what I and my little brother, he was about ten years old and outside strike, sick, extremely thin, but like most kites, can not afford to buy their own, I was not allowed to release, he had to Zhang mouth, look to stay the air trance, sometimes For the small half-day.Crab distant kite suddenly came down, he exclaimed; two tiles kite wrapped solved, he jumps for joy.His These, in my opinion are the laughing stock, contemptible.  One day, I suddenly remembered, it seems not very many days seen him, but remember to have seen him pick up Withered in the garden.I suddenly realized like, they ran an accumulation of debris hut few people go to, opened the door, and she saw his hair on the heap in the dusty odds and ends.He toward the large square stool, sat on a small stool; it will be very frightened, he stood up, lost color huddle.Large square stool next to a butterfly kite against a bamboo bone, not paste on paper, stool is a pair of eyes to do with a small wind turbine, is decorated with red paper, to be completed by the.I cracked meet in secret, and very angry he’s hiding my eyes, so take pains to steal the stuff kids do unpromising.I immediately reached for a broken butterfly wing bone, turn the wind wheel throwing in the ground, the tread flat.On the young and old, on the effort, he was no match for me, of course I get complete victory, then swept out, leaving him standing in a small room in despair.He later how, I do not know, do not care.  But my punishment finally turn after our parting was for a long time, I was already a middle-aged.Unfortunately, I occasionally read a book speak of foreign children, most children know the game is legitimate behavior, children’s toy angel.So two decades without recalling the young spirit of the time for this scene of murder, suddenly opening in front, and my heart also seems to have changed at the same time lead weights, heavy heavy fall down.  But the heart do not actually fall down and cut off As he was just very heavy to fall forward, fall forward.  I also know of a method mend: send him a kite, in favor of his release, advised him to put me and he put together.We shouted, ran, laughing.- but he is already, like me, already I have a beard.  I also know there’s a way to mend: to beg his forgiveness, and so he said, “but I have no blame you oh.”Well, my heart is necessarily easy, this is indeed a viable method.Once, when we met, his face is carved Tim have a lot of “raw” hard stripe, and my heart is very heavy.We have come to talk about when the old things, I will describe to this section, telling confused boyhood.”But I blame you oh no.”I think he would say, and then I immediately received the forgiveness from my heart too lenient strike.  ”There is such a thing it?”He said with a smile in amazement, just sit with other people’s tales.He does not remember.  Completely forgotten, there is no resentment, what to speak of it forgiveness?No complaints of Shu, lying Bale.  What can I do desirability?I had a heavy heart with.  Now, home again in the spring of this off-site air, give me both well-lost memories of childhood, but also together with no grasp of sorrow.I would rather hide in the winter chill go, and – but they obviously are surrounded by winter, it is giving me a very cold air-conditioning and prestige.    Part II: kite wind that day was very warm, soft and warm to me blown rickety.I meet look at you, you looked at me and smile.Our distance across the reflection of sunlight, you squint, the long-term affects the hands, face and carefully.  You ran and ran, and happily, as though the whole spring, are open in your smile and smile.Light rain kissed the grass, pulled up wet white smoke.And you run with, like an angel of bathing Sheng Hui.  However, you run too fast and fell in my eyes.  I was anxious, you want to cry.Your hands off the line, the direction of chaos.Surprise, I fell to the height of an endless lush.I suddenly see the light, the dark eyes of the world, but at the end of my life?Sauna net I feel, skin seems broken, hurt, hurt.But I do not care, I only care about this root wrapped in the branches of the white line at the end of you, may well?  Finally, I hear you cry, I support a half roll half the fall line, pulling my happiness.Do not feel bad, I want to say this to you, despite the fact my body has been scarred.  Slowly, the wind stopped, I smiled.  You go, I guess, your eyes set there weeping tears than ever.  This is good, let this line to stay in the wind, together with my love.  But you left, there is the evening twilight, storm.There are lonely together with the changing seasons, such as the accompanying video.  You do not know, I also have a luxury, they are afraid of publicity selfishness.Maybe next spring, you will see that you are familiar smile.  Many years later, warm sunny day, the wind is very enthusiastic.  You did remember me, I do believe that everything has become priceless wait.You laugh as always, as if sadness never dyed your facial features.  Your hands, so familiar line.Fly around me, but I used to smile?  You see me yet?Should not see.These years, they have long been blurred my face visible.Also from one believes, and I will have teeth beating heart.Moreover, the cutting edge of life, it begins to have circumcision.And this remaining one point, ground into a gravel-like amber, crystal clear.  You run too fast and fell in my eyes.  You’re careless, this is still not changed.But you know, light rain last night, leaving no trace today already?  Wind suddenly impatient, I actually finally, from branches, which fall into the ground.  Standing above the crowd’s taste, from this moment is not like I deeply appreciate.Mysterious fate, at the moment I’m flying, and I was praying to thank.  You are in front of me, crying exceptionally sad.Fear pair sad face, seems familiar to yesterday.You do not know me – my body, like a torn piece of paper Lase.  I do not mind.  I went to the wind in front of you, I finally looked carefully you.This count is that life gave me the greatest gift?  Touch the ground as best as imagined pain.I looked gaunt face dirty, peripheral vision, long-term wear white Flanagan about to fly away.I panic, and suddenly clenched wanted for you, for that is about to sink my old home a new look.  She also laughs.  I think she had given me the same, do not care about the pain and fear of heights wandering.  Just want to know the long-term end, you may well?  After a while, you have to lift buried deep head, staring sadly far.Your eyes, and had more than sob tears.  The wind stopped, you go long, I laughed.    Part III: Kite Kite is a ballad childhood kite is naive laugh, dance kite is selfless.  When it comes to flying, I thought of “The Kite Runner”.Fiction kite recorded friendship, recorded laughter, happy record, a record of childhood.Childhood they always like chasing kites, running freely on the street, laughing heartily, this is their life’s most memorable beautiful.  After the people have changed, however, when the “I” watched a group of children flying kites, feel reminded of the stories already want to forget.”I chase,” though “I” can only endlessly repent, never chase do not return to the past, but the “I” will still chase, to find the soul of that party Pure Land.  Perhaps the fate of the already doomed, noble lowly divided between people, but at a certain “spiritual home” in each of us are equal survival.  Since the kite can freely dance with the wind, we can follow in its footsteps, temporarily forget the reality of all the trouble, go to memories of childhood happiness and wonderful taste in water Love in a different mood.  Kite flying, pick-up childhood and joy.  Two kite is beautiful wish, kite happy endorsement, the kite is free of Psalms.  Kite born belong to the sky.So when we look at the kite dancing in the wind, as if we ourselves into a happy fairy islands, into the land of the free.  In the face of life, the wise often the smiling, to join the embrace of nature, a different kind of fun to experience life from another angle.  Nature is a book not finish reading, let our hearts resonate feelings.  Nature is a kind teacher, always give us earnest teachings.  Nature is a beautiful tune, let us revel in the melodious melody.  We have a beautiful wish, kites have brilliant dreams.  We want to kite fly higher in the air, while flying kites, kite flying and we dream of flying our desire.  Kite flying, happy and free pick-up.  Three kite is wandering the face, kite late at night thoughts, North kite flying geese.  Kite is distant wanderer face, always harbor dreams of fighting the blue sky, always trying to break the shackles of the unknown distance to fly.  Kite is endless thoughts late at night, whenever the lonely, often feel they still have worries behind, as well as behind the house.  Kite spring geese fly north, after the calm, in the warmth of spring, back to the original starting point.  Way of life, we are all in a hurry Walker, we always in the pursuit of unlimited happiness, but we have to remember that there are people concerned about us.  Although we know: youth is a beautiful song, the struggle is passionate melodies, the ideal is touching lyrics.  Youth is one more climb thick book, faith is beautiful cover, hard work is conspicuous directory.  But just like a kite needs to lead, we need to pull spirit, but also the needs of others miss.Returning to their roots, Fallen flowers Drawing, we must not forget the worries behind.  Kite flying, picking up back and care.    Part Four: kite line and my best friend have broken the information, the more emotional feel lonely.  Coincides with March and April, the north wind is warm, and very mad with dust from the floor of the trash, keep me in the foot of a mountain cabin.This chalet was built in the original, is to have a quiet space can feel at ease writing, who wants to now, has become emotional prison, through a small window into the door swastika lonely and sad.  I through the window, saw the distant pastures.On the open grassland or dry dry yellow, but had to catch a few nomads grazing cattle and sheep out.I used to hold up the left cheek with his left hand, quietly went to look at the world of kissing.  ”Dangdang” What a strange knock on the door – it has been a people came.I am excited to get up and opened the door, a strange and childish faces greeted.  ”Hey, hello, I’d like to borrow a line, to save her.”Then, a little boy’s chest butterfly kite will move a little higher to me.  I faint smile: “Well, you advanced to.”The little boy looked around around the house close to the word pieces and paintings, showing very surprised look:” You’re a painter you?”” No, I am a writer, write articles.”I drawer and took out a ball of string and handed him.  He was pleased to take over the coils, Yexia period, the kite gently on the bed.He said: “You are a man it?Your friend did not see you?Today is Sunday.”I Du Qizui said:” My best friend and had a falling out, I have no friends.”Well, I have some regret, and a child say these.The little boy’s kite line straightened, nodded with satisfaction.Then, he just put that part of the line wrapped around the wings, around and around, finally forced to pulled, tied the knot two.  ”Well, you can fly a kite!”” You do a man flying a kite?”I asked the child camel.  ”No, and I hung two small people, this is his kite to do.”” How not seen him?”I looked to the door.  ”he died.”The little boy unusually calm,” said his mother he had leukemia.I think we can be together every day to fly a kite.”The little boy handed me a line regiment, bouncing around to go.  I am shocked, it’s a boy it?Neotenous grass doll?Was so sincere maintain this period of emotion and dead partner, but because I was impolite remarks to give up our brotherhood of friends?!  I quickly sat down and wrote to my good friend, told him the story of the kite.  Kite lines, will never break.Part five: kite, broken strings paranoia, is a poison.I drank, but efficacy is not long.  Paranoia, it is a kind of antidote.I drank, but still Cocktail.  Pious quiet, the Holy Spirit rumors, consolation dream, but all misty dream.But I want to have to go misty sleep, as long as together, they will see their own trunk had incompetence, I like the sun, but he and the sky is bound to be a right, not men, to give up!  Once, I like the stars, the moon and the earth but he made a pair, forced to give up!  So I can only find in the Buddha’s five hundred years, the two have both.So Tathagata Buddha put me into a stone bridge, dawn, the sun shines on the stone bridge.Kind of taste, innocent.Temporary night comes, the stars illuminate the stone bridge, the kind of color, the earnest.So enjoy, until one day the sun will not rise, the stars do not shine.At that time, I should wake up, journey home, to heaven.If tomorrow the sun also rises, the stars still shine as usual today, so had to go to sleep, in order to cover up their weakness, in order to not like the ocean, mountains, of course, those boring things, go to sleep, because just like life is too large two things, as is L (the sun) is the same as another S (stars), that’s different, as both can not have both.Go to sleep, never to order Allure.  In the Congo river where a sled stopped, no one knows why he is zoned so far, no one knows when the thirteenth month five quarters of the year, is under heaven.    Part VI: weather wingless kite after the beginning of spring, although the temperature starts to rise, but the air still carries a cold chill.A spring breeze gently people could not help but make a chill, maybe not the real spring to come.Dry weather anomalies.The vent as cold rolled spring yellow leaves litter, together with dust sky dance.In addition to air this Xuan clamor of the world unusual quiet, so quiet people can feel the beating of thought.In this so-called ghetto corner, accompanied by his own heart is.  Lonely in a foreign land wandering desire warm care and cordial greetings.Even a stranger to talk to also make their own excitement for a long time.But in this forgotten God foot drop, the share of the concern and greetings seem to forget just a dream: even the Chinese Lunar New Year, would become a blessing for me to have one luxury in life.  Life is their own, who do not remember your presence, and care about you, greet your obligations.Wingless kite flying alone.Years of hit swing, tasted thoroughly human well-being, used to seeing the world change the world’s opinion, good and evil and cruelty of human nature, do their greatest extent do the madding crowd.I thought I had done it strong, not tears of violations, but out of that moment, fighting back between snorting share of sad sorrow and grief, all the way to brisk walking.But when I arrived in the residence, and does not live up to expectations that long-lost silent tears running down his cheeks across.that moment.I do not know when confident of a strong share had flown my brain, thinking has become so fragile, life is even more remarkable chapter of loneliness and helplessness.  Overcast sky outside the window more than the morning and dark, sky dust and yellow leaves no trace of the free edge.It seems in blankly passers-by on the street, no one took care of the hair outside their own thing.Providence?Man-made?Or due to my ability?Wingless fly kites tough.

Articles on jealously guarding

Part one: words, jealously guarding a ghost town Splendor Huayuan, left behind a ghost town.May the wind, dawn the season strong Huarong.Mining done Wisteria Wan Yan, surrounded by searching through the Han Xiang, look and see what you still attracted to all kinds of.  Leaf folding Creek, isolated a ghost town.October rain, the lonely sorts bustling live.Dongfeng woke up bleary, catechesis and the dry wood carving wing, they are still unable to stop the fleeting rush.  Frost cloud, submerged dyed a ghost town.New Year’s Eve of snow, dilapidated Millennium jealously guarding Yi Mei.Vicissitudes of the Long Plain temples, touch the fireworks broken dreams, insincere but turned into empty memories.  For a hoarse, to a pompous phrase, but as you cover the whole world.  I, Wang Chuan Autumn, but still alone guarding the fragile barrier.Night, gradually eroded the bustling, even the wind has become hoarse.Those fireworks dim after you turn around, lonely become a ghost town.I, stopped walking, the tree for a long time have not been cared for kapok tree, but also if you rely on the figure stood staring for a long time but not close, but because of fear of those vague light and shadow, just a few scattered fireflies.You go, but it left me so many sad farewells.Each traveled lanes, south of fireworks, flowers end of the street, away from the West Wing of the song, at the moment, have quietly turned into dust.  Insects, lingering chord fingertips, is a choking or a miss?You said, a touch of fragrance, you can always put a lot of mind to hide, so I put that ghost town of Huayuan loaded with crabapple; you said, the decline of late autumn, all will live quietly fall, so I put those Splendor firefly fire cemented amber; you said, midnight snow, lingering over the ear is always a silent, so I put spring water became a spectrum of insects from the song; you said.Wind, Qingxue the haze, instant tea extravagant flowers, the moment the dust settled.  I clean and shallow text, but can not control his own emotions.Without your ghost town, then there is no so-called dream.Frankly into the luxury and dissipation, the bitter sway into hearty, I cover up those who do not sad not happy with equanimity words to deceive ourselves and live..However, the total Xiao Qing middle of the night, always in the dim light, no longer restrained live those memories, roots scene smile, a speech-language films branch, a tea dance dancing.Ailments sky, rendering the memories of cold, gentle tenderness thousands of years.  The tears research has become a mark green ink, I dressed in a white seat, I just want to be a quiet.Using plain paper, clear written description of light that night fireworks easy to cold; words alone waiting for the TV drama a decadent ghost town.  That is how some of the text, how to write a gust of wind, and blew away the kind of a dream?Red unfamiliar street, leaving me alone guarding tall ghost town, having left reincarnation.    Part II: jealously guarding its lonely one o’clock in the morning, the night was quiet, others had to sleep, but I have yet to sleep, accompanied by music, typing on the keyboard, writing mood.  Since when can not remember, learn to use words to express themselves, talk to yourself in words.  One night, slightly lonely, slightly sad, there is nothing to resolve some of the loneliness.  I am not a lonely during the day, the night belongs.During the day busy with work, busy with sophisticated, busy calculating, no state of mind to make their lonely.  Deep night, when a person, lonely just like the flood of darkness coming to me, without any mental preparation, I put hijacking, engulfed me.And I like to indulge in this lonely, willingly hijacked, engulfed.Maybe this time I’ll think of someone, something, or some first sad song.Then, lit a cigarette, either in the fingers smoke-filled, like those lonely; “burning, enchanting, intoxicated.”.A sauna net once yearning innocent good heart, floating in the air, until the dust filled with tears, and hopelessly fall, remove dust, Xijinqianhua, but you can not see the original look.Covered with the desire of the heart, how to enjoy this lonely and tranquility.Lost and lonely people always tell endless, but tell only one painkillers, nerve numbness, people temporarily forget the pain.But no matter how to tell, you still lonely, painful and still is yours.  Be happy to share with friends, but not lonely, because loneliness is their own thing.The text is a sharp knife, cut the body as if to find an outlet for the flow of loneliness.When learn words, to quietly listen to yourself, you will find that they have dissolved into those words, can feel lonely, being a part of the body slowly from flowing out, like a clear spring, even You can hear the sound of flowing.As long as most true, then the text is not gorgeous and rough.Some things can only be felt but not explained, it is like family, friendship, and love, someone they know enough.  Sometimes, I feel the same room with the window open very night, coming and going out of the window of the vehicle and hurrying passers-long return to calm, without the hustle and bustle and excitement of the day.Like this night, in what seems to tell, there seems to hide something.  When standing on the crowded crossroads, looking at the front of vehicles and pedestrians come and go, I do not know how many people never leave and not come back, do not know how many people are for a short stay, and then go the distance , but do not know how many people are no longer left to go away forever.  Would like a cloud in the air, turned all day, no beginning and no end, no beginning and no end, no togetherness and no discrete, so always floating.Life in the past, or memorable, or pass, it really so important?Life is nothing more than the memory of those who encounter that had happened, whether with the loss of years, gradually forgotten?  I’m really afraid of forgetting, fear of nothingness of life, if forgotten, how to search for signs of life.  In the mottled time, those happy, sad, happy, painful past, memories become one note, strung years, made into a song of my life.Or become a chapter mood diary, bound, to witness the traces of my life.  So, I got used to jealously guarding this lonely night, until dawn before.    Part Three: You are my warm jealously guarding read this life, Feng Yan fleeting, handle Red, day and night, condensate word for love.Two dependencies, blossoming love, you are my jealously guarding warm, it may not negative, bustling lips lingering.  — order that day, the sky Yin Hui, as my mood.Stepping on broken pieces of the sentimental, his eyes with frost, there is wind, the cold still.Close your eyes curtain, can not remember your smile intact, the Millennium Red, in this moment thrown rain Melancholy, my world started to snow.  I am a slender woman thought, like the pure sky, not a trace of dye Qian Chen.Graceful like to read text, use my youth.However, all in your eyes, it is not heavy enough light.You say you do not want to see me every day beating the text on the screen before, I do not like to see those let me obsessed article.You download a movie and I was not interested all day, watching movies is your favorite, and I was more willing to wander in the text.  Not the language of people’s mind, will certainly chant, and as in that stretch of the trail, contaminated bleak season, the sound of the sparse pass over.Your dissatisfaction at my disdain write more deeper, so you see the day when I can return the text “Thank you, pro” when the quarrel came was so strong.For me, it is just a network language, the text is the title of my friends.Did not think you are that kind of mind, you said that in addition to Taobao, but who will choose.So the debate, later changed to quarrel, and finally acrimony.So I chose to leave, when I rattle as soon as the door was closed, tears spilling.  Walking down the street, is in a hurry to see the figure, I do not know where I go, there are shops song Tommy sad drifting away.”I just stopped in the rain the night, a man wandering through a window one after another, and so on just dawn.We must face the loss of love, a little relieved a little anxious, fear is actually alone. “.Lighted looked up hope, all is warm, but at the moment I became unable to dock the boat, carrying rolled confused, mixed with loneliness, curl human warmth turned into the wind, gone.  Hesitating to move aimlessly in the streets.When I count from one to two thousand and fifty-five time, the phone rang, so see your name come out, five minutes later, you appear in front of me.Luohuayouyi love water, water inadvertently falling love.Flowers bloom lifetime infatuation beautiful, water ruthless regarded as unremarkable landscape.How many how many flowers bloom and life lost, with injuries Why are most people in love.Suddenly look back thousands of years has been the Red, who would never change who is warm?  You stubbornly took my hand, a simple three words: Go home.At a time when the dark sky to float the snow, at first like a fresh rain, like rain like my tears, gradually, the sky more and more sad, more and more snow, as if Hisatsumi grievances outbreak, Spring Snow , this sudden spring snow, rendering my mood.Your body temperature warm my cold hand, I said I do not want to go home, I do not like to see this scene repeated staged one after another.You say all know each other temper temperament, and willing to give it.Yes ah, what I’m willing to?Interlocking fingers warm, the only warm my hands over this person, I will be willing to give it?And the person you love each other, which is really life.  You are my jealously guarding warm, loving and crumple Red Fusion, Wind and Smoke fleeting, carefully comprehend, thousands of back and turns after the collision.So, why hurt each other, wiping tears from his eyes, hand home with the warmth of your hand the man, from two rivers, flowery love, promise a gentle, lively lips lingering, faint dripping Xinyu, that moment, my heart is gone the sadness, condensate words for love, work life.    Part Four: jealously guarding its original phrase vows a person’s world, in the faint Og I stepped into another world, another time and space broke into pieces.When you want to forget, has found himself no longer, found himself just a walk in the dead air time, there is no habitat, no space of their own.  Alone guarding the phrase “Wait,” you have dropped their own life, discard your happiness, your life goals discarded.For one empty words, but you forget self, alone, waiting, waiting alone.You pay is a lifetime commitment, while others give you is that the so-called “waiting”.You have a number of young, how many years do you have?You use up all the wisdom and energy to wait, you are still a long wait or a blank.  Once more you take on that old hand path, lined with trees that still, but no longer passers.Perhaps you will remember the old bit by bit, that is happiness or pain it?Although my heart, therefore I am.Pleasure and pain is in their own hands.Touched your heart, look at naked scratch, you will inevitably eat their wounds Tobe.Looked up at the blue sky, a long way to breathe the fresh air, turned and wiped tears from his eyes, I had to move on.Have fond memories will become permanent, we have the right collection, carefully pondering.Because, there’s footprint has left us happy, we can not forget the skies after the rain, still there will be a rainbow in the skies.  I’m tired of walking, looking a little to accommodate their own space, so that my breath, to restore body and mind.But, once again torn scar healing.Flowers under the sun, although very flirtatious, but does not belong to my rose garden.  Occasionally, I’ll be squatting on a dark, dank corner, looking at whether there is the old familiar figure in the crowd, hoping to find the answer to wait, given the outcome of an eternal.My eyes began to blur, gradually become dark.I can not find their place, that can not find their way home.I started wandering, he began living the life of another is not.I’m still waiting, but I do not know what is waiting for now, maybe I did not answer, no goal.I was afraid to stay, because the rest becomes a pain.  Jealously guarding the vicissitudes of life, a destruction.Really do that so-called oath?It is in the end what is it?Some people in order to find the answer, paid too much.I do not know if it will come to the end of time, I hope, I will have my own reasons, give yourself plenty of excuses.  It was getting dark, and I simply lay on the grass, no consciousness, waking sleeping in, sleeping in passing.Jealously guarding the phrase oath, I am unable to fight.Think once familiar action, if given the opportunity, I will once again gently scrape on her nose, once again waiting for her in the street.I’ll be recourse in the long journey in her shadow, find the result you give, give their lives to an end on the painting for myself a beautiful rose garden, an azure blue sky leaving for their own to fall back on own world.  Waiting phrase oath – it is destined to have wings to fly, I’m still waiting for you to stand in origin, still cry for you!

Articles on Huangmei

Part One: Huangmei want to hear something to eat dinner, a person walking fruits Lake.The city’s noisy and hot, while irritability Dunsheng.  At the moment, ears sounded faintly melodious Huangmei, let me mesmerized, dreamlike.Mother and seek, then I do not know from where the sound.I suddenly realize that my mind a voice shouting, I want to see Huangmei.  Huangmei tune originated in the Dabie Mountains of tea, I do not know after how many generations of mountain sister sung, now Pat leaped into one of the country’s popular Chinese drama.I like what time Huangmei Opera, and now can not tell.However, since the hour, as long as I heard that there Huangmei play, I must go.Then just curious to admire the actors one by one, and I do not know a little played out on the stage being a tear-jerking, soul-stirring story.  Grow up, only slowly from the stage cries leisurely injury, cheerful, spraying hate tone, feel the joys and sorrows of dramatic characters, ups and downs.Many a night, I sigh for the cowherd and, for the seven fairies and Dong tear stained skirt.That makes the pain of broken enterohepatic love story, it’s a long and meaningful singing three sigh, all Keke always linger in my mind.  How many years have passed, although I am away from home, no matter where we go, I always forget to bring around a stack of Huangmei tabs.The dead of night, a cup of tea, open a pack of cigarettes, and then open the butterfly and place machines, immerse yourself in Huangmei that ecstasy in music, let himself into the Huangmei that people lingering in the context of.At this moment, I am also sad with the human drama also glad, happy – bitter, truly feel the life is like drama, drama is like life.  Perhaps it Huangmei this magic, it always I dreamed, like night and day.There are times when I look at healing the hearts of Huangmei as prescriptions, to listen to the troubles of Huangmei as a row of loving food.  Long time no see Huangmei, really I want Mimi to listen to a hometown of Huangmei.    Part Two: Over and over again this border north of Huangmei spring always comes late Southland.Southland At this point it is spring, when spring planting busy charming.In contrast, it becomes bleak the North.North upright chill at this time, just spit out new green tree.  It was in this season, people love to see a romantic fluttering away quickly under heavy snow.This season, this April, this snow, I was a bit sad to.Maybe this is not who I love a romantic, so it sentimental.When sentimental, far more than a thousand miles away from home in this place, it is possible to hear the Huangmei Opera, which makes me feel excited.  Then on “Cultural Studies” course, taught was a fifty-year-old professor.In that class in order to alleviate the professor in class atmosphere even sang Huangmei.It makes me very surprised, I did not think this was born in and grew up in Shaanxi, a professor working in Urumqi actually can sing Huangmei, and he sings pretty good.  Xinjiang has been home to more than half a year, and also did not return home midway.On that lesson, the first time I heard a long absence, Huangmei in Xinjiang.  Tongcheng still time, although not always listen to me Huangmei, but also a lot.I am not a fans.But at home, also often accompany my grandfather to the theater.That’s what holiday village met troupe always please to performances.Every village in Me and performance, my parents always put my grandfather then see a play.My grandfather was a die-hard fans.My grandfather always want to see them keep company.Although I am not very willing, but could not bear to whisk the wishes of the elderly.So I went to the theater and each holding a small bench.Looked at several times, gradually also do not hate the.And then I volunteered to go to the theater and grandfather, and this time my grandfather always stretch his face bright smile.Sauna net Now think about it, I felt my grandfather’s care and thought.Back then himself, turned a deaf ear to Huangmei, every day is to indulge in pop music.My grandfather saw this set is disappointed.At the same time, he saw me from my generation gradually alienated Huangmei.This is the generation of them that most people do not want to see.So he forced to come up with the elders asked me to stand with him to watch a movie together.Think about the time of the performance, it will be severely hurt this life-long love of the old man’s heart in Huangmei.Many thanks to some improvement in the attitude of their own later, only to see his pleasant smile.I have this small change can make him exposed satisfied smile.I regret why would not change a bit more, those old people may be more happy.Now, with regret of the heart, such opportunities are few and far the.Maybe that’s my lesson now, have not the time to cherish, cherish the time no longer have.  Hometown of Huangmei people say that people can not sing a lot of money real Anqing.It makes me very sad.Because I can not sing Huangmei, he is a native of Anqing.Although Anqing leave now, after a lot of opportunity I will not go back.But my home in Anqing, it is a fact will never change.So, I do not sing Huangmei became my one regret.Unfortunately, after leaving the Anqing much clearer, let me sad is that it is difficult to remedy this regrettable.  Or opportunity finally came.Ten years did not return home uncle and grandfather before the Ching Ming Festival this year back to their loved ones grave Tongcheng.The over seventy years old and grandfather of the same age who live in Xinjiang is a more than fifty years, with only a few times back home.Now, I stayed with him for a city.The number of times to his house a lot.Go to his house, he always forget to ask the change in my hometown, which he will always be one: the home is not often played Huangmei, talking, he shook his head gently sigh.I knew he was in these years that Xinjiang is rarely listen to Huangmei.And just Huangmei Opera is the joy of his childhood.From him, I seem to see the shadow of himself when old age.To listen to a Huangmei can not shadow.  Now, he can finally put down the children and grandchildren here to go home.Maybe he was at home will not be long.But enough long-cherished wish he wanted a taste of the Huangmei.Know he sets go home, I’m glad.Go to his home, asked him to bring me the tape several dishes Huangmei come back.He looked at me, then they seem to see themselves.I know, I was more fortunate than his.  Really did not expect a “culture of learning” courses, a professor of Huangmei few lyrics, I actually brought back my deep thoughts of Huangmei Huangmei.  In the North this season slightly sad to hear Huangmei, it feels so good.

Articles on Huaihua

Part One: April, Huaihua district of Huaihua open, in bright green Salvinia in bunches, and a string of bursts of aroma nostrils, incense also open the pores of the body Breathe.  April, SJ, open every branch Huaihua pedicle dozens of small flowers, white petals bloom convey information to people filled the air with fragrance, quietly, quietly, it seems a little late spring Hao shame, but also a calm indifferent silence.  An old cell-specific points of interest, this is common, but Ash is not enchanting charming gesture, not towering tall and straight posture, when not flowering, bothered to look upon the people’s eyes, crosswise to escape the branches, down provoke people suspected it old-fashioned.In this district the birth of this once remote area of effect when planted acacia trees out of a dolphin under what ideas, of course, not to explore, at least in my opinion this small owners, acacia trees planted to green after all, pragmatic and creative community.Only lingering regret, the year before Community Center Street reconstruction, will have grown robust lush acacia trees all cut down, do not put camphor tree flowering, in the area north gate into the road and Fontaine Court Street and the Champs reserves the clip two rows of acacia trees.  What species using green power cell is by no means the owner of the property can come up with many reasons unequivocal fashion, so that the owners of regret and dissatisfaction with the passage of time is weak, just to see the newly opened Huaihua year before Ash causes of associations and memories.Ash is the Jianghan Plain old trees, ancient tree witnessed generations of growth, especially acacia trees around their houses Wanli Township, rain stricken weathered the years, and always maintain quieter character and form, just as plain that the villagers, is the former home of the most scenic sultry chord.  Was pinnate SJ, was led to bees sweet honey Huaihua, Huaihua as well as heat, cooling blood, bleeding effect, Chinese medicine treatment for blood in the stool, hemorrhoids blood, hematuria embolism, and therefore there is a Huaihua cure legend: a very early date there are families, both father and son working outside year round, at home, leaving mother and daughter Huang Qiaozhen.Huang suffering from hemorrhoids, Qiaozhen honor her mother, a man hard to manage with housework.One year drought, population Qiaozhen her family, life really boil down included, had to go out to his family make a living from hunger.Parting Qiaozhen your mother gave her some bran bread, and told her what to eat wild plants can be used to relief in.After Qiaozhen bid farewell to her family, as one thinks of a sick mother, and hurried on their way back, by the way collect some Huaihua on the roadside tree.After returning home Qiaozhen the bran cake with SJ porridge to eat her mother and cure.Huang drank SJ bran bread porridge, hemorrhoids pain relief, stop bleeding, hemorrhoids gradually recovered.This is a shining glory of love legend of the civilian population, is clearly not the kind of fiction and emperors associated pretending to be mysterious legends.  Huaihua open, like snow, such as silver, eloquent dotted with acacia trees, obsessed with the very hot, fragrant, sweetly, and I walked back and forth a few times this little clip Ash Street, slow down the pace, so enjoy a heart moment Huaihua fragrance, eliminate worries about heart.This moment is the moment of the years, this moment is the moment to rush Oh.  A burst of heavy rain falling, SJ snow fell on the concrete floor like, not a heartless thing you falling, but the concrete floor is not into Chunni more quadrangle of.Ash looked up, among a lot of ulterior motives in Yaya open buds waiting.    Part II: missed a Sophora japonica all soon become the past, as if no time to sigh, time on a slip from spring into summer.Outside of intermittent rain, a Unit of the raw cold drill into the bone joints, but in any case you can no longer say it’s spring, because the summer has begun.  And how much I want to infiltrate in Hong SJ’s that fragrance, but Qingyuan, as if bleached bones decay, jade things appear one by one.And she has been shed in my back Liaoning home, she bloom is concentrated.Those of white and purple, they were filled with branches, and everything seems just begun ah, they do not wait for me.In fact, I wish I come back, they are still Jiaorao bloom, and so I raised my camera, leaving those humbling the United States, let me hutongs in Beijing, wandering into a fish Lethe.The time scales of the blinks, mottled all things old alley in those gray walls, old tiles, in the morning or evening sun, I became the silhouette of the moment, the hand of God’s masterpiece.And all this gently removed for miss.  This is inevitable, because I lost at the same time, with additional gains, or that when I get in, I naturally want to lose.I went back home, back to the side of the parents, brothers and sisters back between.In a cordial, surrounded by the warm, lingering thoughts of the long-awaited out together in remission.Mom and Dad getting old, especially my mother, after a decade of serious illness, miraculously well over, and she has become so strange faces and voices, seems to have very far away from us, but in the past it close to us, Mom the simple and hard-working, her mother’s tenacity and accessibility, who appeared in our sister.Saw my father thin and old, I did not cry, not only is there are some faint pain in the heart, but did not cry.I’m not that after sitting on his father’s bike, the father took the little girl to go to school.Suddenly a gust of wind came and blew my father’s clothes, I see my father forced Dengzhe, and he bent down back, I saw him in the old.I cried, I firmly pressed the father’s shirt, do not let the wind again blowing his clothes, in fact, I really want to seize the time, make the time to stop, do not let dad get older.This time I did not cry, do not cry does not mean that the heart of indifference, would have left any given time in everyone’s face, and what they take away, like a tree that flowers bloom.Time, and not because of our sadness, stop running pace, in order to stop it in the hands of graver.This is mature and strong after Dong Xiao world and nature, I get.Dad always show happy and satisfied smile, especially to hold his baby grandson in his arms the moment of happiness like a burst of warmth wind ah, this green home, but also waves of fragrant incense.He missed a Huaihua.Sauna net still go to Hong grinding visited my grandfather, he is from the last visit a year and a half times the.That winter, but this time is in the spring.Or for Grandpa presented flowers, our sisters a few opt to stand in front of him, lit incense and knelt down.Grandpa gave flowers at this time is given, and he will be smiling at us, we are him enough ah, we are raising his life the most beautiful flowers.My tears flowed silently down.  Mountains full of lush almond trees, swaying in the wind, bright sunlight flashing blade of joy.Under Tsing Hang small leaves, a bunch of a bunch of, one by one, huddled together very cute.I could not help but fired several off, like a child, like rubbed into his mouth, and then I closed my eyes, sour, after the sour is sweet, slightly plays Shiba, and if growth the roots, rolling into land.  Walking on Daling and overlooking the turquoise water, mountains and downs, and the trees on the cliff, tough to grow, and my childhood, giving her the claw braided girl, and turned to look at me smile.Be at the place in the wind, I touched a touch to what is the strength of character.They are quickly into my skin and bones.  In the spring, I missed a Sophora japonica, is obtained nostalgia, is the strength of character.    Part Three: Frank and Huaihua incense floating window early in the morning, the air suddenly hit a familiar and unfamiliar fragrant, full-bodied and sweet, reveals a wilderness atmosphere, like a melodious saxophone, lingering linger in my nose.I greedily breathing a few mouthfuls, faint subtle fragrance immersed in every cell of the body, suddenly refreshed.It shares have become more bizarre than the fragrance of roses and sweet, peach off than were more quiet, so I thought for a long suddenly realized: Oh, she must be a SJ!  Known as “small northern Jiangnan” the reputation of Frank, mountainous water, tree flowers.Here the original forest cover is extremely high, standing on a high point of any outside look around, roads and lakes, almost eyeful lush woodlands, trees and small town, especially in the majority Ash.Spring and summer, every hill is green fog-shrouded, wooded; the city houses red roof, surrounded by trees looming in, like a beautiful landscape painting.I like the small town in May, because the addition of a charm flowing in the picturesque scenery that is dense in the fresh air and the thick and fragrant pale Huaihua.  Locust tree flowers, it is time-division Linxia.At this town, nestled between a dense acacia trees, such as yarn in the mist of years, such as poetry and painting, like a dream.That fill the fields of white Huaihua, a brilliant bloom, as if the May snow, the mountains and ravines was a blooming white.A string of milky white flowers, among the slender branches, fell into a deep hanging down, like a snowflake night, quietly falling over the branches.Bag-like petals, Fanqing-white, perfumed with dew, Nature orderly arranged together to form spikes, form a group of flowers, flower clusters have clustered into unrestrained manner show calyx Turui; the timid half – closed; have to understand style still hold the heart; trained, as well as in the quiet of bees falling.Whether next to the cliff, gully side, small river, looking ahead, a snow world.Clouds, fog, Ruxia, dream.A breeze blowing, as waves rolled the lake, such as air white clouds.More chilly sweet floral generous sprinkling Murai courtyard, overflowing the streets, floating in the gully mountains, wilderness sent to field a touch of fragrance, so the town is full of romantic and warm, full of a fresh and elegant garden breath.  I remember a man wrote poetry: “huailin May Yang Viburnum, Yuyu Fen Fang drunk ten thousand.Spring water falling at the blue, fragrant float all the way to the horizon.”Every town Sophora japonica fragrance of the season, I always liked the way in to work, quietly tiptoe, picking a bunch of white Huaihua, on the office window of the vase, she continues to bloom with water conservation.Full House because that is filled with the faint aroma, combined with a breath of early summer, from early morning to sunset, let my mind quiet in the tranquil atmosphere, with tipsy, pondered.  May each year the summer wind gently blowing, the annual Frank “Sophora japonica Festival” will be in the midst of white flowers in a prelude.Tourists from all sides, like to gather in the most dense huailin Erlang, to feel the gift of nature pleasing.At the moment, Erlang huailin a distance, like a vast expanse of flowers, high and straight Ash Mimizaza crowded next to opt for the head toward the sky, although Emotion branches engraved with a dash of years of vicissitudes, but still sticks fan Ye Mao, scent the air.That plump white garden trees Sophora japonica, a string, clusters, sparkling like pearls, but also as exquisite and unique wind chimes, dim swaying between that and elegant luxuriant foliage, the temptation to people’s attention and smell.  Entered the gate, you can hear the hum of bees, blowing is refreshing aroma.Searching to find just between you it is difficult to see the shadow of flowers, only occasional petals falling on his shoulders, slid into the heart between.Walk forest trails, or rest on a stone bench stone table, only the sun pouring down from a gap of foliage, little body floating down the pedestrian, people do not feel the summer heat, only wind bursts of fragrance-filled, it is relaxed and happy.Looking back out of the gate overlooking the branches Bai Yingying piece of flashing in the sun, vast woodlands as if covered with snow, deemed blossoming spray on open blue.I have therefore called this piece huailin SJ sea, and impromptu poem: “guhuai flowers reflect the sun, May rise amid Phi costumes, pile snow cover Chui hidden deserted, when micro-wind blowing Fragrance”.  Incense lonely several times thin wisp of dream in Fangfei.Sophora japonica bloom is warm, durable, does not she wins with peach blooming in spring, but in the “April Fangfei do” days, or in darker hues to decorate the rain garden courtyard and others, so intoxicating Spring, where still linger tempting.But SJ wither than to suddenly blooming in general, and always after a night of wind and rain, the ground will be mottled layer by layer.Petals season, always see someone carefully and gently picked up the petals, dried hidden in the pillow, used to dye incense Yilianyoumeng.And the forest land, but also because the rendering of Sophora japonica, in the soil mellow flavor, the fragrance exudes Ruoyouruowu.Let people inadvertently, marching this mellow land, slowly walked into the warm summer romance.  This year’s Huaihua, still thriving, still fragrant.Walk down the embankment Huai shadow, smell the flowers mellowness of fragrance, filled with joy and pleasure of relaxation.Lai, Hong diameter, there are small groups of people, is the removal string of blooming spikes, they are receiving a generous gift of nature.The Sophora japonica is to me a gift, but not in taste or tea.I like Cassia sticks precarious road, leisure riding quiet lane, flowers and poetry; prefer Huaihua in full bloom at night, alone on the West Wing, Mochizuki smells; exposure to moonlight and a lush shade of mottled next, the Hong Hui-filled Rongrong, Fuyangzhijian in the world, reminding us of scenes away from the Red, swim alone outside the sky.The soul is no proof and tranquility; internal organs, is moist and transparent.At that moment, as if sitting alone among the flowers, chock Executive feast and drink on the moon and that the shallow faint ray of Huaihua incense still in the wilderness small town, small roadside, moonlight, text, curl floating, lingering the.