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Fitness before getting up

Fitness before getting up

Most people think that fitness exercise is a matter of getting up. In fact, when people switch from sleep state, they need a process of transition and adaptation. It is not intended to perform fitness exercise before getting up.

Here are a few exercises before getting up: Fitness: Face waking up in the morning, too many people are used to rubbing their eyelids with their fingers. In fact, this movement can be further extended, and it does not hinder the face after blinking.

It is best to use the middle finger at the same time to rub the “Yingxiang points” next to the two nostrils at the same time, then lift them up to the forehead, then separate them separately, and descend them along the cheeks until they meet.

This can be repeated 20 times.

It has the effect of promoting facial blood circulation, enhancing facial skin’s ability to resist cold and cold, refreshing the brain and preventing colds.

Over time, there are also ways to reduce facial wrinkles and keep your youthful face.

  Turn your eyes: After waking up, turn your eyes around first and then, then turn up and down 15?
20 times, can be carried out slowly.

It has the effect of improving the power of the eyes, enhancing vision and reducing eye diseases.

  Tooth: Lightly close your lips, slamming each other up and down 25?
40 times, then rotate the tongue and press the tip of the tongue several times.

Thereby, it can promote the blood circulation of the mouth, teeth, teeth, gums and gums, increase the secretion of saliva, thereby obtaining the functions of removing dirt, improving the anti-caries ability and chewing function of the teeth.

  Lifting anus: Focusing on the anus 25?
30 times, this action has enhanced anal sphincter muscle strength, effective in improving perianal blood circulation and preventing rectal prolapse.

  Abdomen: The body is lying flat, straightening your legs and doing deep abdominal breathing.

When inhaling deeply, the abdomen is strongly lifted up, Panasonic when breathing, and practice 15 repeatedly.
20 times, can enhance abdominal muscle elasticity and strength, prevent abdominal muscle relaxation, slightly accumulate abdominal cavity, and improve digestion and absorption.

  Combs: The body sits up, combing the hair from the forehead to the occiput with ten fingers, from the vertical comb to the top of the head, repeatedly fingering comb 20?
30 times, can improve the blood supply of hair roots, reduce hair loss, white hair, promote hair black, initially refreshing and lowering blood pressure.

  Bouncing the brain: Sitting on the bed, press the two ears tightly on the palms of both hands, and gently slam the back of the skull with the index finger, middle finger and ring finger, and you can hear the buzz.

10 per morning bomb?
15 times, can relieve fatigue, prevent dizziness, strong hearing, cure tinnitus.

  Cat waist: Kneeling on the bed, open your hands, straighten and close your legs, and lift your hips.

Repeated practice 15?
20 times.

This can fully strengthen the back, muscles and joints of the limbs, promote the smooth flow of the whole body, and implant the back pain.

10 points for baby sun protection

10 points for baby sun protection

Keep your baby in the sun often to get more vitamin D, which is good for your baby’s healthy growth.

However, in the hot summer, the sun is like fire, and the baby’s delicate skin needs to be protected by timely and effective sun protection methods.

In order to let your baby’s skin invade the hot sun, the following 10 measures will provide you with a solution to your baby’s sun protection.

  First: The time of summer baby out activities should be chosen before 10 am and after 4 pm Try to avoid letting baby out activities after 10 am to 4 pm.

At this time, the ultraviolet rays are the strongest, the baby’s skin has not yet developed, and it is very thin, about 1/3 of the adult skin, and the tolerance is poor.

In addition, baby’s skin has the lowest melanin production, and the pigment layer is thin, which is easily burned by ultraviolet rays.

So you should choose to do outdoor activities before 10 am and after 4 pm.

  Second: Babies and young children bask in the sun 2-3 times every morning, 10 minutes each time can meet the needs of vitamin D throughout the day. Vitamin D can be obtained through appropriate sun exposure, but for infants and young children, the time of sunbathing every dayShould not be too long.

  Due to the baby’s skin characteristics and the amount of vitamin D required, in summer, infants and young children should choose a suitable period of time, 2-3 times a day, about 10 minutes each time, you can reach the vitamin requirement for a day, but alsoWill not let the baby’s tender skin be damaged by the sun.

In addition, you can let your baby absorb enough vitamin D from food to replace the strong sun in summer.

  Third: When taking the baby out in the summer, you should apply sunscreen for infants. When you go out, apply the sunscreen for infants.

Special sunscreen products for babies and toddlers, which are specially designed for the characteristics of infants and young children’s skin, which can effectively prevent ultraviolet sunburn and tan the baby’s skin.

The sun protection product (SPF) of 15 is the best.

The higher the sun protection value, the heavier the burden on the skin.

It is best to choose a physical sunscreen or a high-quality baby sunscreen that excludes organic chemical sunscreens without irritation.

  Fourth: Do not use adult sunscreen products for babies. The skin type of adults is very different from that of infants. In addition, many sunscreen products for adults contain organic chemical sunscreen agents, which can cause skin allergies when used on babies.

So don’t give adult sunscreen to your baby.

  Fifth: Prepare sunscreen for the baby. Go out when the sun is strong. In addition to applying sunscreen products, wear a wide-brimmed light-colored sunhat, sunglasses or a parasol.

  Such a sun protection method can directly and effectively reduce the damage to the baby’s skin from the sun, and it will not increase the burden on the baby’s skin. The sun protection effect is also very good.

  Sixth: Choose the right outfit for your baby. Outfits for summer baby outings should be light, sweat-absorbent, and breathable.

Summer baby activities love sweating, so it is suitable to choose clothing such as cotton, linen, gauze, etc. They absorb sweat, have good breathability, and are light, comfortable and convenient for baby activities.

In addition, it is advisable to wear a long section. The long section of clothing can cover the baby’s skin at most and effectively prevent the skin from being sunburned.

  Seventh: Baby swimming needs a special bathing suit. In the summer, when swimming with a baby, you need to wear a fitted swimsuit that can cover most of the body and the role of sunscreen.

At the same time, a bathing suit can also prevent some impurities in the water from entering the baby’s body and cause infection or other diseases.

It is best to choose a waterproof sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of about 30 when swimming. It will not be replaced with water, can effectively protect against sun, and is suitable for outdoor activities.

  Eighth: When applying sunscreen to your baby, use it on dry skin because if you use it on wet or sweaty skin, the sunscreen will quickly follow the water, sweat or ineffective, and cannot effectively prevent sun.

  Ninth: You must use sunscreen for your baby when going out on a cloudy day. Even on a cloudy day, the intensity of ultraviolet rays will not weaken a lot, and it will cause great damage to your baby’s skin.

So use sunscreen when going out on a cloudy day.

  Tenth: The baby’s activity place should be in a shaded or shaded place.

  In summer, the temperature is high and the sun is strong. You should choose a shaded or shaded place for your baby.

Each activity can be around 1 hour.

This does not prevent the baby’s body from absorbing ultraviolet rays, and it can also protect the skin from sun.

Instantly replenish your baby with moisture, which is also an effective protection for the skin in summer.

Experts recommend 2 ways to eliminate eye bags

Experts recommend 2 ways to eliminate eye bags

Guide: It is not easy to completely eliminate the bags under the eyes.

In addition to taking the right approach, you must also persist in the long term.

Bags under the eyes will make the eyes look older, and the eyes are the most likely to cause women’s age secrets, so MMs are trying to eliminate the bags under the eyes.

Experts recommend the correct use of eye cream and nutrient elements to eliminate eye bags, the effect is certainly good, but the key is to see if you can persist.

1. In order to weaken or eliminate bags under the eyes when using eye cream correctly, eye cream and eye mask are necessary, and the choice should be different according to different ages.

In fact, middle-aged and elderly women must choose nourishing eye creams and eye masks, which can nourish the skin, restore skin firmness around the eyes, and make eye bags less visible.

If you are young, bags under your eyes are usually caused by edema.

This is not to say that the skin around your eyes is full of water. On the contrary, the presence of bags under the eyes disrupts the normal blood circulation of the eyes and makes the skin around the eyes drier.

To deal with this kind of bags under the eyes, of course, hydration is the first. Be sure to choose a hydrating eye cream.

Eye masks are also available.

  2, the use of nutritional elements to eliminate bags under the eyes, beauty stylists can be described as racking their brains, in decades of fighting under the eyes have also accumulated a lot of experience.

Here, I will pick a few methods that can withstand the most test and share them with MM.

  Vitamin E capsules: Among the many ways to eliminate eye bags, applying vitamin E is very popular with MMs.

Go to a pharmacy to buy vitamin E capsules, cut the capsules, apply the liquid inside the skin around the eyes, and massage gently.

After 4 weeks of continuous use, the bags under the eyes can be noticeably smaller.

If you are in conflict with age, you can also use it internally, for better internal and external use.

If you take it orally, you should pay attention to the amount. If you take it too much, it will promote the oxidant and affect the absorption of other vitamins.

  Figs and Papaya: For young MM, figs and papaya to eliminate eye bags are a good choice.

Figs are rich in a variety of nutrients and have anti-inflammatory and swelling effects. They are very effective in treating puffiness under the eyes.

Cut fresh figs into thin slices, apply to eyes, and remove after 15 minutes.

Once a day, long-term use can get the effect of eliminating eye bags.

Message from the editor: Figs and papaya are a great way to eliminate eye bags, MMs can try it.

10 years less work experience

10 years less work experience

First: Don’t delay work. Many people like to choose another one between study and play, and then rush to work at the last time to complete the exams.

But please don’t develop such a habit in your work, because the work can never be completed, and you can’t tolerate “unexpected”.

Or, when you are wandering about how to implement it, your leadership can’t stand it anymore and do it yourself.

This is a red flag.

  Often we always want to think about everything from beginning to end before we start to take the first step.

I fell down.

  For example: When I first called a girl I liked in elementary school, I imagined various situations: 1. She was doing homework when she answered the phone.

  2. She is doing her homework, and her mother answers the phone.

  3. She is also very boring and wants to talk to someone.

  4. She is being reprimanded by her parents.

  5. She is thinking about another boy.

  6. Her father answered the phone.

  7. Some relatives came to her family, and the relatives answered the phone.

  8. She answered the phone, but her parents were by her side, and it was inconvenient to speak . wait, wait.

I spent a whole afternoon thinking about the mental preparation and coping strategies for various situations.

Then bravely picked up the phone and clicked those buttons.


She was not at home.

  So, when you’re stagnant and at a loss, you need to know that you are delaying work.

Hovering is because of the fear of the possible consequences of this matter need to bear or deal with.

When I work, I need a minimum of self-confidence and believe that I have the ability. No matter what the next situation is, I can lead it to the line I need.

In addition, tell yourself, don’t think too much time. If you don’t know, ask for help quickly, or think of a way. Distress and anxiety will give you more pressure and eat up the rest of the time.

  In addition, a word of warning: never think about it, I know, let’s put things up for the superiors first, and wait for the episode “Jailbreak” to finish.

In 90% of the cases, you will forget, or have too late, because it will take more time than you originally imagined.

It is always a good habit to do what you say.

  Second: Don’t think it’s excusable to stay in the comfort zone of the mind.

  Everyone has a comfortable area, which is very self-conscious, unwilling to be disturbed, unwilling to be pushed, unwilling to talk to strangers, unwilling to be accused, and unwilling to do things within the prescribed time limitUnwilling to take the initiative to care about others, unwilling to think about what others have not thought of.

This was easy to understand in the school days, and sometimes such classmates were affiliated with the words “cold” and “personality”, which was regarded as ambiguous.

On the contrary, after work, you must strive to change the status quo.

Otherwise, you will quickly become the only person left unattended at the cocktail party, or endocrine disorders due to stress.

However, if you can quickly break through the comfortable area where you were in the previous student period and deal with business, interpersonal, and public relations better than others, you can quickly stand out.

  At the meeting, a person staying in the comfort zone of the mind will passively listen to the words of the leader, passively stand by, and finish the matter submitted by the superior, but never worry about anything other than this, and never think of doing moreOne step to make it easier for others to get started.

Those who dare to break through this comfortable area dare to put forward their views and incomprehension at the appropriate time, and complete the work at hand as soon as possible after receiving approval and guidance from their superiors, and accept criticism and adjustment from others at any time.

(Note: Never wait for others to say your thoughts. This is the typical former.) At work, the current one meets a new colleague, and he will pretend to not see and continue his work.

As everyone knows, the new colleague soon became his boss.

The other introduced himself generously and understood the relationship between the other party and himself.

  At the party, the former always waits for others to participate, and likes to comment on the other person’s words in private; if no one is replaced on this table, no one knows you until the end.

On the other side is the courageous introduction and chat, which seems difficult, and sometimes loses face, but often you will find out how much the other party wants to talk to you.  The above are just a few examples, but it should be noted that, when leaving the campus, college students must drive away the “randomness” of the campus from their work, rush out of their comfortable area as soon as possible, and start doingReady to communicate with this society.

  Third: Don’t put “as if”; “someone will .”; “probably”; “later”; “or”; “maybe” and so on.

Especially when working on a permanent basis with a superior.

  I hate a word I heard: “I will send this document to everyone later”; because it often indicates that I must always remind him not to forget.

Similarly, the following words will make people feel extremely disgusted: “Someone will prepare those things at that time” “Probably tomorrow” “Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow customers will come to visit” “Like he said .” Generally people willThis way of speaking, because the first leaves ample room for oneself, and the second does not cause a lot of oppression to others, as if something must be done.

To be honest, half of the people who work hard in college are mixed.

A person is either mixed in class or mixed after class.

Neither person has a mixed color, either a super cow or a neurosis.

Therefore, because everyone is mixed, the campus is a romantic place, and the campus is easy to make people simple.

Therefore, the work of student associations is often very inefficient. I now think of the work done in school. I still felt very hard at that time, but I started to feel what efficiency was after working.

  When you enter a place where time is measured by money, you should avoid this habit developed in school as soon as possible.

If your superior asks you when you can implement the promise you gave him, and you answer “tonight or tomorrow morning” to him, it is exactly the same as if you did not answer, and also left him a bad impression.

(Of course, such answers are often found in school clubs and student unions.) There is an allegorical story. A mouse was born shortly after, and the mouse mother asked the mouse: Can you see it now?

The little mouse said: Yes.

 The mouse mother said: Then can you see that piece of sweet potato?

The little mouse said: Yes.

The mother mouse said: That’s a stone, which shows that not only you can’t see things, you don’t even have a sense of smell.

  Paradoxical responses often reveal more of your weaknesses.

It may be one or more of the following: 1. You did not expect this work before, or you have been delaying.

  2. You have no sense of responsibility and don’t think these are important.

  3. You deal with superiors.

  4. You dare not tell the truth.

  5. You like to be incapable and promise something you can’t do.

  6. You cannot work independently.

  When your superior is skeptical of the above options, subconsciously you have all of the above weaknesses at the same time.

  On the contrary, such an answer always annoys the superior.

  First, his question has not been answered, but it only exacerbates the role of reminding you.

  Second, he still needs to remember to remind you, because he doesn’t know if you have actually obeyed the job.

  Thirdly, he doesn’t know how many things you have already done, so there is no consensus.

(This is very fatal.) Fourth, often because the boss’s own plan has not been satisfactorily answered, the boss’s own plan has to be shelved or reset or a clear end time cannot be determined.

  So A asks: When can you fix this breakthrough?

  B said: I have informed them that they will come to repair tomorrow.

  A day later A asked: When will the maintenance company come back, and which maintenance company are you looking for?

  B said: It seems that they can’t arrange people. If they can, they can come this evening or tomorrow afternoon.

  A day later, Jia asked: Why hasn’t the attack been fixed?

  B said: I’ll ask them later.

  A said: It will not be resolved before this afternoon, and it will not be used for work tomorrow.

  Fourth: Do n’t think you can implement it in theory!

  This is too important. Often when the people who actually implement it start to find out that the plan is exactly equal to nonsense.

If you don’t practice it yourself, planners will be treated with contempt sooner or later.Always need to improve your ability to do practical things, not empty talk.

  First, if you are doing office work, or planning and planning.

Please do not let others try something that you think is unlikely or difficult to do.

For example, spend an afternoon in an open air singing concert in a place with little traffic.

This will perform for people who feel you are playing with him and experiment with him.

Yes, in theory, singing concerts can be held anywhere, but in different places, the mood of the performers is different.

  First, discuss your arrangements with the person who performed it.

For example, if you are new to your subordinates, you can arrange her to sit anywhere, but if it is a corner where it is difficult to reach everyone, it may be worse than you arrange nothing.

Indeed, in theory, to sit down, all one needs is space.

But in fact far more than that.

  Again, don’t expect everything to go through your plan.

In theory, this meeting will last for two hours, but this is the inevitable state of “do not consider the whole microphone debugging 30 minutes after the opening”, or “no such sharp questions were raised under the field”.

College students are used to making things “beautiful in theory”.

Essays, ppt lectures, exams, debate contests . These campus IQ competitions all teach us how to do a good job of “talking on paper”.

You must believe that your ability to “get it” is weaker than you think.

  If you are a student at school, test yourself to see if you can handle the following situations: 1.

The school has to make a uniform, you go to find a supplier, bargain, at least three companies offer.


School security caught a student stealing, what to do?


The street light on a very important section of the school is broken. Can you keep it on for three seconds.


The cafeteria needs to hire a chef who specializes in halal cooking and come to the post within one week.

  When you start to think about such questions, you will find that your thinking is very different from “looking at the performance trend of the company in the past two years and making a marketing plan for the next quarter”.

You will find that as long as you “seem perfect”, no one knows what will happen if you do this.

As long as you think about the above work, you will experience too much pressure.

Because you don’t deal with it well, the result is that obvious failures and bigger problems will happen one after another.

  By the way, this feeling is what “work” gives you!

This is the difference between “work” and “talking on paper”!

  Fifth: Don’t let others wait for you In any case, don’t let others lay down the work at hand to wait for you.

In college, it may be just a few and a half jokes about the same person in the bedroom, and it is likely that your potential partner will be lost at work.

  You must know the progress of others while doing a job, and never lag behind.

It’s not like you are taking an exam. You are slower than others. Others can submit the papers first. You can’t bear the penalty points when you can’t finish it.

The situation at work is this: This is an exam that no one can complete. All people are assigned to different parts of a test paper. Some people are assigned reading comprehension, and some people do it.It is cloze, and some people do grammar.
Then everyone finished copying each other, so everyone was done.

If everyone has finished their respective parts and you haven’t finished them yet, others who are doing fast will start to do your part of the translation, and then copy each other.

Slowly, everyone will find that your workload can be completely replaced by another person. The entire team may not need you. At this time, no one gets the answer to the test paper from you, and no one will give you their answer.——- Unfortunately, you have no use value.

  Please remember this example.

  Sixth: Don’t think that the details are not important. In college, you often do things carelessly, just take a look.

On the contrary, the essence of management in the enterprise is to make simple things into details.
A hurry to find the key will likely lose your chance to be promoted to finance director.
  In fact, the management of the company does not necessarily need to achieve 90% of the difficult things. Optimizing its core work processes, changing the company’s image in front of the local government, improving product quality, and improving the working environment .What management needs to do is to make every simple thing 100%-for example, to put the files of everyone in the company in a neat and regular way, set up a signing desk for outsiders at the gatekeeper,Take away the extra chairs in the conference room, and tell the TV station to come to the company for an interview next Wednesday, put the trial on the customer, add a sip to the coffee produced, and shoot the cover of the next issue . this way.

If you can honestly do all the details, then you have the cost of promotion.

  Many people do not know what they are going to do when they graduate, so they said to themselves: Let me do management in the future!

Do management?

Ask yourself, if the company’s assets are stolen, the morale of all employees is low, the office is cluttered, the company elevator is broken, the printer is out of ink, the purchase plan is overrun, the product is out of stock, and the customer is late . You are willing to resolveQuestions and start small things?

With this in mind, consider whether to look at management as a hole in space.

  Seventh: Don’t be negative, just because what you are doing is not your interest.

  Obviously, in the school days, when we did what we liked, we would pay 20
0% of the energy to create, but if it is a boring business, we would not bother to ignore it, and it is best to have a way to deal with the past.

But 80% of what you do at work is cumbersome and seemingly mechanical. If it is only a small amount and you are unhappy, then you will be depressed for longer.

You know your boss is already annoyed enough about this project, do you want him to see your expression?

  Learn to love your job and focus on what you can learn in your daily work.

If you refuse to work hard now, then you are trying to find a job.

Minimize the use of words such as “funny” and “curious” to describe the job you want, rather than “full,” “fulfilled,” “willing.”

  If you think about the following positions, you will find that a lot of work in life is not something that makes you do interesting things when you are in good condition: 1.

Toll collectors at expressway toll gates: One day, they face a small window and send out a card. This will take several years.


School cafeteria chef: Always burning big ribs and chicken drumsticks.

Burn for one year.


Writer: The deadline for submission is approaching. I’m still inspiring. I haven’t had breakfast for two weeks.


Surgeon: Just fell asleep and immediately asked me for a 3-hour operation.

Do this at least once a week.


Sales at the sales department: The product is not easy to sell. I sit at the door of the store at work at 8 o’clock, and sit alone until 6 p.m. Today, no one is here.


Bus driver: I do n’t need your command to drive.

I have been on this line for three years.


Pet store clerk: Business is not good, but also come early in the morning to listen to the barking of 20 dogs for a whole day and a year.


Company employee: Get off work at two in the evening and work at 8 in the next day.

The point is that it will take another hour on the road.

It’s been a month.

  Then think about whether you have only been exposed to this job for a month or have encountered few difficulties. At this time, the sound of repetition is the loudest.

  Never think about choosing an interesting career, because no such job exists.

No “species” industry is happy, because if there is, then everyone goes to do that.

At most try to ask your own interests.

Explore yourself.

  Eighth: Do not rely solely on company training to improve your ability to work. It is absolutely impossible to reinvent yourself after one training.In contrast, what is learned in group training is often the least useful information.

Just like the cauldron in the cafeteria, there is no one you want to eat, because it is easy to do so and it is not easy to offend people.

  Many students value the training of selected companies, which shows that not only do you not know what the company does, you don’t even know how to learn these skills.

  My insight is that if you do n’t know how to learn the knowledge you want and what the knowledge you want, you will only cause two behaviors: 1.

Waiting for someone to teach you, and waiting for someone to discover something you don’t know.


Find ready-made answers and copies.

Those who expect company training are most likely to be the first person (do not rule out very few really good company training). Many students have the habit of thinking: because how much can the company’s training end,This level is exactly what I want to achieve, so I tried my best to enter this company. Because I entered this company, it naturally made me reach this level of expectations.

  We equated the naivety of attending training and achieving results.

In fact, the information obtained from regular collective training is of little practical value.

Never expect that by listening to the lesson alone and relying on the teacher to give the same thing to everyone, you will get more than others.

Put more thought on observing and thinking about your own needs, and find out where the problem lies, and then the answer obtained through observation and practice is the real knowledge.

  So, just starting work, nothing will happen, don’t think that’s normal, because the company hasn’t trained yet!

After I have been trained, I will be all-around.

If you know nothing and wait for others to pity your ignorance and give up your knowledge, then you will pay more IQ for your ignorance.

  Ninth: Don’t shirk responsibility. Shirking responsibility is a fear of conditioning.

Don’t think that others don’t see it.

  I remember one thing in my elementary school.

I did not bring homework once, and the teacher reprimanded me and said, “Why do you keep homework?”

  I said at the time: No.

When I was about to support each other, the teacher said: What is it not?

Did you bring it?

  I said: No teacher said: That ‘s not without belt!

What is not!

It is!

  Then I discovered that I was just afraid of taking responsibility and conditioned reflexes said “No”. If you look closely, you will find that there are countless people around me who use “No” as their first response after asking.

  In fact, many people now face the same with their work. When the superiors ask about their responsibilities, they are conditioned to shirk. Such actions are often followed by weak excuses and some rough excuses.

In this way, the boss will feel that you as a person are difficult to communicate and very unreal.

  In the other case, no matter what the circumstances, I accuse a person that he will always be prominent and objective.

In fact, this is the most typical characteristic of students.

This shows that he is too susceptible to and influenced by other objects.

If you have the following types of conversations with your boss, think about whether you need to change your approach.

  A: Why haven’t you seen your report to the vice president!

  B: C was printing just now. I was waiting for him to finish. Now he is probably okay. Let me go and see. B: There is something to be modified. B: B also needs to give something to the vice president. I wait for him. B: aSay I do n’t need to show the vice president (a is a colleague of the same level) B: I do n’t know if the vice president is in or not, his door is closed.

  B: d he asked me to help him print the file!

Blame him!

(D is a colleague of B’s level) B: My cup was suddenly found and I was looking for a cup.  The disadvantage of an unwilling person is that he will make his boss doubt his loyalty, because the order given to him by the boss is often put on hold or discounted for a small matter, and changed by other people’s consciousness.

  Tenth: Don’t say to yourself “I am a college student” This contains a lot of information.


Don’t think how clear you are.

Don’t still ask yourself by student standards3.

Don’t feel inferior 4.

Don’t wait for the care of others 5.

Don’t use this as an excuse to make mistakes and comfort yourself6.

Don’t forget to figure out exactly how much property the company gives itself, and to be more sophisticated, this is not volunteering.

  Character is the basis for handling interpersonal relationships and is the key to ensuring the quality of interpersonal relationships.

In addition, interpersonal skills are particularly important.

Some people will be grateful for their good deeds, while others may struggle to please others for helping others. Not only will they not be grateful and rewarded, but it will also make people doubt and hate.

If the same product is sold to the same customer at the same price, some salespersons may be rudely driven out, while some salespersons may sign up for large orders and even be treated as customers.

  The skills of interpersonal communication is a very complicated topic, and I am too short for it. I can only do some simple tandems in combination with my physical body, and it is inevitable to miss everything.


Give others encouragement and praise, try to avoid criticism, blame and rejection, and don’t force others to admit mistakes.


Learn to listen.

Don’t talk too much, think of ways to get others to say more.


If you want to join someone else’s conversation, first figure out what the other person is saying.


Try to be neutral and objective before talking.

Before explaining your trends, you need to understand the true importance of the other party.


Pay attention to their social habits and imitate them appropriately.


Don’t easily interrupt, correct, and complement the personality of others.


When others are in trouble, take the initiative to help and encourage them.


Don’t pay attention to etiquette because the other person is a friend or relative.


May lead to what others want and teach him how to get what he wants.


Always treat people with smiles.


Be a person with a sense of humor.

But do n’t just laugh at yourself when telling jokes.

  12 Be a person out of low-level interests.


Try to look into each other’s eyes when talking to others, whether you’re talking or listening.

Try to change the subject without leaving a trace.


Learn to listen to the other side of the string.

You also need to learn to express your meaning euphemistically through the voice outside the string.


Visits must be notified in advance.


Don’t call when someone may be busy at work or during a break.

Unless it is very urgent.

  18 years old

When calling someone, ask the other party if it’s convenient.


One thing that is known to two people is no longer a secret.

Sooner or later you speak ill of anyone, someday it will be called this person’s ear.

  twenty one

Don’t say harsh words.

  twenty two

Remember other people’s names.

Get into the habit of occasionally looking at business cards and phone books.

  twenty three.

Try to socialize with people you hate.

  twenty four

Be sure to respect each other’s privacy, whether it’s a friend or a couple.

  25 years old

When many people are together, when you talk to one of them, don’t ignore the existence of others.


Have the courage to admit mistakes.


Face everyone with humility.


Give compassion and understanding to others.


It is possible to replace “command” with “recommendation”.

  30 years old

Don’t make promises lightly.
The promise must be done well.

Exclusive Detox Meal for Each Internal Organ

“Exclusive” Detox Meal for Each Internal Organ

各内脏“专属”排毒药膳  食物排毒法很多人都大概知道毒素积聚会引起疾病、应该排毒,却不知道那“毒”到底是什么;很多人都选择洗肠、吃药来排毒,却不知道That is really a serious mistake.
In fact, “toxins” include a variety of substances that are not good for health, both from the external environment and from the body.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the body’s wetness, heat, sputum, fire, and food accumulates into “poison”, among which the toxins of the stool are the source of all diseases; Western medicine believes that waste from the metabolism of fats, sugars, proteins and other substances in the human body and intestinal food residues are corruptThe after product is the main source of toxins in the body.
While improving the environment, consciously choose some detox foods, and insist on exercise is the correct way to remove toxins.
  The specific method is as follows: 1.
The liver is an important detoxifying organ. After a series of chemical reactions in the liver, various toxins become non-toxic or low-toxic substances.
We can eat more carrots, garlic, grapes, figs, etc. in our daily diet to help the liver detoxify.
  Carrot: is an effective mercury-discharge food.
The large amount of pectin contained can be combined with mercury, which effectively reduces the concentration of mercury ions in the blood and accelerates its excretion.
Eating some carrots every day can also stimulate blood circulation in the stomach and intestines, improve the digestive system, and fight free radicals that cause disease and aging.
  Garlic: Special ingredients in garlic can reduce the concentration of lead in the body.
  Grape: It can help the liver, intestines, and stomach to remove garbage from the body, and can increase blood production.
  Fig: Contains organic acids and various enzymes, which can protect the liver and detoxify, clear the heat and intestines, and help digestion, especially against certain toxic substances such as SO2 and SO3.

Kidney Detoxification: The kidney is an important organ for detoxification. It filters waste products produced by the decomposition of toxins and proteins in the blood, and excretes them through the urine.
Vegetables such as cucumbers and cherries help the kidneys detoxify.
  Cucumber: The diuretic effect of cucumber can clean the urethra and help the kidneys excrete toxins from the urinary system.
Contains cucurbitacin, citric acid, etc. can also help the lungs, stomach and liver to detoxify.
  Cherries: Cherries are valuable natural medicinal foods that help detoxify the kidneys.
At the same time, it has a mild laxative effect.
  3.Intestinal detoxification The intestine can quickly remove toxins, but if indigestion, it will cause the toxins to stay in the intestine and be reabsorbed, causing great harm to health.
Konjac, black fungus, kelp, pig blood, apples, strawberries, honey, brown rice and many other foods can help detoxify the digestive system.
Konjac: Also known as “Konjac”, it is called “Snake Six Valley” in Chinese medicine. It is a well-known “gastrointestinal scavenger” and “blood purifier”, which can remove waste on the intestinal wall.
  Black fungus: Black fungus contains strong plant gums that can absorb impurities remaining in the human digestive system, clean blood, and often eat it can effectively remove pollutants in the body.
  Kelp: Alginic acid in kelp can slow the intestinal absorption of the radioactive element strontium, and make strontium excrete from the body, so it has the effect of preventing leukemia.
In addition, kelp also promotes cadmium excretion into the body.
  Pig blood: The plasma proteins in pig blood are decomposed by enzymes in the digestive juice to produce a substance that detoxifies and intestines, which can react with the dust and metal particles invading the human body, transform into substances that are not easily absorbed by the human body, and directly dischargeIn vitro, it has the functions of dust removal, bowel cleansing and laxative.
  Apples: Galactose in apples helps detoxify, while pectin prevents food from decaying in the intestines.
  Strawberry: Contains a variety of organic acids, pectin and minerals, which can clean the stomach and strengthen the liver.
  Honey: It has been a detoxifying and nourishing beauty since ancient times. It contains a variety of amino acids and vitamins needed by the human body.
Eating honey often has a certain effect on preventing cardiovascular diseases and neurasthenia while expelling toxins.
  Brown rice: It is a plumber who cleans the large intestine. When it passes through the intestine, it will suck up many silts and finally remove it from the body.
Other foods on detox recipes: Celery: The rich fiber in celery can filter waste in the body like a purification device.
Regular consumption can stimulate the body to detoxify and deal with diseases caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body, such as rheumatism and arthritis.
In addition, celery can also regulate the balance of water in the body and improve sleep.
  Bitter Gourd: Bitter foods generally have a detoxifying function.Research on bitter gourd found that one of these proteins increases the activity of immune cells and removes toxic substances from the body.

Especially for women, eating bitter gourd also has a beneficial effect on economy.

  Mung beans: Mung beans are sweet and cool. They have been a very effective antidote since ancient times. They must be effective against heavy metals, pesticides and various food poisonings.

It mainly excretes toxic substances in the body and excretes them outside the body.

  Tea: Tea polyphenols, polysaccharides and vitamin C in tea have the effect of accelerating the excretion of toxic substances in the body.

Especially Pu’er tea, research has found that Pu’er tea helps kill vitamins.

People who often sit next to a computer insist that it can prevent computer radiation from adversely affecting the human body.

  Milk and soy products: The rich calcium content is a useful “toxin mover”.


Drink more water, intermediates, especially where the large intestine is where feces are accumulated. Drinking more water can promote metabolism, reduce the time that feces stay in the body, reduce the absorption of toxins, and dissolve toxins.

It is best to drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach every morning.

In addition, drinking water in the morning can reduce blood viscosity and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Eating vegetarian food two days a week gives the stomach a chance to rest. Too much greasy or irritating food will produce a lot of toxins in the metabolism, causing a huge burden on the stomach.


Eat more fresh and organic foods. Eat more fresh and organic foods. Eat less processed foods, instant foods, and refreshing beverages because they contain a lot of preservatives and pigments.


Controlling salt absorption in your daily diet. Excessive salt can lead to urination, sweating, and accumulation of water in the body.

If you have a strong taste, you can try replacing salt with celery and other vegetables with natural salty taste.


Proper supplementation of antioxidants Properly supplement some antioxidants such as vitamins C and E to help eliminate free radicals in the body.


Do n’t eat too fast, chew more energy like this to secrete saliva, neutralize various toxic substances, cause a benign chain reaction, and excrete more toxins.

14 kinds of medicated recipes

14 kinds of medicated recipes

The cause of female coldness: Female sexual desire is affected by many factors.

Mental, psychological, social, physiological and pathological factors can all cause abnormal sexual desire in women.

  Individual women lack sexual pleasure and become indifferent to their sexual life, and their disgust is called “cold”.

There are many reasons for this.

Depression, fear, uncoordinated sexual life or inadequate ovarian function, endocrine disorders such as the adrenal cortex and pituitary are all the causes of the disease.

Most women are caused by psychological factors such as emotional depression, fear, and uncoordinated sex.

  Chinese medicine believes that the disease is mostly caused by hypothermia in the lower Yuan, cold condensation, or kidney yang deficiency, the evil of wind cooling invading, and the cold air in the genitals.

The treatment of this disease is mainly to eliminate the woman’s nervousness and aversion to sexual life, correctly understand the knowledge of sexual life and related physiological and physiological knowledge, and coordinate with each other.

Women’s sexual desire is cold. In addition to psychological treatment, combined with appropriate food therapy, it has a better effect on improving sexual function and sexual desire.

  Feminine cold medicated recipe: (1) Cordyceps stewed chicken: Cordyceps sinensis 4?
5 pieces, about 300 grams of chicken, stewed in total, eat meat and soup after cooking.

  (2) Spiced mutton: Lamb de-oiled, steamed or cooked, sliced, seasoned with garlic, ginger, bean drum, shallot, fennel, spiced soy sauce and other spices.

  (3) Sparrow porridge: Sparrow 3?
Five, remove hair and offal, chop and fry, cook porridge with rice, add onion, salt and condiments, take on an empty stomach.

  (4) Stewed tofu with fresh shrimp: 15 grams of fresh shrimp, 3 pieces of tofu, add scallion, ginger, salt, stewed and eaten.

  (5) Fried leek with shrimp: 50 grams of shrimp, soak in water.

Put oil in the pan and heat it, fry it with 250 grams of chopped leeks, and add salt and other condiments after cooking.

  (6) Cistanche sheep kidney soup: 1 sheep kidney, remove fascia, add Cistanche (wine dipping slices), 15 grams of wolfberry each, and cook a total of soup.

Add onion, salt, ginger and other condiments, eat lamb and drink soup.

  (7) Gooseberry stewed pigeon: 30 grams of goji berries, 1 pigeon (hair removal and internal organs), put an appropriate amount of water in the stew pot, stew it cooked in water, eat meat and soup.

  (8) Black bean stewed dog meat: 250 grams of dog meat, 50 grams of black beans, plus star anise, anise, cinnamon, citrus peel, grass fruit, ginger, salt, monosodium glutamate, etc., the same stew.

Eat dog meat and drink soup.

  (9) Cordyceps placenta: Cordyceps 10?
15 grams, 1 placenta, stewed cooked in water.

  (10) Rice wine steamed chicken: 1 chicken goes to the offal, cut into pieces, puts oil and a small amount of salt into the pot and stir fry for a while. Add 500 ml of glutinous rice wine in a large bowl and steam it over water.

  (11) Stewed pork loin with attached slices: Take 6 g of attached slices and 2 pig loins, wash and cut to remove fascia, chop and stew, season with salt, monosodium glutamate, and eat pork loin in soup.

Once a day for 10 days as a course of treatment.

  (12) Lycium barbarum chicks: 30 grams of wolfberry fruit, and one cock weighing less than 500 g. Wash hair after removing hair and internal organs.

Use white wine 50 above 50 degrees?
100 ml, add salt and stew, eat soup with meat.

  (13) Drunk shrimp: Take one pair of live prawns, wash them with clean water, put them into drunken liquor, and drunk them. Remove and add garlic juice, soy sauce, pepper, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, etc.

  (14) Cistanche lamb porridge: Take 20 grams of Cistanche, wash and slice; 150?
250 grams, washed and chopped; 100 grams of rice washed.

Eat with porridge.

The following dietary prescriptions cause females with cold sexual desire to consume.

Take it regularly for better results.

Erlang’s legs, beware of cardio-cerebrovascular disease

Erlang’s legs, beware of cardio-cerebrovascular disease

Nowadays, many people have the habit of “crossing their legs”.
However, from a health point of view, long-term habit of stabbing Erji’s legs may cause some diseases.
American doctors have launched a campaign that specifically called for women to “stop crossing their legs for a day”.
  For white-collar workers in the office, there is a lot of sedentary time, and it is even more harmful if you often sit in a cross-legged posture.
The main harmful effects of long-term cross-legged legs are: varicose veins of the lower limbs, and the compression of the knees will affect the blood circulation of the lower limbs. If the legs remain in a fixed position for a long time, blood movement will be blocked, which may cause leg varicose veins or embolism.
In severe cases, there will be bruises, ulcers, phlebitis, and neuralgia in the legs.
In addition, some people may suffer from long-term compression and ischemia of the common peroneal nerve, which leads to impaired motor and sensory functions, and may result in numbness, soreness, and even sudden inability to walk.
  Spine deformation and low back pain The normal spine of the human body should be “S” when viewed from the side. This physiological curvature helps support the human skeleton.
Often with Erlang legs, the spine may become arc-shaped (“C” shape), causing uneven pressure distribution in the lumbar and thoracic spine, causing spinal deformity, and in some cases may cause lumbar disc herniation, resulting in chronic low back pain.
Some experts believe that often crossing the legs of Erlang is still one of the important reasons for aggravating cervical spondylosis and lumbar muscle strain.
Adolescents are in the period of growth and development, and their legs are often prone to hump and spine bending.
  Causes vaginitis and other gynecological diseases. Female legs can also cause local temperature rise, so that a warm and humid environment in the perineum can cause a large number of pathogenic bacteria to multiply, which can cause vulvitis or vaginitis.
Jiuji Erlang’s legs are likely to cause poor circulation of qi and blood in the pelvic cavity and cause inflammation of the attachment. If the pathogen is infected and spreads through the genital tract, it may affect the entire pelvic cavity.
In addition, those with a history of dysmenorrhea, often cross legs Erlang may also aggravate dysmenorrhea.
  Experts suggest that people who have been sitting for a long time, or those with chronic diseases mentioned above, are better off with less legs.
If you ca n’t change it for a while, you also need to control the time of swaying your legs consciously. Do n’t cross your legs too tightly. Change to a sitting position for a few minutes, or stand up and walk around after a while.

10 psychological venting methods common in urban men and women

10 psychological venting methods common in urban men and women

When urban men and women face the dual pressures of life and work, they will also cause a certain amount of psychological stress, which may even become a mental illness. Therefore, the key to maintaining the physical health of urban men and women during psychological stress is as followsThis article introduces the 10 most common psychological venting methods for urban men and women.

  1, vent method-cartoon, toy fashion critics say that a person’s most lovely place is his childlike innocence, so one of the current fashion is to be young.

  Watching adult cartoons and visiting adult toy halls have also become fashionable.

In Beijing, Shanghai also has an adult toy hall where you can sell and try all kinds of toys on the spot. Many people use their hands and brains to spend time happily.

  2. The way to vent-the favorite cars of racing and the favorite cars are men. If you do n’t believe it, check out the male and female ratios at the auto show (except of course beautiful models). Of course, there are also some brave fashion girls who produce carsStrong interest, so he always speeded up desperately.

The racing club can make car lovers feel the real thrill of driving, challenge speed and limits at any time, and at the same time have a safety guarantee to enjoy all kinds of fashion in the 21st century.

  3, the vent method-Wu Zetian’s domineering gas now is to order Baihua open for her counter-clockwise.

Today, “counter-time” is not difficult for human beings. It is easy to eat watermelon in winter, and it is fashionable to show your skills on the real ice rink in summer.

This new type of indoor ice rink can be temporarily opened without being affected by the global warming. People in the south can also enjoy the high summer on the real ice rink.

  4, vent method-foreign travel drum pockets and longer and longer vacations give many Chinese people the opportunity to go abroad to play, newspapers have launched various foreign tourist hotlines.

Of course, the first cool thing is those young white-collar workers who are willing to take out a lot of money. After returning home, it is a lot of fun to hold a lot of photos to share with friends.

  5, vent method-the prevalence of hot dance may be related to the popularity of European and American culture in China, but also related to young people’s preference for innovative personality and hot life.

Most of the styles of dance halls that can make people jump wildly are derived from fashionable western culture.

Pushing in the door, large chunks of bright colors came into view, the noise of loud music shook the ears, and a beating vitality suddenly appeared.

Here you can just like the “just do it” in the advertisement, mobilize the cells of the whole body to dance crazy and make yourself tall.

  6, vent method-net Many urban men and women are hooked on the “net”, you can see the world without leaving home.

Although there are many online viruses to worry about, and online shopping dare not expect too much, online chat always feels that the online world is very exciting. You can meet too many netizens in one or two visits, and even have a fascinating online dating.

Of course, countless references have proven that it is best not to meet “her / he” on the Internet, maybe “she / he” is just a man / woman.

  7, vent method-cafes, teahouse fashion men and women will never give up the pursuit of high quality, even if they do not understand, they must use the taste created by others to raise their own value.

The cafes and teahouses sprouting up the streets like mushrooms just meet the vanity of such people.

Or three or five friends, or one drink alone, talking leisurely, extra comfortable.

Cafes and tea houses or high-end or unique decoration, not only does someone taste high-quality coffee and tea culture, but also satisfies people’s vision, hearing, smell, letting people spend a long time in a modern and somewhat classical romantic atmosphereTime.

  8, vent method-extreme sports For adventurous GGMM, conquering fear is the biggest gain.

Rock climbing, bungee jumping, mountain adventure . one after another extreme sports is that they show themselves and easily show themselves to another stage.

Whenever you reach the end, the pleasure of surpassing yourself is an unforgettable pleasure, and the certificate of the brave obtained after the game is also a proof of yourself.

Extreme sports, like Wang Shuo’s novel “Playing with Heartbeat”, occupy a vast market in fashion entertainment.

  9, venting method-clubbing One of the modern fashions of men and women is clubbing, and those features that are novel and interesting, but also let people do it themselves are particularly exciting.

At first there was pottery, cloth, and now there is printing and dyeing, often blown glass . Move the entire small brewery into the bar, let customers personally participate and enjoy each beer brewing processEvery guest who enters here brings into a novel world.

  10, the vent method-fencing, boxing combative, as if it is a man’s nature revealed: combative, as if it is a woman’s wild manifestation.

Not only do you want to be prestigious, but you can’t exceed the social level of Vietnam, the fencing bar and boxing gym just settled in the city has really provided a great space for the brutal men and women in the city.

Through training, you can have the physique and skills like an action star, fulfill your childhood dreams, and vent your dissatisfaction like a warrior. Maybe this is where boxing gyms and fencing bars attract aggressive men and women.

Daddy Must Learn Four Baby Care Skills

Daddy Must Learn Four Baby Care Skills

When dad is definitely something to look forward to, the joy is always hard to resist.

However, this “daddy” is not for nothing. How can I be a competent father?

How can we better raise children?

These are the key issues in the subject matter.

  If you don’t have any plan on how to be a dad, then I suggest you take the lead in mastering the following 4 basic skills.

  Basic skill 1: Changing a diaper For a man, changing a diaper doesn’t seem to fit well.

If you still have such an outdated idea, then you need to rebuild and evolve, and change diapers for your baby. It is not just a matter of ethics, it is also a joy of happiness.

  Use cloth diapers or diapers. If you replace diapers, you can wash them without time and effort.

In addition, this type of diaper does not need to be folded and is easy to change, but some babies may feel uncomfortable.

Cloth diapers must be washed with water and detergent, which is more troublesome.

In this case, most parents generally adopt a compromise method, that is, cloth diapers are usually used, and diapers are used at night and out.

  How to change a diaper ① Manually support the baby’s waist and place his hips in the middle of the diaper.

  ② Fold in again.

  ③ Fold one end of the diaper under the belly button (the opposite is true for newborns).

  ④ Tie the diaper.

  How to fold cloth diapers.

  ① Fold the left and right corners in half toward the center.

  ② For baby girls.

  ③ Fold the diaper in half.

  ④ For baby boys, fold the front thicker.

  ⑤ For baby girls, fold the back thicker.

  Don’t be afraid to wash diapers and diapers always have to be corrected. Therefore, always collect diapers and wash them. Don’t be afraid.

  After separating the diapers, rinse them with water and then wash them with detergent.

Remember these changes, overcome the resistance to touch, and everything will become natural.

Washing diapers is a daily job for my dad and a major part of parenting.

  How to wash cloth diapers ①Put washing powder into the bucket, two buckets should be used separately, one for urinal diapers and one for diapers.

  ② In the flush toilet, flush the diaper while flushing.

  Please note that this toilet is preferably a toilet for diapers.

  ③ Rinse it with water ④ Divide the diapers in the bucket for urinal diapers and soak in the bucket for diaper ⑤ Basic washing skills using a washing machine 2: Hold the child The child desires a strong arm from the father, it is a pleasure to hold the childIt does, but it also requires certain skills.

  Develop a good habit of holding a child. If you often hold a child, you will develop a habit of holding a child and the baby will feel safe in the arms of the parents.

Between 6 months and 1 year of age, most children prefer to hold their mothers, perhaps because mothers hold their children more than fathers.

But Dad is strong. The child is held by Dad. The mother can do housework and relax.

Please note that in the first 3 months after the baby is born, the time of holding the child will shift by more than 15 minutes, otherwise the child will easily feel tired.

  How to hold the baby’s head about 4 months after birth before the baby’s head can be supported. Before that, when holding the baby, hold the unstable head with the palm of your hand and pay attention to the following points: ①Hold the baby’s head with one palm, support the head from the back, and then support it with a bracket.

  ② Support the child’s leg with the other hand, and support the baby’s entire body with the corrective hand from the infant’s crotch. Hold the baby’s legs, but pay attention to prevent dislocation.

  As long as you pay attention to the above 1 point, whether it is held vertically or horizontally, there is generally no danger.

  ③ Holding it vertically This is the method of holding the baby snoring, that is, using the palms of both hands to strongly support the baby’s head and head.

  ④ Hold the baby horizontally, hold the baby horizontally, put your head on top, and cross.  ⑤ Holding with one hand If you have formed a good habit of holding children, you can hold the child with one hand.

That is, the baby’s head is placed on the bones of the adult to support his hips.

This method can be used when feeding a baby.

This method can also be used when sitting cross-legged.

  How can the baby’s head be supported in the future? After the baby’s head can be supported, if the waist can be fully supported, the baby can be placed on his body and his body lying on his father’s body.

  Four months after birth, the child begins to have more curiosity about the outside, and with him facing his father face to face, it is better to let him face forward, that is, the father holds both hands (or one hand) in front of his chestIn a circle, hold the child in front of his chest and let the child look outwards.

  Basic skill 3: Back-to-back babies like to breathe outdoor air and bathe the sun, which helps to increase resistance.

After 1 month of birth, open the windows frequently to allow the baby to adjust to the outside air.

After getting used to it, take the baby out for 30 minutes every day, take a walk in the nearby park and other places, and sunbathe.

  Although it is a walk, the child is still an infant after all. Therefore, when the child goes out for a walk within 2 months after birth, it is best for parents to compensate the child or put it in a stroller.

After the child is 4 months old and the head can be supported, the father can carry him behind and fasten the child with a strap so that his hands can be freed up to pick up other items.

  Although the posture of a man carrying a child is not so elegant, the feeling of a little person lying on his back is still very warm.

In addition, in the United States, Japan, and Europe, there is a special tool for men carrying infants.

Furthermore, giving children will prevent them from seeing the road, paying due attention not to trip over or step on anything unclean.

  Basic Skill 4: Bathing your baby Bathing your child is indeed a physical task, so assisting the wife to bathe the child should become a daily job for the husband.

  Be prepared (1) Have a baby bath within 2 months of birth.

  To prevent germ infections, use a baby-only bathtub when taking a baby bath before the navel is dry, and do not bathe with adults.

  (2) Prepare the items needed for baby bathing.

  Be prepared for bathing your baby in advance. Don’t wait for your child to undress before looking for it.

  ① It is best to buy a bathtub that can be relied on for a baby bathtub. Children using this bathtub do not need to be held by adults and do not need to feel safe.

  ② The washbasin is mainly used to add hot water.

  ③ For boiling water or adding water.

  ④ Bath thermometer is 38 ℃ in summer and 40 ℃ in winter.

  ⑤Baby soap Try to choose baby soap with less irritation.

  ⑥ Gauze can be used as a bath towel, and can also wipe the face and body.

  ⑦Towels ⑧ Change clothes After taking a bath, change to clean clothes.

  Baby diapers and diapers are lined with cotton swabs. Sterilized cotton swabs are used to clean ears and noses after a baby bath.

Sterile cotton is used to wipe the navel eyes.

  Once everything is ready, adjust the room.

Especially in winter, be sure to bathe your child in a warm room.

  Bathing facts (1) Precautions for entering the water.

  When holding a child, use a horizontal hug. To prevent bath water from entering the ears, hold the baby’s head with the palm of the left or right hand, with both thumbs and little fingers in both ears, and support the child’s chest with the other hand.

  When putting your child in the bathtub, use light movements to prevent the child from being frightened.

The gauze for bathing is preferably a large piece of gauze that can cover the whole body. This gauze can replace a towel and can wash your face or wipe your body.

  (2) Take a bath for 10 minutes.

  After placing the child in warm water, release the hand that was holding it, and then use this hand to wipe the baby’s face with gauze.

When washing your eyes, wipe from the inner corner to the outer corner.

Wash your head and ears easily with dirt.

When washing the body from top to bottom, wipe the sheets in turn, the excess and the abdomen.

  To prevent water droplets from entering the baby’s ears, lay the child horizontally and wipe the tail and front with gauze.Then lay the baby on his back, wipe his feet with gauze, rinse with water, and finish the bath.

  From undressing to bathing and changing to new clothes, the entire process takes only 10 minutes.

In fact, babies spend about 5 minutes in warm water.

  (3) Give your child water.

  Quickly dry your child and get dressed before the water cools.

Wipe off moisture with a towel.

Use a cotton swab to clean the baby’s nostrils and ears, but never reach too far.

The navel eyes are blocked with sterile cotton and gauze, and glued with adhesive tape.

Give your child plenty of water in time after taking a bath. Feed some cold water or milk.

  (4) When you cannot bathe.

  When the baby has a cold, fever, or diarrhea, stop bathing and wipe his face and head with a towel to keep it clean.

You can also use a sponge to bathe the baby. After the baby has taken off his clothes, use a soaked sponge to dip it in soap to wash the body parts to be washed.

Then wipe off the soap with a damp gauze and towel, and wipe it again with a dry towel.

If the baby’s body is not very dirty, don’t use soap, just wipe with a damp gauze or sponge.

Keeping Secrets People’s Mental Health_1

Keeping Secrets People’s Mental Health

For ten years, he has ruthlessly separated his two identities: one “he” lives in a small village and works in an office in New York; the other “he” is in a club, airport bar and sensual placeBetween activities.

One “he” would greet customers warmly and wave to neighbors; the other “he” might deal with prostitutes or drug dealers in a few hours.

Eventually he collapsed and the psychologist had to reorient him from a double life.

  ”This man’s dual life is an extreme example. Through this example we can find out how mental pain ‘split’ a person into pieces.

“Jie, the psychologist responsible for treating this man?


Kovavo said.

  Normal people generally have secret lives. American psychologists generally believe that many normal adults have the ability to start a secret life of their own, as long as they don’t force themselves to maintain that kind of day.

These psychologists also say that for a person, the ability to keep secrets is the foundation of his healthy development in society.

A person who wants to learn from other types of people, reshape himself, or even pretend, can maintain it until he reaches adulthood.

  ”To put it bluntly, unless you have a secret, you will not have yourself.

Throughout our lives, sometimes we all feel that we have lost ourselves in our social circles.

This social circle may also be work or marriage.

When we struggle to seize a secret or excuse to prove that we have another identity, we often feel good, “said Daniel, a psychology professor at Harvard University.

Wegner said.

He added: “And we now find that some people are better at doing these things than others.

“For a long time, the attractiveness of secrecy has long been regarded by psychologists as the ability to keep secrets at the center of a person’s mental health.

Children learn at the age of 6 to 7 years not to give their mother gifts in advance.

In adolescence and adulthood, whether a person can fluently harmless lies in social affairs is often related to his mental health.

Researchers have also found that the ability to keep secrets can enhance a person’s appeal.

Like Oscar the British writer?

Wilde put it that way: “The most common thing makes you happy only when you hide it.

Psychologists have found that how many people in the United States, such as homosexuals living in heterosexual marriages, must start a secret journey in another world out of shame and restraint.

And whether such a secret life will be destructive, it should be the nature of the secret and the psychological composition of a person.

  The consequences of keeping secrets vary from person to person. We often find that many people in the real world are mentally exhausted by keeping a secret for a long time.

They try to suppress themselves from telling secrets, and unfortunately eventually lead to a rebound effect, causing their concerns about secrets in their hearts to overwhelm their normal consciousness, especially when the person who will be victimized after the secret follows them.

  According to a study published last summer, suppressed ideas will even reappear in those people’s dreams.

  Undoubtedly, the intensity of this effect varies from person to person.

  In rare cases, some people who appear indifferent due to pathological reasons do not have to worry about the potential impact of secrets on others, so they will not feel the pressure of keeping secrets.

  And for the spies who work as secrets, they know at least what their mission is. They have a clear bottom line about who can tell the secrets and how much.

  Network shows secret life, sociologist Xie Li of MIT?

“The internet now makes it easy for people to create secret lives for themselves,” Turkor said.

“Turco has recently researched some online interactive games, such as” The Sims. ”

In these games, players can build families and communities.

Turkore interviewed about 200 players and found that many players are trying to build their desired family through the game.

  A 16-year-old girl often plays this game.

Her father often abused her.

She transformed herself online into various images: from a 16-year-old boy to a girl who was bigger and stronger than herself.   ”I think what people do online now,” Turkor said, “how they use different identities to express and solve problems has deep psychological significance.

“A split life cannot be maintained, but if a person’s psychological composition has been negatively affected since he was a child, it will be difficult for him to achieve a secret life.

  A psychotherapist named Aronson once treated a pediatrician.

He has married a wife and both have a child.

It is amazing that such a person would frequently go in and out of the sound place at night.

  During one treatment, the pediatrician was drunk, and another time he brought the prostitute with him.

“This is a typical split-there is a good wife at home, but you have to go to that kind of place to find flowers and ask Willow.

Aronson said, “These two divided lives will not last long.

The pediatrician treated by Aronson grew up in a very conservative Christian family.

When he was young, his mother always compared him to his uncle, an alcoholic and villain.

The doctor is still undergoing psychological treatment.

But he had lived the only life and returned to his wife.

For him, although saying goodbye to the past dual life made him feel depressed, he now no longer relies on drug treatment, renewed his working spirit, and restored contact with former friends.

  Someone is inherently more confidential. Over the past decade, psychologists have experimentally discovered a group of individuals who they call “repressors.”

It is estimated that 10 to 15 percent of the US population belongs to this group.

These people are more able to ignore or suppress the “secrets” that make them feel embarrassed, so they are more able to keep secrets.

  The prevalence of these “repressors” was low in questionnaires testing anxiety and defensiveness.

This means that they are rarely angry, worried about money, or destroyed by evil dreams.

They all feel good about themselves and don’t sweat for a little trouble.

  Although their understanding of these people is not very deep, some psychologists believe that they will block the shocking things in their minds by using self-interference with good memories.

After step-by-step practice, these people become accustomed to nature and have become excellent people who keep secrets.

  When a person’s secret life is exposed, it will inevitably destroy or poison his public life image.

At this time, he has to or can only choose himself in a public life image, otherwise he will risk psychological collapse.

Many psychotherapists say so.

  ”It’s the exact opposite of what many people predict,” Kwavo said. “Secret life often helps people to get out of the darkness, allowing him to find a more lively, kinder, and more vibrant one.