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Experts’ tricks let you take a sample at the counter_1

Mastery tricks let you smash samples at the counter

Lead: mm, who often goes to skin care counters, must have a special feeling for the samples presented by the counters.

Don’t look at the counter that says how much is given, in fact, there are still many mobile samples in BA’s hands.

How to get more samples?

Let’s see what Xiaobian can do for you.


hzh {display: none; }  1、要选一个相对冷清的商场,导购们很闲,有个人过来咨询他自然热情。At this time, don’t be too busy buying things, talk to the shopping guide a few times, anyway, shopping guide is idle is also idle, and I am definitely willing to talk, chat well, it is naturally convenient to sample.

  2. Try not to go to the counter alone.

After all, it is inconvenient to ask for something alone.

Two people go together, preferably her husband or boyfriend, or a female companion of the same age, sing and harmonize, and with the tacit understanding, the sample can be more handy.

Moreover, even if the shopping guide refuses to give more samples, leaving will not be embarrassed.

  Note that Mom and Dad are not qualified candidates, because they go straight to the theme when they buy something, and they will not turn around.

Of course, except for some moms who are particularly bargaining.

  3, when entering the mall, you must look at the six shopping guides.

On the surface, it seems that the shopping guide is very savvy and sharp. Don’t go there.

It is best to find out who the supervisor of the counter is, and then buy things with them, because they have the right to sample.

  4. Even if you really want to buy, you have to be hesitant. In order to complete this business, the shopping guide will offer to give you some samples.

  5, sincere attitude, to work hard to show that the sample will be used to buy genuine products.

If you just want to try and even take advantage, the shopping guide will definitely not give too much.

  6. Dress yourself up delicately.

People rely on clothes and saddles, and shopping guides will also see clothes to act. If you are dressed like a grocer, don’t expect shopping guides to be enthusiastic about you.

  7, if you like products of a fixed brand, it is best to find a fixed shopping guide, deal with her well, think of her, make her think you are a regular customer, want to keep you, and even like you, so that they will have any activities in advance you will advanceGet notified.

Laughing yoga makes you laugh happier_1

Laughing Yoga makes you laugh happier

The scene of practicing Laughing Yoga is usually in the oxygen-rich woods, so walking slowly in the woods is the way to warm up Laughing Yoga.

First, love to laugh yoga warm-up preparation-walking in the forest laughing yoga is also a sport, so warm-up is also important.

The scene of practicing Laughing Yoga is usually in the oxygen-rich woods, so walking slowly in the woods is the way to warm up Laughing Yoga.
Can walking time be 10?
For 30 minutes, clap your hands while walking and take deep breaths from time to time.

The goal is to completely relax your body and emotions in preparation for what follows.

Second, love yoga progress-learn the expressions of animals under the guidance of yogis, activate facial muscles, and then imitate the animal expressions of yoga teachers, such as lions, tigers, apes and so on.

Indian Laugh Yoga includes a total of 24 different laughter expressions. These expressions look very funny in themselves, even very restrained people. As long as they do as a yogi, they can naturally be immersed in it. The woods will soon be full ofEnergetic laughter.

Third, love to laugh YOGA end-style-adjusting the breathing experience after a lively laughter, facial expressions have been relaxed a lot, sweat a little, and my mood is also very comfortable.

Like other yogas, laughter yoga requires preparation and collection.

Everyone slowly corrected their smiles, adjusted their breathing, and said to themselves aloud “We are the happiest people in the world” and “We are the healthiest people in the world” while walking in the forest.

After the emotions and heartbeat slowly calmed down, everyone left with ease and joy together.

Causes of children’s bad temper and correction methods

Causes of children’s bad temper and correction methods

Did you know that it’s possible that the parents lost their temper and screamed loudly?

Noisy children have sugar. If you always meet his requirements or accompany him too little, this can easily lead to bad behavior.

So you should set rules and spend more time with your children.

  First, how parents can cause a child’s bad temper1. Encourage children not to make a big noise or shout to refuse, it is hard for parents to be dissatisfied with what he wants.

But satisfying your child when he is noisy will only make more noise, because you encourage him.

  2. Failure to establish a routine If a toddler lacks routine, he may linger on the verge of uncertainty every day.

When should I eat?

When should I sleep?

When should I take a bath?

So you should help your child to establish a regular schedule. 3, too little to accompany the child. Most parents are very busy, so there may not be much time to accompany the child, but this may cause the child to attract your attentionAnd deliberately do some bad behavior.

  4. Taking care of your children in a hurry Do you often feed your children in a hurry?

Anxious to quickly arrange the room?

When you are in a hurry to carry out these daily activities, it also reveals to your child a message of “I don’t like the task of taking care of you”, making the child feel unrecognized.

  5, the rules are not consistent When you set rules, you must ensure that every time your child violates, you must deal with them.

Do not let your child escape because you are busy talking on the phone, cooking, or working, or you will only let your child continue to behave badly.

  Second, how to correct the child’s bad temper 1, lead by example If you often lose your temper, or scream and growl, your child will certainly do the same.

So the best way is to set an example yourself and don’t do some bad behavior.

  2. Teach how to express Sometimes a child loses his temper because he doesn’t know how to express his thoughts or emotions, so you can teach him how to express and vent. This is the most correct way.

  3. Stay with your child more often. If your child is doing bad things to attract your attention, then you should spend more time with your child and give him care. Naturally you can avoid these bad things.

  4, avoid too much stress Sometimes too much stress may cause children to worry about behavior deviation, so you should rearrange these children too much stress and help him express his own stress.

Hot water bottle not only keeps warm, it has various health effects

Hot water bottle not only keeps warm, it has various health effects

Winter is here, and it’s time for the hot water bottle to play a special role, but do you know?

In addition to the effects of warmth and heating, hot water bottles have many other functions.

  Fill the back cough hot water bottle with hot water, and wrap it with a thin towel or cloth on the back.

It can make the blood vessels in the respiratory tract, trachea, lungs and other areas dilate and accelerate blood circulation.

This is mainly because the bladder that passes through the back end passes through the body of the master, and the external invasion of the bladder causes chills, fever, and nasal congestion; and the du Yang main body’s yang, once invaded, the Yang Qi weakens, and the resistance becomes lower;The acupoint of the lungs located on the back has the function of treating lung air.

Therefore, using hot water bag to apply the back can not only operate normally through the bladder meridian and du veins, but also can make the lungs and acupoints actively stand on duty, which is beneficial to cough, colds and improve resistance.

  The cervical hypnotizing cancer has an anal acupoint, which treats insomnia and vertigo.

Put the hot water bottle on your back before going to bed, you will feel gentle and comfortable. First, your hands will heat up, and your feet will also slowly feel warm, which can pass the hypnotic effect.

In addition, using hot water bag therapy can also affect the large vertebral cavity, so it has a good effect on the treatment of cervical spondylosis.

  Relieve pain. When swelling begins to improve after 24 hours of injury, use hot water to apply local compresses for hot compresses every 20 minutes or two times a day, which can effectively promote blood circulation, accelerate the absorption of congestion and exudate, and gradually pass cold.Huoxue Tongluo effect, and reduce local swelling and pain.

  In addition, there are 6 meridians of the spleen, liver, kidney, stomach, biliary and bladder meridians on the feet. There are more than 60 acupoints. Hot feet can penetrate and clear the meridians, activate the acupuncture points, and finally reach the body warmeffect.
  The temperature of the water in the hot water bottle should not be too high, generally 60 ° C-70 ° C is appropriate.

Always check the tightness of the stopper before use. It is best to wrap it with a towel before use.

9 tips for beautiful departures

9 tips for beautiful departures


Have you made great contributions to the company and left a beautiful and memorable transcript?


Whether the reason for leaving is sufficient and can be recognized, do not openly criticize the company or take the opportunity to incite other employees to leave.


Whether the departure time is appropriate, and whether to consider appropriate replacements for the company.


Make an item-by-item handover list.


Carefully teach the newcomer the points of execution of each task.


Leave the new company and home phone number to the newcomer.


Do n’t forget to thank your supervisor and boss on the day of your departure and tell them what ‘s new.


Accept the farewell dinner hosted by the company or colleagues with gratitude.


After leaving office, you should keep in touch with colleagues in the company and care about whether the transfer is smooth.


Send a thank you letter

Eating seafood is more harmful_2

Eating seafood can be harmful

Although the seafood is delicious, eating more or long-term consumption is also harmful to people.

Environmental pollution causes marine organisms to exceed heavy metals in their bodies. Of course, seafood is no exception. Therefore, continuous consumption of seafood will cause the accumulation of toxic and harmful substances such as heavy metals in the body and endanger health.

Coveting “fresh” and “tender” while eating raw seafood is more harmful.

Because seafood contains a large number of pathogenic microorganisms and parasites, such as Guangzhou Guanyuan nematodes, Whipworm, lung fluke, if raw or incomplete heating, food poisoning may occur, causing infectious or parasitic diseases.

Seafood contains arsenic pentoxide. If seafood and fruit are eaten together, vitamin C in the fruit may reduce arsenic pentoxide to arsenic trioxide, which is arsenic.

Therefore, if you eat seafood and fruit together, it is easy to cause poisoning.

Furthermore, the fruit acids, implanted acids and other ingredients in the fruit can be combined with the minerals in seafood to form non-digestible substances and stimulate digestion.

Drinking beer and seafood together produces too much uric acid, which can cause gout and arthritis.

Therefore, such patients need attention.

If you eat seafood while taking your medication, it can cause health problems.

Because some seafood ingredients often interact with ingredients in certain drugs, causing harm to the human body.

If seafood is consumed by patients with chronic diseases, it can easily lead to recurrence of the disease.

Some seafood contains higher cholesterol, such as crabs, shellfish, shrimp and cuttlefish. Continuous eating can cause abnormal blood lipid levels.

Allergens in seafood can cause allergic reactions.

Therefore, people with allergic reactions to seafood, it is best not to eat or selectively eat seafood.

Learn 15 Principles of Psychological Communication

Learn 15 Principles of Psychological Communication

First, speak out, especially candidly tell your inner feelings, feelings, pain, thoughts and expectations, but it is definitely not criticism, preparation for responsibility, rejection, attack.

  Second, no criticism, no blame, no refusal, no attack, no preaching criticism, blame, refusal, and attack are all executioners of communication, which will only make things worse.

  Third, mutual respect can only be communicated by giving respect to the other party. If the other party does not respect you, you should also ask the other party’s respect appropriately, otherwise it is difficult to communicate.

  Fourth, never speak bad words and hurt others, which is the so-called “causes come out of the mouth.”

  Fifth, don’t say what shouldn’t be said. If you should say something that shouldn’t be said, it often costs a lot of money to make up for it. It is the so-called “single word, difficult to chase”.Speaking “may even cause irreparable life-long regrets!

Therefore, communication can not be talked about, and the mouth is not covered, but it does not speak at all, and sometimes it becomes more serious.

  6. Don’t communicate in your emotions, especially parents and children who are unable to make decisions, and who have been facing enemies for a long time.

In particular, it is not possible to cause emotional and impulsive “decisions” in emotions, which can easily make things irreparable and regretful!

  Seven, rational communication, irrational, do not communicate, irrational only disputes, there will be no results, let alone good results, so this communication will not help.

  8. Awareness requires more than just communication. Everything is needed.

If you say the wrong thing and do the wrong thing, if you don’t want to cause irreparable harm, what is the best way to do it?


“I was wrong”, this is a kind of awareness.

  Nine, admit that I am wrong. Admit that I am wrong. It is a disinfectant for communication. It can thaw and improve communication with transformation. Just one sentence: I am wrong!

How many people’s new hatreds have been written off, how many years of indestructible knots have been eliminated, and people suddenly become cheerful, put down their arms, face themselves again, and start to rethink life, even who I am?


In this vast universe, what people care about most is “I”. If someone disrespects me, oppresses me, bullies me, or insults me, even if they are like father and son, they may turn against each other, tear up, and leave homeWhat is it to run away, the examples of death to you are not uncommon!

  Ten, say sorry!


  Sorry, it doesn’t mean that I really did something terribly wrong or hurt the truth, but it is a softening agent, so that there will be room for “turnover” in the end, or even create “heaven”.

In fact, sometimes you are really wrong, and declining to admit it is a very wrong thing.

  Eleven, let the miracle happen Now that I am willing to admit mistakes to one another, I am creating heaven and a miracle for myself and my family, turning impossible into possible.

  Twelve, loving everything is love, and love is the greatest therapist.

  Thirteen, waiting for a turn, if there is no turn, you have to wait, and you will be cured in a hurry. Of course, do n’t wait for the results to fall from the sky. You still have to work hard, but hard work may not have results.Or give up everything, but if you don’t work hard, you will have nothing.

  Fourteen, patience is the only indispensable patience, and those who have ambition will succeed.

  Fifteen, intelligence makes people unattached and blessed to the soul.

Chinese medicine moxibustion saves female chill physique

Chinese medicine moxibustion saves female chill physique

There are many women with cold constitutions, such as palace cold, cold hands and feet, dysmenorrhea, cold stomach pain, fear of cold, etc. are all manifestations of women’s cold, and severe palace cold can even cause infertility.

  Modern women are taking on more and more heavy workloads like men, increasing their physical burdens, coupled with irregular daily diets and dressing habits (such as exposing navel clothes to expose the “shenque points” and being vulnerable to cold), winterIt is easy to invade the body without wearing a cotton coat, and eat cold and warm food, and over time, more and more modern women have symptoms of physical discomfort, many sub-health problems caused by cold, and even a small number of people stillOvarian cysts, inflammation of attachments, and habitual abortions have appeared.

  Many people think that youth is capital, and if there are some small problems, don’t pay too much attention, but it is not true.

Long-term subhealth can lead to serious illness.

In addition to not knowing the basics of health, modern women are more reluctant to spend too much time on solving physical problems.

  One method of health is very effective for cold physique, and that is moxibustion.

Ai is a pure yang plant. Moxibustion warms and replenishes yang to expel cold air from the body.

Moxibustion is especially suitable for modern people’s health and conditioning.

A long time ago, it was of great significance to women’s health. In addition to relieving the pain of the moon, it can also slowly solve the cold hands and feet. It is of extraordinary significance to future marriage and reproduction, and even the health of middle and old age.

Fear as a little man

Fear as a “little man”

Many years ago, when I was still in middle school, I heard my parents talk about saying hello to the leaders.
It is said that Dad rode on the bicycle beside the leader and did not notice the leader. As a result, the leader called him first.
So Dad was regarded as an arrogant person. The leader mentioned many times at the conference: Some people do n’t say hello when they see the leader.
Dad is very depressed.
  In this world, there are various leaders and various subordinates.
  Some leaders do n’t have a shelf, they do n’t fight, they are not the emperor and laozi; some leaders can think from the perspective of employees. Today, Xiao Wang may be in a hurry and do n’t see me; some leaders care about their status in the eyes of others, Don’t say hello to me?
Definitely didn’t look at me!
Leaders are your food and clothing parents. Leaders must be right. What leaders want you to do, you must do it.
So for some leaders, you must respect and flatter.
Some subordinates are afraid of seeing the leader, it is best to hide away and save me trouble; some subordinates are afraid of not seeing the leader, otherwise there is an opportunity for the leader to know me; some subordinates are misunderstood by the leader and can only watchThe ground is misunderstood; some subordinates will quickly find a leader, and some flattering, not only resolve the misunderstanding, but instead take the trust to a higher level.
  Usually the leader is high up, and suddenly one day is the same elevator as me, oh dear, what topic to find?
What does this leader like?
His eyes were facing up, didn’t he know me?
God, come quickly to the Nth level-most ordinary people are afraid of leadership. This is the accumulation of thousands of years of traditional culture.
  The best solution is: Leader of XX, you look very good today. It ‘s absolutely amazing that your bag is equipped with your coat. You must have as much spirit as you want .

6 secret recipes to protect your liver

6 secret recipes to protect your liver

Drinking too much alcohol can hurt your liver, especially people who have degraded liver or have liver disease.

This is because alcohol is mainly broken down by the liver. If you drink a lot of alcohol, the liver will suffer great damage.

Let’s take a look at six major liver protection recipes together.

  Liver Protection Recipe 1: Drink more water and more water to replenish body fluids, enhance blood circulation, promote metabolism, and drink more water to restore and promote glands, especially digestive glands and pancreatic juice, bile secretion, in order to facilitate digestion, absorption and elimination of wasteReduces liver damage from metabolites and toxins.

  Protective Liver Secret Recipe 2: Protecting Liver with Traditional Chinese Medicine The traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver cannot be replenished. The first supplement is to anger, the spleen, and the kidney to nourish the liver.

For people with spleen deficiency, take ginseng Jianpi pills, barley, yam, and rice porridge.

For people with kidney deficiency, you can take Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, wolfberry, stewed chicken with Gastrodia elata.

For people with severe liver irritability, take Danzhi Xiaoyao Pill, and use chrysanthemum tea to protect the liver.

  Liver Secret Recipe 3: Eat something before drinking

Drinking less alcohol naturally does less harm. If you must drink it, you must eat more food to pad your belly. After the food goes down, a protective film can be formed on the gastric mucosa and intestinal mucosa, which not only protects the stomach, but also prevents some alcohol from enteringBlood to reduce drunkenness.

  Liver Protection Recipe Four: To be in a cheerful mood To have a strong liver, you must first learn to control anger. Even if you are angry, do not exceed 3 minutes. Try your best to be calm, optimistic and cheerful, so that the liver fire goes out, the liver gas develops normally, and the tone is smooth.

  Five recipes for protecting the liver: Pay attention to a balanced diet. Keep a balanced diet. The relative proportions of protein, starch, trace amounts, vitamins, and minerals in the food must be maintained. At the same time, the taste must be balanced, and spicy dishes should be eaten as little as possible.

A reasonable diet and balanced nutrition are also beneficial to protect the liver and avoid liver damage caused by excessive drinking.

  Liver Protection Recipe Six: Maintain proper exercise The last liver protection recipe is to strengthen exercise and improve autoimmunity.

Properly perform some aerobic exercises such as jogging, brisk walking, cycling.