Articles on Lost

Part One: The Lost words in fact, there is no hesitation, more of a “Come Yishui Han winds blow,” as a person is alive, there is nothing wrong with personal care, should or sad, or will give up.  Although this is the most recent, is the closest one, you turned out to be my colleague, but … Continue reading "Articles on Lost"

Articles on literary dreams

Part one: Do not fall into a literary dreams people tend to fall into the trap ourselves in the design, deep unable to extricate themselves out, a person will often jump into their own soul into the ocean, never swim swim swim ah not a world of their dreams; in this sea, this world, happily, … Continue reading "Articles on literary dreams"

Articles on letterhead

Part One: Written on the wind carrying the letterhead Nama breeze month, looking starry, open diary, one, two, three – turn back into my letterhead to lay flowers was young when the state, yo come, but then go.  In July, the space has many friends Parting, bid farewell to the seven years of college life is … Continue reading "Articles on letterhead"

Articles on leaves

Part One: I know Indus leaves road time easy to throw people, red cherry, green banana, of course, the old Indus.  Early this morning leaves all over the floor, covered with a layer Indus campus carpet, looked up, only a few slices of Grottoes branches are still desperately struggling, eventually fall helplessly Fudge.And trapping on a … Continue reading "Articles on leaves"

Articles on leafless

Part One: Life leafless autumn, after frost, yellowing of the leafless have to dance down, bringing people a cool fishes, a trace of melancholy.In the winter, leafless Metropolitan flying falling one after another, will remain slightly in the branches, swaying in the wind, unlike those about to fall into Chunni leaves, they stubbornly unwilling to … Continue reading "Articles on leafless"

Articles on labor

Part one: the years of work I muddle had a wonderful childhood.In the sense, because young, I used to play, play, slapstick, a little help at home work.But, I often follow in their parents behind, or walk in front of my parents, but also relaxed and comfortable leisurely to see the land and see the … Continue reading "Articles on labor"

Articles on kite

Part One: Kite Beijing winter, there is snow on the ground, gray and black bald branch crotch in a clear sky, but far from twelve kites floating in me is a surprise and sorrow.Hometown kite season is Spring in February, if heard the rustle of the wind wheel, his head will be able to see … Continue reading "Articles on kite"

Articles on jealously guarding

Part one: words, jealously guarding a ghost town Splendor Huayuan, left behind a ghost town.May the wind, dawn the season strong Huarong.Mining done Wisteria Wan Yan, surrounded by searching through the Han Xiang, look and see what you still attracted to all kinds of.  Leaf folding Creek, isolated a ghost town.October rain, the lonely sorts bustling … Continue reading "Articles on jealously guarding"

Articles on Huangmei

Part One: Huangmei want to hear something to eat dinner, a person walking fruits Lake.The city’s noisy and hot, while irritability Dunsheng.  At the moment, ears sounded faintly melodious Huangmei, let me mesmerized, dreamlike.Mother and seek, then I do not know from where the sound.I suddenly realize that my mind a voice shouting, I want to … Continue reading "Articles on Huangmei"

Articles on Huaihua

Part One: April, Huaihua district of Huaihua open, in bright green Salvinia in bunches, and a string of bursts of aroma nostrils, incense also open the pores of the body Breathe.  April, SJ, open every branch Huaihua pedicle dozens of small flowers, white petals bloom convey information to people filled the air with fragrance, quietly, quietly, … Continue reading "Articles on Huaihua"