A pair of rainbow

Yi former [the YI] called sub-group have heads Ru [rǔ] mol, a fierce dioxane, maintaining the country, troops rob everywhere, random people imputed.He was pleased to tell you to death to death, to live on you live, everyone resentment, all of them can not say, we all hope to God Come take him back under … Continue reading "A pair of rainbow"

A pair of canvas gloves dollar

That year I left home more than 30 years in the county junior high school.  June evening, I read a book on the school playground, the girls heard a few other classes in twitter talking topic of Father’s Day.  Such a foreign holiday, the first time I heard, fresh and curious, I think of my father devoted … Continue reading "A pair of canvas gloves dollar"

A pair of blue eyes

Your eyes remind me why so gloomy gray stone paving of the alley lilac rain of your lonely figure with long hair in the back of your wandering sunset slender figure pulled longer hear you soon as you see a slight sigh of scenery Tang Chu feet a bunch of water vapor What made you … Continue reading "A pair of blue eyes"

A nose 300 million hits

In my world, only a small 14 inch since I was born, facing disease and were abandoned to their fate.  1985 lunar round-July, has experienced three days and nights, doctors use forceps to me from my mother’s womb clip to come out.Lack of oxygen for too long, my whole body purple after birth, could not shed … Continue reading "A nose 300 million hits"

A non-fried sorghum seed

There was once two brothers, death of a parent, sister-in-law has not been afraid to drag the couple married husband’s brother, he encouraged the separation of husband.Food, housing, land, they are all good all left, only to a few acres Susukida, a tumbledown given to her second child.Second child does not care, anyway, some thinking … Continue reading "A non-fried sorghum seed"

A nobody to buy album

I’ve been out a nobody to buy album.This thing was from the first day of winter vacation.That year, one of my great uncle admitted Jilin Agricultural University.When winter break, he was back a guitar, playing really well, because he has less than six months scholarship, but I was fool enough.I was deeply attracted by this … Continue reading "A nobody to buy album"

A needle Love

One day, my throat surgery, did not tell the busy boyfriend, only to take care of my cousin invited.  Boyfriend who heard already had surgery the next day, just to nurse an intravenous drip, while I nodded to greet him, while naturally left hand.He suddenly realized what, anxiously called: nurse nurse deft hands and feet, after … Continue reading "A needle Love"

A mystery tomb three dead

Jiaqing thirteen years late summer, Kanawha County territory ever blew a gale rare, it is not yet mature crop lodging, harvest harvest is a foregone conclusion.He Chengzong magistrate led the entourage country runners from dawn to dusk every day to inspect the disaster, comfort victims.  That day, the magistrate and the public what the runners are … Continue reading "A mystery tomb three dead"

A mysterious key

Jiang Jingchen after a dinner out for a walk, he went to the river on the road when I discover the ground with a bunch of keys.Jiangjing Chen picked it up, looked at it it seems to pedestrians.Who lost the key ah?He shouted, the deaf ears.A bronze medal on the key attracted the attention of … Continue reading "A mysterious key"

A mouth burning ash

Qing Jiaqing years, Sichuan Jianmen, a man named Zhou Sanhu of the people were burned to death.According to witnesses, four more hours of the night, child prostitutes off Mao suddenly came home dense explosion.A moment later, a red cloud into the sky, flames leap up out of the roof, dense Martian sky showers, cross-phase lasing, … Continue reading "A mouth burning ash"