A marathon of love

6 am, on a street in Tianjin, Song Honglei carrying bags of bread, a big step forward to run.  He has insisted for three months, will continue to run down.Because, daughter needs liver transplant, the most match his liver, but he has a fatty liver, so that weight loss through exercise only, in order to give … Continue reading "A marathon of love"

A map of drug addiction quit

Text / Zhaoyuan Bo Sino-Japanese War, the KMT 33 army commander Zhang Zhizhong although expensive for the commander in chief, there are drugs bad habits.Although Zhang Zhizhong focus on military discipline, running the army are very strict, but is to be the old saying goes: calling the shots, yet opium as commander in chief, men … Continue reading "A map of drug addiction quit"

A man two people

There is an island inhabited by a race called lazy Kawasaki, something for nothing from morning to night prayers.  One day, he heard that the neighboring island is home to some long only one eye who immediately decided to turn a come back, to make money throughout the exhibition.  Race Kawasaki Just do it, and quickly catch … Continue reading "A man two people"

After Montmartre pack hot circle of friends, the international big-name team

After Montmartre pack hot circle of friends, this international team has made a big ‘office artifact “Today, compact, fast-paced lifestyle so many urban office workers who are no longer limited to just home or corporate office, More of people chose the mobile office.    Whether it is full of atmosphere reading library, or have a relaxed style … Continue reading "After Montmartre pack hot circle of friends, the international big-name team"