Dumpling smile

Tomorrow, my son will officially enter the park. Recently, he often said that he would eat dumplings. Today, at noon, as he wishes..     Slightly dusty, the lingering boredom came into the house, only to see him and his mother busy and happy in the kitchen. He stood high on the board, touching all hands to … Continue reading "Dumpling smile"

Did you lose your home?

[ Original Text ]My mind suddenly broke through clouds and fog, and my memory began to clear up, so I remembered’ but no word has reached me from kin or friends, I am old and sick and alone with my boat”,’ Double Thinking of Parents During Festivals”, my mother of’ carefully she sews and thoroughly … Continue reading "Did you lose your home?"

Continuation of love

I don’t know when I was infatuated with zoo animals, orangutans, monkeys, turtledoves, and the like, as well as red scale fish swimming in the water and polar bears swimming in the deep pool area..   I remember every time I went to visit monkey mountain in the zoo, I always saw a group of small … Continue reading "Continuation of love"

Cherish life and time

Will time be quiet and beautiful in full bloom? Will Life Bloom Brilliantly?   In the unexpected meeting of hearts, there was a clear voice like a spring, flowing through the endless rivers and through the endless hours, gestating hopes and dreams, infiltrating the melody and sound of life, shaking and enriching the dull life of … Continue reading "Cherish life and time"

Birthday present

At the age of 3.0, I want to give myself a wonderful gift. Birthdays before the age of 17 are spent in the poached eggs filled with love by my mother.. From the age of 17, I left my warm home, my mother’s arms, and every birthday I entered the society, I will give myself … Continue reading "Birthday present"

Back to the eyes

[ Guide ]: All that is needed is an action, an action from beginning to end. When this boat is planted on a ferry in spring with the potential of life itself, there will be no chance of losing its way on all voyages..    In the face of the opening and closing of this … Continue reading "Back to the eyes"

After the snow melts

The car began to drive on the road and a comedy film was shown on TV. I turned my eyes out of the window and looked further away. As far as the eyes are concerned, they are still lonely in a glance. This is probably the scene of no escape in winter.. I’m just going … Continue reading "After the snow melts"

A trip to Lushan

Early autumn, blue sky like water, white clouds like sails … Ah, early in the morning, I drove to Lushan to visit a friend living in the mountains. Along the way, the beauty of rolling hills and the beauty of clear waves and flowing water could not find the right words and ink to describe … Continue reading "A trip to Lushan"