Drinking father

Father is a farmer who digs in the soil and gets rid of residue, so he is doomed to drink no good wine all his life.. But my father doesn’t seem to care about the quality of the wine, as long as he can drink it, that’s a lucky thing.. So even if it is … Continue reading "Drinking father"

Book fan’s daughter

Reading reminds me of an interesting story about twelve years ago. At that time, I was watching a literary book become fascinated, and my 8 – year – old daughter, who was also watching fairy tales to participate in the regulations of Journey to the West, suddenly said, ” Dad: We are both fans of … Continue reading "Book fan’s daughter"

A gift for my mother

Mom: I love you, this kind of love will run through my whole life until the end of my life.     As for the great and dedicated word’ mother’, the daughter clearly knows that it is not a simple word’ mother, I love you’ that can be repaid.. The daughter will use up all her life’s … Continue reading "A gift for my mother"

Confess to your mother

Mom, this morning you scared your son. You suddenly fell down and couldn’t wake up. I thought you . ah. You woke up when I tore my heart apart and wailed aloud.. You looked at me stupefied, and then asked anxiously, ” What’s the matter, son?”?!     Why are you crying?! Ah!?! I couldn’t say a … Continue reading "Confess to your mother"

Beauty of simplicity

Because he wanted to participate in the calligraphy exhibition held in the province, his father spent an afternoon holding his breath and writing a pair of works.. However, when I look left and right, I always feel dissatisfied. My father told me to come and have a look and express my opinion.     Father has been … Continue reading "Beauty of simplicity"

Accidental and Inevitable

People must rely on themselves. Everyone has everyone’s understanding of this sentence. People are a social species. With the continuous development of society and the continuous progress of human beings, this situation becomes more and more obvious.. People cannot live without society, in other words, people cannot live without people. Since people cannot live without … Continue reading "Accidental and Inevitable"