Cabinet childhood fruit

Childhood home is not rich, coupled with my brother and sister, a year of snacks can be described as very few, in addition to the home garden of fruits and pear peach or something, the winter, the seeds become what we sent greedy, the year will be close to the New year to buy some … Continue reading "Cabinet childhood fruit"

Blue and white

The past is well, now I have to leave their homes, but farther and farther.Years is a window, and now I have a window overlooking the frequency, but can not see themselves.I do not want to hear the echo of the past, the years of reflection I do not want to see, but I think … Continue reading "Blue and white"

Behind the red thorn fruit

REVIEW: seventies, we were young, late autumn, after the cattle to the mountains, hillsides love to eat of the fruit of the last century slug.In remote rural areas of our growth, although out of fashion breakfast time in the morning, not an empty stomach.Especially in autumn.In addition to steal Baogu, burning to eating soybeans, after … Continue reading "Behind the red thorn fruit"

Baidu prose 1314 net loved you, Merlin Merlin romantic poetry prose literature collection

Baidu prose 1314 net loved you, Merlin Merlin romantic poetry prose literature collection seeing 13 years will slip away from Merlin’s side, 14-year footsteps getting closer, and I was feeling sad and bright as this 1314.    13 years have been unfamiliar, diffuse dust days, flying dust, to bury your face, so I put those thoughts into … Continue reading "Baidu prose 1314 net loved you, Merlin Merlin romantic poetry prose literature collection"

Autumn playful

Between mid-autumn, the weather is getting cold.Last night of autumn rain, washed the blue sky, the autumn sun shines out warm from the sun through the gap between the leaves, sparse shed mottled light and shadow, peaceful, refreshing afternoon park.    Although the weekend, the park was not much.A large park area, planted with elm, willow, some … Continue reading "Autumn playful"

Andante Cantabile

Andante cantabile in the soft light, an FM stereo broadcast pop music by the changes.Lightweight and smooth melody, orchestration is very simple, a few violins, a guitar master is playing a mandolin, electric bass plus.Obviously, there are taste better than the song itself.There are music critics say that with the lyrics, the music is worsening.Because … Continue reading "Andante Cantabile"

Also in Anhui poetry Ching

Thought to enter China’s Anhui Province, Anhui mood of the reality bright.Thought to say, the poem would like wonderful temple monk; see the temple to do over, bald seen watermelon lights, almost his mood.Miao temple are men and women, equality of men and women as bald; bald and so is the same word.The day, wonderful … Continue reading "Also in Anhui poetry Ching"

Acacia flowers in May

REVIEW: May ah, I really understand you’re still in time for you to remember just begun, and that day eat acacia flowers; childhood memories, poor May, my life is the most profound image, my life never forget, never forget.   My hometown in the north, close to the village patron, growing on the mountain a lot … Continue reading "Acacia flowers in May"