Don’t let the psychological thief sneak away your happiness.


Don’t let the psychological thief sneak away your happiness.

With the improvement of living standards, living conditions are getting better and better, but many people find that happiness has become unreachable.

Even people sigh “more money, less happiness”, yes, happiness depends largely on factors that are not related to wealth.

The following seven reasons are stealing the culprits of our happiness.


Not good at discovering the sun, there are many positive and good aspects in life, but many people ignore them. “Only seeing their own misfortunes, ignoring their own happiness”, “enlarge the happiness of others and narrow their own”Happiness” is its true portrayal.

銆€銆€In order to attract attention, some media have also publicized reports on certain events in their lives.

Although it satisfies people’s curiosity to a certain extent, it also narrows people’s positive attitude.


Lack of Faith After a 20-year sprint-like fortune race, some people, besides making money, don’t know what the goals and pursuits in life are, or even what they really want.

This lack of faith and ideal state is difficult to produce long-lasting, happy happiness.


I don’t know what the saying goes, “The contentment is always happy,” but there are fewer and fewer people who can satisfy themselves. With the house wanting to change the size, there is a job that wants to change better, and with money, I want to earn more. theseDesire, instructing people to run endlessly and hard, and bracing to advance to the peak of the “brilliance”.


Mutual distrust of the society Although the communication is highly developed, the hearts of people are gradually drifting away.

Nowadays people are more and more suspicious of the “right brain” thinking mode, while the right brain is in charge of individual, strength, local, etc., and the feeling of happiness is zero.

The sense of well-being comes from the feelings of the left brain. In many cases, there is less happiness in life, or others no longer have the ability to feel happiness.


Older love is more modern people put their main energy into the competition, than the position, than the house, than the wealth . than the comparison, people’s hearts only have desire, no happiness.

Once people are not looking for happiness, but how to be happy than others, happiness will be far away from you.


I don’t know how to give a study at Harvard University in the United States. I have shown that I can help others in life and make myself feel happier.

However, in modern society, there are fewer and fewer people who are willing to give selfless dedication, and more and more people are worried about it.

If you finally count “what can I get from it” and “doing something worthwhile”, it will be very tired.


I am too worried about the problems of buying a house, raising children, and burdening the family. Because of the work pressure caused by the promotion space in the workplace, the handling of interpersonal relationships between friends and colleagues has become a “stress source” for the Chinese.

In the big cities, regardless of the elderly, young people or children, they are often in a state of irritability and anxiety, which makes people unable to realize happiness from the bottom of their hearts.

銆€銆€To be happy, the first thing to do is to lower your desires.

Don’t blindly compare, chase vanity, face life with a satisfied attitude, and understand that everyone’s happiness is different: maybe you don’t have the power to respond, but there are many good friends who are friendly and close to each other; maybe, you are not gorgeous.Big villas, but there are warm and tidy homes and family members who care about you; maybe you don’t have luxury jewellery, you have a good family, but you have a healthy body that you can’t buy.


Endless delusions in the lonely rain and rain lanes

Brief content: Tongli, surrounded by the Zeguo River network in the Taihu Lake Basin, is floating on the water.

The 15 rivers are criss-crossed, dividing the town into 7 small islands. More than 40 coastlines connect the islands into one whole. The residential houses are drowning. Because of the water, the homes are facing the river and the households are shaking.

銆€銆€The ancient town of Jiangnan, which is known as the “small bridge, flowing water, and people”, has surpassed the bustling and bustling metropolis and has become a good place for people to explore and relax.

Zhouzhuang’s crowded, straight and simple, Wuzhen’s deep.

Each has its own artistic conception, each with its own heritage.

However, the one that impressed me the most was the old Tongnan in the old town of Jiangnan.

銆€銆€Located in the same area surrounded by the Zeguo River network in the Taihu Lake Valley, it floats on the water.
The 15 rivers are criss-crossed, dividing the town into 7 small islands. More than 40 coastlines connect the islands into one whole. The residential houses are drowning. Because of the water, the homes are facing the river and the households are shaking.

銆€銆€The taste of the same is the product.

In the morning, get up early with your friends and want to appreciate the true colors of the ancient town.

Crossing the iconic stone archway in Tongli, the first thing that comes to your attention is two bridges, a stone bridge and a wooden bridge.

But the strange thing is that the top of the wooden bridge is made of logs, and if it is covered with thatch or blue tiles, it should become a pavilion, which is unpredictable.

Walked through the wooden bridge and entered the main block.

On both sides of the street, 80% of the houses were built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. They were high and low, and they were patchwork. The walls were corrugated and the rafts were carved. Many people put useful flags under the eaves.

Street people are busy with tally, coal stoves, teahouses, and tourists who are sparsely adorned with morning hustle.

A string of red lanterns hanging along the banks of the river hangs on the tall camphor tree. Under the shade, the tea table is covered with hand-printed blue-and-white cloth, teapot, celadon bowl, rattan chair, antiques, and tea.Viewing and chatting, the bleak mood is like a world, making people forget the heavens and the earth.

銆€銆€The garden is a masterpiece of the same life.

Among the many ancient towns in the south of the Yangtze River, only the retreat garden in Tongli is listed in the World Cultural Heritage.

Every street has several large families, deep houses, and garden buildings can be seen everywhere.

Chongbentang, Jiayintang wood carving art is very beautiful, except for the ground and the top, almost all of it is wooden structure, the hall is arranged, the main room layout is arranged, the window sill railings, the table and chair bed, the carving is fine, reflecting the high artistic level of the craftsman.

What is fascinating to the world is the retreat garden, which was built in the Guangxu period of the late Qing Dynasty. It was the private residence of Anhui Armed Road at that time. The “retreat” was named “Zuo Zhuan”, and it had the taste of “thinking and loyalty, retreating and replenishing”.

The entire building has an inner garden, a dense vegetable, a pavilion, a Langfang bridge, and a rockery pool.

What is even more commendable is that all buildings are close to the water, such as the water, which is a must in the history of architecture.

Standing on the second floor of the promenade, standing by the window, a trip to the blue pool to swim red fish, white clouds and blue sky, pine bamboo reflections.

There is a couch in the south side promenade of Linchi. The whole wall is a large mirror. The summer couch is a summer resort. It is the wall and the bedroom can also enjoy the beautiful scenery in the garden. It is really two days inside and outside.

銆€銆€The most distinctive feature is the bridge in the same place. It seems that the stars under the night are scattered in an orderly way at every intersection of the town.

Siben Bridge is indeed a bit old, but it was built in the Southern Song Dynasty, can be regarded as the oldest stone bridge originator of Tongli.

In a three-way port, there are three axes in three directions. This is the famous “Three Bridges”. Taiping Bridge, Geely Bridge, Changqing Bridge, and the beautiful name is full of the good life of the Tongli people for thousands of years.Yearning for, this is the place where marriages between men and women have always been married.

We are rushing to shoot, and the music that is heard and blown in the ear is far and near. A couple of new people are slowly coming towards the Third Bridge under the crowd of friends and family. Suddenly, a tall girl in the tourist stops the newcomer’s way.She smiled and repeated 鈥淐ongratulations鈥?in her mouth. The newcomer immediately turned out a bridesmaid, and said 鈥淚 like hi鈥? while reaching out and grabbing a candy from the bag and stuffing it in the girl’s hand,Grab a piece of candy and scatter it to the crowd, let the witness share the sweetness of the couple. The “Three Bridges” suddenly became a sea of joy.

銆€銆€In the river next to the fish street, an old aunt complication bow, holding a bamboo pole and slap the water, a group of osprey snorkeling in the water, in the aunt’s screaming, reluctant diving fishing,An osprey emerged from the bottom of the water, and the throat was bulging. The aunt used the bamboo raft to catch the osprey to the boat, manipulating it, and a squid slipped down.

Another osprey emerged from the water, a large fish in the mouth almost broke through its throat, and the tail was still exposed outside, and the tourists who were onlookers exclaimed.

Hearing people, there is also a famous castanets on Yuxing Street, also called 鈥渨earing through the heart鈥? It is said that people walk in the alleys, and the slate under their feet is loud.

After a few twists and turns, I found that the hall was being repaired.

We did not want to go up the street, but suddenly found another narrow and long alley, can not remember what the name, but the adjacent high wall on the small road in the bag, reminds me of Mr. Dai Wangshu “long, long,”Lonely rain alley”, if in the rain, a girl with a red umbrella, smiling in the long lane, will definitely bring people an endless reverie.

銆€銆€While walking and watching, while reading and thinking, unconsciously has arrived at noon, the eight scenes before and after it seems difficult to appreciate one by one, but I have a rough understanding of the remains of the same, the site, relics, legacy.

In the history of Tongli, there was once a champion, 28 scholars, and 79 people. This split witnessed the glory of the town and reversed a pair of couplets on the Xiaodongxi Bridge: “A glimpse of the moonlight contains the rules, cross-strait scholarsIn the past, the winds of diligent study and hard work in the same place have complemented the prosperity of today, and have been deeply integrated into the era of harmonious civilization.

銆€銆€I love the water town, I love the same.