Articles on outing

Part One: we go outing Another year come the spring, it is also inseparable from the total of gossip topic is “outing”.Or vision “Changan waterside beauty and more,” the touching scene; also, or aspire to “pick emerald grass twilight Wanggui” the mood.  It can travel throughout the year, but only in the spring outing but only.Flowers … Continue reading "Articles on outing"

Articles on oath

Part one: — last vows dedicate eight or nine classes Inn youth, a group of boys and girls saying something positive to parting.A train is coming, someone will be on the train, it was to continue to wait, wait for next year to this train.Those final vows ah, let me carry a pigeon most sincere … Continue reading "Articles on oath"

Articles on Morning Rain

Part One: Morning Rain season quietly waking up from a dream in the alarm call, opened the window that Kate, a burst of flavor oncoming cold, so I could not help playing a shiver.This was found floating in the sky drizzle, exudes the air of spring in the air, the aroma of the flowers.Outlook roadside … Continue reading "Articles on Morning Rain"

Articles on Moonlight

Part One: Moonlit night and start new cool quiet water, I felt under dense mist of doors and windows, with a hint of quiet leisurely breeze hit.  Moonlight spread over the ground, slowly slowly, tied vacantly, as bright and clear as negative Shuanghua.Among the misty can see a trace of Ana Lonely figure, as tall as … Continue reading "Articles on Moonlight"

Articles on Moon Shadow

Part One: dim moonlight shadow Ying smoke, floated seasonal summer night, blend with a touch of sadness, a touch of spring sleep pain wake up dreams.Cool is like moonlight spilled over the verdant late spring, the monastery is surrounded by vegetation at the landscape, covered with a gentle holy robe.The United States was to teach … Continue reading "Articles on Moon Shadow"

Articles on moist

Part one: those warm nostalgia is a silent night, quiet enough to hear the vibe heartbeat, slowly flowing past term.  Memory grandmother, Yung Chi sounded, extra baggage stature.Grandma is very hard-working, are rushing to do housework, housekeeping great set.Every weekend, she would like a housekeeper as arrangements grandchildren learn to do housework, so we solemnly dry … Continue reading "Articles on moist"

Articles on meditation

Part one: Autumn window in accordance meditation under sunset, a lone figure on the trails have been mercilessly stretched stretch.Road westerly skinny horse, sunset, heartbroken people in the End of the World.Whether in the past or in the current.Autumn, always in the sweet taste laced with some sadness.  Dark rural soul, chasing brigade think, every night … Continue reading "Articles on meditation"

Articles on maple

Part one: the old village of Maple dream, then let me day and night in their homeland.Dream, dreaming that my parents.Dream that I never forget the people and things.The strangest dreamed a patch of woods in the village, especially the old maple tree in the dream is exceptionally bright.Red maple leaves, hidden two decades of … Continue reading "Articles on maple"

Articles on Maple Leaf

Part One: Maple children still recognize the day dawn, the sky floating small!I do not know how up in the morning early, nothing to do, open my blog, ready to write something, I suddenly found space to a stranger!Xiao children, and I am a city girl.Out of curiosity she and I chatted up!  Some people say … Continue reading "Articles on Maple Leaf"

Articles on Lotus

Part One: Smiling Buddhist Lotus has a thing, holy and beautiful fresh lotus, white and blue-green, reddish like a lotus structure rhyme most successful color.It is a noble sludge and integrally from the white and black interface most harmonious.When the lotus flower petal slightly expanded, morning light blink on nectar, like a lotus grin, the … Continue reading "Articles on Lotus"